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2004978-1-59752-000-3Philip Edward PuseyTetraeuangelium Sanctum: Juxta simplicem syrorum versionem ad fidem codicum, massorae, editionum (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-59752-001-0John T. CarrollFaith and History: Essays in Honor of Paul W. Meyer
  ''978-1-59752-002-7Richard L. ThulinThe I of the Sermon:
  ''978-1-59752-003-4Robin ScroggsChristology in Paul and John: The Reality and Revelation of God (Proclamation Commentaries)
  ''978-1-59752-004-1Andrew WalkerTelling the Story: Gospel, Mission and Culture (Gospel and Culture Series)
2004978-1-59752-005-8James De YoungTerrorism, Islam, and Christian Hope: Reflections on 9-11 and Resurging Islam
2005978-1-59752-006-5Henry M. MuhlenbergThe Notebook of a Colonial Clergyman: Condensed from the Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg
  ''978-1-59752-007-2Ray F. RobbinsThe Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
  ''978-1-59752-008-9Jan M. LochmanThe Faith We Confess: An Ecumenical Dogmatics
2004978-1-59752-009-6David S. DockerySeeking the Kingdom: The Sermon on the Mount Made Practical for Today
2005978-1-59752-010-2Donald WilliamsThe Disciples' Prayer: An Intimate Phrase by Phrase Journey through the Lord's Prayer
2004978-1-59752-011-9Christopher RowlandRadical Christianity: A Reading of Recovery
  ''978-1-59752-012-6Robert RothStory and Reality: The Centrality of Story in Understanding Reality
  ''978-1-59752-013-3Robert RothThe Theater of God: Story in Christian Doctrines
2004978-1-59752-014-0Robert H. MounceWhat Are We Waiting For?: A Commentary on Revelation
  ''978-1-59752-015-7Mark ShawDoing Theology with Huck and Jim: Parables for Understanding Doctrine
2005978-1-59752-016-4James DenneyDeath of Christ:
2004978-1-59752-017-1Melvin J. SteinbronCan the Pastor Do It Alone?: A Model for Preparing Lay People for Lay Pastoring
  ''978-1-59752-018-8Trevor A. HartFaith Thinking: The Dynamics of Christian Theology
  ''978-1-59752-019-5William Van OrnumA Thousand Frightening Fantasies: Understanding and Healing Scrupulosity and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
2008978-1-59752-020-1Donna E. SchaperCalmly Plotting the Resurrection: Lenten Reflections for Individuals and Groups
2004978-1-59752-021-8Melvin J. SteinbronThe Lay-Driven Church:
1966978-1-59752-022-5Frank LakeClinical Theology: A Theological and Psychiatric Basis to Clinical Pastoral Care
2005978-1-59752-024-9John H. Hick · Paul F. KnitterThe Myth of Christian Uniqueness: Toward a Pluralistic Theology of Religions
2004978-1-59752-025-6James Wm. McClendonMaking Gospel Sense To A Troubled Church:
2005978-1-59752-026-3C. Henry SmithSmith's Story of the Mennonites: Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-59752-027-0Thomas AquinasSermon-Conferences of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Apostles' Creed:
2005978-1-59752-028-7Ann O. GraffIn the Embrace of God: Feminist Approaches to Theological Anthropology
  ''978-1-59752-029-4John A. ColemanAn American Strategic Theology
2004978-1-59752-030-0Robert D. DaleTo Dream Again: How to Help Your Church Come Alive
  ''978-1-59752-031-7Vilmos VajtaLuther on Worship: An Interpretation
  ''978-1-59752-032-4Robert DaleKeeping the Dream Alive: Understanding and Building Congregational Morale
2005978-1-59752-033-1John G. GammieHoliness in Israel: (Overtures to Biblical Theology)
  ''978-1-59752-034-8Albrecht RitschlThree Essays: Theology and Metaphysics: Prolegomena to The History of Pietism: Instruction in the Christian Religion
2004978-1-59752-035-5Philip McManus · Gerald W. SchlabachRelentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America
2005978-1-59752-036-2E. Glenn HinsonUnderstandings of the Church:
2005978-1-59752-037-9Robert B. CooteAmos Among the Prophets
  ''978-1-59752-038-6Bruce C. E. FlemingFamiliar "Leadership" Heresies Uncovered
