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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-333-98959-3Peter RobinsonThe Hanging Valley
  ''978-0-333-98960-9Peter RobinsonPast Reason Hated: An Inspector Banks Mystery
  ''978-0-333-98963-0   ''Wednesday's Child (The Inspector Banks series)
  ''978-0-333-98964-7   ''Dry Bones That Dream (The Inspector Banks series)
2004978-0-333-98965-4   ''Innocent Graves (The Inspector Banks series)
  ''978-0-333-98966-1   ''Dead Right (The Inspector Banks series)
2004978-0-333-98969-2Cherith BaldryThe Roses of Roazon
  ''978-0-333-98972-2China MievilleIron Council
  ''978-0-333-98973-9China MievilleIron Council
2009978-0-333-98975-3Peter HeatherEmpires and Barbarians: Migration, Development and the Birth of Europe
2004978-0-333-98976-0Toby FaberStradivarius: Five Violins, One Cello and a Genius
978-0-333-98982-1Sven BeckertThe Empire of Cotton
2006978-0-333-98984-5Håkan NesserBorkmann's Point (The Van Veeteren series)
2007978-0-333-98985-2Håkan NesserThe Return (The Van Veeteren series)
2008978-0-333-98986-9Hakan NesserThe Mind's Eye (The Van Veeteren series)
2009978-0-333-98987-6Hakan NesserWoman with Birthmark (The Van Veeteren series)
2004978-0-333-98991-3Robin WaterfieldAthens: A History: From Ancient Ideal to Modern City
2005978-0-333-98992-0Nigel FarndaleHaw-Haw: The Tragedy of William and Margaret Joyce
2003978-0-333-99005-6Geoffrey EllisThe Napoleonic Empire (Studies in European History)
2004978-0-333-99012-4John EnglishIntroduction to Operating Systems: Behind the Desktop
2002978-0-333-99013-1Colin Shaw · John IvensBuilding Great Customer Experiences
2003978-0-333-99015-5Rosemary HarrisonHuman Resource Development in a Knowledge Economy: An Organisational View
2004978-0-333-99017-9Sharon C. BoltonEmotion Management in the Workplace (Management, Work and Organisations)
2007978-0-333-99026-1Jane SpeedyNarrative Inquiry and Psychotherapy
2003978-0-333-99028-5Peter Drahos · Ruth MayneGlobal Intellectual Property Rights: Knowledge, Access and Development
2004978-0-333-99034-6Michael P. MurrayCritical Health Psychology
2003978-0-333-99035-3Tony CrowleyStandard English and the Politics of Language: Second Edition
  ''978-0-333-99036-0T. CrowleyStandard English and the Politics of Language
2002978-0-333-99040-7Lionel WarnesElectronic and Electrical Engineering: Principles and Practice
2004978-0-333-99041-4William N. WestSpiritual Issues in Therapy: Relating Experience to Practice
2003978-0-333-99044-5Georgia ByngMolly Moon Stops the World
2007978-0-333-99045-2Angelique Richardson · Chris WillisThe New Woman in Fiction and Fact: Fin-de-Siècle Feminisms: Fin-de-siecle Feminisms
2001978-0-333-99054-4VassilakisShine 1 Comp for Turkey Ans Key
2003978-0-333-99074-2Sebastian Junger · Anne CollinsThe Perfect Storm (Macmillan Guided Readers)
2006978-0-333-99082-7Martinez Et AlLa New Adult 1 Sb
  ''978-0-333-99083-4   ''La New Adult 1 Wb
  ''978-0-333-99084-1   ''La New Adult 2 Sb
  ''978-0-333-99085-8   ''La New Adult 2 Wb
2006978-0-333-99086-5Martinez Et AlLa New Adult 3 Sb
  ''978-0-333-99087-2   ''La New Adult 3 Wb
2006978-0-333-99088-9Martinez Et AlLa New Adult 4 Sb
  ''978-0-333-99089-6   ''La New Adult 4 Wb
  ''978-0-333-99090-2   ''La New Adult 5 Sb
  ''978-0-333-99091-9   ''La New Adult 5 Wb
2002978-0-333-99094-0Paul EmmersonBusiness Builder: Module 1-3
  ''978-0-333-99095-7Paul EmmersonBusiness Builder: Module 4-6
2002978-0-333-99096-4Paul EmmersonBusiness Builder: Module 7-9
2003978-0-333-99153-4Sue Kay · Vaughan Jones · Philip KerrInside Out Pre-Intermediate German Companion
