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Awesome JokesPaperback978-0-8069-4378-71997
Ballpoint Bananas and Other Jokes for Kids   "978-0-13-055517-51976
Ballpoint bananas and other jokes for kidsHardcover978-0-13-055350-81973
Best Joke Book EverPaperback978-1-4027-2373-52006
Colossal Fossils - Dinosaur Riddles.Hardcover978-0-13-151184-21987
Colossal Fossils: Dinosaur Riddles   "978-0-13-214545-91987
Crime Doesn't Pay: Law and Order JokesLibrary Binding978-0-13-365503-21984
Excuses, Excuses!Paperback978-0-8069-4460-91999
Giggle Puss: Pet Jokes for Kids   "978-0-13-356303-01979Paul Coker Jr.
Giggle Puss: Pet Jokes for Kids978-0-13-356295-81977   "
Glory, Glory, How PeculiarLibrary Binding978-0-13-357392-31976Lady McCrady
Going BananasPaperback978-0-13-357780-81977
Going Bananas   "978-0-13-357772-31975
Growing Up LaughingLibrary Binding978-0-13-367870-31981
It's Raining Cats and Dogs: Cat and Dog JokesHardcover978-0-945912-01-91988
Laugh LinesLibrary Binding978-0-13-526038-81974
Llama BeansHardcover978-0-13-539122-81985
More Ballpoint BananasPaperback978-0-13-600775-31980
News Breaks   "978-0-13-620518-01983
News breaks   "978-0-13-620583-81980
Norma Lee I Don't Knock on Doors: Knock, Knock JokesLibrary Binding978-0-13-623587-31983
Oh, Brother! Family Jokes   "978-0-13-633314-21987Edward Frascino
Ohm on the RangeUnbound978-0-13-633546-71985
Ohm on the Range: Robot and Computer JokesLibrary Binding978-0-13-633552-81982
Punch Lines   "978-0-13-741652-31975V. G. McWilliams
Remember the A La Mode!Paperback978-0-13-773342-21986Lee Lorenz
School Daze   "978-0-13-793612-01981
Silly Song Book   "978-0-13-809954-11980
Smokey the Shark and Other Fishy Tales   "978-0-13-814690-01984
Still Going Bananas   "978-0-13-846840-81982
Still Going BananasLibrary Binding978-0-13-846832-31980
Swine Lake: Music and Dance Riddles   "978-0-13-879743-01985
The Gigantic Book of GigglesPaperback978-1-4027-1535-82004Joseph Rosenbloom
The Little Witch Presents a Monster Joke Book   "978-0-13-537811-31983
The Nutty Joke BookLibrary Binding978-0-13-627737-81978
The Star-Spangled Banana and Other Revolutionary RiddlesPaperback978-0-13-842971-31974Richard Baker · Tomie de Paola
The Star Spangled Banana and Other Revolutionary RiddlesHardcover978-0-13-842989-81974R. Baker
The Wizard of Gauze and other gags for kids   "978-0-13-961615-01979
Too Funny for Words; Gesture Jokes for Children.Library Binding978-0-13-925057-61973
Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup! Restaurant JokesHardcover978-0-13-944182-01986Lee Lorenz
What's the score?: Sports jokes   "978-0-13-955021-81981
What's Up, Doc?: Doctor and Dentist JokesLibrary Binding978-0-13-954967-01984

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