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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-85391-017-3Andrew JeffordPort: An Essential Guide to the Classic Drink
1993978-1-85391-063-0Jane AlfordRoses in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-069-2Jane AlfordSamplers in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
1998978-1-85391-074-6Nicholas LodgeSugar Flowers from Around the World: An Inspirational Source Book for Sugarcraft Artists
2001978-1-85391-080-7Len CraneWorkshop Projects: Building Workbenches and Tool Cupboards (Mini Workbook S.)
1992978-1-85391-086-9Australian Finches Mobbs
1993978-1-85391-087-6Joanna JonesDecorative Dough
2001978-1-85391-125-5zzzzzMurdoch Book UK Catalogue 2001
1990978-1-85391-126-2Edwin GouldEncyclopaedia of Animals: Mammals
  ''978-1-85391-137-8Philip SchulzAmerica: The Beautiful Cook Book
1993978-1-85391-140-8Kate VenterThe Kate Venter Sugar Art Collection
1992978-1-85391-145-3Gail HarkerFairytale Quilts and Embroidery
1990978-1-85391-153-8Anne Hamilton · Kathleen WhiteMaking Silk Flowers
1991978-1-85391-157-6Dorothy OslerQuilting (Embroidery skills)
978-1-85391-158-3Pat EarnshawNeedlelace (Embroidery Skills)
1991978-1-85391-161-3Pete BinghamPicture Framing
1992978-1-85391-166-8Dorothea HallCross Stitch for Special Occasions (The cross stitch collection)
1997978-1-85391-168-2Lesley HerbertProfessional Touches
1991978-1-85391-172-9Primrose SullyStunning Stitches
2001978-1-85391-174-3John Newton · C. J. JacksonFood: The Definitive Guide
1991978-1-85391-186-6Joseph L ForshawEncyclopedia of Animals: Birds
1997978-1-85391-190-3Lindsay John BradshawCreative Piping: Intermediate Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
1991978-1-85391-194-1Anne SmithSugar Paste Christmas Cakes
1997978-1-85391-196-5Lesley Herbert · Jean HodgkinsonPainting on Sugar: Advanced Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
  ''978-1-85391-201-6Shirley WattsWild Flowers in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-203-0Barbara HirstRaised Embroidery: A Practical Guide to Decorative Stumpwork
1997978-1-85391-216-0Mary TiptonRunouts (Sugarcraft Skills)
  ''978-1-85391-221-4Lesley HerbertBas Relief & Applique (Sugarcraft Skills)
1991978-1-85391-222-1Joseph GribbinsWooden Boats
1998978-1-85391-251-1Lesley HerbertUltimate Book of Wedding Cakes
1997978-1-85391-254-2   ''Sugar Flower/Arrangements Sugar Craft Sk (Sugarcraft Skills)
  ''978-1-85391-257-3Nadene HurstCake Top Decorations: Advanced Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
978-1-85391-259-7International School of Floristry: bk 2
1994978-1-85391-268-9Rosemary Batho · Rosemary KayBeginner's Guide to Floristry
1997978-1-85391-277-1Cynthia VennFloral Designs (Creative Merehurst Cakes)
1994978-1-85391-322-8Franz BechererSuccess With Cacti
  ''978-1-85391-324-2Greg Robinson · Max Schofield · Max ScholfieldWild and Witty Cakes
1997978-1-85391-325-9Jill GordonTapestry Book
1994978-1-85391-335-8Sue WhitingTake Up Dressmaking
1997978-1-85391-350-1Stephen Benison · Author Stephen BensonCreative Sugarpaste: Basic Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
  ''978-1-85391-355-6Elaine MacGregorModelling: Advanced Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
1997978-1-85391-356-3Lesley HerbertLesley Herbert's Complete Book of Sugar Flowers
  ''978-1-85391-360-0Mary Tipton · John WaterhouseRoyal Icing Sugar Craft Skills: Internat
1994978-1-85391-365-5Barbara WinifieldThe Complete Book of Home Details
1997978-1-85391-367-9Tombi PeckDecorative Touches
1999978-1-85391-372-3Julie HaslerChristmas in Cross Stitch
1994978-1-85391-379-2Jane AlfordFlowers in Cross Stitch
1997978-1-85391-387-7Julie HaslerCuddly Cats and Kittens in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-397-6Gail BussiCottages in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-401-0Claire WebbCountry Fruits & Flowers: Advanced Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
1995978-1-85391-408-9Kate Venter · Eunice BorchersSugar Modelling (Sugar Inspirations)
1997978-1-85391-413-3Alan DunnWild Flowers (Sugar Inspiration)
  ''978-1-85391-418-8Linda PawseyChristmas Figures (Sugar Inspiration)
1994978-1-85391-425-6Leonie DraperPractical Woodcraft: Complete Step by Step Patterns and Instructions for Over 20 Projects
1995978-1-85391-427-0Shirley WattsShirley Watts' Flowers in Cross Stitch (The cross stitch collection)
1998978-1-85391-433-1Lesley YoungOrchids (Success with S.)
