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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905176-00-7Babylon 5: A Call to Arms Rules
2007978-1-905176-01-4Alejandro MelchorOgl Manga:
2005978-1-905176-05-2Greg LynchMessantia: City of Riches (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-06-9Greg Lynch · Ian HaracWars RPG
  ''978-1-905176-07-6Greg LynchIncursion (Wars RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-08-3G HanrahanBook of the Tormenator: 2 (Infernum S.)
  ''978-1-905176-09-0Gareth HanrahanInfernum: Book of the Conqueror; Volume III
2005978-1-905176-10-6Greg LynchBattlefront (Wars RPG S.)
2006978-1-905176-11-3Matthew SprangeKlendathu Invasion (Starship Troopers S.)
2005978-1-905176-12-0J AlvarezRuins of the Dragon Lords (D20)
  ''978-1-905176-13-7LizardStar Trek RPG
  ''978-1-905176-14-4Traitor Recycling StudioParanoia WMD (Paranoia XP)
  ''978-1-905176-15-1I Belcher · A HahnBootcamp (Starship Troopers S.)
  ''978-1-905176-16-8A. HahnG'Quan Ship Plans (Babylon 5 S.)
2005978-1-905176-17-5Vincent DarlageHyboria's Finest (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-18-2LizardFree Mars (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-19-9A HahnThe Citizens Federation (Starship Troopers S.)
2006978-1-905176-20-5Lizard · Greg LynchWars: Nowhere to Hide
2004978-1-905176-21-2LizardStar Trek Sourcebook
2005978-1-905176-22-9   ''Sea Of Worlds
  ''978-1-905176-23-6A HahnEarthforce Campaign Book (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-24-3Steve GilbertXtreme Paranoia (Paranoia XP)
2005978-1-905176-25-0Vincent DarlargeHyboria's Fallen (Conan RPG S.)
2006978-1-905176-26-7Matthew SprangeArachnid Empire (Starship Troopers S.)
2005978-1-905176-27-4Star Trek Wargame
2007978-1-905176-28-1Greg Lynch · Vincent DarlageConan and the Shadow of the Sorcerer
2005978-1-905176-29-8August HahnHyperion Ship Plans: 1 (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-30-4Babylon 5: Supplement 2: A Call to Arms Rules
  ''978-1-905176-31-1Matt B. CarterLone Wolf: Dawn of Destruction
  ''978-1-905176-32-8Christopher BlackmoorCrusade (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-33-5Paranoia Bots: 6 Metal Bot Miniatures (Paranoia XP)
978-1-905176-35-9Arachnid: Tanker Bug Box Set
978-1-905176-36-6Starship Troopers (The Miniatures Game) Arachnid Fireflies
978-1-905176-37-3Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game - Mobile XM-550 CHAS Unit
2005978-1-905176-39-7M SprangeCall to Arms Rules: Supplement 3 (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
2005978-1-905176-40-3Matt ThomasonThe Athena Strain (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-905176-41-0Babylon 5 - A Call To Arms: Rules Supplement 4
  ''978-1-905176-42-7A MelchorTales of the Black Kingdoms (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905176-43-4Mongoose PublishingBabylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Sky Full of Stars
978-1-905176-44-1World At Waar RPG
978-1-905176-45-8Worlds At Waar: Kylie's Heroes
978-1-905176-48-9Starship Troopers M-8 Ape Marauder Suit
978-1-905176-49-6Mongoose Publishing Starship Troopers - M-9 CHICKENHAWK Marauder Suit Miniature
978-1-905176-50-2Starship Troopers The Miniatures Game: Archnid Hopper Bugs
978-1-905176-55-7Starship Troopers - M-14A POWER SUIT SQUAD miniatures
2005978-1-905176-57-1Ian BarstowBabylon 5: Signs & Portents Presents
  ''978-1-905176-58-8UnnamedSky Full of Stars (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
2005978-1-905176-59-5August HahnHeroes of Fantasy (D20)
2006978-1-905176-61-8Starship Troopers Miniature Game: Arachnid Brain Bug
  ''978-1-905176-62-5Matthew SprangeSkinnie Army Book (Starship Troopers S.)
2005978-1-905176-63-2VariousD20: Codex Of Monsters
978-1-905176-64-9D20: Strange Latitudes (Sea Of Worlds Scenario)
978-1-905176-65-6D20: Complete Campaign
2006978-1-905176-66-3Wars: Soul and Steel
2005978-1-905176-67-0Starship Troopers: Arms Of The Mobile Infantry
2006978-1-905176-68-7J. Michael StraczynskiA Call to Arms - Earth/Minbari War Campaign (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
2007978-1-905176-69-4VariousSWAT: d20 Modern
2006978-1-905176-70-0   ''Darkness and Light (Babylon 5 S.)
978-1-905176-71-7D20: Sea Of Worlds - Glass City
2005978-1-905176-72-4Paul BaldowskiParanoia: Service, Service!
978-1-905176-73-1Babylon 5: Scenario 2
2005978-1-905176-74-8Conan: Hyborian Bestiary (Conan)
978-1-905176-75-5D20: Sea Of Worlds - Scenario 2
978-1-905176-76-2WARS: Edge Of A Sword
2006978-1-905176-77-9J. C. AlvarezStarship Troopers RPG: Skinnie Hegemony
  ''978-1-905176-78-6Primus Ship Plans (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
978-1-905176-79-3D20: Sea Of Worlds - Scenario 3
2006978-1-905176-80-9Allen VarneyCriminal Histories (Paranoia XP)
978-1-905176-81-6Babylon 5: Mega-Campaign
978-1-905176-82-3Armageddon 2089 Wargame
978-1-905176-86-1Arachnid Blister/Blaster Bugs
2005978-1-905176-89-2Paranoia: Mandatory Bonus Fun Card Game
  ''978-1-905176-92-2Matthew SprangeStarship Troopers GM Screen (Starship Troopers S.)
  ''978-1-905176-96-0Death on the Streets (Gangs of Mega City One S.)
2005978-1-905176-97-7Greg LynchHeretics of Tarantia (Conan RPG S.)
2006978-1-905176-98-4The Roughnecks Book (Starship Troopers S.)