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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-86205-747-0Agent ProvocateurAgent Provocateur: V: An Erotic Novella
2006978-1-86205-749-4David & Elizabeth EmanuelA Dress for Diana
  ''978-1-86205-750-0Laurence MaslonThe Sound of Music Companion: From Stage to Screen and Back Again
2007978-1-86205-756-2Kym McConnell · Dave HorsleyExtreme Running
2015978-1-86205-758-6India Hicks · David Flint WoodISLAND LIFE REDUCED FORMAT: Inspirational Interiors
2007978-1-86205-759-3Pamela MountbattenIndia Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power
2006978-1-86205-760-9Mark CousinsSTORY OF FILM
  ''978-1-86205-761-6Pierre-Henri VerlhacGrace Kelly: A Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-86205-762-3George PerryThe LIFE OF PYTHON
2007978-1-86205-763-0Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera Companion: Reduced Format (Reduced Format Companion)
  ''978-1-86205-764-7Philip DelamoreThe Wedding Dress: A Visual Sourcebook of Over 200 of the Most Beautiful Gowns Ever Made
2007978-1-86205-765-4Jonny HaughtonCooking Without Fuss: Stress-free Recipes for the Home-cook
  ''978-1-86205-766-1Agent ProvocateurAgent Provocateur: The Four Dreams of Miss X (Agent Provocateur) (Book and DVD)
  ''978-1-86205-767-8   ''Agent Provocateur: The Four Dreams of Miss X (Agent Provocateur)
  ''978-1-86205-768-5Company MagaziIntimate Company: The Confessional Diaries Of A Girl In The Country
  ''978-1-86205-769-2   ''Erotic Company: The Intimate Diary of a Girl Abroad (Erotic Company) (Company Erotica)
2007978-1-86205-770-8Company MagaziIntimate Company: The Confessional Diaries Of A Girl in Town
  ''978-1-86205-772-2Harry CraddockThe Savoy Cocktail Book
  ''978-1-86205-773-9Tom PetherickSufficient: A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living
  ''978-1-86205-774-6Linda TubbyIces Italia
  ''978-1-86205-775-3Yann-Brice DherbierAudrey Hepburn: A Life in Pictures
2007978-1-86205-776-0Pierre-Henri VerlhacGrace Kelly: A Life in Pictures (Small format)
  ''978-1-86205-777-7Laurence MaslonThe Sound of Music Companion Collection: Book and CD (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-86205-778-4Raphael van HelsingThe Vampire Hunter's Handbook
  ''978-1-86205-779-1Verlac EditionsMarilyn Monroe: A Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-86205-780-7Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2008
2007978-1-86205-782-1Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Wine Atlas: Wines and Wine Regions of the World
  ''978-1-86205-783-8Michael BroadbentMICHAEL BROADBENT''S POCKET VINTAGE WINE COMPANION: Over Fifty Years of Tasting Over Three Centuries of Wine
2008978-1-86205-785-2Terry Durack1001 Foods: The Greatest Gastronomic Sensations on Earth
2007978-1-86205-786-9Oz ClarkeOz Clarke 250 Best Wines: Wine Buying Guide 2008
2008978-1-86205-787-6   ''Oz Clarke 101 Best White and Rosé Wines: Wine Buying Guide, 2008
2007978-1-86205-790-6Jo SwinnertonCook's Pocket Companion
  ''978-1-86205-791-3Georgina NewberryTRAVELLER'S POCKET COMPANION (Pocket Companion)
  ''978-1-86205-793-7Malcolm TaitWALKER'S POCKET COMPANION (Pocket Companion)
2008978-1-86205-794-4Jo SwinnertonLONDON POCKET COMPANION (Pocket Companion)
  ''978-1-86205-795-1Vicky BamforthGARDENER'S POCKET COMPANION
2008978-1-86205-796-8Miles KendallSAILING POCKET COMPANION
