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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-74196-015-0Josette Milgram"Marie Claire" Makeup
  ''978-1-74196-023-5Tessa KirosApples for Jam
2008978-1-74196-024-2Silvana FrancoThe Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-034-1unknownFood of Morocco
  ''978-1-74196-035-8vicky-harrisThe Food of Spain (A Journey for Food Lovers) (Murdoch Books UK Limited)
  ''978-1-74196-038-9lawson-janeSpice Market: Essential Information on Spices, Spice Mixes and Spice Pastes plus more than 250 recipes
2009978-1-74196-041-9Chris MikulThe Cult Files
2008978-1-74196-042-6Joseph CumminsGreat Rivals in History
2008978-1-74196-043-3stradling-janBad Girls
2007978-1-74196-052-5UnknownBeginner's Guide to Cake Decorating (Murdoch Books)
2008978-1-74196-066-2Jackie HartnellStill No Fixed Address
  ''978-1-74196-069-3murdoch-booksBitesize Cakes and Slices
  ''978-1-74196-071-6murdoch-booksBitesize Pasta
  ''978-1-74196-076-1vera-barryFeast Bazaar: India, Morocco, Syria
  ''978-1-74196-079-2India FlintEco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles
2008978-1-74196-082-2Janelle McCullochLa Vie Parisienne
978-1-74196-089-1The Piazzas of Florence: Mapping a Renaissance Spirit
2008978-1-74196-095-2Kathy Doughty · Sarah FielkeMaterial Obsession: Contemporary Quilt Designs
  ''978-1-74196-096-9Leanne KitchenButcher
  ''978-1-74196-100-3unknownBitesize Desserts
  ''978-1-74196-102-7   ''Bitesize Soups: '
2008978-1-74196-108-9Michele CranstonMarie Claire Kitchen
2007978-1-74196-112-6brown-debbie50 Easy Party Cakes
2008978-1-74196-116-4unknownBitesize Salads
  ''978-1-74196-117-1Murdoch BooksCookies
  ''978-1-74196-118-8unknownIndulgence Petits Fours: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats by Murdoch Books Test Kitchen (2008) Hardcover
  ''978-1-74196-119-5Murdoch BooksIndulgence Slices: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats
2008978-1-74196-139-3Ed WrightThe Lost Explorers - Adventurers Who Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth
2009978-1-74196-142-3macinnis-peter100 Discoveries: The Greatest Breakthroughs in History
2001978-1-74196-188-1Bernice Waugh Rosemary Batho Judi KayBeginner's Guide to Floristry
2008978-1-74196-200-0Leanne KitchenThe Greengrocer
  ''978-1-74196-201-7kitchen-leanneThe Dairy
  ''978-1-74196-202-4Jane LawsonSense of Style - Colour and Space
  ''978-1-74196-203-1John LanzafamePizza Modo Mio
  ''978-1-74196-207-9Larry WriterThe Australian Book of True Crime
2008978-1-74196-209-3Don TateThe War Within
978-1-74196-220-8Cocina Nueva: The New Spanish Kitchen
2008978-1-74196-226-0Jane PriceSlow Cookers: The Slow Cooker Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics)
  ''978-1-74196-230-7Alanna MitchellSeasick: The Hidden Ecological Crisis of the Global Ocean
2009978-1-74196-231-4Robert, Edited by Peter Thomson HolmanOn Paths of ASH
2008978-1-74196-233-8Michele CranstonMarie Claire Fresh + Fast: Simply Delicious Healthy Food
  ''978-1-74196-234-5Stephane ReynaudRipailles: Traditional French Cuisine by Reynaud, Stephane (2008) Hardcover
2008978-1-74196-241-3Tessa KirosVenezia
  ''978-1-74196-247-5aitken-helenReally Useful Ultimate Vegetarian Student Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-263-5Debbie BrownEnchanting Magical Cakes
978-1-74196-264-2Essential Guide to Upholstery
2008978-1-74196-280-2Katherine SorrellThe Essential Guide to Craft
2018978-1-74196-304-5MICHELE CRANSTONMarie Claire Seasonal Kitchen
2009978-1-74196-307-6Jane PriceChocolate: The Party Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics)
978-1-74196-310-6Once a Runner
2008978-1-74196-315-1Kathryn Lamberton - Margaret Hanks - Rex FinchThe Australian Gardening Encyclopedia
2006978-1-74196-317-5thomas-dicksonDansk Design
2009978-1-74196-318-2Paris CutlerPlanet Cake
