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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-59752-825-2H. D. KreilkampJeshua, Son of Mary: Reflections on the Gospel Ascribed to Mark
2007978-1-59752-826-9Caryn D. RiswoldTwo Reformers: Martin Luther and Mary Daly as Political Theologians
2006978-1-59752-827-6Richard L. RohrbaughThe New Testament in Cross-Cultural Perspective: (Matrix: The Bible in Mediterranean Context)
  ''978-1-59752-828-3Mark W. HamiltonRenewing Tradition: Studies in Texts and Contexts in Honor of James W. Thompson (Princeton Theological Monograph)
2008978-1-59752-829-0Mark G. McKimChristian Theology for a Secular Society: Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land
2007978-1-59752-830-6Stephen J. VicchioJefferson's Religion:
2006978-1-59752-831-3Robert Paul RothDivine Disclosure: Meditations on Godly Matters or Licorice from the Box of God
  ''978-1-59752-832-0Steven R. HarmonTowards Baptist Catholicity: Essays on Tradition and the Baptist Vision (Studies in Baptist History and Thought)
  ''978-1-59752-833-7Ian M. RandallBaptist Identities: International Studies from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries (Studies in Baptist History and Thought)
  ''978-1-59752-834-4Andrew PartingtonChurch and State: The Contribution of the Church of England Bishops to the House of Lords during the Thatcher Years (Studies in Christian History and Thought)
2007978-1-59752-835-1Anna M. MadsenThe Theology of the Cross in Historical Perspective: (Distinguished Dissertations in Christian Theology)
2006978-1-59752-836-8Anthony J. TambascoIn The Days of Paul: The Social World and Teaching of the Apostle
2006978-1-59752-837-5Mark S. UmbreitMediating Interpersonal Conflicts: A Pathway to Peace
2000978-1-59752-838-2James M. GordonEvangelical Spirituality:
2006978-1-59752-839-9Lloyd KimPolemic in the Book of Hebrews: Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism, Supersessionism? (Princeton Theological Monograph)
2013978-1-59752-840-5Matthew Y. EmersonChrist and the New Creation: A Canonical Approach to the Theology of the New Testament
2007978-1-59752-841-2Jon AlexanderAmerican POW Memoirs from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War:
  ''978-1-59752-842-9Jack Clayton SwearengenBeyond Paradise: Technology and the Kingdom of God
2006978-1-59752-843-6Gannon MurphyConsuming Glory: A Classical Defense of Divine-Human Relationality against Open Theism
2008978-1-59752-844-3Richard A. HorsleyWisdom and Spiritual Transcendence at Corinth: Studies in First Corinthians
2007978-1-59752-846-7Trevor M. DobbsFaith, Theology, and Psychoanalysis: The Life and Thought of Harry S. Guntrip (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)
2008978-1-59752-847-4John Emory McKennaThe Great AMEN of the Great I-AM: God in Covenant with His People in His Creation
2006978-1-59752-848-1Bart GarrettThe Mystery of Grace in the Baptism of Our Children
2007978-1-59752-849-8John F. CrosbyThe Flipside of Godspeak: Theism as Constructed Reality
2006978-1-59752-850-4Markus BarthJustification:
  ''978-1-59752-851-1Markus BarthRediscovering the Lord's Supper:
  ''978-1-59752-852-8   ''The People of God
  ''978-1-59752-853-5Julian HarttTheological Method and Imagination (Julian Hartt Library)
2006978-1-59752-854-2Reg GrantStorm: Radical. Reformer. Monk. Lover. The Surprising Story of Martin Luther.
  ''978-1-59752-855-9Elsa TamezWhen the Horizons Close: Rereading Ecclesiastes
  ''978-1-59752-856-6Ceslaus SpicqAgape in the New Testament, Volume 1: Agape in the Synoptic Gospels
  ''978-1-59752-857-3   ''Agape in the New Testament, Volume 2: Agape in the Epistles of St. Paul, the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles of St. James, St. Peter, and St. Jude
  ''978-1-59752-858-0   ''Agape in the New Testament, Volume 3: Agape in the Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse of St. John
2006978-1-59752-859-7G. R. Beasley-MurrayBaptism in the New Testament:
2007978-1-59752-860-3Vinay SamuelProclaiming Christ in Christ's Way: Studies in Integral Mission: Essays Presented to Walter Arnold on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday.