  ''978-1-59752-039-3Bernhard W. AndersonFrom Creation to New Creation: Old Testament Perspectives
  ''978-1-59752-040-9Gregory Chirichigno · Gleason L. ArcherOld Testament Quotations in the New Testament: A Complete Survey
  ''978-1-59752-041-6A. K. M. AdamMaking Sense of New Testament Theology: ""Modern"" Problems and Prospects (Studies in American Biblical Hermeneutics)
2005978-1-59752-042-3Bernhard W. AndersonCreation versus Chaos: The Reinterpretation of Mythical Symbolism in the Bible
  ''978-1-59752-043-0Jeffrey D. JohnsonGod Was There: Genesis Chapter 1-12
  ''978-1-59752-044-7Ed GlasscockMatthew: A Gospel Commentary
  ''978-1-59752-045-4Langdon GilkeyThrough the Tempest: Theological Voyages in a Pluralistic Culture
  ''978-1-59752-046-1Catherine M. HarmerThe Compassionate Community: Strategies that Work for the Third Millennium
2005978-1-59752-047-8Nicholas Langrishe Alleym LashVoices of Authority:
  ''978-1-59752-048-5Nicholas LashTheology on the Way to Emmaus:
  ''978-1-59752-049-2Nicholas Langrishe Alleym LashTheology on Dover Beach:
  ''978-1-59752-050-8Denis EdwardsJesus the Wisdom of God: An Ecological Theology
  ''978-1-59752-051-5EUGENE KORNThe Edah Jounal Volume 1
2005978-1-59752-052-2EUGENE KORNEdah Journal Volume 2
  ''978-1-59752-053-9Thomas L. ConstableTalking to God: What the Bible Teaches about Prayer
  ''978-1-59752-054-6Walter MarshallThe Gospel Mystery of Sanctification: Growing in Holiness by Living in Union with Christ
  ''978-1-59752-055-3Rutba HouseSchool(s) for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism (New Monastic Library: Resources for Radical Discipleship)
  ''978-1-59752-056-0Dennis T. OlsonDeuteronomy and the Death of Moses: A Theological Reading
2005978-1-59752-057-7Henry S. WilsonPastoral Theology from a Global Perspective: A Case Study Approach
  ''978-1-59752-058-4Gunnar UrangAn Inquirer's Guide to Christian Believing:
  ''978-1-59752-059-1C. K. BarrettChurch, Ministry, and Sacraments in the New Testament: The Didsbury Lectures
  ''978-1-59752-060-7James D. G. DunnChristian Liberty: A New Testament Perspective
  ''978-1-59752-061-4Alan HaywardCreation and Evolution: Rethinking the Evidence from Science and the Bible
2007978-1-59752-063-8Jacob NeusnerLaw as Literature (Semeia)
2005978-1-59752-064-5Johann G. HerderAgainst Pure Reason: Writings on Religion, Language, and History
2005978-1-59752-065-2Trevor A. HartRegarding Karl Barth: Toward a Reading of His Theology
  ''978-1-59752-066-9C. K. BarrettJesus and the Gospel Tradition:
  ''978-1-59752-067-6Anthony CollinsA Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion
  ''978-1-59752-068-3Francis X. ClooneyHindu Wisdom for All God's Children:
  ''978-1-59752-069-0Glenn A. Carnagey Sr.Beyond the Jordan: Studies in Honor of W. Harold Mare
2005978-1-59752-070-6Jane DillenbergerStyle and Content in Christian Art
  ''978-1-59752-071-3James L. CrenshawSamson: A Secret Betrayed, a Vow Ignored
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  ''978-1-59752-074-4Robert H. MounceA Living Hope: A Commentary on 1 and 2 Peter
2005978-1-59752-075-1Bennett J. SimsServanthood: Leadership for the Third Millennium
  ''978-1-59752-076-8Drew HindererBuilding Arguments:
  ''978-1-59752-077-5Martin HengelThe Charismatic Leader and His Followers:
  ''978-1-59752-078-2Scott Bader-SayeChurch and Israel after Christendom: The Politics of Election
  ''978-1-59752-079-9Ronald WallaceThe Story of Joseph and the Family of Jacob:
2005978-1-59752-080-5Jacob NeusnerChildren of the Flesh, Children of the Promise: A Rabbi Talks with Paul
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  ''978-1-59752-082-9John P. KeenanThe Gospel of Mark: A Mahayana Reading
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  ''978-1-59752-084-3James E. HuchingsonReligion and the Natural Sciences: The Range of Engagement