2006978-0-333-99169-5Martinez R et alLa New Adult 1 RP
  ''978-0-333-99170-1   ''La New Adult 1 Test Disk
  ''978-0-333-99172-5Martinez Et AlLa New Adult 1b Sb
  ''978-0-333-99195-4Martinez R et alLa New Adult 1-3 Song Cass
2006978-0-333-99196-1Martinez R et alLa New Adult 4-5 Song Cass
  ''978-0-333-99197-8   ''La New Adult 1-3 Song CD
  ''978-0-333-99200-5   ''La New Adult 1 CD
2003978-0-333-99210-4MacmillanMAC Essen Dict Int Pb+CD Rom Br Eng
2006978-0-333-99221-0Martinez R et elLa New Adult 1 TB
  ''978-0-333-99222-7   ''La New Adult 1 CD Rom
  ''978-0-333-99223-4Martinez R et alLa New Adult 1 Video Activity Book
2002978-0-333-99250-0Rosina UmeloWho Are You? (Macmillan Writer's Prize for Africa): Tales from West Africa (AWP Young Reader's)
2002978-0-333-99251-7P.M.W. NgugiThe Interview (Macmillan Writer's Prize for Africa): Tales from West Africa (AWP Young Reader's)
2005978-0-333-99255-5Eric GarrawayButterflies of Jamaica (Macmillan Caribbean Natural History)
2003978-0-333-99281-4Quentin Charatan · Aaron KansFormal Software Development: From VDM to Java
  ''978-0-333-99285-2Jeremy Gibbons · Oege de MoorThe Fun of Programming (Cornerstones of Computing)
  ''978-0-333-99286-9P. KitchenThe Future of Marketing: Critical 21st Century Perspectives
2004978-0-333-99290-6Andre Sollie · Ingrid GodonHello Sailor
2017978-0-333-99292-0Steve TaylorThe Sociology of Emotion: An Introduction
2006978-0-333-99293-7Sarah GambleAngela Carter: A Literary Life (Literary Lives)
2003978-0-333-99295-1B. R. Mitchell · Alan GriffithsDigital Television Strategies: Business Challenges and Opportunities
2002978-0-333-99298-2Roger CartwrightMastering Team Leadership (Palgrave Master Series (Business))
2007978-0-333-99300-2David G. Williamson · Gary Lynch-WoodBusinesses and the Natural World: Corporate Responsibilities in a Changing Environment
2003978-0-333-99301-9Yahia H. Zoubir · Alan Wilkinson · Francois-Serge LhabitantDoing Business in Emerging Europe
2004978-0-333-99309-5E. H. CarrThe Russian Revolution from Lenin to Stalin 1917-1929
2003978-0-333-99310-1Michael King · Chris ThornhillNiklas Luhmann's Theory of Politics and Law
  ''978-0-333-99311-8Ronald HyamBritain's Imperial Century 1815-1914: A Study of Empire and Expansion (Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series)
2006978-0-333-99314-9Professor David Worrall · Steve ClarkBlake, Nation and Empire
2002978-0-333-99317-0Mats Lindgren · Hans BandholdScenario Planning: The Link Between Future and Strategy
2004978-0-333-99323-1Mustafa OzbilginInternational Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice (Theory & Practice)
2003978-0-333-99326-2John Bratton · Jeffrey GoldHuman Resource Management: Theory and Practice
2004978-0-333-99327-9Carol Ann DuffyThe Skipping-Rope Snake
2003978-0-333-99334-7Pete AlcockSocial Policy in Britain
2006978-0-333-99339-2Michael D. FineA Caring Society?: Care and the Dilemmas of Human Services in the 21st Century
2003978-0-333-99346-0Neil ThompsonCommunication and Language: A Handbook of Theory and Practice
2005978-0-333-99348-4Matthew DavidScience in Society
2003978-0-333-99353-8Neil ThompsonPromoting Equality: Challenging Discrimination and Oppression
2004978-0-333-99357-6Elizabeth Burtney · Mary DuffyYoung People and Sexual Health: Individual, Social and Policy Contexts
2014978-0-333-99361-3Stephen White · Valentina FeklyuninaIdentities and Foreign Policies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: The Other Europes (One Europe or Several?)