1997978-1-85391-447-8Linda PawseyFolds & Frills Sugar Inspiration Series
1997978-1-85391-448-5Angela BeazleyFavourite Farm Animals in Cross Stitch
1996978-1-85391-451-5Christina MarshThe Countryside In Cross Stitch :
1997978-1-85391-452-2Cynthia VennWedding Flowers (Sugar Inspiration)
  ''978-1-85391-453-9Lynne PorterDogs & Puppies in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-457-7Mary TiptonAnniversary Cakes Sugar Inspiration Seri
  ''978-1-85391-458-4Christina MarshBirds & Butterflies in Cross Stitch
1995978-1-85391-462-1Ann PickardThe Idiot's Guide to Children's Party Cakes
1994978-1-85391-467-6Lindsay John BradshawThe Novelty Cake Book
1996978-1-85391-481-2Debbie BrownCreative Cakes for Men
1995978-1-85391-484-3Joanna FarrowCreative Christmas Cakes (Creative Cakes)
1997978-1-85391-494-2Mark RichardsCake Top Ornaments (Sugar Inspiration)
  ''978-1-85391-495-9Sarah GleaveCreative Stenciling: Intermediate Techniques (Sugarcraft Skills)
1998978-1-85391-511-6Shirley WattsThe Riverside in Cross Stitch
1998978-1-85391-517-8Rosemary Batho · Stephen Roberts · Bernice WaughThe Advanced Guide to Floristry (Success With Gardening)
1997978-1-85391-521-5Christina MarshFairy Tales in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-526-0Angela BeazleyWoodlands in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85391-529-1   ''Next Steps in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-548-2Alison MorrisonNew Pressed Flower Designs (The New Flower Design Series)
2002978-1-85391-552-9Sophie Baimbridge · Dell Stanford · Sophie Braimbridge · Jenny Copeland · Deirdre RooneyPregnancy Food
1997978-1-85391-567-3Tony WarrenGarden Flowers in Sugar Sugar Craft Skil (Sugarcraft Skills)
1998978-1-85391-569-7SUGAR INSPIRATIONSCELEBRATION RUNOUTS (Sugar Inspiration)
1997978-1-85391-574-1Adrian Westrope · Pat TrunkfieldSugar Embroidery (Sugar Inspiration)
  ''978-1-85391-575-8Rosemary BathoBeginners Guide to Flower Arranging
1997978-1-85391-578-9Barbara Hirst · Roy HirstNew Designs in Raised Embroidery
  ''978-1-85391-579-6Adrian Westrope · Dan TaborChocolate Paste Cakes Sugar Inspiration
  ''978-1-85391-582-6ImotiSalt Dough Projects (The Decorative Arts Series)
1995978-1-85391-596-3Pete BinghamThe Picture Framing Course (The Decorative Arts Series)
1996978-1-85391-597-0Anne SmithThe Ultimate Book of Christmas Cakes (The Creative Cakes Series)
  ''978-1-85391-598-7Lesley YoungHanging Baskets and Trailing Plants (Success with)
1998978-1-85391-604-5Alan DunnFloral Wedding Cakes & Sprays
2002978-1-85391-622-9Sophie Braimbridge · Jenny CopelandPregnancy Food (Eat Your Way to a Healthy Body)
1996978-1-85391-625-0Shirley WattsShirley Watts' Flowers in Cross Stitch (The cross stitch collection)
1997978-1-85391-631-1Linda PawseyNew Wedding Cake Designs
1998978-1-85391-632-8Friedrich-W. Frenz · Thomas JakschVegetables for Pots (Success with S.)
