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2004978-1-59244-497-7B. J. KiddDocuments Illustrative of the Continental Reformation:
  ''978-1-59244-501-1Elaine Sommers RichPrayers for Everyday:
  ''978-1-59244-504-2David W. BennettMetaphors of Ministry: Biblical Images for Leaders and Followers
  ''978-1-59244-505-9Michael H. CrosbyHouse of Disciples: Church, Economics, and Justice in Matthew
  ''978-1-59244-509-7Gary HabermasBeyond Death: Exploring the Evidence for Immortality
2004978-1-59244-510-3B. F. WestcottSocial Aspects of Christianity:
  ''978-1-59244-516-5Phillip BerrymanThe Religious Roots of Rebellion: Christians in Central American Revolutions
  ''978-1-59244-520-2Jacob NeusnerTorah Through the Ages: A Short History of Judaism
  ''978-1-59244-524-0H.A. KellyDivine Providence in the England of Shakespeare's Histories:
  ''978-1-59244-529-5David LaingThe Works of John Knox, Volume 5: On Predestination and Other Writings:
2004978-1-59244-533-2Ralph CovellConfucius, the Buddha, and Christ: A History of the Gospel in Chinese
  ''978-1-59244-537-0Deane W. FermProfiles in Liberation: 36 Portraits of Third World Theologians
  ''978-1-59244-540-0Joachim JeremiasThe Origins of Infant Baptism: A Further Study in Reply to Kurt Aland
  ''978-1-59244-541-7Kurt AlandDid the Early Church Baptize Infants?: (The Library of History and Doctrine)
  ''978-1-59244-542-4Charles StrohmerThe Gospel and the New Spirituality
2004978-1-59244-543-1Jean Dalby Clift · Wallace B. CliftThe Archetype of Pilgrimage: Outer Action with Inner Meaning
  ''978-1-59244-545-5E. Calvin BeisnerGod in Three Persons:
  ''978-1-59244-548-6John PhilpotThe Examinations and Writings of John Philpot:
  ''978-1-59244-552-3William K. ClayLiturgical Services, Liturgies and Occasional Forms of Prayer Set Forth in the Reign of Queen Elizab
  ''978-1-59244-557-8Washington GladdenTools and the Man: Property and Industry Under the Christian Law
2004978-1-59244-558-5Bonnie ThurstonWomen in the New Testament: Questions and Commentary
  ''978-1-59244-560-8Hans KüngGlobal Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic
  ''978-1-59244-561-5Gustaf WingrenLuther on Vocation
  ''978-1-59244-562-2José ComblinThe Holy Spirit and Liberation: (Theology and Liberation)
  ''978-1-59244-566-0Adolf HarnackThe Sayings of Jesus: The Second Source of St. Matthew and St. Luke
2004978-1-59244-570-7Shigeyuki NakanoseJosiah's Passover: Sociology and the Liberating Bible
  ''978-1-59244-574-5Samuel WellsTransforming Fate into Destiny: The Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas
  ''978-1-59244-575-2Cyril J. BarberUnlocking the Scriptures: The Key to Inductive Bible Study
  ''978-1-59244-579-0Richard A. LanhamThe Motives of Eloquence: Literary Rhetoric in the Renaissance
  ''978-1-59244-584-4R.P.C. HansonOrigen's Doctrine of Tradition:
2004978-1-59244-591-2Adolf HarnackThe Origin of the New Testament: and the most important consequences of the new creation
  ''978-1-59244-596-7W. O. E. OesterleyThe Doctrine of the Last Things: Jewish and Christian
  ''978-1-59244-600-1Samuel I. CurtissPrimitive Semitic Religion Today: A Record of Researches, Discoveries and Studies in Syria, Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula
  ''978-1-59244-602-5Friedrich SchleiermacherSelected Sermons of Schleiermacher:
  ''978-1-59244-605-6Washington GladdenRecollections
2004978-1-59244-606-3F.B. MeyerThe Prophet of Hope: Studies in Zechariah
