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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906103-03-3Ian SturrockSlaine (Runequest)
2008978-1-906103-06-4Gareth HanrahanAlpha Complex Nights (Paranoia)
2010978-1-906103-08-8Joe DeverFlight From the Dark (Lone Wolf)
2008978-1-906103-10-1Matthew SprangeRuneQuest: Deluxe Core Rules Compilation
2007978-1-906103-14-9Gareth HanrahanSecrets of Tragic Europe (Hawkmoon)
2008978-1-906103-15-6Lawrence WhitakerCastle Brass (Hawkmoon)
  ''978-1-906103-17-0MongooseRunequest: Magic of the Young Kingdoms
2007978-1-906103-18-7August HahnGlory & Greed
  ''978-1-906103-19-4Richard FordThe Dragons of Lencia: Lone Wolf
  ''978-1-906103-20-0Joe DeverThe Caverns of Kalte, Book 3 (Lone Wolf Gamebook)
2008978-1-906103-23-1Alex Flagg · Scott Gearin · Patrick KaperaFantasy Craft
  ''978-1-906103-24-8Bryan SteeleConan: Trial of Blood (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
2008978-1-906103-25-5Joe DeverCHASM OF DOOM, THE (Lone Wolf Gamebook)
  ''978-1-906103-26-2   ''SHADOW ON THE SAND (Lone Wolf Gamebook)
  ''978-1-906103-27-9   ''Kingdoms of Terror, The (Lone Wolf Gamebook)
2009978-1-906103-29-3Lawrence WhitakerDwarfs: Guide to the Mostali (RuneQuest)
2008978-1-906103-31-6Gareth HanrahanAlpha Complex Nights (Paranoia)
  ''978-1-906103-32-3Bryan SteeleRuins of Glorantha (Glorantha: The Second Age)
  ''978-1-906103-33-0Gareth HanrahanTraveller RPG
2008978-1-906103-34-7Gareth HanrahanMercenary (Traveller)
  ''978-1-906103-35-4Lawrence WhitakerCults of the Young Kingdoms
2007978-1-906103-52-1   ''The Elric Companion (RuneQuest)
2008978-1-906103-53-8Martin J DoughertySpinward Marches (The Third Imperium)
  ''978-1-906103-54-5Bryan SteeleThe Lurker's Guide to the Gaim
  ''978-1-906103-55-2Tim Bancroft · Gareth HanrahanAdventures in the Hyborian Age
  ''978-1-906103-56-9Matthew Sprange · Adrian WaltersA Call to Arms Painting Guide
2008978-1-906103-58-3Lawrence WhitakerCimmeria (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-906103-60-6Gareth HanrahanBig Book of Bots (Paranoia)
  ''978-1-906103-61-3Lawrence WhitakerCults of the Young Kingdoms (Elric of Melnibone)
  ''978-1-906103-62-0Bryan SteeleMonsters III: v. 3
  ''978-1-906103-63-7Gareth HanrahanHigh Guard (Traveller)
2008978-1-906103-64-4Bryan SteeleCities of Hyboria (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-906103-67-5   ''Ducks: Guide to the Durulz
2008978-1-906103-68-2Bryan SteeleBeltstrike (Traveller)
  ''978-1-906103-69-9Lawrence WhitakerKhitai (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-906103-70-5Bryan SteeleTraveller: 760 Patrons
2009978-1-906103-71-2Joshua ColeDream Realms (Elric of Melnibone)
2008978-1-906103-72-9Lawrence WhitakerFronela (Glorantha: The Second Age)
  ''978-1-906103-73-6Bryan SteeleTraders & Gunboats (Traveller)
  ''978-1-906103-76-7Gareth HanrahanThe Thin Green Line (Paranoia)
2008978-1-906103-78-1VariousAdventures in the Hyborian Age
  ''978-1-906103-80-4Gareth HanrahanAlpha Complex Nights 2: v. 2 (Paranoia)
  ''978-1-906103-81-1   ''Mandatory Mission Pack
  ''978-1-906103-82-8Bryan SteeleFighting Ships (Traveller)
  ''978-1-906103-83-5Lawrence WhitakerRuneQuest: Empires
2008978-1-906103-84-2Gareth HanrahanBetrayer of Asgard (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-906103-85-9   ''Book O: Introduction to Traveller
  ''978-1-906103-92-7Bryan SteeleWraith Recon
  ''978-1-906103-93-4VariousAdventurer's Equipment Guide
  ''978-1-906103-96-5Oliver Johnson · Dave MorrisDragon Warriors: The Classic British Fantasy Roleplaying Game
2008978-1-906103-97-2Bryan SteeleWraith Recon Mission Pack 1: No. 1
  ''978-1-906103-98-9Gareth HanrahanTraveller Pocket Edition
  ''978-1-906103-99-6VariousDragon Warriors Bestiary