Alfred Lestie Rowe

titleISBN-13year of publication
A Cornish Childhood: Autobiography of a Cornishman978-1-85022-124-11998
A Cornishman Abroad978-0-224-01244-71976
A.L. Rowse's Cornwall978-0-297-79230-71988
Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses978-1-85326-691-11998
Heritage of Britain978-0-907407-58-41984
Man of the Thirties978-0-297-77666-61979
Matthew Arnold: Poet and Prophet978-0-500-01163-81976
Papermac;Christopher Marlowe978-0-333-30647-51981
Shakespeare the Elizabethan978-0-297-77254-51977
The Controversial Colensos978-1-85022-047-31989
The Diaries of A.L.Rowse978-0-7139-9572-52003
The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society v. 1978-0-333-12534-21971
Tudor Cornwall978-1-85022-301-62005

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