  ''978-1-86205-797-5Malcolm TaitBirdwatcher's Pocket Companion
  ''978-1-86205-798-2Sarah Gristwood · Jane EastoeFabulous Frocks
  ''978-1-86205-799-9Simon DaleyCooking with My Indian Mother-in-law: Mastering the Art of Authentic Indian Home Cooking
2009978-1-86205-803-3Stuart WaltonVodka Classified
2007978-1-86205-805-7Alan TitchmarshBritain's Best: The Nation's Favourite Historical Places
2008978-1-86205-810-1Kate ShiraziCupcake Magic
  ''978-1-86205-812-5Laurence Maslon · with Rodgers & HammersteinThe South Pacific Companion
2007978-1-86205-813-2Nicolas ChorierOver India: Kite's Eye Photographs of India
2008978-1-86205-814-9Edited: Y B DherbierSteve McQueen: A Life in Pictures
2008978-1-86205-815-6Pamela Mountbatten and India HicksINDIA REMEMBERED: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power
  ''978-1-86205-816-3Adelia Vin HelsingThe Dragon Hunter's Handbook
2009978-1-86205-818-7Oliver DewarExtreme Sail (reduced format) (Smaller Format Edition)
  ''978-1-86205-821-7Alex Langlands · Peter Ginn · Ruth GoodmanVictorian Farm
2008978-1-86205-822-4Jo SwinnertonHistory of Britain Pocket Companion
  ''978-1-86205-824-8Emma JonesLiterary Pocket Companion
  ''978-1-86205-825-5Malcolm TaitWildlife Pocket Companion
2008978-1-86205-826-2Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2009 (Pocket Companion)
  ''978-1-86205-827-9OZ CLARKEOZ CLARKE 250 BEST WINES: Wine Buying Guide
  ''978-1-86205-828-6YB EditionsAudrey Hepburn: A Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-86205-830-9Oz ClarkeOZ CLARKE BORDEAUX: The Wines, the Vineyards, the Winemakers
  ''978-1-86205-831-6Yann-Brice DherbierSophia Loren: A Life in Pictures
2008978-1-86205-832-3Yann-Brice DherbierElizabeth Taylor: A Life in Pictures
2009978-1-86205-833-0Mitch TonksFish: The Complete Fish and Seafood Companion
2008978-1-86205-834-7Ian HarrisonBritain From Above
  ''978-1-86205-835-4OZ CLARKE AND MARGARET RANDGRAPES AND WINES: A Comprehensive Guide to Varieties and Flavours
  ''978-1-86205-836-1Rahoul B. SinghGardens of Delight: Indian Gardens Through the Ages
2009978-1-86205-838-5VariousAgent Provocateur: 69: Soixante Neuf - a Dual-sided Collection of Erotic Literature
2008978-1-86205-839-2Benjamin MarcusExtreme Surf
2009978-1-86205-841-5Gaitri Pagrach-ChandraWarm Bread and Honey Cake
2011978-1-86205-842-2Noel KingsburyGarden Designers at Home
2010978-1-86205-843-9Robin NunnWilliam & Kate: Celebrating a Royal Engagement
2009978-1-86205-846-0Oz Clarke · James MayOz and James Drink to Britain
  ''978-1-86205-847-7Kate ShiraziCookie Magic: Biscuits and Cookies with Big Attitude (The Magic Baking Series)
  ''978-1-86205-848-4Susannah BlakeMuffin Magic: Irresistible Recipes for Individual Treats (The Magic Baking Series)
2009978-1-86205-849-1Celia Brooks BrownWorld Vegetarian Classics: Over 220 Authentic International Recipes for the Modern Kitchen
2010978-1-86205-850-7Jane McMorland HunterFor the Love of an Orchard
2009978-1-86205-851-4Tom PetherickSufficient: A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living
  ''978-1-86205-852-1Eric MusgraveSharp Suits
  ''978-1-86205-853-8Jack VettrianoLovers and Other Strangers
  ''978-1-86205-854-5Alvaro MaccioniAlvaro's Mamma Toscana: The Authentic Tuscan Cookbook
  ''978-1-86205-855-2Jack VettrianoWomen in Love
2009978-1-86205-856-9Jack VettrianoA Man's World