1997978-1-85391-636-6Jill GordonTapestry Collection
1998978-1-85391-644-1Dieter MyliusTiling (Mini Workbook)
1997978-1-85391-645-8Christina MarshFlower Designs in Cross Stitch
1999978-1-85391-648-9Salli BrandLiving Room Makeovers
1997978-1-85391-650-2Claire WebbWedding Flower Sprays Sugar Inspiration
  ''978-1-85391-655-7Chris Jeffcoate · Jackie KuflikRoses in Sugar Sugar Inspiration Series
1997978-1-85391-656-4Debbie BrownFavourite Character Cakes
  ''978-1-85391-660-1Nadene HirstSugar Quilting (Sugar Inspirations)
1998978-1-85391-669-4Sigrid Hansen-CataniaSuccess with Citrus Fruit
1997978-1-85391-673-1Jane Alford · Angela Beazley · Julie Hasler · Christina Marsh · Lynne Porter · Shirley WattsThe Ultimate Book of Cross Stitch
1998978-1-85391-681-6Angela DavidsonSamplers & Motifs in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-690-8ALAN DUNNSugar Flowers for All Seasons
  ''978-1-85391-691-5Denise Westcott TaylorFlowers and Leaves Stencils (Stencil Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-702-8Lesley HerbertThe Ultimate Book of Wedding Cakes
1999978-1-85391-706-6Vegetables (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1998978-1-85391-707-3Anne WhiteCreative Cutter Designs (Sugar Inspiration)
1998978-1-85391-711-0Winter (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-715-8Biscuits (Children's Poolbeg)
  ''978-1-85391-720-2cordon-bleu-inc-staffBreakfasts (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-721-9Angela BeazleyTraditional Cottages in Cross Stitch
1999978-1-85391-724-0Jochen PfistererBonsai (Success with S.)
1998978-1-85391-725-7Le Cordon BleuCakes (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-726-4Denise Westcott TaylorSeashore Designs Stencils (Stencil Collection)
1999978-1-85391-727-1Debbie BrownLovable Character Cakes
1999978-1-85391-730-1unknownCasseroles and One Pots (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-734-9Andreas RiedmillerGeraniums and Pelargoniums (Success with)
1998978-1-85391-735-6Chicken (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1999978-1-85391-737-0Julie Collins-RousseauArt Nouveau Stencils (Stencil Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-738-7Deena BeverleyTiling and Mosaics in a Weekend
1998978-1-85391-740-0Chocolate (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-745-5Desserts (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-748-6Nicholas Lodge · Janice MurfittInternational School of Sugarcraft: Book One Beginners: Beginners Bk.1
1998978-1-85391-750-9Kay (Edited By.) HalseyFinger Food (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-751-6Greg CheethamCoffee Tables (Mini Workbook)
  ''978-1-85391-753-0Nicholas LodgeInternational School of Sugarcraft Book 2: Advanced Bk.2
1999978-1-85391-755-4Italian (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
2000978-1-85391-757-8Dorothy GatesThe Essential Guide to Upholstery
1998978-1-85391-760-8Pasta (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1999978-1-85391-762-2Thea GouveneurThea Gouverneur Bindup
  ''978-1-85391-764-6Sue CookVictorian Fans and Posies in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-765-3Murdoch Books StaffPotatoes (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1998978-1-85391-766-0John BowlerBasic Woodwork (Mini Workbook)
1999978-1-85391-768-4AuthorBasic Brickwork: Techniques and Projects (Mini Workbook)
1999978-1-85391-769-1Denise RobertsFlower Wreaths and Garlands in Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection)
1998978-1-85391-770-7Le Cordon BleuQuiches and Pastries
  ''978-1-85391-775-2Kay (editor) HalseyRegional French Cooking (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-776-9Jacqueline VenningCurtains and Blinds in a Weekend
1999978-1-85391-780-6Sauces (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-784-4Kim SinclairChristmas (Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1998978-1-85391-785-1Kay HalseySoups (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
2001978-1-85391-787-5Rosemary Batho · Rosemary KayThe Beginner's Guide to Floristry
1999978-1-85391-789-9Puddings (Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
  ''978-1-85391-792-9Karen DouthwaiteFeng Shui for Your Garden (Success with)
1999978-1-85391-793-6Ron PultarUpholstery Basics and Repairs (Mini Workbook)
2000978-1-85391-794-3Murdoch Books StaffSeafood (Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
1998978-1-85391-795-0Summer (Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
2000978-1-85391-802-5Alan DunnExotic Sugar Flowers for Cakes
1999978-1-85391-803-2Dell StanfordFat, Fibre and Carbohydrate Counter (Health Education Authority)
2000978-1-85391-807-0Nadene Hurst · Julie SpringallContemporary Wedding Cakes
  ''978-1-85391-814-8Katrina HallMoroccan Style (The Mosaic Project Book)
2002978-1-85391-815-5Merehurst EditorsBeginner'S Guide to Cake Decorating
2001978-1-85391-820-9Murdoch BooksMaking Beautiful Christmas Cakes (Cookery)
2002978-1-85391-830-8Lindy SmithQuick and Clever Party Cakes (Sugarcraft and Cakes for All Occasions)
2000978-1-85391-833-9Nadene Hurst · Julie SpringallClassic and Contemporary Christmas Cakes
  ''978-1-85391-837-7Salli BrandBathroom Makeovers
  ''978-1-85391-849-0Debbie BrownEnchanted Cakes for Children (Merehurst Cake Decorating)
1999978-1-85391-855-1   ''50 Easy Party Cakes
  ''978-1-85391-857-5Donna HayFood Fast
2001978-1-85391-859-9Kerry VincentRomantic Wedding and Celebration Cakes (Merehurst Cake Decorating)
2000978-1-85391-862-9Graham (ed) StrongOrchids and Bromeliads (Gardener's Guide S.)
