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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904577-00-3VariousUltimate Games Designers Companion
  ''978-1-904577-01-0August HahnArmoured Companies
  ''978-1-904577-02-7variousEarth 2089
  ''978-1-904577-03-4Ian SturrockThe Quintessential Gnome
  ''978-1-904577-04-1Miller · J. MillerThe Slayer's Guide to Derro
2003978-1-904577-05-8VariousPower Classes IX Pirates
  ''978-1-904577-06-5   ''Power Classes X Alchemist
  ''978-1-904577-07-2   ''Power Classes XI Cabalist
  ''978-1-904577-08-9   ''Power Classes XII Fool
  ''978-1-904577-09-6August HahnConjuration (Encyclopaedia Arcane)
2003978-1-904577-10-2VariousArmageddon 2089 Behind Enemy Lines Kazakhstan
  ''978-1-904577-11-9Matthew SprangeBabylon 5 Role Playing Game and Fact Book: Signs and Portents
  ''978-1-904577-12-6Bruce GrawBabylon 5: The Fiery Trial
  ''978-1-904577-13-3Ian SturrockThe Quintessential Sorcerer
  ''978-1-904577-14-0J. MillerThe Ecyclopaedia Arcane - Familiars
2003978-1-904577-15-7Matthew SprangeThe Ultimate Spells
  ''978-1-904577-16-4S. GirardThe Slayer's Guide to Goblins
  ''978-1-904577-17-1J. MillerThe Judge Dredd: The Graveyard Shift
  ''978-1-904577-18-8Bruce Graw · VariousBabylon 5: Coming of the Shadows
  ''978-1-904577-19-5Sam WittThe Quintessential Drow
2003978-1-904577-20-1Sam WittSheloth - City of the Drow: D20 System
  ''978-1-904577-21-8Ian SturrockBlood Magic: Oaths and Sacrifices (Encyclopaedia Arcane)
  ''978-1-904577-22-5August HahnSoldiers Companion: Armageddon:2089
  ''978-1-904577-23-2Bruce GrawBabylon 5: The Earth Alliance Fact Book
  ''978-1-904577-24-9Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Ranger
2003978-1-904577-25-6Jonny NexusThe Slayer's Guide to Games Masters
  ''978-1-904577-26-3August HahnBabylon 5: The Minbari Federation Fact Book
978-1-904577-27-0Ian Sturrock · 2000ADSlaine: Midgard
2005978-1-904577-28-7Matthew SprangeArmageddon 2089: Arms and Armour
2003978-1-904577-29-4   ''Armageddon 2089 - High Frontier
2004978-1-904577-30-0August HahnThe Point of No Return (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
2003978-1-904577-31-7James DesboroughBloodsucker RPG: The Angst
  ''978-1-904577-32-4Richard NealeUltimate Character Record Sheet
  ''978-1-904577-33-1James DesboroughMacho Women with Guns
  ''978-1-904577-34-8Ian SturrockThe Slayer's Guide to Giants
2003978-1-904577-35-5Alejandro MelchorUltimate Prestige Classes Volume 2
2003978-1-904577-38-6Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Half-Orc (Collector)
  ''978-1-904577-39-3A. MelchorThe Slayer's Guide to Demons
  ''978-1-904577-40-9Adrian BottEncyclopaedia Arcane: Tomes and Libraries
  ''978-1-904577-41-6   ''Classic Play: Book of Strongholds & Dynasties
  ''978-1-904577-42-3Ian SturrockThe Quintessential Halfling
2003978-1-904577-43-0A. Hahn · Adrian BottEncyclopaedia Arcane: Components and Foci
2004978-1-904577-44-7Ian Belcher · Scott ClarkUltimate Divine Spellbook
2008978-1-904577-45-4Alejandro Melchor · Scott ClarkBehind Enemy Lines: Drop Zone Mexico
2004978-1-904577-46-1August HahnThe Centauri Republic Fact Book (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
2003978-1-904577-47-8   ''Lone Wolf: The Roleplaying Game
  ''978-1-904577-48-5Adrian BottThe Quintessential Human
2005978-1-904577-49-2Alejandro MelchorThe Slayer's Guide to Devils