2006978-1-86205-857-6Mark CousinsThe Story of Film
2009978-1-86205-858-3Miranda KrestovnikoffBest British Beaches
2010978-1-86205-859-0Sarah Jane EvansChocolate Unwrapped: Taste & Enjoy the World's Finest Chocolate
2009978-1-86205-860-6Anna VenturiSecrets from an Italian Kitchen
2010978-1-86205-861-3Carol Wilson · Christopher TrotterThe Whole Hog
  ''978-1-86205-862-0Sarah GristwoodThe Breakfast at Tiffany's Companion
2009978-1-86205-863-7Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2010
  ''978-1-86205-864-4Laurence MaslonThe Some Like it Hot Companion
2013978-1-86205-865-1Oz ClarkeLet Me Tell You About Wine
2009978-1-86205-866-8   ''Oz Clarke 250 Best Wines 2010
  ''978-1-86205-867-5Mark HaywardThe Beatles: On Camera, Off Guard (Book & DVD)
  ''978-1-86205-868-2Mark HaywardThe Rolling Stones: On Camera, Off Guard (Book & DVD)
2009978-1-86205-871-2Ruth GoodmanVictorian Farm - the classic book with a 16 page Christmas Supplement
2010978-1-86205-878-1Jane Field-Lewis and Chris HaddonMy Cool Caravan
  ''978-1-86205-879-8Sam Bompas · Harry ParrJelly with Bompas & Parr
2009978-1-86205-880-4Candace Bal · Yann-Brice DherbierMichael Jackson: A Life in Pictures
2010978-1-86205-881-1Kate ShiraziChocolate Magic
  ''978-1-86205-883-5Mo CoppolettaTattooed by the Family Business
2011978-1-86205-884-2Sally ButcherVeggiestan: A Vegetable Lover's Tour of the Middle East (A Middle Eastern Cookbook)
2010978-1-86205-885-9Ruth Goodman · Alex Langlands · Peter GinnEdwardian Farm
  ''978-1-86205-886-6Kym McConnellExtreme Running (reduced format)
  ''978-1-86205-889-7Kate ShiraziBaking Magic (The Magic Baking Series)
2010978-1-86205-890-3Jane EastoeVictorian Pharmacy Remedies and Recipes
  ''978-1-86205-894-1James HamiltonArthur Rackham: A Life with Illustration
  ''978-1-86205-895-8Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Pocket Wine Book, 2011 2011: 7500 Wines, 4000 Producers, Vintage Charts, Wine and Food
2010978-1-86205-896-5Oz ClarkeOz Clarke 250 Best Wines 2011
  ''978-1-86205-898-9Tina BesterBake
  ''978-1-86205-899-6Brian FroudGood Faeries Bad Faeries
  ''978-1-86205-900-9Alex Langlands · Peter Ginn · Ruth GoodmanVictorian Farm (2nd edition)
2011978-1-86205-901-6Monica RivronCaravan Cookbook: An Inspirational Guide to Family Cooking
2010978-1-86205-902-3Belinda HayStyle Me Vintage
2011978-1-86205-904-7Linda Tubby · Jean CazalsIces Italia
  ''978-1-86205-905-4Jane Field-Lewis & Chris HaddonMy Cool Campervan
2011978-1-86205-906-1Sam Bompas & Harry ParrCocktails with Bompas and Parr
  ''978-1-86205-907-8Mark HaywardQueen, On Camera, Off Guard
  ''978-1-86205-908-5Evelyn RoseThe New Complete International Jewish Cookbook
  ''978-1-86205-910-8Sarah FraserItalian Kitchen Garden
  ''978-1-86205-912-2Jane CumberbatchPure Style: Recipes for Everyday
2011978-1-86205-913-9David WishartWhisky Classified
  ''978-1-86205-914-6Melissa ColeLet Me Tell You About Beer: A Beginner's Guide to All Things Brewed
  ''978-1-86205-917-7Kate ShiraziCake Magic
  ''978-1-86205-918-4Katie ReynoldsStyle Me Vintage: Make Up: Easy Step-by-step Techniques for Creating Classic Looks
  ''978-1-86205-919-1Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Pocket Wine Book: 7500 Wines, 4000 Producers, Vintage Charts, Wine and Food (Oz Clarke's Pocket Wine Book)
2011978-1-86205-920-7Oz ClarkeOz Clarke 250 Best Wines 2012: Wine Buying Guide