  ''978-1-59752-861-0Carlos R. BovellInerrancy and the Spiritual Formation of Younger Evangelicals:
2006978-1-59752-862-7F. Kefa SempangiA Distant Grief: The Real Story Behind the Martyrdom of Christians in Uganda
  ''978-1-59752-863-4Joyce CarlinDaughters of the Most High:
2009978-1-59752-864-1Chris A. VlachosThe Law and the Knowledge of Good and Evil: The Edenic Background of the Catalytic Operation of the Law in Paul
2007978-1-59752-865-8Doug Van ScyocSocrates on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Asking the Right God-Questions
2006978-1-59752-866-5George Wesley BuchananThe Gospel of Matthew, Volume 1: (The Mellen Biblical Commentary: New Testament)
  ''978-1-59752-867-2George Wesley BuchananThe Gospel of Matthew, Volume 2 (The Mellen Biblical Commentary, Intertextual: New Testament)
2007978-1-59752-868-9Gilbert S. RosenthalWhat Can a Modern Jew Believe?:
  ''978-1-59752-869-6Daniel R. HydeThe Good Confession: An Exploration of the Christian Faith
2006978-1-59752-870-2Alan P.F. SellPhilosophical Idealism and Christian Belief: (Prolegomena to Christian Apologetics) (Volume 1)
2006978-1-59752-871-9Alan P.F. SellJohn Locke and the Eighteenth-Century Divines: (Prolegomena to Christian Apologetics) (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-59752-872-6   ''Confessing and Commending the Faith: (Prolegomena to Christian Apologetics)
  ''978-1-59752-873-3Mabel WilliamsonHave We No Rights?:
  ''978-1-59752-874-0Dennis C. BustinParadox and Perseverance: Hanserd Knollys, Particular Baptist Pioneer in Seventeenth-Century England (Studies in Baptist History and Thought)
  ''978-1-59752-875-7Ronald E. ValletCongregations at the Crossroads: Remembering to be Households of God
2007978-1-59752-876-4Mark L. WeeterJohn Wesley's View and Use of Scripture:
2007978-1-59752-877-1Reuben J. SwansonReflections on Biblical Themes by an Octogenarian:
  ''978-1-59752-878-8Robert P. LightnerPortraits of Jesus in the Gospel of John:
2006978-1-59752-879-5Lee HoinackiDying Is Not Death:
2013978-1-59752-880-1James M. RobinsonThe Manichaean Codices of Medinet Madi:
2007978-1-59752-881-8James M. RobinsonLanguage, Hermeneutic, and History: Theology after Barth and Bultmann
2011978-1-59752-882-5James M. RobinsonThe Story of the Bodmer Papyri: From the First Monasterys Library in Upper Egypt to Geneva and Dublin
2006978-1-59752-884-9Charles L. CampbellPreaching Jesus: The New Directions for Homiletics in Hans Frei's Postliberal Theology
  ''978-1-59752-885-6Stanley P. SaundersThe Word on the Street: Performing the Scriptures in the Urban Context
  ''978-1-59752-886-3Rachel HenderliteForgiveness and Hope: Toward a Theology for Protestant Christian Education
2007978-1-59752-887-0Ruth C. EngsWomen: Alcohol and Other Drugs:
2008978-1-59752-888-7Rufus M. JonesThe Church's Debt to Heretics:
2006978-1-59752-889-4William FairweatherOrigen and Greek Patristic Theology:
  ''978-1-59752-890-0Herschel C. BakerThe Wars of Truth: Studies in the Decay of Christian Humanism in the Earlier Seventeenth Century
  ''978-1-59752-891-7Edwin A. AbbottIndices to Diatessarica: With a Specimen of Research
2006978-1-59752-892-4Melvin E. SchoonoverLetters to Polly: . . . on the Gift of Affliction
  ''978-1-59752-893-1Walter M. MosseA Theological German Vocabulary: German Theological Key Words Illustrated in Quotations from Martin Luther's Bible and The Revised Standard Version
2007978-1-59752-894-8Christian D. GinsburgIntroduction to the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible (Dove Studies in Bible, Language, and History) Part 2
2006978-1-59752-895-5Robert DaleLeading Edge: Leadership Strategies from the New Testament
  ''978-1-59752-896-2H. H. RowleyDarius the Mede and the Four World Empires in the Book of Daniel: A Historical Study of Contemporary Theories
  ''978-1-59752-897-9Aubrey JohnsonSacral Kingship in Ancient Israel:
  ''978-1-59752-898-6Elochukwu E. UzukwuA Listening Church: Autonomy and Communion in African Churches
2006978-1-59752-899-3Ruben L. F. HabitoTotal Liberation: Zen Spirituality and the Social Dimension
  ''978-1-59752-900-6Aubrey JohnsonThe Vitality of the Individual in the Thought of Ancient Israel: Second Edition
  ''978-1-59752-901-3Margaret R. MilesCarnal Knowing: Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West
  ''978-1-59752-902-0Margaret R. MilesImage as Insight: Visual Understanding in Western Christianity and Secular Culture
  ''978-1-59752-903-7Phillip BerrymanReligion in the Megacity: Catholic and Protestant Portraits from Latin America