  ''978-1-59244-607-0David BaronThe Shepherd of Israel and His Scattered Flock: A Solution of the Enigma of Jewish History
  ''978-1-59244-610-0Isaak A. DornerHistory of Protestant Theology
  ''978-1-59244-617-9R. T. FranceWomen in the Church's Ministry: A Test-Case for Biblical Hermeneutics (The Didsbury Lectures 1995)
  ''978-1-59244-618-6K. A. KitchenThe Bible in Its World: The Bible and Archaeology Today
2004978-1-59244-619-3F. F. BruceNew Testament Development of Old Testament Themes:
  ''978-1-59244-621-6Roger T. BeckwithSacrifice in the Bible:
  ''978-1-59244-622-3F. F. BruceThe Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to the Conversion of the English
  ''978-1-59244-626-1Charles E. MillerTogether in Prayer: Learning to Love the Liturgy of the Hours
  ''978-1-59244-629-2Bonnie ThurstonTo Everything a Season: A Spirituality of Time
2004978-1-59244-630-8Robert E. WebberThe Secular Saint: A Case for Evangelical Social Responsibility
  ''978-1-59244-631-5Howard KaminskyA History of the Hussite Revolution
  ''978-1-59244-633-9Nelly Van Doorn-Harder · Kari VogtBetween Desert and City: The Coptic Orthodox Church Today (Serie B--Skrifter)
  ''978-1-59244-636-0Henry M. BairdThe Huguenots and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
  ''978-1-59244-638-4Hendrikus BerkhofChrist the Meaning of History
2004978-1-59244-639-1Karl BarthChrist and Adam: Man and Humanity in Romans 5
  ''978-1-59244-641-4Dennis E. WilliamsVolunteers for Today's Church: How to Recruit and Retain Workers
  ''978-1-59244-643-8Jacob NeusnerGod in the World:
  ''978-1-59244-644-5Bruce D. ChiltonTrading Places: The Intersecting Histories of Judaism and Christianity
  ''978-1-59244-645-2Bruce D. ChiltonTrading Places Sourcebook: Readings in The Intersecting Histories of Judaism and Christianity
2004978-1-59244-647-6Royce G. GruenlerThe Trinity in the Gospel of John: A Thematic Commentary on the Fourth Gospel
  ''978-1-59244-652-0Georgia ComfortDying to Live:
  ''978-1-59244-657-5Deane W. FermThird World Liberation Theologies: An Introductory Survey
  ''978-1-59244-658-2Gerald L. StevensNew Testament Greek Primer
  ''978-1-59244-660-5Jean W. RiouxNature, the Soul, and God: An Introduction to Natural Philosophy
2004978-1-59244-661-2Jacob NeusnerRevelation: The Torah and the Bible
  ''978-1-59244-664-3John MainThe Way of Unknowing: Expanding Spiritual Horizons through Meditation
  ''978-1-59244-665-0J. K. MozleyThe Doctrine of the Atonement
  ''978-1-59244-666-7George J. ZemekDoing God's Business God's Way: A Biblical Theology of Ministry
  ''978-1-59244-670-4Gerhart LadnerThe Idea of Reform: Its Impact on Christian Thought and Action in the Age of the Fathers
2004978-1-59244-675-9Helen NaderThe Book of Privileges Issued To Christopher Columbus By King Fernando and Queen Isabel 1492-1502: (Repertorium Columbianum)
  ''978-1-59244-676-6Richard RiceGod's Foreknowledge and Man's Free Will
  ''978-1-59244-678-0Philip SchaffThe Principle of Protestantism: Lancaster Series on the Mercersburg Theology
  ''978-1-59244-679-7Samuel LeuenbergerArchbishop Cranmer's Immortal Bequest: The Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England: An Evangelistic Liturgy
  ''978-1-59244-681-0James LockhartWe People Here: Nahuatl Accounts of The Conquest of Mexico (Repertorium Columbianum)
2004978-1-59244-683-4Chap ClarkThe Performance Illusion:
  ''978-1-59244-687-2Richard GelwickThe Way of Discovery: An Introduction to the Thought of Michael Polanyi
  ''978-1-59244-688-9Rosemary ChinniciCan Women Re-Image the Church?