2002978-0-333-99362-0Professor Andrew WardThe Leadership Lifecycle: Matching Leaders to Evolving Organizations: Matching Leaders to Evolving Organisations
2005978-0-333-99371-2Joel StewartMe and My Mammoth
  ''978-0-333-99372-9Joel StewartMe and My Mammoth
2002978-0-333-99400-9M. WeatherstonHeidegger's Interpretation of Kant: Categories, Imagination and Temporality (Renewing Philosophy)
2003978-0-333-99403-0John SwiftThe Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Cold War
2003978-0-333-99404-7J. SwiftThe Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Cold War
2002978-0-333-99407-8Antony AlcockA Short History of Europe, Second Edition: From the Greeks and Romans to the Present Day
2003978-0-333-99410-8B. R. MitchellInternational Historical Statistics: Americas 1750-2000
  ''978-0-333-99411-5   ''International Historical Statistics: Europe 1750-2000
2003978-0-333-99412-2B. R. MitchellInternational Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia and Oceania 1750-2000
  ''978-0-333-99413-9   ''International Historical Statistics
2014978-0-333-99417-7John FordhamBaby's Very First Book:Faces
2006978-0-333-99434-4David Mullins · Alan MurieHousing Policy in the UK (Public Policy and Politics)
2003978-0-333-99437-5Malcolm McDonaldMarketing: A Complete Guide
  ''978-0-333-99441-2Anne StevensGovernment and Politics of France (Comparative Government and Politics)
  ''978-0-333-99451-1Tim MorrisComputer Vision and Image Processing (Cornerstones of Computing)
2002978-0-333-99460-3Terence BlackerThe Secret Life of Ms Wiz
2003978-0-333-99461-0Chris MarshallMastering International Trade (Palgrave Master Series (Business))
  ''978-0-333-99554-9Judy LarkinStrategic Reputation Risk Management
2005978-0-333-99555-6Professor Bas Denters · Professor Lawrence E. RoseComparing Local Governance: Trends and Developments (Government Beyond the Centre)
2005978-0-333-99556-3Bas Denters · Lawrence E. RoseComparing Local Governance: Trends and Developments (Government Beyond the Centre)
  ''978-0-333-99566-2Brian Ardy · Professor Iain Begg · Dermot Hodson · Imelda Maher · David G. MayesAdjusting to EMU (One Europe or Several?)
