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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-907218-01-9Oliver JohnsonPrince of Darkness (Dragon Warriors)
978-1-907218-02-6Mongoose - Elric de Melniboné - L'Ombre du Glorieux Empire
978-1-907218-03-3Mongoose - Elric de Melniboné - La Magie des Jeunes Royaumes
978-1-907218-04-0Mongoose - Hawkmoon French Edition
2009978-1-907218-05-7Carsten DammArdanyan's Revenge (Earth Dawn)
2013978-1-907218-06-4Matthew SprangeTraveller Character Pack
2009978-1-907218-07-1Nick Robinson · N/ASpinward Marches Map Pack (Traveller)
2013978-1-907218-08-8Simon BealJudge Dredd: Judges' Handbook (Judge Dredd (Mongoose Publishing))
2010978-1-907218-09-5Gareth HanrahanHigh Programmers: Paranoia
2009978-1-907218-10-1Carsten DammShards Collection, Volume One (Earthdawn: Third Edition)
  ''978-1-907218-15-6Lawrence Whitaker · Pete NashRunequest II Core Rulebook
2010978-1-907218-16-3Lawrence WhitakerRunequest II Games Master's Screen
  ''978-1-907218-17-0Gareth HanrahanA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Termination Booth (Paranoia)
  ''978-1-907218-19-4Bryan SteelePavis Rises (Glorantha)
  ''978-1-907218-21-7James WallisFriends or Foes (Dragon Warriors)
2010978-1-907218-22-4Gareth HanrahanNone of This is My Fault (Paranoia RPG)
2013978-1-907218-23-1Pete NashTraveller Book 8: Dilettante (Traveller (Numbered))
2010978-1-907218-24-8Bryan Steele · Lawrence WhitakerRuneQuest II: Arms and Equipment
  ''978-1-907218-25-5Lawrence WhitakerMonster Coliseum
  ''978-1-907218-30-9   ''Glorantha the Second Age
2013978-1-907218-31-6Martin DoughertyTraveller: Reft Sector (Traveller: the Third Imperium)
  ''978-1-907218-33-0Bryan SteeleTraveller Book 7: Merchant Prince (Traveller RPG)
  ''978-1-907218-34-7Uri KurlianchikSupplement 9: Campaign Guide
2010978-1-907218-35-4Darrin DraderTraveller: Reign of Discordia (Traveller RPG)
2010978-1-907218-36-1Matthew SprangeLone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book
  ''978-1-907218-37-8Robin D. LawsNations of Barsaive Volume One: Throal: 1 (Earthdawn)
  ''978-1-907218-38-5Lawrence WhitakerCults of Glorantha
  ''978-1-907218-39-2   ''Races of Glorantha
  ''978-1-907218-40-8Gareth Hanrahan · Simon BealRuneQuest II: Necromantic Arts
2010978-1-907218-41-5Dan JohnsonMr. Bubbles: Paranoia
2013978-1-907218-43-9Simon BealJudge Dredd: The Cursed Earth
2010978-1-907218-44-6Pete NashLone Wolf Rpg: Terror of the Dark Lords
  ''978-1-907218-47-7Lawrence WhitakerEmpires
  ''978-1-907218-49-1Gareth HanrahanDeus Vult Core Rulebook
  ''978-1-907218-57-6   ''Ex Cathedra (Deus Vult)
  ''978-1-907218-58-3Lawrence Whittaker · Gareth HanrahanLBB2: High Guard (Traveller)
2013978-1-907218-61-3Pete NashTraveller Alien Module 3: Darrians
2010978-1-907218-64-4Matthew SprangeHeroes of Magnamund
2010978-1-907218-67-5Darren PearceSommerlund
  ''978-1-907218-69-9Andrew Ragland · Eike-Christian Bertram · Sean R. RhoadesShards Collection Volume Two: 2
2011978-1-907218-70-5Lawrence WhitakerElric of Melnibone
2010978-1-907218-74-3Pete NashVikings
  ''978-1-907218-80-4Lawrence WhitakerCults of the Young Kingdoms
2013978-1-907218-89-7Uri KurlianchikTraveller Book 9: Robot
2010978-1-907218-90-3Darren PearceMagnamund Bestiary
  ''978-1-907218-94-1Dave MorrisIn From the Cold
  ''978-1-907218-99-6Lawrence WhitakerThe Abiding Book