2009978-1-74196-328-1Vegetarian Cooking: a Commonsense Guide
978-1-74196-334-2The Elvis Encyclopedia
2008978-1-74196-351-9Allison Winn ScotchTime of My Life
2009978-1-74196-353-3Bitesize Fish
  ''978-1-74196-354-0Bitesize Meat
  ''978-1-74196-355-7Bill GrangerEvery Day
  ''978-1-74196-357-1UnknownMarie Claire Drinks & Nibbles
  ''978-1-74196-361-8Charlie Todd - Alex ScordelisCausing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places
2009978-1-74196-364-9Peter KURUVITASerendip: my Sri Lankan kitchen
  ''978-1-74196-366-3JOSE MARECHALVerrines
  ''978-1-74196-374-8forest-jenniferJane Austen's Sewing Box: Craft Projects and Stories from Jane Austen's Novels
  ''978-1-74196-377-9Bitesize Chicken
  ''978-1-74196-380-9Greg Duncan PowellBreakfast: Food Worth Getting Out of Bed for by Powell, Greg Duncan (2009) Hardcover
2009978-1-74196-382-3Cormac O'BrienThe Fall of Empires
  ''978-1-74196-384-7Peter StanleyCommando to Colditz
  ''978-1-74196-386-1Agnes Delage-CalvetMade in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue
  ''978-1-74196-388-5Janet Fife-yeomansHeath: A Family's Tale
  ''978-1-74196-410-3Kathy DoughtyMaterial Obsession Two Shared Inspiration
2009978-1-74196-411-0Murdoch BooksBOOKS Veggie Food, 1 EA
  ''978-1-74196-413-4murdoch-books-testHome Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-414-1Murdoch BooksBowl Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-415-8Sweet Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-416-5Murdoch BooksBOOKS Fast Food, 1 EA
2009978-1-74196-420-2Juliet (Editor) RogersThe Food of the Mediterranean: A Journey for Food Lovers
978-1-74196-430-1Coffee and Bites
2009978-1-74196-431-8Tessa KirosFalling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes
  ''978-1-74196-433-2Paul AllamBourke Street Bakery: The Ultimate Baking Companion
2010978-1-74196-437-0Murdoch BooksWorld Kitchen France
  ''978-1-74196-438-7World Kitchen India
  ''978-1-74196-439-4See TitleWorld Kitchen Morocco
  ''978-1-74196-440-0By AuthorWorld Kitchen Spain
2009978-1-74196-465-3nguyen-lukeThe Songs of Sapa: Stories and Recipes from Vietnam
2009978-1-74196-469-1camorra-frank-cornish-richardMovida Rustica: Spanish Traditions and Recipes
2010978-1-74196-473-8Lulu Murdoch Books Test Kitchen · GrimesWorld Kitchen Italy
2012978-1-74196-474-5Michele CranstonMarie Claire Real + Simple: Real Food Simply Prepared
2010978-1-74196-487-5Peter GilmoreQuay: Food Inspired By Nature
  ''978-1-74196-494-3Dany ChouetSo French
2009978-1-74196-495-0doust-kellyCrafty Minx: Creative Recycling and Handmade Treasures
  ''978-1-74196-502-5Bill GrangerHoliday
2010978-1-74196-508-7sampogna-lucianaLight of Lucia: A Celebration of Italian Life, Love and Food by Sampogna, Luciana (2010) Hardcover
978-1-74196-514-8Indulgence Coffee: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats
2010978-1-74196-515-5UnknownIndulgence Chocolate: A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats
978-1-74196-519-3A Castle in Tuscany
2010978-1-74196-523-0Lulu GrimesWorld Kitchen Thailand
978-1-74196-528-5Cool Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
978-1-74196-529-2Fish Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
978-1-74196-530-8Small Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
2009978-1-74196-531-5UnknownBbq Food: The Original Chunky Cookbook
  ''978-1-74196-537-7reynaud-stephaneRotis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week
  ''978-1-74196-543-8Pete EvansMy Grill: Food for the Barbecue
2012978-1-74196-552-0Jennifer JoyceMeals in Heels
2009978-1-74196-554-4Bill GrangerBill'S Sydney Food (Slipcase): The Original and Classic Recipe Collection
2012978-1-74196-556-8Sibella CourtEtcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love
2011978-1-74196-567-4Erin Ladd SandersIn the Name of Peace: How History's Pacifists Changed the World
