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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-86411-054-1America's Cup Defence
978-0-86411-091-6AUSTRALIAN Family CircleBrunches, Lunches and Dinners
1998978-0-86411-181-4A. R. · Soutter, V. L. · Loblay, R. H. (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy unit) SwainFamily Circle Cookery Collection - Friendly Food
1997978-0-86411-196-8Mary Pat FergusKids' Cook Book: Fun Step-by-Step Recipes
1992978-0-86411-259-0Barbara HillTom's Hammer
1997978-0-86411-323-8"Family Circle"Step-by-step: Kid's Cookbook ("Family Circle" Step-by-step Cookery Collection) (No. 2)
1993978-0-86411-328-3Family CircleFamily Circle New Step By Step Dinner Pa ("Family Circle" Step-by-step)
1994978-0-86411-358-0"Family Circle"Chicken Recipes (Hawthorn Midi Series)
  ''978-0-86411-367-2Family CircleFamily Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes
1997978-0-86411-408-2"Family Circle"Crazy for Chocolate ("Family Circle" Step-by-step)
  ''978-0-86411-464-8   ''Soups and Stews (Step-by-step) ("Family Circle" Step-by-step)
  ''978-0-86411-466-2Donna HayMarie Claire Cooking
2003978-0-86411-468-6Karen Hammial · Michele LichtenbergerThai Cooking (Step-by-Step)
1996978-0-86411-482-2Better Homes and Gardens: 501 Quilt Blocks
1998978-0-86411-517-1BAY COOKERY SERIESNEW PASTA COOKBOOK (Bay Books Cookery Collection)
1996978-0-86411-523-2Lou KlepacThe life and work of Russell Drysdale
1997978-0-86411-593-5Staff of Murdoch BooksCurry and Chilli Cookbook (Step-by-step)
1998978-0-86411-598-0"Family Circle"Quiches, Pies and Tarts ("Family Circle" Step-by-step)
  ''978-0-86411-702-1Family Circle MagazineStep-by-step: Gourmet Stews and Mash (Step-by-step) ("Family Circle" Step-by-step)
1998978-0-86411-703-8Pip ViceSoups and Breads (Family Circle Step-by-Step)
1999978-0-86411-707-6'family Circle'The New Stir-fry Cookbook (Step-by-Step)
1998978-0-86411-763-2Donna HayThe New Cook
  ''978-0-86411-806-6   ''Entertaining
1999978-0-86411-817-2Julie RadfordWhat a Muddle!
2003978-0-86411-888-2Wendy StephenThe Essential Seafood Cookbook - Limp
  ''978-0-86411-889-9Wendy (series editor) StephenThe Essential Seafood Cookbook
1999978-0-86411-910-0Donna HayMarie Claire Food Fast
2003978-0-86411-947-6Sophie Braimbridge · Jo Glynn · Kay Halsey · Lulu GrimesA Little Taste of Italy
2001978-0-86411-987-2Murdoch BooksFamily Circle: Step-by-step Quick Short Pasta Recipes (Step-by-step Series)
2000978-0-86411-991-9Bill GrangerSydney Food
2004978-0-86411-992-6Donna HayMarie Claire Flavours (Marie Claire Series)