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2015978-1-84706-001-3George HerringModern Christianity: An Introductory History
2009978-1-84706-011-2Mike OllertonMathematics Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
2007978-1-84706-012-9Michael Picard · Ian WhitelawThis Is Not a Book: Adventures in Popular Philosophy
2009978-1-84706-013-6Mark DooleyRoger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach
  ''978-1-84706-017-4Steve EllisT.S. Eliot: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed)
2010978-1-84706-019-8Michael HandPhilosophy of Education: An Introduction
2009978-1-84706-020-4Suanne GibsonPerspectives on Participation and Inclusion: Engaging Education
2011978-1-84706-025-9David BlundellEducation and Constructions of Childhood (Contemporary Issues in Education Studies)
2008978-1-84706-026-6Len ScottThe Cuban Missile Crisis and the Threat of Nuclear War: Lessons from History
  ''978-1-84706-027-3Mark BradleyIran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance
2009978-1-84706-028-0Alasdair RichmondBerkeley's "Principles of Human Knowledge": A Reader's Guide (Reader's Guides) (A Reader's Guides)
  ''978-1-84706-029-7Alasdair RichmondBerkeley's 'Principles of Human Knowledge': A Reader's Guide (A Reader's Guides)
  ''978-1-84706-033-4Gabriele MarranciFaith, Ideology and Fear: Muslim Identities within and Beyond Prisons
2008978-1-84706-034-1Luce IrigaraySharing the World: From Intimate to Global Relations
2008978-1-84706-036-5Luce IrigarayConversations
2005978-1-84706-040-2Kate SpohrerTeaching NLP in the Classroom (Ideas in Action)
2008978-1-84706-045-7M. Andrew HolowchakThe Stoics: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed)
2009978-1-84706-049-5Rhian WilliamsThe Poetry Toolkit: The Essential Guide to Studying Poetry
2010978-1-84706-051-8Clive BloomGothic Histories
2016978-1-84706-054-9Pauline PhemisterSeventeenth Century Philosophy: An Introduction (Bloomsbury History of Philosophy)
  ''978-1-84706-055-6Pauline PhemisterSeventeenth Century Philosophy: An Introduction (Bloomsbury History of Philosophy)
2009978-1-84706-056-3Hazel BennettTrainee Teachers' Survival Guide
2008978-1-84706-057-0Claire SeniorGetting the Buggers to Read 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-84706-059-4David Phillips · Michele SchweisfurthComparative and International Education: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practice
  ''978-1-84706-066-2Edward FullbrookSex and Philosophy: Rethinking De Beauvoir and Sartre
  ''978-1-84706-068-6Luce Irigaray · Mary GreenLuce Irigaray: Teaching
2010978-1-84706-070-9Anthony HaynesThe Complete Guide to Lesson Planning and Preparation
2008978-1-84706-074-7Patrick RiordanA Grammar of the Common Good: How to Make Sense of Globalization (Continuum Studies in Religion & Political Culture) (Continuum Studies in Religion and Political Culture)
2011978-1-84706-080-8Nick FrostRethinking Children and Families: The Relationship Between Childhood, Families and the State (New Childhoods)
2009978-1-84706-084-6Derek KassemExploring Key Issues in Education
2008978-1-84706-085-3Allison LeeChildminder's Guide to Child Development
2008978-1-84706-086-0Allison LeeChildminder's Guide to Health and Safety and Child Protection
  ''978-1-84706-089-1Ros Bayley · Sue PalmerFoundations of Literacy 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-84706-091-4Derek JohnstonA Brief History of Theology: From The New Testament To Feminist Theology