  ''978-0-333-99573-0Corinne Dr ItenLinguistic Meaning, Truth Conditions and Relevance: The Case of Concessives (Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition)
2002978-0-333-99581-5Palgrave Macmillan LtdNature 1869-1879 21 Volumes: 20 Volume Set Plus Index Volume: Vol.1 (Palgrave Macmillan Archive)
2004978-0-333-99584-6Richard FfrenchBirds of Trinidad and Tobago (Macmillan Caribbean Natural History)
  ''978-0-333-99624-9Howard A. FergusMontserrat: History of a Caribbean Colony
2003978-0-333-99648-5C. Everard PalmerFull Circle: The Rami Johnson Story (C. Everard Palmer Collection)
2004978-0-333-99717-8Edward Lucie-SmithMy Jamaica: The Paintings of Judy Ann Macmillan
  ''978-0-333-99745-1Dan StoneThe Historiography of the Holocaust
2003978-0-333-99750-5Professor Peter McPheeA Social History of France 1780-1914: Second Edition
2004978-0-333-99751-2Peter McPheeA Social History of France, 1789-1914: Second Edition
2004978-0-333-99753-6John E. JosephLanguage and Identity: National, Ethnic, Religious
2002978-0-333-99756-7Peter NewmanNew Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law: 3 Volume Set
2006978-0-333-99759-8Philip Arestis · Malcolm SawyerFinancial Liberalization: Beyond Orthodox Concerns (International Papers in Political Economy)
2005978-0-333-99760-4Cressida CowellDaddy on the Moon
  ''978-0-333-99761-1Cressida CowellDaddy on the Moon (PB)
  ''978-0-333-99762-8A. Bourne · M. CiniPalgrave Advances in European Union Studies
  ''978-0-333-99763-5Michelle Cini · Angela K. BournePalgrave Advances in European Union Studies
2018978-0-333-99764-2Anthony R ZitoPolicy Networks and Communities: Theories and Approaches in Political Science
2004978-0-333-99766-6David WhiteleyIntroduction to Information Systems: Organisations, Applications, Technology, and Design
2017978-0-333-99769-7Tony Kent · Ogenyi OmarRetailing
2006978-0-333-99772-7Kate SaundersThe Little Secret
2005978-0-333-99773-4Jan MarkRiding Tycho
2006978-0-333-99787-1Martin KingRepresenting Health: Discourses of Health and Illness in the Media
2002978-0-333-99804-5Ken Booths · Tim Dunne · Ken BoothWorlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order
  ''978-0-333-99805-2Ken Booth · T. DunneWorlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order
2006978-0-333-99808-3Malcolm AndrewThe Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Chaucer (Palgrave Literary Dictionaries)
2015978-0-333-99809-0Malcolm AndrewThe Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Chaucer
2003978-0-333-99812-0Emily BolamPeekabooks: Peekaboo Farm
2003978-0-333-99813-7Emily BolamPeekabooks: Peekaboo Pets
  ''978-0-333-99814-4   ''Peekabooks: Peekaboo Jungle
  ''978-0-333-99815-1   ''Peekabooks: Peekaboo Park
  ''978-0-333-99820-5Rebecca HarryNoisy Farm Babies:Little Bunny
  ''978-0-333-99821-2Rebecca HarryNoisy Farm Babies:Little Chick
2003978-0-333-99822-9Rebecca HarryNoisy Farm Babies: Little Duckling
  ''978-0-333-99823-6   ''Noisy Farm Babies: Little Lamb
  ''978-0-333-99838-0Oliver JamesThe Executive Agency Revolution in Whitehall: Public Interest Versus Bureau-shaping Perspectives (Understanding Governance)
2004978-0-333-99843-4Professor Mavis KirkhamInformed Choice in Maternity Care
2007978-0-333-99851-9Bill DonaldsonSales Management: Theory and Practice
2003978-0-333-99857-1Nick DenchfieldMagical Beasts: A Pop-up Adventure
2002978-0-333-99860-1L. LiebenbergThe Electronic Financial Markets of the Future: Survival Strategies of the Broker-Dealers (Finance and Capital Markets Series)
2007978-0-333-99861-8Con KeatingCredit Risk Modelling (Finance & Capital Markets)
2003978-0-333-99866-3Mark BurrellFundamentals of Computer Architecture
  ''978-0-333-99869-4James LoughlinThe Ulster Question since 1945 (Studies in Contemporary History)
2002978-0-333-99870-0R. SiederMulticulturalism in Latin America: Indigenous Rights, Diversity and Democracy (Studies of the Americas)
  ''978-0-333-99871-7Rachel SiederMulticulturalism in Latin America: Indigenous Rights, Diversity and Democracy (Studies of the Americas)
2005978-0-333-99923-3Julia DonaldsonRosie's Hat
2005978-0-333-99926-4Colin BonwickThe American Revolution (American History in Depth)
2002978-0-333-99930-1Carlos A. Magariños · Long Yongtu · Francisco C. SercovichChina in the WTO: The Birth of a New Catching-Up Strategy (St Antony&quote;s Series)
2017978-0-333-99938-7Geraldine ShiptonWorking With Eating Disorders: A Psychoanalytic Approach (Basic Texts in Counselling and Psychotherapy)
2005978-0-333-99961-5Russell MGsat English