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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905471-00-3Matthew SprangeDilgar Imperium Fleet Book (Babylon 5 S.)
  ''978-1-905471-01-0Vincent DarlageLurking Terror of Nahab (Conan RPG S.)
2005978-1-905471-04-1M SprangeSky Full of Stars Counter Sheets (Babylon 5: A Call to Arms)
978-1-905471-05-8Babylon 5 Starter Set & Campaign: B5 A Call to Arms
2006978-1-905471-06-5Bryan SteeleBabylon 5 RPG - Merchants, Traders and Raiders
  ''978-1-905471-07-2Merchants, Traders and Raiders (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-08-9J. C. Alvarez · Matthew SprangeStarship Troopers: Mobile Infantry Field Manual
2008978-1-905471-09-6Vincent DarlageConan: To Save a Kingdom
2006978-1-905471-10-2Matthew SprangeRunequest Core Rulebook
  ''978-1-905471-11-9   ''Glorantha - the Second Age (Runequest RPG S.)
2006978-1-905471-12-6Matthew SprangeRunequest: Game Master's Screen
  ''978-1-905471-13-3Paul BaldowskiParanoia: The Underplex
  ''978-1-905471-14-0Matthew SprangeRunequest Monsters (Runequest RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-15-7Vincent DarlageTito's Trading Post (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-16-4Matthew SprangeRunequest: Scenario II
2008978-1-905471-17-1Matthew Sprange · Matt KeefeStarship Troopers Miniatures Game: Machine Race Army Book
2008978-1-905471-18-8VariousEncyclopaedia Arcane Compendium II (D20)
2006978-1-905471-19-5Drakh Fleet Book (Babylon 5 S.)
  ''978-1-905471-20-1Matthew SprangeBabylon 5 The Role Playing Game: Faith Manages (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-21-8Gareth HanrahanThe Ragged Edge (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-22-5Matthew SprangeRuneQuest Companion (Runequest RPG S.)
2009978-1-905471-23-2   ''Runequest: Scenario III
2006978-1-905471-24-9Stygia (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-25-6Secret Societies (D20)
2006978-1-905471-26-3Allen VarneyParanoia: Mission Inscrutable
  ''978-1-905471-27-0Gareth HanrahanThe Cold Equations (Babylon 5)
  ''978-1-905471-28-7Bryan SteeleShips of the Galaxy (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-29-4Jeff KyerCults of Glorantha: v. 1 (Runequest RPG)
  ''978-1-905471-30-0Vincent DarlageFaith and Fervour (Conan RPG S.)
2009978-1-905471-31-7Allen VarneyStuff 2: The Grey Subnets (Paranoia)
2006978-1-905471-32-4Matthew Sprange · Matt KeefeBabylon 5 - A Call To Arms: Gaim Fleet Book
2005978-1-905471-35-5Mongoose PublishingTower of the Elephant (Conan RPG S.)
2005978-1-905471-36-2Brian Lasiewski · Adrian WaltersStarship Troopers: Painting and Modelling Guide
  ''978-1-905471-39-3Bryan SteeleBabylon 5: The Earth/Minibari War
2006978-1-905471-40-9VariousThe Renegade Wizards Spellbook (D20)
2005978-1-905471-41-6Matthew SprangeStarship Troopers: Pathfinder Army Book
2007978-1-905471-42-3Richard FordRanger Dawning: A Babylon 5 Novel
  ''978-1-905471-43-0Matthew SprangeVisions Of Peace: A Babylon 5 Novel
  ''978-1-905471-44-7M J DoughertyActions Of Many: A Babylon 5 Novel
  ''978-1-905471-45-4Bryan SteeleBirth Of Heroes (Babylon 5)
2006978-1-905471-47-8Mark GedakRenegade Cleric's Spellbook (D20)
2006978-1-905471-48-5Mark GedakEpic Monsters (D20)
  ''978-1-905471-49-2Bryan SteeleShip Builder's Manual (Babylon 5 S.)