2009978-1-84706-099-0David RoseFree Will and Continental Philosophy: The Death without Meaning (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)
2008978-1-84706-102-7Colin Foster50 Mathematics Lessons: Rich and Engaging Ideas for Secondary Mathematics
2010978-1-84706-105-8Kathy Hall · Maura Cunneen · Rosaleen Murphy · Anna Ridgway · Denice Cunningham · Mary HorganLoris Malaguzzi and the Reggio Emilia Experience (Continuum Library of Educational Thought)
2008978-1-84706-107-2Brian CarlineWhat Pupils Really Think About Their Schools: A Powerful Resource for School Improvement
2009978-1-84706-111-9Nicholas BuxtonTantalus and the Pelican: Exploring Monastic Spirituality Today
  ''978-1-84706-116-4Fiona Mc LaughlinThe Languages of Urban Africa (Advances in Sociolinguistics)
  ''978-1-84706-119-5Duncan GreyGetting the Buggers to Learn 2nd Edition
2008978-1-84706-122-5Kate BrownHow Green Is Your Class?: Over 50 Ways Your Pupils Can Make a Difference
2008978-1-84706-124-9Monica McLeanPedagogy and the University: Critical Theory and Practice (Continuum Studies in Education (Paperback))
  ''978-1-84706-126-3Julia AnghileriDeveloping Number Sense: Progression in the Middle Years
  ''978-1-84706-127-0Ian BuchananDeleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema (Schizoanalytic Applications)
  ''978-1-84706-128-7Ian BuchananDeleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema (Schizoanalytic Applications)
  ''978-1-84706-132-4Graham Ward · Michael HoelzlThe New Visibility of Religion: Studies in Religion and Cultural Hermeneutics (Continuum Studies in Religion and Political Culture)
2009978-1-84706-138-6Sara DeatsDoctor Faustus: A Critical Guide (Continuum Renaissance Drama)
2008978-1-84706-149-2Robert FisherTeaching Thinking: Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom
2010978-1-84706-150-8Susie HodgeArt and Design Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
2008978-1-84706-152-2Fred Sedgwick100 Ideas for Developing Thinking in the Primary School (Continuum One Hundreds)
2008978-1-84706-153-9Louis Blom-CooperThe Penalty of Imprisonment: Why 60 Per Cent of the Prison Population Should Not Be There
  ''978-1-84706-154-6A.C. GraylingTruth, Meaning and Realism: Essays In The Philosophy Of Thought
2011978-1-84706-159-1Chris LawnThe Gadamer Dictionary (Continuum Philosophy Dictionaries)
2008978-1-84706-166-9Wendy Bowkett · Stephen Bowkett100 Ideas for Developing Good Practice in the Early Years (100 Ideas for the Early Years)
2011978-1-84706-167-6Brin BestThe Geography Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
2008978-1-84706-168-3Jacqueline DuncanLearning Through Play: A Work-based Approach for the Early Years Professional
  ''978-1-84706-173-7A.C. GraylingScepticism and the Possibility of Knowledge
2009978-1-84706-193-5Simon Brownhill100 Ideas for Teaching Physical Development (100 Ideas for the Early Years)
2010978-1-84706-196-6James WetzelAugustine: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed)
2008978-1-84706-198-0Felix RavaissonOf Habit
2009978-1-84706-200-0Laurence CarlinThe Empiricists: A Guide for the Perplexed (Guides for the Perplexed)
  ''978-1-84706-201-7Craig B. MatarreseStarting with Hegel
2010978-1-84706-203-1Roger Woolhouse · R. S. WoolhouseStarting with Leibniz
2009978-1-84706-205-5Kathryn WhiteBeckett and Decay (Continuum Literary Studies)
  ''978-1-84706-206-2Mary EvansThe Imagination of Evil: Detective Fiction and the Modern World (Continuum Literary Studies)
2010978-1-84706-207-9Robin St Gordon CoxOrigins and Foundations of Music Education: Cross-Cultural Historical Studies of Music in Compulsory Schooling (Continuum Studies in Educational Research)
