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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-349-95883-2Eric CainesHeath and Thatcher in Opposition
  ''978-1-349-95892-4Gülistan Gürbey · Sabine Hofmann · Ferhad Ibrahim SeyderBetween State and Non-State: Politics and Society in Kurdistan-Iraq and Palestine
  ''978-1-349-95899-3Michael J. BlouinMagical Thinking, Fantastic Film, and the Illusions of Neoliberalism
  ''978-1-349-95918-1Robert C. BrearsBlue and Green Cities: The Role of Blue-Green Infrastructure in Managing Urban Water Resources
2017978-1-349-99587-5Hossein AskariIslamicity Indices: The Seed for Change (Political Economy of Islam)
2018978-1-349-99588-2Daniel T. O'HaraVirginia Woolf and the Modern Sublime: The Invisible Tribunal
  ''978-1-349-99769-5Robert C. BrearsBlue and Green Cities: The Role of Blue-Green Infrastructure in Managing Urban Water Resources
2016978-1-349-99950-7I. LandWar, Nationalism, and the British Sailor, 1750-1850
2016978-1-349-99951-4B. TaltonPolitics of Social Change in Ghana
  ''978-1-349-99952-1L. RiviEuropean Cinema after 1989: Cultural Identity and Transnational Production
  ''978-1-349-99953-8K. AdeneyFederalism and Ethnic Conflict Regulation in India and Pakistan
  ''978-1-349-99954-5J. KechichianSuccession In Saudi Arabia
  ''978-1-349-99955-2A. SenPostcolonial Yearning: Reshaping Spiritual and Secular Discourses in Contemporary Literature
2016978-1-349-99956-9Y. BayarFormation of the Turkish Nation-State, 1920-1938
  ''978-1-349-99957-6Ranajoy Ray ChaudhuriThe Changing Face of American Banking: Deregulation, Reregulation, and the Global Financial System
  ''978-1-349-99958-3E. HerringtonThe Afterlife of John Brown
  ''978-1-349-99959-0M. GrzegorczykPrivate Topographies: Space, Subjectivity and Political Change in Modern Latin America
  ''978-1-349-99960-6W. DillinghamRudyard Kipling: Hell and Heroism
2016978-1-349-99961-3S. JohnsonThe Myth of Ham in Nineteenth-Century American Christianity: Race, Heathens, and the People of God (Black Religion/Womanist Thought/Social Justice)
  ''978-1-349-99962-0J. KandehCoups from Below: Armed Subalterns and State Power in West Africa
  ''978-1-349-99963-7D. ContrerasUnrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture: What Have You Done to My Heart?
  ''978-1-349-99964-4P. GirardClinton in Haiti: The 1994 US Invasion of Haiti
  ''978-1-349-99965-1M. RussellCreating the New Egyptian Woman: Consumerism, Education, and National Identity, 1863-1922
2016978-1-349-99966-8N. Tadiar · A. DavisBeyond the Frame: Women of Color and Visual Representation
  ''978-1-349-99967-5B. TrigoRemembering Maternal Bodies: Melancholy in Latina and Latin American Women's Writing (New Directions in Latino American Cultures)
  ''978-1-349-99968-2M. GuineyTeaching the Cult of Literature in the French Third Republic
  ''978-1-349-99969-9C. Barner-BarryContemporary Paganism: Minority Religions in a Majoritarian America
  ''978-1-349-99970-5K. MullenDangerous Strangers: Minority Newcomers and Criminal Violence in the Urban West, 1850-2000
2004978-1-349-99971-2D. ChorafasRating Management's Effectiveness: With Case Studies in Telecommunications
1900978-1-349-99972-9J. PucherThe Urban Transport Crisis in Europe and North America
2016978-1-349-99973-6H. OrelThomas Hardy's Personal Writings
2016978-1-349-99974-3M. BriggThe New Politics of Conflict Resolution: Responding to Difference (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)
  ''978-1-349-99975-0F. CorleyReligion in the Soviet Union: An Archival Reader
  ''978-1-349-99976-7K. ThrosbyWhen IVF Fails: Feminism, Infertility and the Negotiation of Normality
  ''978-1-349-99977-4A. MillsSex, Strategy and the Stratosphere: Airlines and the Gendering of Organizational Culture
2001978-1-349-99978-1W. VerhoevenRevolutionary Histories: Cultural Crossings 1775-1875 (Romanticism in Perspective:Texts, Cultures, Histories)
2016978-1-349-99979-8A. BellamyKosovo and International Society (Cormorant Security Studies Series)
  ''978-1-349-99980-4S. ChengChina's Rural Industrialization Policy: Growing Under Orders Since 1949
978-1-349-99981-1S. Durlauf · L. BlumeThe New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2010 Version
2016978-1-349-99982-8V. Agnew · J. LambSettler and Creole Reenactment (Re-Enactment History)
2016978-1-349-99983-5D. NorrisIn the Wake of the Balkan Myth: Questions of Identity and Modernity
  ''978-1-349-99984-2M. TayebThe Management of International Enterprises: A Socio-Political View
978-1-349-99985-9S. Durlauf · L. BlumeThe New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2011 Version
2012978-1-349-99986-6D. ChanBeyond Just War: A Virtue Ethics Approach
2016978-1-349-99987-3E. JonesThe Year the European Crisis Ended (Global Reordering)
  ''978-1-349-99988-0W. Madsen · L. Costigan · S. McNicolCommunity Resilience, Universities and Engaged Research for Today's World
  ''978-1-349-99989-7J. BaxterDouble-voicing at Work: Power, Gender and Linguistic Expertise
2014978-1-349-99990-3C. HolmqvistPolicing Wars: On Military Intervention in the Twenty-First Century (Rethinking Political Violence)
2015978-1-349-99991-0M. HaylerChallenging the Phenomena of Technology (New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science)
2016978-1-349-99992-7M. SterenbergMythic Thinking in Twentieth-Century Britain: Meaning for Modernity
  ''978-1-349-99993-4J. FayeThe Nature of Scientific Thinking: On Interpretation, Explanation and Understanding
2016978-1-349-99994-1M. Stigter · C. CooperSolving the Strategy Delusion: Mobilizing People and Realizing Distinctive Strategies
  ''978-1-349-99995-8S. Rosenbaum · J. HauleThe Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club
  ''978-1-349-99996-5S. BurleyHazlitt the Dissenter: Religion, Philosophy, and Politics, 1766-1816 (Studies in Modern History)
  ''978-1-349-99997-2Jewellord Nem Singh · F. BourgouinResource Governance and Developmental States in the Global South: Critical International Political Economy Perspectives (International Political Economy Series)
1979978-1-349-99998-9Barrington Jr Moore · JrInjustice: The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt
978-1-349-99999-6Giles RadiceSocialists in the Recession