  ''978-1-905471-50-8Vincent DarlageRuins of Hyboria (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-51-5Bryan SteeleBabylon 5: Blood Dimmed Tide
  ''978-1-905471-52-2Allen VarneySector Zero (Paranoia XP)
2006978-1-905471-53-9Mark GedakD20 Expert Player's Guide: The Great Marketplace
  ''978-1-905471-54-6Bryan SteeleThe Final Flight of Santiago (Babylon 5 S.)
978-1-905471-55-3Mark GedakD20 Expert Player's Guide: Prestige Classes Of Legend
2006978-1-905471-56-0Allen VarneyLittle Red Book (Paranoia XP)
  ''978-1-905471-57-7   ''Paranoia - Collapsatron
  ''978-1-905471-58-4Bryan SteeleBabylon 5 - A Call To Arms: The Pak'Ma'Ra Fleet Book
  ''978-1-905471-59-1   ''Guide to the Station (Babylon 5 S.)
2006978-1-905471-60-7Matthew SprangeArachnid Army Book (Starship Troopers S.)
2007978-1-905471-61-4The Immortals Handbook: Bestiary (D20)
2006978-1-905471-62-1unknownAmbush at Altair (Starship Troopers S.)
  ''978-1-905471-63-8Matthew SprangeStarship Troopers RPG (Starship Troopers S.)
  ''978-1-905471-64-5UnnamedThe Drakh (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-65-2Legendary Heroes (Runequest RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-66-9Aaron Dembski-BowdenMagic of Glorantha (Runequest RPG S.)
2006978-1-905471-67-6RuneQuest: Quests (Runequest)
978-1-905471-68-3Runequest: Runelords
2007978-1-905471-69-0Lankhmar (Runequest RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-70-6Claudia ChristianBaptism Of Fire: A Babylon 5 Novel
2006978-1-905471-71-3Bruce GrawAshes of the Past (Babylon 5 S.)
  ''978-1-905471-73-7Babylon 5 the Role Playing Game Games Master's Screen (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
2009978-1-905471-74-4Greg LynchBabylon 5: The Trouble with Drazi
2006978-1-905471-75-1Greg LynchHeroes and Aliens (Babylon 5 S.)
2007978-1-905471-76-8Bryan SteeleLurkers Guide to Freedom Station (Babylon 5 RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-77-5Brandon BrayBabylon 5 Ship Plans - White Star
2006978-1-905471-78-2Paranoia: Sweep Of Unhistory
2007978-1-905471-79-9Paranoia - My First Treason
2006978-1-905471-80-5Bryan SteeleBounty Hunter (Babylon 5 S.)
2007978-1-905471-81-2Spin Control (Paranoia)
2006978-1-905471-82-9Vincent DarlageArgos and Zingara (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-83-6Vincent Darlage · Jason Durall · Eric K. Rodriguez · Charles Rice · Bryan SteeleConan: The Compendium (Conan Series)
  ''978-1-905471-84-3August HanrahanReavers of Vilayet (Conan RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-85-0Vincent DarlageShem - Gateway to the South (Conan RPG)
2006978-1-905471-86-7Runequest: Arthur Scenario
2007978-1-905471-87-4Matthew SprangeVictory at Sea Rulebook
978-1-905471-88-1   ''Babylon 5: Forgotten Wars
2007978-1-905471-89-8Alex Flagg · Scott Gearin · Patrick KaperaSpycraft Version 2.0
2008978-1-905471-90-4Alex FlaggWorld on Fire (Spycraft Roleplaying Game)
2007978-1-905471-91-1Mongoose PublishingPlayer's Guide to Glorantha (Runequest RPG S.)
2006978-1-905471-92-8Bryan SteeleRunequest Arms and Equipment (Runequest RPG S.)
2007978-1-905471-93-5Fiorenzo Delle RupiNephandum
  ''978-1-905471-95-9Ten Thousand Bullets
2006978-1-905471-96-6Bryan SteeleRune of Chaos (Runequest RPG S.)
2007978-1-905471-97-3Aaron Dembski-BowdenUz: The Guide to Trolls (Runequest RPG S.)
  ''978-1-905471-98-0Gareth HanrahanIPX (Babylon 5 S.)
  ''978-1-905471-99-7Aaron Dembski-BowdenNehwon (Runequest RPG S.)