2001978-1-85391-864-3Julian Cassell · Peter ParhamRepair and Renovate: Doors and Windows (Renovation & repair)
2000978-1-85391-872-8John BowlerBasic Carpentry Projects (Mini Workbook S.)
2001978-1-85391-878-0Maggie PhiloMediterranean Style (Stencil Collection S.)
2001978-1-85391-879-7John SlatteryChocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations
  ''978-1-85391-880-3Frank GardnerPaving (Mini Workbook S.)
2000978-1-85391-881-0Salli Brand · Julie Collins · Katrina Hall · Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen · Joanna Jones · Maggie PhiloUltimate Book of Paint Effects
2001978-1-85391-883-4Katrina HallPersian Design (Stencil Collection S.)
  ''978-1-85391-890-2Greg CheethamBirdhouses and Feeders (Mini Workbook S.)
2000978-1-85391-891-9Steve BradleyWinter Gardening
  ''978-1-85391-892-6Greg CheethamWine Racks (Mini Workbook S.)
2001978-1-85391-893-3Building Barbecues (DIY Mini Workbook S.)
1998978-1-85391-894-0LESLEY HERBERTPROFESSIONAL TOUCHES: The Art of Advanced Cake Decorating
2000978-1-85391-897-1Patrick Pedavoli · Greg CheethamBuilding Bookcases (Mini Workbook Series)
2001978-1-85391-908-4Tombi Peck · Tony Warren · Alan DunnSugar Roses for Cakes
2000978-1-85391-918-3Donna HayFlavours ("Marie Claire" Style S.)
2001978-1-85391-919-0Susie TheodorouCoffee and Bites
  ''978-1-85391-924-4Debbie BrownCartoon Cakes (Warner Brothers)
2002978-1-85391-934-3Alison ProcterSimplifying Sugar Flowers (Merehurst Cake Decorating)
2000978-1-85391-935-0Lesley YoungPlants for Your Garden Pond (Success with) (Success with S.)
2001978-1-85391-938-1K. Hall · Denise Westcott TaylorThe Complete Book of Home Stencilling
2000978-1-85391-940-4Lesley YoungSuccess with Container Gardening for Large Plants (Success with S.)
2002978-1-85391-944-2Linda PawseyChristening Cakes (Sugarcraft and Cakes for All Occasions)
2001978-1-85391-948-0Julian Cassell · Peter ParhamKitchens (Repair & Renovate S.)
2001978-1-85391-953-4Julian Cassell · Peter ParhamBathrooms (Repair & Renovate S.)
  ''978-1-85391-954-1Merehurst LtdThe Essential Guide to Cake Decorating (Cookery)
  ''978-1-85391-958-9Thea GouverneurFlower Portraits in Cross Stitch
2002978-1-85391-969-5Mark CorkeRepair and Renovate: Floors and Stairs (Repair & renovate)
  ''978-1-85391-973-2Chris Maton · Mark EdwardsWater Features (Garden DIY S.)
  ''978-1-85391-974-9Mike LawrenceRepair and Renovate: Masonry and Plastering (Repair & renovate)
2000978-1-85391-975-6Donna ReevesRoman Style (The Mosaic Project Book)
2001978-1-85391-979-4N. Martyn John50 Easy Home Projects (Interior Design)
2000978-1-85391-980-0AuthorPatisserie (Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection)
2001978-1-85391-984-8Beazley AlfordUltimate Floral Cross Stitch
2001978-1-85391-985-5"Le Cordon Bleu" Home Collection: Salads
2002978-1-85391-988-6Essential Guide to Embroidery
  ''978-1-85391-989-3Catie Ziller · Robert OertonComplete Garden Flowers Borders Ed