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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-74336-004-0Quick & Clever Party Cakes
978-1-74336-057-6Marie Claire Summer
2001978-1-74336-059-0Lee HolmesEat Yourself Beautiful: Supercharged Food
2012978-1-74336-063-7Martin BennSepia
2001978-1-74336-064-4Peter GilmoreOrganum
978-1-74336-078-1I'd Eat That
2015978-1-74336-093-4Loani PriorPretty Funny Tea Cosies: & Other Beautiful Knitted Things
2014978-1-74336-096-5Tessa KirosTessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection
978-1-74336-097-2Pretty Funny Tea Cosies: & Other Beautiful Knitted Things
2001978-1-74336-106-1Howard HughesThe Painted Cake: Transform Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes into Edible Work of Art
978-1-74336-165-8Frozen Yoghurt
2014978-1-74336-175-7Sophie RugglesMy Barcelona Kitchen: Eating, Living and Dreaming in Spain
  ''978-1-74336-179-5Len ZellThe Great Barrier Reef: A Journey Through the World's Greatest Natural Wonder
2013978-1-74336-185-6Neil PerryEasy Weekends
2014978-1-74336-186-3BOOKS Argentinian Street Food, 1 EA
  ''978-1-74336-187-0Ozich EleanorMy Petite Kitchen Cookbook
  ''978-1-74336-188-7Victoria AlexanderColour: A Journey
2012978-1-74336-192-4Marianne Magnier MorenoSecrets of Eclairs
  ''978-1-74336-194-8Debbie BrownEnchanting Magical Cakes
2012978-1-74336-197-9Paris CutlerPlanet Cake Kids
  ''978-1-74336-241-9Murdoch BooksInternational Garden Photographer of the Year
2001978-1-74336-316-4Frederique JulesGood Without Gluten
2014978-1-74336-317-1Stephane ReynaudStephane Reynaud's Gourmet Hot Dog: How to Dress Your Dog with Style
978-1-74336-463-5The Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing
2017978-1-74336-482-6Karen McCartneyPerfect Imperfect: The Beauty Of Accident Age And Patina
2013978-1-74336-495-6Pete EvansCook with Love
978-1-74336-508-3Backyard Bees
2017978-1-74336-521-2Tamara MaynesThe Maker: Beyond Decorating: Crafting A Unique Space
2001978-1-74336-523-6Lee HolmesSupercharged Food: Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian: 100 Vegetable Recipes to Heal and Nourish
2016978-1-74336-541-0Anna BarnettEat the Week: Every Meal Every Day
2015978-1-74336-578-6Dominique AnselDominique Ansel: Secret Recipes from the World Famous New York Bakery
2018978-1-74336-757-5Doug PurdieThe Bee Friendly Garden: Easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow
  ''978-1-74336-890-9Berit NordstrandScandinavian Belly Fat Program: 12 weeks to get healthy, boost your energy and lose weight
2019978-1-74336-938-8Belinda Kirkpatrick · Ainsley JohnstoneHealthy Hormones: A practical guide to balancing your hormones
2015978-1-74336-960-9Lee HolmesEat Yourself Beautiful: Supercharged Food
978-1-74336-969-2Stephane ReynaudStephane Reynaud's Book of Tripe: And Gizzards, Kidneys, Feet, Brains and All the Rest
2013978-1-74336-971-5David JapyHamburger Gourmet
  ''978-1-74336-973-9Stephane ReynaudPies and Tarts