2008978-1-84706-216-1Lucy Bushill-MatthewsWelcome to Islam: A Convert's Tale
2009978-1-84706-220-8Peter CaveThis Sentence is False
2008978-1-84706-221-5James LuchteNietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra": Before Sunrise (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)
2008978-1-84706-230-7Cavan Wood100 Ideas for Teaching Religious Education (Continuum One Hundreds)
2009978-1-84706-252-9Myra Schneider · John KillickWriting Your Self: Transforming Personal Material
2008978-1-84706-253-6BloomsburyThe New Protective State: Government, Intelligence and Terrorism
  ''978-1-84706-254-3Rosemary Boys · Elaine Spink · Gee Macrory · Paul Bowen · Elaine MacCreery · Ivy Roberts · Su Sayers · Mike CostelliPrimary Curriculum: Teaching the Foundation Subjects AND Teaching the Core Subjects
2009978-1-84706-259-8John OlssonWordcrime: Solving Crime Through Forensic Linguistics
  ''978-1-84706-266-6Michael AndersonDrama Education with Digital Technology (Education and Digital Technology)
  ''978-1-84706-267-3Joanne PhilpottCaptivating your Class: Effective Teaching Skills
2008978-1-84706-270-3Alberto ManguelThe City of Words
2011978-1-84706-272-7Jagbir Jhutti-JohalSikhism Today (Religion Today)
2008978-1-84706-273-4Bron TaylorEncyclopedia of Religion and Nature
2010978-1-84706-276-5M.Lynne MurphyKey Terms in Semantics
  ''978-1-84706-277-2M. Lynne MurphyKey Terms in Semantics
2009978-1-84706-287-1Vyvyen BrendonPrep School Children: A Class Apart over Two Centuries
2008978-1-84706-289-5Chris HedgesI Don't Believe in Atheists
2008978-1-84706-296-3Jacob NeusnerThe Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions
  ''978-1-84706-300-7Reggie Byram · Hope DubePlanning for Success: Effective Teaching and Learning Methods
  ''978-1-84706-304-5Martin HeideggerTowards the Definition of Philosophy (Continuum Impacts)
  ''978-1-84706-305-2Felix GuattariThe Three Ecologies (Continuum Impacts)
  ''978-1-84706-306-9Paul VirilioNegative Horizon: An Essay in Dromoscopy (Continuum Impacts)
2009978-1-84706-309-0Gererd DixieThe Trainee Secondary Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
2009978-1-84706-313-7Donald ReevesMemoirs of a Very Dangerous Man
2008978-1-84706-314-4Bart D. EhrmanWhose Word is it?: The Story Behind Who Changed The New Testament and Why
2012978-1-84706-319-9Sophie Gilliat-RayFieldwork in Religion: A Guide to Qualitative Research Methods
2010978-1-84706-321-2Paul BakerKey Terms in Discourse Analysis
2008978-1-84706-322-9Alexandre DucheneDiscourses of Endangerment: Ideology and Interest in the Defence of Languages (Advances in Sociolinguistics)
2010978-1-84706-323-6Mary KellettRethinking Children and Research: Attitudes In Contemporary Society (New Childhoods)
  ''978-1-84706-324-3Sue WelchRethinking Children's Rights: Attitudes In Contemporary Society (New Childhoods)
2008978-1-84706-328-1BloomsburyPoems in the Porch: The Radio Poems of John Betjeman
  ''978-1-84706-329-8Deborah CassidiFavourite Heroes and Holy People
978-1-84706-330-4Narrative Discourse (Continuum Discourse)
978-1-84706-331-1Narrative Discourse (Continuum Discourse)
2008978-1-84706-332-8Tope OmoniyiThe Sociolinguistics of Identity (Advances in Sociolinguistics)
  ''978-1-84706-333-5Simon BorgTeacher Cognition and Language Education: Research and Practice (Bloomsbury Classics in Linguistics)
  ''978-1-84706-334-2Monika BednarekEvaluation in Media Discourse: Analysis Of A Newspaper Corpus (Research in Corpus and Discourse S.)
