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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-85793-017-7Russell AshSir Edward Burne-Jones
  ''978-1-85793-023-8Mrs. BeetonA Victorian Alphabet of Everyday Recipes
  ''978-1-85793-059-7Anton EdelmannAnton Edelmann Creative Cuisine
  ''978-1-85793-069-6Michael ForemanWar Game
  ''978-1-85793-070-2Terry JonesThe Beast with a Thousand Teeth
1993978-1-85793-075-7Terry JonesA Fish of the World
1995978-1-85793-084-9Jeremy Guscott · Steve JonesAt the Centre
1994978-1-85793-085-6Terry JonesThe Sea Tiger
  ''978-1-85793-090-0   ''Fly-by-night
1993978-1-85793-103-7Michael MacroneBrush Up Your Shakespeare! (Brush Up Your Classics)
  ''978-1-85793-125-9Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
  ''978-1-85793-145-7Sean HughesSean's Book
1994978-1-85793-208-9George Perry"Sunset Boulevard": From Movie to Musical
  ''978-1-85793-221-8Mike Davidson · Diane Lowe100 Best Balti Curries: Authentic Dishes from the Baltihouses
1994978-1-85793-224-9Godfrey SmithThe English Season
1993978-1-85793-230-0Geraldene HoltA Cup of Tea: Treasures for Teatime
1995978-1-85793-234-8Elizabeth Nash · Richard FoxThe Pleasures of Love
  ''978-1-85793-239-3Anna Del ConteThe Classic Food of Northern Italy
  ''978-1-85793-268-3Fred Lawrence GuilesJoan Crawford: The Last Word
1994978-1-85793-271-3Christopher Headingtonj.s.bach in association with CLASSIC fM (Compact Companions)
1999978-1-85793-273-7Penelope HobhousePlants in Garden History: An Illustrated History of Plants and their Influences on Garden Style
1994978-1-85793-280-5John Russell TaylorAlec Guinness: A Celebration
1995978-1-85793-288-1Antoine de Saint-ExuperyThe Little Prince
  ''978-1-85793-318-5Robert S. WistrichWeekend in Munich: Art, Propaganda and Terror in the Third Reich
1994978-1-85793-320-8Jon RonsonClubbed Class
1995978-1-85793-323-9Stephen Shore · Lynne TillmanThe Velvet Years: Warhol's Factory, 1965-67
1994978-1-85793-336-9Terry JonesLady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
  ''978-1-85793-337-6Robert SantelliThe Big Book of the Blues: A Biographical Encyclopedia
1994978-1-85793-369-7Madhur JaffreyEntertaining with Madhur Jaffrey
  ''978-1-85793-387-1Penelope CasasTapas: The Little Dishes of Spain
  ''978-1-85793-397-0Madhur JaffreyMadhur Jaffrey's Indian Recipes (Pavilion Books for Real Cooks)
1995978-1-85793-412-0Russell AshDante Gabriel Rossetti (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
1994978-1-85793-413-7Jillette Penn · TellerThe Unpleasant Book of Penn & Teller or How to Play with Your Food
  ''978-1-85793-433-5Alistair McAlpineJournal of a Collector
  ''978-1-85793-443-4Roy StrongA Country Life
1994978-1-85793-465-6Sean HughesSean's Book
  ''978-1-85793-480-9Michael MacroneBrush Up Your Bible (Brush Up Your Classics)
  ''978-1-85793-489-2   ''By Jove!: Brush Up Your Mythology (Brush Up Your Classics)
1998978-1-85793-504-2Brian MathewBulbs: The Four Seasons - A Guide to Selecting and Growing Bulbs All Year Round
1996978-1-85793-529-5Antonio CarluccioAntonio Carluccio's Music and Menus from Italy: Great Italian Arias, Classic Italian Recipes
1995978-1-85793-553-0Michael ForemanAfter the War Was Over
1996978-1-85793-563-9Jenny De GexBible Flowers