  ''978-1-59244-690-2David MellinkoffThe Language of the Law
  ''978-1-59244-692-6James BarrThe Semantics of Biblical Language
2004978-1-59244-697-1Kirsopp LakeThe Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:
  ''978-1-59244-702-2G. Campbell MorganThe Gospel According to John (The Analyzed Bible):
  ''978-1-59244-707-7Ceslaus SpicqThe Trinity and Our Moral Life according to St. Paul:
  ''978-1-59244-711-4Donald RatcliffChildren's Spirituality: Christian Perspectives, Research and Applications
  ''978-1-59244-713-8Sharon H. RingeJesus, Liberation, and the Biblical Jubilee: Images for Ethics and Christology
2004978-1-59244-715-2James A. SchererGospel Church and Kingdom: Comparative Studies in World Mission Theology
  ''978-1-59244-717-6Marlin MullA Biblical Church Planting Manual: From the Book of Acts
  ''978-1-59244-720-6Peter M. KalellisOne More Spring: A Story of Hope and Friendship
  ''978-1-59244-721-3Thomas AquinasOn the Power of God:
  ''978-1-59244-725-1Jacob NeusnerConfronting Creation: How Judaism Reads Genesis
2004978-1-59244-729-9Gustaf DalmanJesus - Jeshua: Studies in the Gospels
  ''978-1-59244-731-2E.C., B.D. BlackmanMarcion and His Influence:
  ''978-1-59244-733-6David K. ClarkApologetics in the New Age: A Christian Critique of Pantheism
  ''978-1-59244-735-0Norman GeislerThe Battle for the Resurrection: Updated Edition
  ''978-1-59244-739-8Jacob NeusnerChristianity, Judaism and Other Greco-Roman Cults, Part 1: New Testament (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2004978-1-59244-743-5Jacob NeusnerReligions in Antiquity: Essays in Memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough
  ''978-1-59244-747-3A. N. Sherwin-WhiteRoman Society and Roman Law in the New Testament: The Sarum Lectures 1960-1961
  ''978-1-59244-753-4Claude WelchThe Reality of the Church
  ''978-1-59244-757-2Joachim JeremiasInfant Baptism in the First Four Centuries:
  ''978-1-59244-761-9Brian K. BlountCultural Interpretation: Reorienting New Testament Criticism
2004978-1-59244-763-3Denis EdwardsJesus and the Cosmos
  ''978-1-59244-766-4Douglas J. HallThe Steward: A Biblical Symbol Come of Age
  ''978-1-59244-768-8Susan NiditchFolklore and the Hebrew Bible
  ''978-1-59244-772-5Robert H. Smith · Paul M. FullmerRead Greek by Friday: A Beginning Grammar and Exercises
  ''978-1-59244-776-3Timothy LearyInterpersonal Diagnosis of Personality: A Functional Theory and Methodology for Personality Evaluation
2004978-1-59244-780-0James E. DittesWhen The People Say No: Conflict and the Call to Ministry
  ''978-1-59244-781-7Very Reverend Father Tissa BalasuriyaThe Eucharist and Human Liberation:
  ''978-1-59244-785-5Albert NewmanA History of Anti-Pedobaptism: From the Rise of Pedobaptism to A.D. 1609
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2004978-1-59244-793-0Francis J., SDB MoloneySigns and Shadows: Reading John 5-12
  ''978-1-59244-794-7Jonathan R. WilsonGospel Virtues: Practicing Faith, Hope, and Love in Uncertain Times
  ''978-1-59244-796-1Saskia Murk-JansenBrides in the Desert: The Spirituality of the Beguines (Traditions of Christian Spirituality)
  ''978-1-59244-797-8Eileen EganPeace Be with You: Justified Warfare or the Way of Nonviolence
  ''978-1-59244-798-5Richard W. KropfEvil and Evolution: A Theodicy:
2004978-1-59244-799-2David N. EntwistleIntegrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration
  ''978-1-59244-801-2G. Campbell MorganGod's Perfect Will:
  ''978-1-59244-803-6   ''The Teaching of Christ
  ''978-1-59244-804-3   ''The Practice of Prayer
  ''978-1-59244-807-4Albrecht RitschlThe Christian Doctrine of Justification and Reconciliation: The Positive Development of the Doctrine
2004978-1-59244-811-1E. B. PuseyOn the Clause ""And the Son,"" in regard to the Eastern Church and the Bonn Conference: A Letter to the Rev. H.P. Liddon