2010978-1-84706-337-3Julie MullaneyPostcolonial Literatures in Context (Texts and Contexts)
2010978-1-84706-339-7Michael G. BrennanGraham Greene: Fictions, Faith and Authorship
2008978-1-84706-342-7Theo HobsonMilton's Vision: The Birth of Christian Liberty
  ''978-1-84706-347-2Iain KingHow to Make Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time: Solving the Riddle of Right and Wrong
2010978-1-84706-349-6Pete MandikKey Terms in Philosophy of Mind
2009978-1-84706-355-7Gerard NoelPius XII: The Hound of Hitler
2010978-1-84706-357-1Fred Sedgwick100 Ideas for Teaching Literacy (Continuum One Hundreds)
2011978-1-84706-360-1Norbert PachlerKey Issues in e-Learning: Research And Practice
2009978-1-84706-367-0William B. McGregorLinguistics: An Introduction
2010978-1-84706-374-8Andrew WhiteSuffer the Children
2008978-1-84706-381-6Alan Thwaites100 Ideas for Teaching Primary Mathematics (Continuum One Hundreds)
  ''978-1-84706-382-3Judith Thwaites100 Ideas for Teaching Personal, Social and Emotional Development (100 Ideas for the Early Years)
2009978-1-84706-384-7Jill MorganSupporting and Supervising your Teaching Assistant
2011978-1-84706-385-4Cavan WoodThe RE Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
2009978-1-84706-405-9Peter HitchensThe Broken Compass: How British Politics lost its way
2008978-1-84706-406-6Hans KungOn Being a Christian
2011978-1-84706-410-3David SpendlovePutting Assessment for Learning into Practice (Ideas in Action)
2006978-1-84706-412-7Rosemary RussellHelp Your Child With Numeracy Ages 7-11
2009978-1-84706-413-4Greg MyersThe Discourse of Blogs and Wikis (Continuum Discourse)
  ''978-1-84706-416-5Frank FurediWasted: Why Education Isn't Educating
2010978-1-84706-418-9Lionel BlueThe Godseeker's Guide
2008978-1-84706-420-2Stefanie WulffRethinking Idiomaticity: A Usage-based Approach (Corpus and Discourse)
  ''978-1-84706-425-7Rowan WilliamsDostoevsky: Language, Faith and Fiction
2009978-1-84706-426-4Patrick WoodhouseEtty Hillesum: A Life Transformed
2008978-1-84706-432-5Iain Hamilton GrantPhilosophies of Nature after Schelling (Transversals: New Directions in Philosophy)
2009978-1-84706-434-9Caroline CoxonHelp Your Child With Literacy Ages 7-11
2010978-1-84706-440-0Christian M.I.M MatthiessenKey Terms in Systemic Functional Linguistics
2010978-1-84706-444-8Martin HeideggerPhenomenology of Intuition and Expression (Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers)
2003978-1-84706-445-5Jacques RanciereDissensus
2009978-1-84706-447-9Michel HenrySeeing the Invisible: On Kandinsky
2010978-1-84706-449-3Christopher BartleyAn Introduction to Indian Philosophy
  ''978-1-84706-450-9Thomas L. AkehurstThe Cultural Politics of Analytic Philosophy: Britishness and the Spectre of Europe (Continuum Studies in British Philosophy)
2011978-1-84706-454-7David FullerLife in the Sonnets (Shakespeare Now!)
2009978-1-84706-455-4Mark AsquithAnnie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain and Postcards: A Reader's Guide (Continuum Contemporaries Series)
2010978-1-84706-461-5Clare CarlisleKierkegaard's Fear and Trembling: A Reader's Guide (A Reader's Guides)
2009978-1-84706-471-4Sue CowleyHow to Survive Your First Year in Teaching 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-84706-473-8Les BellThe Future of Higher Education: Policy, Pedagogy and the Student Experience
2010978-1-84706-476-9Xinzhong YaoChinese Religion: A Contextual Approach
2011978-1-84706-480-6Ann MorisyBothered and Bewildered: Enacting Hope in Troubled Times
  ''978-1-84706-485-1Joseph J. TankeFoucault's Philosophy of Art: A Genealogy of Modernity (Philosophy, Aesthetics and Cultural Theory)
  ''978-1-84706-487-5Fiona McCullochChildren's Literature in Context (Texts and Contexts)
2009978-1-84706-496-7Allison LeeHow to be an Outstanding Childminder
2011978-1-84706-497-4Graham ButtGeography, Education and the Future
