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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-87196-043-6N R M de LangeAtlas of the Jewish World (CULTURAL ATLAS OF)
1977978-0-87196-103-7Mary E. CliffordNews Dictionary 1976
1979978-0-87196-107-5Donald (editor) PanethNews Dictionary, 1978
1984978-0-87196-129-7Geoffrey ParrinderWorld Religions: From Ancient History to the Present
1983978-0-87196-131-0Bill Adler · Jay DavidHow to Play the Moonlighting Game
  ''978-0-87196-132-7Caroline Blunden · Mark ElvinCultural Atlas of China
  ''978-0-87196-133-4Donald MatthewAtlas of Medieval Europe (CULTURAL ATLAS OF)
1972978-0-87196-157-0Robert W PetersonSpace: from Gemini to the moon & beyond, (Interim history)
1971978-0-87196-184-6Robert W PetersonRhodesian independence, (Interim history)
1975978-0-87196-186-0   ''South Africa & apartheid (A Facts on File publication)
1983978-0-87196-212-6Franco AgostiniMath and Logic Games (English and Italian Edition)
1972978-0-87196-225-6Robert W. PetersonAgnew: The Coining of a Household Word (Interim history)
1984978-0-87196-226-3W. R. Hartston · P. C. WasonPsychology of Chess
1973978-0-87196-227-0Crime & the American response (A Facts on File publication)
1985978-0-87196-259-1Russell ChamberlainLoot!: The Heritage of Plunder
  ''978-0-87196-307-9Elaine Partnnow · Elaine T. PartnowThe Quotable Woman: From Eve to 1799
1980978-0-87196-312-3Cobbett SteinbergTV facts
1976978-0-87196-320-8Diagram GroupMusical Instruments of the World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
1980978-0-87196-329-1Brian R. MitchellEuropean Historical Statistics 1750-1975
  ''978-0-87196-334-5John Baines · Jaromir MalekAtlas of Ancient Egypt (Cultural Atlas of)
1973978-0-87196-352-9Edward KnappmannWatergate and the White House (Vol 1)
1980978-0-87196-401-4Marcel Baudot · Henri Bernard · Hendrik Brugmans · Michael R. D. Foot · Hans-Adolf Jacobson · Jesse DilsonThe Historical Encyclopedia of World War II (English and French Edition)
1979978-0-87196-407-6John KeeganWorld armies
1982978-0-87196-417-5L. Patrick CoyleThe world encyclopedia of food
1983978-0-87196-422-9Rosalind AsheMore Literary Houses
1981978-0-87196-448-9Peter LeviAtlas of the Greek World (Cultural Atlas of)
1985978-0-87196-469-4Michael HurdThe Orchestra
1980978-0-87196-470-0John PaxtonCalendar of creative man
1984978-0-87196-474-8Roger Walton · Keith Gillies · Lindsey HeppellDo-It-Yourself Graphic Design: Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Printing Everything
1986978-0-87196-475-5Edgardo MacoriniScience & Technology (Vol 1) (English and Italian Edition)
1980978-0-87196-480-9Colin McEvedyAtlas of African History
1982978-0-87196-497-7George KurianWorld Press Encyclopedia
1983978-0-87196-527-1Gene WrightThe Science Fiction Image: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction in Film, Television, Radio and the Theater
1982978-0-87196-629-2Francis RobinsonAtlas of the Islamic World Since 1500 (CULTURAL ATLAS OF)
1982978-0-87196-636-0Tom Evans · Mary Anne EvansGuitars: Music, History, Construction and Players: From the Renaissance to Rock
1987978-0-87196-642-1Heather Angel · Pat WolseleyWater Naturalist
1984978-0-87196-647-6Irene Franck · David M. BrownstoneTo the Ends of the Earth: The Great Travel and Trade Routes of History (A Hudson Group Book)
1982978-0-87196-652-0Tim Cornell · John MathewsAtlas of the Roman World (CULTURAL ATLAS OF)
1983978-0-87196-653-7Tim ConsidineThe Language of Sport
1982978-0-87196-676-6Rosalind AsheLiterary Houses:Ten Famous Houses in Fiction
1983978-0-87196-770-1Terry HounsomeNew Rock Record
1982978-0-87196-772-5Baird · Meacham, Beth SearlesA Reader's Guide to Fantasy
1984978-0-87196-773-2Colin McEvedyRise of the World's Cities
  ''978-0-87196-788-6Carl SifakisAmerican Eccentrics
  ''978-0-87196-820-3Andrew Marum · Frank PariseFollies and Foibles
  ''978-0-87196-833-3Faye Young MillerWinning basketball for girls
1981978-0-87196-850-0Carl WaldmanAtlas of the North American Indian
1984978-0-87196-869-2Norman W. Schur1000 Most Important Words
1995978-0-87196-871-5David W. MacdonaldThe Encyclopedia of Mammals
1985978-0-87196-873-9Walter Laqueur · Barry M. RubinThe Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict
1984978-0-87196-889-0Bill BrysonThe Facts on File dictionary of troublesome words
  ''978-0-87196-907-1Bastiaan Meeuse · Sean MorrisThe Sex Life of Flowers
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  ''978-0-87196-990-3Irene Fekete · Jasmine DenyerMathematics (The World of Science)