2005978-1-59752-085-0John Douglas MorrisonKnowledge of the Self-Revealing God in the Thought of Thomas Forsyth Torrance:
  ''978-1-59752-086-7Jeffrey Burton RussellDissent and Reform in the Early Middle Ages:
  ''978-1-59752-087-4Birger GerhardssonThe Ethos of the Bible:
  ''978-1-59752-088-1G. R. DriverAramaic Documents of the Fifth Century B.C.: Abridged and Revised Edition (Ancient Texts and Translations)
  ''978-1-59752-089-8Robert P. LightnerLast Days Handbook: Revised and Updated
2005978-1-59752-090-4Bryce McProudCommon Experience and the Accommodation of Differences: The Foundation for Unity in Rowan Williams' View of the Church
  ''978-1-59752-091-1E. Earle EllisPauline Theology: Ministry and Society
  ''978-1-59752-092-8Butch IkelsIn the Beginning God Created the Country Church: The Miracle at Marion, Texas
  ''978-1-59752-093-5William J. DumbrellRomans: A New Covenant Commentary
2007978-1-59752-094-2Galen JohnsonPrisoner of Conscience: John Bunyan on Self, Community, and Christian Faith (Studies in Christian History and Thought)
2005978-1-59752-095-9Walfred J. FahrerBuilding on the Rock: A Biblical Vision of Being Church Together from an Anabaptist-Mennonite Perspective
  ''978-1-59752-096-6Steven RuncimanThe Eastern Schism: A Study of the Papacy and the Eastern Churches During the Xith and Xiith Centuries
2005978-1-59752-097-3Christopher R. NorthThe Suffering Servant in Deutero-Isaiah: An Historical and Critical Study
  ''978-1-59752-098-0B.A. GerrishGrace and Reason: A Study in the Theology of Luther
  ''978-1-59752-099-7Bo ReickeThe Disobedient Spirits and Christian Baptism: A Study of 1 Peter 3:19 and Its Context
  ''978-1-59752-100-0Barbara ReynoldsThe Passionate Intellect: Dorothy L. Sayers' Encounter with Dante
  ''978-1-59752-101-7Malcolm MuggeridgeConversion: The Spiritual Journey of a Twentieth Century Pilgrim
2005978-1-59752-102-4Jeffrey Burton RussellDissent and Order in the Middle Ages: The Search for Legitimate Authority
  ''978-1-59752-103-1   ''Medieval Civilization:
  ''978-1-59752-104-8John F. AlexanderThe Secular Squeeze: Reclaiming Christian Depth in a Shallow World
  ''978-1-59752-105-5Mark D. BakerReligious No More: Building Communities of Grace and Freedom
  ''978-1-59752-106-2John F. AlexanderYour Money or Your Life: A New Look at Jesus' View of Wealth and Power
2005978-1-59752-107-9Shirley NelsonFair, Clear, and Terrible: The Story of Shiloh, Maine
  ''978-1-59752-108-6Willard M. SwartleyAnnotated Bibliography of Mennonite Writings on War and Peace: 1930-1980:
  ''978-1-59752-109-3Christopher R. NorthThe Second Isaiah: Introduction, Translation and Commentary to Chapters XL-LV
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  ''978-1-59752-111-6Jonathan Wilson-HartgroveTo Baghdad and Beyond: How I Got Born Again in Babylon
2005978-1-59752-112-3John DearThe God of Peace: Toward A Theology of Nonviolence
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  ''978-1-59752-115-4Edward CairdThe Evolution of Theology in the Greek Philosophers
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2005978-1-59752-117-8Alfred EdersheimProphecy and History in Relation to the Messiah:
  ''978-1-59752-118-5D. A. Carson · John WoodbridgeHermeneutics, Authority, and Canon:
  ''978-1-59752-119-2Karl BarthCredo:
  ''978-1-59752-120-8Austin FarrerThe Revelation of St. John Divine: Commentary on the English Text
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2005978-1-59752-122-2Max L. StackhouseThe Local Church in a Global Era: Reflections for a New Century
  ''978-1-59752-123-9Nile HarperUrban Churches: Vital Signs: Beyond Charity toward Justice
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2005978-1-59752-127-7Todd SpeidellFrom Conduct to Character, 4th Edition: A Primer in Ethical Theory
  ''978-1-59752-128-4Ted W. EngstromThe Fine Art of Mentoring: Passing on to Others What God Has Given to You