1994978-1-85793-586-8Ray ColemanRod Stewart: The Biography
1995978-1-85793-600-1John CechBoy with a Camera: Story of Jacques-Henri Lartigue
  ''978-1-85793-604-9James HamiltonWilliam Heath Robinson
  ''978-1-85793-612-4John SpeedThe Counties of Britain: A Tudor Atlas
1995978-1-85793-620-9Russell AshSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
  ''978-1-85793-628-5   ''Impressionist's Seasons
  ''978-1-85793-634-6James HamiltonArthur Rackham: A Life with Illustration
  ''978-1-85793-640-7Madhur JaffreyMadhur Jaffrey's Indian Spice Kitchen
  ''978-1-85793-657-5Karren BradyBrady Plays the Blues
1997978-1-85793-658-2Sean FrenchJane Fonda: A Celebration
1995978-1-85793-659-9Denise SullivanTalk About the Passion: "R.E.M." - An Oral History
1996978-1-85793-681-0Candida Lycett GreenEngland: Travels Through An Unwrecked Landscape
1996978-1-85793-689-6Angela KirbyGardening In Small Spaces
1995978-1-85793-693-3Anne WillanGreat Cooks and Their Recipes: From Taillevent to Escoffier
  ''978-1-85793-699-5Sean HughesThe Grey Area
  ''978-1-85793-709-1Ray ColemanRod Stewart: The Biography
  ''978-1-85793-713-8Michael ForemanWar Game
  ''978-1-85793-732-9Russell AshLord Leighton (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
1995978-1-85793-742-8Jacqueline GoldGood Vibrations: True Story of "Ann Summers"
1996978-1-85793-752-7Edward Behr"Miserables, Les": History in the Making
1995978-1-85793-756-5Ulises WensellThey Followed a Bright Star
  ''978-1-85793-757-2Tim HealdA Classic Christmas Crime
1996978-1-85793-774-9Anita GaneriThe Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Musical reference guides)
1995978-1-85793-783-1Penny DavidWild Flowers
  ''978-1-85793-790-9Highland SeerReading Tea Leaves: A Highland Seer
1996978-1-85793-792-3Russell AshSir John Everett Millais (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
  ''978-1-85793-795-4Terry JonesThe Goblin Companion
1995978-1-85793-796-1David MillerFather of Football: Story of Sir Matt Busby
1996978-1-85793-840-1Kate MossKate
  ''978-1-85793-848-7Sheridan Morley · Ruth LeonGene Kelly: A Celebration
1996978-1-85793-862-3Tim Abbott"Oasis" Definitely
1998978-1-85793-865-4Deborah KellawayFavourite Flowers: Watercolours by Elizabeth Blackadder
1996978-1-85793-868-5Sean HughesThe Grey Area
1997978-1-85793-874-6Michael MorpurgoFarm Boy
  ''978-1-85793-879-1John YeomanPrince's Gifts
  ''978-1-85793-910-1Stephen Shore · Lynne TillmanThe Velvet Years: Warhol's Factory, 1965-67
1996978-1-85793-912-5Pamela RobertsonCharles Rennie Mackintosh: Art is the Flower
1997978-1-85793-919-4Simon Callow · Earl of Snowdon Antony Armstrong-JonesSnowdon on Stage: With a Personal View of the British Theatre, 1954-1996 by Simon Callow
1996978-1-85793-925-5Leonard GriffinTaking Tea with Clarice Cliff
  ''978-1-85793-946-0Alice L. Waters · etc. · Patricia Curtan · Martine LabroChez Panisse Pasta, Pizza and Calzone
1997978-1-85793-947-7Dylan JonesEasy: The Lexicon of Lounge
  ''978-1-85793-950-7Russell AshDante Gabriel Rossetti (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)
1997978-1-85793-952-1Michael ForemanAfter the War Was Over
1998978-1-85793-955-2Eric LaxPaul Newman: A Celebration
1996978-1-85793-977-4David NiceElgar (Classic FM Lifelines)
1997978-1-85793-996-5Terry JonesFairy Tales