2003978-1-904577-50-8Gareth HanrahanClassic Play: Book of Dragons
978-1-904577-51-5Alejandro Melchor · Scott ClarkArmageddon 2089: The Tiger Combine
2004978-1-904577-52-2August HahnThe Narn Regime Fact Book (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-904577-53-9   ''Lone Wolf: The Darklands
  ''978-1-904577-54-6   ''The Quintessential Chaos Mage
2003978-1-904577-55-3Adrian BottEncyclopaedia Arcane: Sovereign Magic
2004978-1-904577-56-0Richard NealeUltimate Monsters: Volume 1
2005978-1-904577-57-7P. YountsBloodline
  ''978-1-904577-58-4A. HahnBabylon 5: The League of Non-Aligned Worlds
978-1-904577-59-1P. LippencroftEncyclopaedia Arcane: True Names
2003978-1-904577-61-4August HahnOGL Cybernet Cyberpunk Roleplaying
2003978-1-904577-62-1shawn-mckeeThe Slayer's Guide to Minotaurs (d20 System)
2004978-1-904577-63-8August Hahn · Gareth HanrahanClassic Play: The Book of Encounters and Lairs
2003978-1-904577-64-5August HahnEncyclopaedia Arcane: Abjuration
  ''978-1-904577-65-2Gareth HanrahanThe Slayer's Guide to Titans
  ''978-1-904577-66-9August HahnThe Mongoose Pocket Player's Handbook
2004978-1-904577-67-6Alejandro MelchorThe Quintessential Fighter II: Advanced Tactics: Book One
2004978-1-904577-68-3Alejandro MelchorClassic Play: Book of Adventuring (Classic Play #4)
  ''978-1-904577-69-0Paul TuckerConan: the Role Playing Game
  ''978-1-904577-70-6Adrian BottThe Quintessential Rogue II: Advanced Tactics
2003978-1-904577-71-3P. TuckerEncyclopaedia Arcane: Compendium: 1
2004978-1-904577-72-0Adrian BottOgl Ancients
2003978-1-904577-73-7Gareth HanrahanOgl Horror
2004978-1-904577-74-4Ian SturrockThe Quintessential Cleric II: Advanced Tactics
  ''978-1-904577-75-1August HahnEncyclopaedia Arcane: Magic Item Creation
  ''978-1-904577-76-8R. NealeUltimate Magic Items
2004978-1-904577-77-5Gareth Hanrahan · Phil RenneBook of the Sea
  ''978-1-904577-78-2Vincent Darlage · Ian SturrockThe Scrolls of Skelos
2003978-1-904577-79-9Ian SturrockThe Slayer's Guide to Elementals
  ''978-1-904577-80-5   ''The Finians: A Sourcebook for Slaine
2004978-1-904577-81-2R. NealeUltimate Character Concepts
  ''978-1-904577-83-6Andrew KenrickThe Slayer's Guide to Lizardfolk
  ''978-1-904577-84-3Alejandro MelchorOgl Steampunk
2004978-1-904577-85-0Shannon KalvarEncyclopaedia Psionica: Worldshapers
  ''978-1-904577-86-7Shannon KalvarThe Slayer's Guide to Ogres
  ''978-1-904577-87-4R. SmithThe Slayer's Guide to Scorpionfolk
  ''978-1-904577-88-1Bruce GrawThe Techno-Mages Fact Book (Babylon 5 (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-904577-89-8A. MelchorThe Quintessential Wizard II: Advanced Tactics
2004978-1-904577-90-4Gareth Hanrahan · G. HanrahanClassic Play: Book of the Planes
  ''978-1-904577-91-1Patrick YountsThe Quintessential Monk II: Advanced Tactics
978-1-904577-92-8A. BottThe Slayer's Guide To Tritons
978-1-904577-93-5R. NealeUltimate Prestige Classes Volume 3
2004978-1-904577-94-2Matthew PritchardJudge Dredd - the Awakening (Judge Dredd (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-904577-95-9Ian SturrockPirate Isles (Conan (Mongoose Publishing))
  ''978-1-904577-96-6Patrick Younts · P. YountsThe Quintessential Druid II: Advanced Tactics
978-1-904577-97-3A. TromanThe Slayer's Guide To Rakshasha
2004978-1-904577-98-0Alejandro Melchor · A. MelchorThe Book of Immortals
2005978-1-904577-99-7S KalvarBabylon 5 Galactic Guide (Babylon 5 RPG S.)