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An Essay Upon Study: Wherein Directions Are Given for the Due Conduct Thereof, and the Collection of a Library, Proper for the Purpose, Consisting of ... Books in All the Several Parts of LearningPaperback 978-1-144-36079-32010
Art in the Lives of Ordinary Romans: Visual Representation and Non-Elite Viewers in Italy, 100 B.C.-A.D. 315   " 978-0-520-24815-12006
Book of BuckinghamHardcover 978-0-86023-072-41984
Change and Development in the Middle EastPaperback 978-0-415-82548-12014
Changing Welfare, Changing States   " 978-0-7619-4203-02004
Comparing Welfare States   " 978-0-7619-7090-32001Allan Douglas Cochrane · Sharon Gewirtz
Complete Bk Aust. VerseAudio Cassette 978-0-642-17947-01995
Condominiums: What are you really buying? 978-0-07-082573-41977
Creating Citizen-ConsumersPaperback 978-1-4129-2134-32007
Creating Citizen-Consumers: Changing Publics and Changing Public ServicesHardcover 978-1-4129-2133-62007Janet E Newman · Nick Smith · Elizabeth Vidler · Louise Westmarland
Discourses to Young PersonsPaperback 978-1-142-72963-92010
Exploring the 'Socio' of Socio-Legal StudiesHardcover 978-0-230-33718-32013Dermot Feenan · Susan S. Silbey · Alan Norrie · Panu Minkkinen · Reza Banakar · David Nelken · Jacqueline Vel
Failure of the Public TrustPaperback 978-0-9673521-0-71999Patrick Knowlton · Hugh Turley
Football Hooliganism and the Skinheads   " 978-0-7044-0489-21973
French Eagles, Soviet Heroes: The Normandie-Niemen Squadrons on the Eastern FrontHardcover 978-0-7509-4074-02005
Gallantry Medals and Decorations of the World   " 978-0-85052-783-42000
GCSE Humanities for WJECPaperback 978-1-4441-2424-82011Gregg Coleman · Dave Lewis · Rob Quinn · Layla Taylor · Damien Lane
Goat KeepingHardcover 978-1-84286-221-62009Terry Parkinson
Great Interviews of the Twentieth CenturyPaperback 978-0-04-442285-31990
Humanities for All?: Teaching Humanities in the Secondary School   " 978-0-304-31398-31988Kathryn Wrigley
International Trade Law and Regulation 2003 Bound VolumeHardcover 978-0-421-87290-52004Prof. Michael Blakeney · Raj Bhala · Deborah Cass · Mark Clough · Keith Hendry · Anne MacGregor · Dan Horovitz
Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas   " 978-0-8109-6625-32004
Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada   " 978-0-7735-2062-22000
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Margaret Thatcher's Revolution: How It Happened And What It MeantHardcover 978-0-8264-8484-02005Roy Subroto · Subroto Roy
Margaret Thatcher's Revolution Revised Edition: How It Happened and What It MeantPaperback 978-0-8264-8279-22006Subroto Roy
Nature in Question: An Anthology of Ideas and Arguments   " 978-1-85383-182-91993
New Managerialism, New Welfare?   " 978-0-7619-6757-62000
Oracle Exadata Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach   " 978-1-4302-4914-62013
Oracle Exadata Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach   " 978-1-4302-4916-02013
Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create their FuturesHardcover 978-0-8108-4530-52003Joseph DiMartino · Denise Wolk
Personalizing the High School Experience for Each StudentPaperback 978-1-4166-0647-52008Joseph DiMartino
Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law and Order   " 978-1-137-00718-62013Stuart Hall · Chas Critcher · Tony Jefferson · Brian Roberts
Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law and OrderHardcover 978-1-137-00719-32013Stuart Hall · Chas Critcher · Tony Jefferson · Brian Roberts
Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law and OrderPaperback 978-0-333-22061-01978Stuart Hall · Charles Critcher · Tony Jefferson · Brian Robert
Population and Development Projects in Africa   " 978-0-521-12561-12010
Psychopaths   " 978-1-84454-043-32014Andy Shea
Publics, Politics and Power: Remaking the Public in Public Services   " 978-1-4129-4845-62009Janet E Newman
Resource-based learning for higher and continuing educationHardcover 978-0-470-27248-01982
Resource-based Learning for Higher and Continuing Education   " 978-0-7099-0705-31981
Rethinking Social PolicyPaperback 978-0-7619-6755-22000Gail Lewis · Sharon Gewirtz
RIGHT WAY TO WRITE YOUR OWN CV,THE   " 978-0-7160-2138-42001
Roman Sex: 100 B.C. to A.D. 250Hardcover 978-0-8109-4263-92003
Sacred Poetry: Consisting of Psalms and Hymns, Adapted to Christian Devotion in Public and PrivatePaperback 978-0-530-24672-72019Jeremy Belknap
Sacred Poetry: Consisting of Psalms and Hymns, Adapted to Christian Devotion in Public and PrivateHardcover 978-0-530-24673-42019   "
Smallholders and Farmers Legal HandbookPaperback 978-1-870573-00-91987
Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux   " 978-0-9600876-4-81976
St. Therese of Lisieux: Her Last Conversations   " 978-0-9600876-3-11977
TEACH YRSLF CHEMISTRYHardcover 978-0-679-72750-71990
Territorialisierung des Sozialen: Regieren über soziale NahräumeTaschenbuch
978-3-86649-098-72007Fabian Kessl · Hans-Uwe Otto · S Karin Amos · Peter Bartelheimer · Maria Bitzan · Thomas Coelen · Jens S Dangschat
The Brookwood Necropolis RailwayPaperback 978-0-85361-655-92006
The DEVIL MAKES WORKHardcover 978-0-252-01259-41985Chas Critcher
The Devil Makes Work: Leisure in Capitalist BritainPaperback 978-0-333-23396-21985
The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse   " 978-1-921922-15-22013
The Facts on File Dictionary of MathematicsHardcover 978-0-8160-3913-51999
The Houses of Hanover and Saxe-Coburg-GothaPaperback 978-0-520-22801-62000Jasper Ridley
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The Managerial State   " 978-0-8039-7612-21997
The Ordinary People of Essex: Environment, Culture, and Economy on the Frontier of Upper Canada   " 978-0-7735-3777-42011
The Ordinary People of Essex: Environment, Culture, and Economy on the Frontier of Upper CanadaHardcover 978-0-7735-3674-62010
The Spelling of the King's English:Paperback 978-1-112-06859-12009
The SQUID Handbook: SETGebunden
978-3-527-40411-72006Alex I. Braginski
The SQUID Handbook. SET: The SQUID Handbook: Volume I: Fundamentals and Technology of SQUIDs and SQUID Systems   "
978-3-527-40229-82004   "
The SQUID Handbook: Volume II: Applications of SQUIDs and SQUID Systems   "
978-3-527-40408-72006   "
Tibet: Caught in TimeHardcover 978-1-873938-96-61997

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