  ''978-1-59244-813-5Patrick FairbairnJonah: His Life, Character, and Mission
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2004978-1-59244-839-5Adolf KoberleThe Quest for Holiness: A Biblical, Historical and Systematic Investigation
2004978-1-59244-841-8Carl BrockelmannLexicon Syriacum (Ancient Language Resources)
  ''978-1-59244-845-6Thomas HowardC.S. Lewis Man of Letters: A Reading of His Fiction by Thomas Howard
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  ''978-1-59244-855-5J. D. MantonIntroduction to Theological German: A Beginner's Course for Theological Students
2004978-1-59244-856-2Gustaf WingrenMan and the Incarnation: A Study in the Biblical Theology of Irenaeus
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  ''978-1-59244-866-1Michael St. ClairHuman Relationships and the Experience of God: Object Relations and Religion
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2004978-1-59244-871-5Gerd TheissenThe Social Setting of Pauline Christianity: Essays on Corinth
  ''978-1-59244-873-9William StringfellowInstead of Death: New and Expanded Edition
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2004978-1-59244-879-1William StringfellowConscience and Obedience: The Politics of Romans 13 and Revelation13 in Light of the Second Coming
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2004978-1-59244-908-8Will D. CampbellUp To Our Steeples in Politics:
2005978-1-59244-911-8Margaret AlterResurrection Psychology: An Understanding of Human Personality Based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus
2004978-1-59244-912-5Robert L. WilkenJudaism and the Early Christian Mind: A Study of Cyril of Alexandria's Exegesis and Theology
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2004978-1-59244-936-1R. T. FranceMatthew: Evangelist and Teacher
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2004978-1-59244-945-3John F. HaughtThe Promise of Nature: Ecology and Cosmic Purpose
2008978-1-59244-949-1Gary DorrienReconstructing the Common Good: Theology and the Social Order
2004978-1-59244-950-7Andrew MurrayThe Spirit of Christ: Thoughts on the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Church
  ''978-1-59244-954-5Archibald RobertsonRegnum Dei: Eight Lectures on the Kingdom of God in the History of Christian Thought
  ''978-1-59244-957-6Randal Earl DennyIn Jesus' Strong Hands: Victors Instead of Victims (Acts 17-28)
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2004978-1-59244-970-5Philip SchaffChrist and Christianity:
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  ''978-1-59244-974-3K. C. AbrahamThird World Theologies: Commonalities and Divergences
2005978-1-59244-976-7William G. McLoughlinModern Revivalism: Charles Grandison Finney to Billy Graham
2004978-1-59244-977-4Jon SobrinoArchbishop Romero: Memories and Reflections
  ''978-1-59244-978-1Jon SobrinoThe True Church and the Poor
  ''978-1-59244-979-8   ''Jesus in Latin America:
2004978-1-59244-980-4Gustavo GutierrezThe Power of the Poor in History
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  ''978-1-59244-986-6David S. CunninghamTo Teach, To Delight, and To Move: Theological Education in a Post-Christian World
2005978-1-59244-989-7Don GarlingtonIn Defense of the New Perspective on Paul: Essays and Reviews
2004978-1-59244-990-3David P. ScaerJames, the Apostle of Faith: A Primary Christological Epistle for the Persecuted Church
2004978-1-59244-991-0Amy L. ShermanRestorers of Hope: Reaching the Poor in Your Community with Church-Based Ministries that Work
2005978-1-59244-993-4Dermot A. LaneKeeping Hope Alive: Stirrings in Christian Theology
2004978-1-59244-994-1Werner ElertThe Christian Ethos:
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  ''978-1-59244-998-9Timothy L. SmithRevivalism and Social Reform