2011978-1-84706-498-1Graham ButtGeography, Education and the Future
2009978-1-84706-499-8Margaret Sangster · Rona CatterallEarly Numeracy: Mathematics Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
2010978-1-84706-502-5Richard BaileyPhysical Education for Learning: A Guide for Secondary Schools
  ''978-1-84706-504-9Ian AbrahamsPractical Work in Secondary Science: A Minds-On Approach
  ''978-1-84706-506-3Roger ScrutonUnderstanding Music: Philosophy and Interpretation
2009978-1-84706-508-7Roger ScrutonI Drink Therefore I am: A Philosopher's Guide to Wine
  ''978-1-84706-509-4Justin Lewis-AnthonyCircles of Thorns: Hieronymus Bosch and Being Human
2013978-1-84706-513-1Daniel O. DahlstromThe Heidegger Dictionary (Bloomsbury Philosophy Dictionaries)
2008978-1-84706-521-6Frank FurediParanoid Parenting: Why Ignoring the Experts May Be Best for Your Child
2009978-1-84706-522-3Peter HitchensThe Abolition of Britain: From Winston Churchill to Princess Diana
  ''978-1-84706-523-0Jim StorrThe Human Face of War (Birmingham War Studies)
2014978-1-84706-524-7Roger ScrutonThe Face of God
2010978-1-84706-525-4Simon Morgan WorthamThe Derrida Dictionary (Continuum Philosophy Dictionaries)
2010978-1-84706-526-1Simon Morgan WorthamThe Derrida Dictionary (Continuum Philosophy Dictionaries)
2012978-1-84706-529-2Charlotte Randall Brown · William Edward MorrisStarting with Hume
  ''978-1-84706-530-8Charlotte Randall BrownStarting with Hume
2008978-1-84706-533-9Bloomsbury PublishingElgar: An Anniversary Portrait
2010978-1-84706-537-7Mari Carmen CampoyCorpus-Based Approaches to English Language Teaching (Corpus and Discourse)
2011978-1-84706-538-4Martin WarnerBetween Heaven and Charing Cross
2014978-1-84706-539-1Paris MichaelReturn of the Sky Gods: The Era of the Airship
2009978-1-84706-540-7Michael B. WilkinsonPhilosophy of Religion for AS Level
2010978-1-84706-542-1George D. ChryssidesChristianity Today (Religion Today)
2008978-1-84706-543-8ContinuumDirectory of Publishing 2009: United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (Directory of Publishing: United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland)
2009978-1-84706-545-2Kate BrownClassroom Starters and Plenaries: Creative Ideas for Use Across the Curriculum
  ''978-1-84706-546-9   ''The Citizenship Teacher's Handbook (Continuum Education Handbooks)
  ''978-1-84706-547-6Ros GarrickPlaying Outdoors in the Early Years
  ''978-1-84706-548-3John Cornwell · Michael McGheePhilosophers and God: At the Frontiers of Faith and Reason
2009978-1-84706-551-3Jean-Paul SartreThe Last Chance: Roads of Freedom IV
2010978-1-84706-567-4Caroline Tobbell · Jane Johnston · Pat Broadhead · Richard WoolleyPersonal, Social and Emotional Development (Supporting Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage)
2011978-1-84706-568-1April D. DeConickThirteenth Apostle (Revised Edition): What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
2008978-1-84706-570-4Rachel WhittakerLanguage and Literacy
2009978-1-84706-571-1David BlockSecond Language Identities (Bloomsbury Classics in Linguistics)
  ''978-1-84706-572-8Frances Christie · J. R. MartinLanguage, Knowledge and Pedagogy: Functional Linguistic and Sociological Perspectives
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  ''978-1-84706-576-6M.A. K. HallidayLanguage and Education, Volume 9 (Collected Works of M.A.K. Halliday)
2009978-1-84706-577-3M. A.K. HallidayLanguage and Society: Volume 10 (Collected Works of M.A.K. Halliday)
2010978-1-84706-585-8Douglas BurnhamNietzsche's 'The Birth of Tragedy' (Reader's Guides)
2009978-1-84706-588-9David WebbHeidegger, Ethics and the Practice of Ontology (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)
2010978-1-84706-589-6Ian MortimerMedieval Intrigue: Decoding Royal Conspiracies
  ''978-1-84706-591-9Glenn Alexander MageeThe Hegel Dictionary (Continuum Philosophy Dictionaries)