2010978-1-74196-598-8Alexander CanduciTriumph and Tragedy: The Rise and Fall of Rome's Immortal Emperors
2011978-1-74196-599-5Leanne KitchenTurkey: A Food Lover's Journey
2010978-1-74196-602-2Sonia LucanoMade in France: Blackwork: Fifty Simple Embroidery Projects in Traditional Black and White
2011978-1-74196-603-9Monique LyonnetLinen and Thread: Creating Homewares Embellished with Embroidery and Ribbon
2010978-1-74196-604-6Hikaru NoguchiMade in France: Knitting: Baubles, Scarves, Cushions and More to Knit and Crochet
2010978-1-74196-605-3Tessa KirosA Venetian Journal: Food, Travel, Dreams
978-1-74196-610-7The Real Possibility of Joy: A Personal Journey from Man to Woman
2010978-1-74196-618-3Cath DerksemaPrints Charming: 40 Simple Sewing and Hand-Printing Projects for the Home and Family
2012978-1-74196-631-2Loani PriorReally Wild Tea Cosies
2010978-1-74196-678-7Jude BlereauWholefood for Children: Nourishing Young Children with Whole and Organic Foods
  ''978-1-74196-684-8Tessa KirosFood from Many Greek Kitchens
  ''978-1-74196-686-2   ''Apples for Jam: Recipes for Life
2011978-1-74196-714-2Ross DobsonGrillhouse: Gastropub at Home
2010978-1-74196-720-3Matthew EvansReal Food Companion
2012978-1-74196-721-0India FlintSecond Skin: Choosing and Caring for Textiles and Clothing
  ''978-1-74196-739-5Nigel WatsonStill Life: Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton
2011978-1-74196-746-3Pia Jane BijkerkMy Heart Wanders: A celebration of taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are
2010978-1-74196-749-4Philip JohnsonEating in: Food to Share from the e'Cco Kitchen
2011978-1-74196-750-0Sandra BardwellSewing Basics: All You Need to Know about Machine and Hand Sewing
2009978-1-74196-754-8UnknownA Little Taste of India by Murdoch Books Test Kitchen (2009) Paperback
2010978-1-74196-755-5Little Taste of Italy
978-1-74196-756-2Little Taste of Japan
2009978-1-74196-757-9Little Taste of Morocco
2010978-1-74196-758-6Murdoch Books Test KitchenLittle Taste of Thailand
2011978-1-74196-760-9Sarah FielkeQuilting: From Little Things--
2010978-1-74196-766-1UnknownLittle Taste of France
  ''978-1-74196-779-1Cutler · Paris CutlerPlanet Cake Cupcakes. Paris Cutler
2010978-1-74196-780-7Victoria AlexanderOne: Living as One and Loving it
2009978-1-74196-798-2Ross DobsonFired Up: No nonsense barbecuing
2010978-1-74196-816-3Pete EvansMy Party: Canapes and Cocktails
  ''978-1-74196-817-0Brent SavageBentley: Contemporary Cuisine
  ''978-1-74196-820-0Maguy · Masson, Nicole · Caudal, Yann · Martin, Pierre LyEnigmas Medieval
2011978-1-74196-822-4Nouha TaoukWhispers from a Lebanese Kitchen: A Family's Treasured Recipes
  ''978-1-74196-829-3Neil PerryRockpool Bar & Grill
  ''978-1-74196-896-5Karen McCartney70/80/90 Iconic Australian Houses: Three Decades of Domestic Architecture
2010978-1-74196-919-1Stephane Reynaud365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat
2013978-1-74196-928-3Kumar Suba MahadevanFrom India
978-1-74196-940-5Little Taste of China
2011978-1-74196-953-5UnknownCooking for One.
2010978-1-74196-962-7Murdoch BooksLittle Taste of Spain
2012978-1-74196-969-6Tinou Le Joly SénovilleSweet Treats in Cross-Stitch: 53 Delightful Projects to Embroider (Made in France)
2012978-1-74196-970-2Corinne Crasbercu · Vania Leroy-ThuillierEverything Patchwork: 40 Classic Quilts, Bags and Accessories (Made in France)
  ''978-1-74196-971-9Caroline de HugoBaby Booties: Eighteen Pretty Pairs to Knit (Made in France)
  ''978-1-74196-976-4Murdoch BooksI Want to Be a Chef - Around the World
2013978-1-74196-987-0Ben ShewryOrigin: The Food of Ben Shewry
978-1-74196-990-0Timeless Quilts: A Collection of Classic and Modern Designs
2011978-1-74196-991-7Murdoch Books Test KitchenThe Baking Bible: With More Than 300 Recipes.
2010978-1-74196-997-9Jane LawsonSnowflakes and Schnapps Pb