  ''978-1-86205-924-5Yann-Brice DherbierCary Grant a Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-86205-925-2   ''Frank Sinatra a Life in Pictures
  ''978-1-86205-926-9Sian MeadesDomestic Sluttery: Cheat Your Way to the Perfect Lifestyle
  ''978-1-86205-928-3Thane PrinceHam, Pickles and Jam: Traditional Skills for the Modern Kitchen Larder
2012978-1-86205-929-0Mitchell TonksFish Easy
2012978-1-86205-930-6Tom Parker BowlesLet's Eat: Recipes from My Kitchen Notebook
2011978-1-86205-931-3Aggie MacKenzieAggie's Family Cookbook: Save Time, Save Money
  ''978-1-86205-932-0Mike RobinsonCountrywise Country Cookbook
2012978-1-86205-933-7Jane Field-LewisMy Cool Shed: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Hideaways
2011978-1-86205-934-4Dennis EvanoskyLost San Francisco
  ''978-1-86205-935-1Marcia ReissLost New York
2012978-1-86205-936-8Naomi ThompsonStyle Me Vintage: Clothes: A Guide to Sourcing and Creating Retro Looks
  ''978-1-86205-939-9Chris HaddonMy Cool Classic Car: An Inspirational Guide to Classic Cars
2015978-1-86205-940-5Keeley HarrisStyle Me Vintage: Home: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Retro Interior Design
2011978-1-86205-942-9Mark CousinsThe Story of Film: A concise history of film and an odyssey of international cinema
2012978-1-86205-947-4Emma Goss-CustardHoneybuns Gluten-free Baking
  ''978-1-86205-948-1Jane EastoeElizabeth: Reigning in Style
2012978-1-86205-950-4Oz ClarkeOz Clarke Bordeaux: A New Look at the World's Most Famous Wine Region
  ''978-1-86205-953-5Gennaro ContaldoGennaro: Let's Cook Italian: Favourite Family Recipes
2013978-1-86205-956-6Ginny Knox · Caro WillsonThe Hedgerow Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for Wild Food (Wild at Heart)
  ''978-1-86205-958-0Anna Del ConteGastronomy of Italy
  ''978-1-86205-960-3Annabel BeeforthStyle Me Vintage: Weddings: An Inspirational Guide to Styling the Perfect Vintage Wedding
  ''978-1-86205-961-0Chris HaddonMy Cool Bike: An Inspirational Guide to Bikes and Bike Culture
2013978-1-86205-965-8Gavin Smith · Neil RidleyLet Me Tell You About Whisky: Taste, Try and Enjoy Whisky from Around the World
  ''978-1-86205-966-5Lia LeendertzMy Cool Allotment: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Allotments and Community Gardens
2012978-1-86205-968-9Oz ClarkeOz Clarke's Pocket Wine Book 2013
  ''978-1-86205-969-6   ''Oz Clarke My Top Wines for 2013
  ''978-1-86205-972-6Kate ShiraziChristmas Magic: Festive Favourites Made Easy
  ''978-1-86205-973-3Betty BlytheStyle Me Vintage: Tea Parties Recipes and tips for styling the perfect event: A Guide to Hosting Perfect Village Events
2012978-1-86205-974-0Michael HeatleyThe Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary edition: UK Trade Edition
  ''978-1-86205-976-4Naomi Thompson · Katie Reynolds · Belinda HayStyle Me Vintage Look Book Step-by-Step Retro Look Book
  ''978-1-86205-977-1Martin ParrRoyal Jubilee Postcards
2013978-1-86205-986-3Jenny ChandlerPulse: Truly Modern Recipes for Beans, Chickpeas and Lentils, to Tempt Meat Eaters and Vegetarians Alike
2012978-1-86205-987-0Jane EastoeThe Art of Taxidermy
  ''978-1-86205-993-1Paul K. WilliamsLost Washington (Lost Cities)
  ''978-1-86205-995-5Evan JosephNew York Then and Now: People and Places
2013978-1-86205-997-9James RamsdenDo-ahead Dinners: how to feed friends and family without the frenzy