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  ''978-1-59752-130-7Stephen GrunlanHealing Relationships: A Christian's Manual for Lay Counseling
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2005978-1-59752-137-6John C. DwyerSon of Man and Son of God: A New Language for Faith
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2005978-1-59752-142-0Geoffrey G. WillisSaint Augustine and the Donatist Controversy:
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2005978-1-59752-147-5Barry K. EstadtArt of Clinical Supervision: A Pastoral Counseling Perspective
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2005978-1-59752-163-5Richard SissonTraining for Evangelism:
  ''978-1-59752-164-2Rick WalstonUnraveling the Mystery of the Motivational Gifts: Your Gifts Discovery Manual
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2005978-1-59752-168-0LeRoy L. LaneBy All Means Communicate: An Overview of Basic Speech Communication; Second Edition
  ''978-1-59752-169-7Eberhard BuschKarl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts
  ''978-1-59752-170-3Monroe GaultneyProverbs for Christian Living
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2005978-1-59752-173-4E. W. HengstenbergThe Prophecies of the Prophet Ezekiel Elucidated:
  ''978-1-59752-174-1   ''The Revelation of St. John: Expounded for Those Who Search the Scriptures/ 2 Vol. Set
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  ''978-1-59752-177-2R. KittelThe Scientific Study of the Old Testament: Its Principal Results, and Their Bearing upon Religious Instruction
2005978-1-59752-178-9Henry M. GwatkinSelections from Early Writers Illustrative of Church History to the Time of Constantine:
2006978-1-59752-179-6Richard W. KropfThe Faith of Jesus: The Jesus of History and the Stages of Faith
2005978-1-59752-180-2Todd Charles WoodA Creationist Review and Preliminary Analysis of the History, Geology, Climate, and Biology of the Galapagos Islands (Center for Origins Research Issues in Creation)
  ''978-1-59752-181-9Philip Edward PuseyThe Minor Prophets, 2 Volumes: With a Commentary, Explanatory and Practical, and Introductions to the Several Books
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2005978-1-59752-185-7Leonard W. KingLegends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition: (Schweich Lectures)
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2009978-1-59752-189-5Virgil VogtThe Roots of CONCERN: Writings on Anabaptist Renewal 19521957
2005978-1-59752-190-1Robert H. SmithRead Greek by Friday: The Gospel of John and 1 John: (English and Greek Edition)
  ''978-1-59752-191-8Moses StuartA Grammar of the Hebrew Language:
2005978-1-59752-192-5Thomas AquinasCatena Aurea, 8 Volumes: Commentary on the Four Gospels, Collected Out of the Works of the Fathers
  ''978-1-59752-193-2Paul S. MinearAnd Great Shall Be Your Reward: The Origins of Christian Views of Salvation
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  ''978-1-59752-195-6   ''Time and History: Biblical and Theological Studies
  ''978-1-59752-196-3Henry M. GwatkinStudies of Arianism: Chiefly Referring to the Character and Chronology of the Reaction which Followed the Council of Nicea
2005978-1-59752-197-0J. Hamlyn HillThe Earliest Life of Christ Ever Compiled from the Four Gospels: Being the Diatessaron of Tatian (circ. A.D. 160) from the Arabic Version and Containing the Four Gospels Woven into One Story
  ''978-1-59752-198-7Victor PrellerDivine Science and the Science of God: A Reformulation of Thomas Aquinas
  ''978-1-59752-199-4John C. F. BurkA Memoir of the Life and Writings of John Albert Bengel, Prelate in Wuertemberg:
  ''978-1-59752-200-7Nicholas RidleyTreatises and Letters of Dr. Nicholas Ridley:
  ''978-1-59752-201-4James Hamilton · Joseph HallContemplations on the Historical Passages of the Old and New Testaments: With a Memoir of the Author
2005978-1-59752-202-1John PhilpotExaminations and Letters of the Rev. John Philpot