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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85145-000-8Terry JonesNICOBOBINUS
1990978-1-85145-001-5Geoffrey Willans · Ronald SearleCOMPLETE MOLESWORTH
1986978-1-85145-006-0William R. Hartston · Tim RiceChess: The Making of a Musical
1987978-1-85145-012-1Geoffrey SmithStephane Grappelli: A Biography
1986978-1-85145-030-5Mark Lewisohn"Beatles" Live
  ''978-1-85145-042-8Paul Hogarth · Graham GreeneGraham Greene Country
  ''978-1-85145-050-3Mike WilksULTIMATE ALPHABET
  ''978-1-85145-058-9Brian Froud · Terry JonesGoblins of the Labyrinth
  ''978-1-85145-061-9Benny GreenThe Last Empires. A Music Hall Companion.
1994978-1-85145-066-4John Beecher · John J. GoldrosenREMEMBERING BUDDY
1986978-1-85145-069-5Michael PalinCyril and the Dinner Party
1986978-1-85145-075-6William R. HartstonThe Kings of Chess
  ''978-1-85145-077-0Michael WebbHollywood: Legends and Reality
  ''978-1-85145-078-7Michael PalinCyril and the House of Commons
1987978-1-85145-080-0Malcolm Bird · Alan DartThe Christmas Handbook
1986978-1-85145-085-5Russell Ash · Kevin W. MaddisonDear Cats: The Post Office Letters
1987978-1-85145-112-8Pelham WarnerLORD'S 1787 1945 (Cricket Library)
  ''978-1-85145-119-7David FrithArchie Jackson
  ''978-1-85145-123-4Gervase Jackson-Stops · James PipkinNT COUNTRY HOUSE GARDEN: A Grand Tour
1987978-1-85145-124-1Margaretta AcworthMargaretta Acworth's Georgian Cookery Book
1992978-1-85145-131-9John SpeedCOUNTIES OF BRITAIN: A Tudor Atlas
1987978-1-85145-133-3Geoffrey MoorhouseBEST LOVED GAME (Cricket Library)
  ''978-1-85145-136-4Max BoyceIn the Mad Pursuit of Applause
1988978-1-85145-154-8Kenneth GrahameMY DEAREST MOUSE: "Wind in the Willows" Letters
1987978-1-85145-172-2George PerryCOMPLETE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
1988978-1-85145-174-6Mike WilksThe Annotated Ultimate Alphabet
  ''978-1-85145-200-2Lawrence DurrellMEDITERRANEAN SHORE
  ''978-1-85145-211-8Michael De LarrabeitiProvencal Tales
  ''978-1-85145-223-1Alan RossRANJI: Prince of Cricketers (Cricket Library)
1988978-1-85145-225-5Donald BradmanFAREWELL TO CRICKET (Cricket Library)
1992978-1-85145-233-0Terry JonesCURSE OF THE VAMPIRES SOCKS: And Other Doggerel
1989978-1-85145-236-1Anthony LipmannDivinely Elegant: the World of Ernst Dryden
1990978-1-85145-252-1Anna PavordFOLIAGE NT GDE PLANTING & PLA (National Trust Gardening Guides)
1988978-1-85145-279-8Peter Cross1588 and All This...
  ''978-1-85145-281-1Michael PyeThe Pirelli Calender Album
  ''978-1-85145-282-8Chris BeetlesMABEL LUCIE ATWELL
  ''978-1-85145-286-6Michael Bond · Russell AshThe Life and Times of Paddington Bear
  ''978-1-85145-310-8Berry ScyldCricket Odyssey
1989978-1-85145-342-9Dilys PowellGOLDEN SCREEN: Dilys Powell - Fifty Years at the Films
1989978-1-85145-349-8Michael PyePIRELLI CALENDAR ALBUM
1990978-1-85145-358-0Russell AshHENRY & CAROLINE AT HOME
1989978-1-85145-362-7Jerome K JeromeThree Men in a Boat
  ''978-1-85145-366-5I. BrentCHRISTMAS STORY
1990978-1-85145-378-8Peter CrossThe Boy's Own Battle Of Britain :
  ''978-1-85145-383-2Gervase Jackson-StopsENGL COUNTRY HOUSE IN PERSPECT
1989978-1-85145-390-0Alan GibsonCRICKET CAPTAINS OF ENGLAND (Cricket Library)
  ''978-1-85145-395-5Alan GibsonCRICKET CAPTAINS OF ENGLAND (Cricket Library)
  ''978-1-85145-396-2Wallace ReyburnFlushed with Pride: The Story of Thomas Crapper
1989978-1-85145-422-8Russell Ash · Bernard HigtonALMA TADEMA (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
1990978-1-85145-430-3Jane PettigrewFESTIVE TABLE
1989978-1-85145-437-2Sheridan MorleyELIZABETH TAYLOR: A Celebration
  ''978-1-85145-454-9Rudyard KiplingJUST SO STORIES
  ''978-1-85145-489-1Benny GreenLet's Face the Music: The Golden Age of Popular Song
1992978-1-85145-507-2Russell AshVAN GOGH'S PROVENCE
  ''978-1-85145-512-6   ''IMPRESSIONIST'S RIVER
1991978-1-85145-517-1   ''TOULOUSE LAUTREC BK OF POSTER: The Complete Posters
1990978-1-85145-526-3Eric PartridgeDICTIONARY OF RAF SLANG
  ''978-1-85145-531-7James HamiltonARTHUR RACKHAM: A Life with Illustration
1990978-1-85145-542-3Antonio CarluccioPASSION FOR MUSHROOMS
1991978-1-85145-658-1A.A. ThomsonPAVILIONED IN SPLENDOUR (The Pavilion library)
  ''978-1-85145-700-7E. NesbitRAILWAY CHILDREN
  ''978-1-85145-704-5Michael ForemanWAR BOY: A Country Childhood
1992978-1-85145-741-0Russell AshTISSOT (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
1998978-1-85145-824-0Anton Edelmann · Jane SutheringCANAPES & FRIVOLITIES: Recipes from the Savoy, London
1992978-1-85145-957-5Terry JonesFANTASTIC STORIES
1994978-1-85145-962-9Robert Louis StevensonCLASSIC TREASURE ISLAND (Childrens Classics)
1992978-1-85145-970-4Ronald Searle · Geoffrey WillansBACK IN THE JUG AGANE