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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-921259-02-9Snowflakes and Schnapps
2007978-1-921259-03-6cranston-micheleMarie Claire Seasonal Kitchen
  ''978-1-921259-04-3Grant King, Katrina Kanetani Greg DoylePier
  ''978-1-921259-05-0Jody VassalloDinner (Marie Claire)
  ''978-1-921259-06-7price-janeSweet and Savoury Bites: The Afternoon Tea Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics): The Afternoon Tea Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics): The Snack Time Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics)
2008978-1-921259-07-4UnknownSoups and Breads: The Soup Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics): The Soup Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics)
2007978-1-921259-08-1price-janeKitchen Classics: Pastries and Breads: The Baking Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics)
  ''978-1-921259-09-8   ''Kitchen classics Gourmet Vegetarian
2008978-1-921259-10-4Jane PriceAsian Flavours: The Asian Recipes You Must Have (Kitchen Classics series)
2008978-1-921259-11-1Jane PriceParty Time (Kitchen Classics)
2007978-1-921259-12-8Chocolate Surprise: The Book That Thinks It's a Chocolate Bar (Murdoch Books)
  ''978-1-921259-14-2Chocolate Surprise: The Book That Thinks it's a Chocolate Bar
2006978-1-921259-16-6UnknownBREAKFASTS (CORDON BLEU)
978-1-921259-17-3Le Cordon Bleu:Desserts
2006978-1-921259-18-0Le Cordon BleuRegional French: Home Collection
978-1-921259-20-3Le Cordon Bleu:Seafood
2008978-1-921259-24-1Karen KinghamEat Well Live Well With Growing Children (Eat Well Live Well With) (Eat Well Live Well With)
2007978-1-921259-25-8The New Complete Garden Makeover Book (Gardening) (Gardening)
  ''978-1-921259-26-5wilson-howarth-janeA Glimpse of Eternal Snows
  ''978-1-921259-27-2rosemary-stantonHealthy Eating for Families
978-1-921259-28-9Recipe Journal
2012978-1-921259-29-6Tanya BywaterWedding Companion
2006978-1-921259-30-2Marie Claire Pack W/Teatowel
2007978-1-921259-32-6Tyler FlorenceTyler's Ultimate: Brilliant Simple Food to Make Any Time
2002978-1-921259-34-0The Essential Guide to Gardening Techniques
2006978-1-921259-35-7UnknownEssential Guide to Decorating
2007978-1-921259-37-1AnonStews, Casseroles, Pies & Mash
  ''978-1-921259-39-5Frank CamorraMoVida: Spanish Culinary Adventures
2007978-1-921259-40-1Robyn RussellGluten Free and Easy
2008978-1-921259-43-2Robyn RussellMore Gluten Free and Easy
2007978-1-921259-46-3Mary MoodyAu Revoir: Running Away from Home at Fifty
  ''978-1-921259-47-0Mary MoodyLast Tango in Toulouse: Torn Between Two Loves
  ''978-1-921259-48-7Katherine Swan, Adrian Stone Dr Phillip MasonABC Guide To Fit Kids - Easy Steps to Family Fitness and Health in the Age Of Obesity - A Companion for Parents and Families
2008978-1-921259-51-7alice-mccormickThe Artist's Lunch: At Home with Australia's Most Celebrated Artists
2006978-1-921259-53-1Justin Upex. Jane PriceCooking a commonsense guide
2007978-1-921259-54-8Le Cordon Bleu:Potatoes
978-1-921259-55-5Le Cordon Bleu:Italian
978-1-921259-56-2Le Cordon Bleu:Muffins
978-1-921259-57-9Le Cordon Bleu:Summer
978-1-921259-58-6Le Cordon Bleu:Salads
978-1-921259-59-3Le Cordon Bleu:Finger Food
978-1-921259-61-6Le Cordon Bleu: Chicken
978-1-921259-62-3Le Cordon Bleu: Patisserie
2007978-1-921259-63-0murdoch-booksThe Fat, Fibre & Carbohydrate Counter: The Essential Guide to Healthy Eating
  ''978-1-921259-64-7By The EditorsThe Garden Flower Book
978-1-921259-65-4Best Ever: 500 Simply Delicious Recipes
978-1-921259-66-1Le Cordon Bleu: Pasta
2007978-1-921259-69-2unknownSuccessful Cooking Curries
  ''978-1-921259-70-8Successful Cooking SLICES
2007978-1-921259-71-5Successful Cooking - Easy Pasta
  ''978-1-921259-72-2SUCCESSFUL COOKING ONE - POTS
2006978-1-921259-74-6Bill GrangerEvery Day Signed Edition
2007978-1-921259-75-3Murdoch BooksFamily Favourites: A Test Kitchen Cookbook
  ''978-1-921259-76-0Bill GRANGERHoliday
978-1-921259-77-7Jenny Craig: Healthy Living for Life: Recipes for Weight Loss and Wellbeing
2006978-1-921259-80-7Les HuynhTakeaway, Noodle Soups, Salads and Stir-fries
  ''978-1-921259-81-4Ross DobsonChinatown: Sweet Sour Spicy Salty
2007978-1-921259-83-8Lansky Bruce100,000+ Baby Names
  ''978-1-921259-84-5stearn-margaretWarts and All: Bubbling with Straight-talking Advice on Life's Embarrassing Problems
2007978-1-921259-88-3cummins-josephHistory's Greatest Hits: Famous Events We Should Know More About
  ''978-1-921259-89-0Leslie Ann BosherTo the Manor Drawn
978-1-921259-90-6Wholefood for the family: Coming Home to Eat
978-1-921259-96-8The Australian Woman's Survival Guide
2007978-1-921259-97-5Paul ConnollyThe World's Weirdest Sports: Bog Snorkelling, Goat Grabbing and Dwyle Flunking