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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903980-00-2Matthew SprangeThe Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins: This Book Might Just Save Your Life
  ''978-1-903980-01-9Matthew SprangeThe Slayer's Guide to Gnolls: Advanced Menu Avoidance
  ''978-1-903980-02-6   ''The Slayer's Guide to Centaurs
  ''978-1-903980-03-3   ''Encyclopaedia Arcane: Demonology - The Dark Road
  ''978-1-903980-04-0   ''Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy - Beyond the Grave
2001978-1-903980-05-7Matthew SprangeGladiator: The Sands of Death
  ''978-1-903980-06-4Mike MajorThe Slayer's Guide to Troglodytes
2002978-1-903980-07-1Matthew SprangeThe Slayer's Guide to Amazons
2001978-1-903980-08-8   ''Seas of Blood: Fantasy on the High Seas
2002978-1-903980-09-5Matthew SprangeThe Quintessential Fighter (Collector series)
  ''978-1-903980-10-1Sam WittEncyclopaedia Arcane: Chaos Magic - The Wild Path
  ''978-1-903980-11-8Matthew SprangeShips of the Goblinoids
  ''978-1-903980-12-5   ''Travellers' Tales: Ships of the Elves
  ''978-1-903980-13-2Mike MearlsThe Quintessential Rogue (Collector)
2002978-1-903980-14-9Andrew BozwardThe Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin
  ''978-1-903980-15-6Wil UpchurchSkraag: City of Orcs (Cities of Fantasy)
  ''978-1-903980-16-3Paul CockburnCrusades of Valour: When Gods Collide
  ''978-1-903980-17-0Alejandro MelchorTravellers' Tales: Ships of War (Travelers Tales)
  ''978-1-903980-18-7Alejandro MelchorEncyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs - It is Alive
2002978-1-903980-19-4Sam WittThe Quintessential Cleric
  ''978-1-903980-20-0   ''The Slayer's Guide to Bugbears
  ''978-1-903980-21-7   ''Encyclopaedia Arcane: Battle Magic - The Eldritch Storm
  ''978-1-903980-22-4Patrick YountsStormhaven - City of a Thousand Years (Cities of Fantasy)
  ''978-1-903980-23-1Mike MearlsThe Quintessential Wizard
2002978-1-903980-24-8Jonathan RichardsThe Slayer's Guide to Trolls
  ''978-1-903980-25-5Alejandro MelchorEncyclopaedia Divine: Encyclopaedia Divine - Shamans the Call of the Wild (Encyclopedia Divine)
  ''978-1-903980-26-2Thomas KnaussThe Planes, The: Feuerring
  ''978-1-903980-27-9Gary Gygax · Jon CreffieldThe Slayer's Guide to Dragons
  ''978-1-903980-28-6Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Elf (Collector)
2002978-1-903980-29-3Alejandro MelchorThe Planes, The: Zahhak - Ash Waste of the Abyss
  ''978-1-903980-30-9Chad BrummerEncyclopaedia Divine: Fey Magic
  ''978-1-903980-31-6Matthew SprangeThe Judge Dredd RPG
  ''978-1-903980-32-3John CaliberThe Rookies Guide to the Justice Department (Judge Dredd (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-903980-33-0Sam WittThe Quintessential Dwarf
2002978-1-903980-34-7Matt ForbeckThe Slayer's Guide to Orcs
  ''978-1-903980-35-4Alejandro MelchorEncyclopaedia Arcane: Elementalism
  ''978-1-903980-36-1James DesboroughThe Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers
  ''978-1-903980-37-8Matthew SprangeThe Rookies Guide to Block Wars
  ''978-1-903980-38-5   ''The Judge Dredd Role-playing Games Masters Screen: Mega-city One's Most Wanted
2002978-1-903980-39-2John CaliberJudge Dredd: Full Eagle Day
  ''978-1-903980-40-8Patrick YountsThe Quintessential Monk
  ''978-1-903980-41-5Ian SturrockSlayer's Guide to Medusas
  ''978-1-903980-42-2Anne StokesEncyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy - The Power of Time
  ''978-1-903980-43-9Patrick YountsCities of Fantasy - High Throne: City of Clouds
2002978-1-903980-44-6Matthew SprangeThe Rookies Guide to PSI Talent (Judge Dredd)
  ''978-1-903980-45-3John CaliberThe Sleeping Kin (Judge Dredd)
  ''978-1-903980-46-0Ian SturrockThe Slaine RPG
  ''978-1-903980-47-7Robert J. ScwalbThe Quintessential Witch
  ''978-1-903980-48-4James DesboroughSlayer's Guide to Female Gamers
2003978-1-903980-49-1August HahnEncyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment - Fire in the Mind
2002978-1-903980-50-7Andrew MelchorUltimate Prestige Classes (d20 System, Volume 1)
2002978-1-903980-51-4Alexander FennellJudge Dredd: Rookies Guide to Criminal Organizations
  ''978-1-903980-52-1VariousJudge Dredd: Russian Roulette
  ''978-1-903980-53-8Ian SturrokTir Nan Og (Slaine)
  ''978-1-903980-54-5Ian SturrockThe Invulnerable King (Slaine)
2003978-1-903980-55-2Sam WittThe Quintessential Psychic Warrior
  ''978-1-903980-56-9Sandrine ThiracheThe Slayer's Guide to Duergar
2002978-1-903980-57-6Shannon KalvarEncyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic - Wisdom of the Magi
2003978-1-903980-58-3Ian SturrockThe Power Classes: Assassin v. 1
2003978-1-903980-59-0Ian SturrockThe Power Classes: Gladiator v. 2
  ''978-1-903980-60-6Alejandro MelchorThe Power Classes: Exorcist v. 3
2003978-1-903980-61-3Alejandro MelchorThe Power Classes IV: Noble
  ''978-1-903980-62-0J. MasiiewskiJudge Dredd: Rookies Guide to Brit Cit
  ''978-1-903980-63-7John CaliberJudge Dredd: Target - Mega-City One Pt. 3: The Kazan Gambit Trilogy
  ''978-1-903980-64-4Ian SturrockSlaine: Fir Domain - The Tribe of the Growling Shield (The Tribes Series)
  ''978-1-903980-65-1   ''Slaine: Teeth of the Moon Sow Pt. 2: Moon Sow and Horned Lord Adventure
2003978-1-903980-66-8Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Druid
  ''978-1-903980-67-5   ''Ultimate Feats Volume 1
  ''978-1-903980-68-2   ''Encyclopaedia Arcane: Illusionism - Smoke and Mirrors
  ''978-1-903980-69-9VariousThe Planes: Gehenna
  ''978-1-903980-72-9Matthew SprangeJudge Dredd: Rookies Guide to Crazes
2003978-1-903980-73-6VariousJudge Dredd: v. 1
  ''978-1-903980-74-3Mongoose PublishingJudge Dredd: Rookies Guide to the Undercity
  ''978-1-903980-75-0Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Samurai
  ''978-1-903980-76-7Christina JonesThe Slayer's Guide to Yuan-Ti
  ''978-1-903980-77-4Ian SturrockSlaine: Ragnarok Book Pt. 3: Moon Sow and Horned Lord Adventure
2003978-1-903980-78-1Ian SturrockSlaine: Sessair - The Tribe That Stands Up (The Tribes Series - The Sessair)
  ''978-1-903980-79-8Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Paladin
  ''978-1-903980-80-4Gary Gygax · Chris QuilliamsThe Slayers Guide to Undead
  ''978-1-903980-81-1Matthew SprangeUltimate Equipment Guide: v. 1
  ''978-1-903980-82-8C TanCities Of Fantasy: Stonebridge - City Of Illusion (Cities of Fantasy: Arcania)
2003978-1-903980-83-5Ian SturrockSlaine: Way of the Horned God Pt. 4: Moon Sow and Horned Lord Adventure
  ''978-1-903980-84-2Sam WittQuintessential Psion
  ''978-1-903980-85-9James MaliszewskiThe Slayer's Guide to Harpies
2004978-1-903980-86-6Marc FarrimondThe Rookie's Guide to Atlantis and the Black Atlantic: A Supplement for Games Masters and Judges
1999978-1-903980-87-3Matthew SprangeThe Power Classes: Knight v. 5
1997978-1-903980-88-0Alejandro MelchorThe Power Classes: Articifer v. 6
2003978-1-903980-89-7Ian SturrockThe Power Classes: Hedge Wizard v. 7
  ''978-1-903980-90-3Ian Sturrock · Nathan WebbThe Power Classes: Explorer v. 8
  ''978-1-903980-91-0Alejandro MelchorEncyclopaedia Arcane: Crossbreeding - Flesh and Blood
2003978-1-903980-92-7Mongoose PublishingThe Quintessential Barbarian
  ''978-1-903980-93-4Alejandro MelchorEncyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic - Power Incarnate
  ''978-1-903980-94-1Ian SturrockSlaine: Falians - The Tribe of Shadows
  ''978-1-903980-95-8M Sprange · I SturrockArmageddon 2089: Total War
  ''978-1-903980-96-5I SturrockArmageddon 2089: War Machines of 2089
2003978-1-903980-97-2Alejandro Melchor · VariousThe Quintessential Bard
  ''978-1-903980-98-9Alejandro MelchorThe Slayer's Guide to Kobolds
  ''978-1-903980-99-6Mongoose PublishingEncyclopaedia Arcane: Divination