2006978-1-59752-904-4Mark W. KarlbergFederalism and the Westminster Tradition:
2007978-1-59752-905-1Catherine L. KelseySchleiermacher's Preaching, Dogmatics, and Biblical Criticism: The Interpretation of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John (Princeton Theological Monograph)
2011978-1-59752-906-8Anthony DancerAn Alien in a Strange Land: Theology in the Life of William Stringfellow
2006978-1-59752-907-5Charles W. BairdThe Presbyterian Liturgies: Historical Sketches
  ''978-1-59752-908-2Jeffrey M. Burns · Ellen Skerrett · Joseph M. WhiteKeeping Faith: European and Asian Catholic Immigrants
  ''978-1-59752-909-9Stephen C. BartonThe Spirituality of the Gospels :
  ''978-1-59752-910-5James Emery WhiteWhat Is Truth?: A Comparative Study of the Positions of Cornelius Van Til, Francis Schaeffer, Carl F. H. Henry, Donald Bloesch, Millard Erickson
  ''978-1-59752-911-2Antonio MoserMoral Theology: Dead Ends and Alternatives
2006978-1-59752-912-9Aubrey JohnsonThe One and the Many in the Israelite Conception of God:
  ''978-1-59752-913-6Julian HarttBeing Known and Being Revealed:
2007978-1-59752-914-3Michael Nazir-AliFrontiers in Muslim-Christian Encounter
2006978-1-59752-915-0Ralph D. CurtinAncient Lights (Watchman Diaries)
  ''978-1-59752-916-7Ralph D. CurtinSharing Your Church Building: A Must Read for any Church Leader Considering a Church-Sharing Arrangement
2007978-1-59752-917-4Arthur C. McGillSermons of Arthur C. McGill: (Theological Fascinations)
2006978-1-59752-918-1Tim ChesterMission and the Coming of God: Eschatology, the Trinity and Mission in the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann and Contemporary Evangelicalism (Paternosters Theological Monographs)
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  ''978-1-59752-920-4Harold HillLeadership in The Salvation Army: A Case Study in Clericalisation (Studies in Christian History and Thought)
2008978-1-59752-921-1Tamas CzovekThree Seasons of Charismatic Leadership: A Literary-Critical and Theological Interpretation of the Narrative of Saul, David and Solomon (Regnum Studies in Mission)
2006978-1-59752-922-8Andrea Lorenzo MolinariClimbing the Dragon's Ladder: The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas
2006978-1-59752-923-5Mark F.W. LovattConfronting the Will-to-Power: A Reconsideration of the Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr (Paternoster Theological Monographs)
  ''978-1-59752-924-2Lesslie NewbiginTrinitarian Doctrine for Today's Mission
  ''978-1-59752-925-9Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 1: Kelim: Chapters One Through Eleven (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-926-6Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 2: Kelim: Chapters Twelve Through Thirty (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-927-3   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 3: Kelim: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2007978-1-59752-928-0   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 4: Ohalot: Commentary (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2007978-1-59752-929-7Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 5: Ohalot: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-930-3   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 6: Negaim: Mishnah-Tosefta (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-931-0   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 7: Negaim. Sifra (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2007978-1-59752-932-7Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 8: Negaim: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-933-4   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 9: Parah: Commentary (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-934-1   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 10: Parah: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-935-8   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 11: Tohorot: Commentary (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-936-5   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 12: Tohorot: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2007978-1-59752-937-2Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 13: Miqvaot: Commentary (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
2007978-1-59752-938-9Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 14: Miqvaot: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-939-6   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 15: Niddah: Commentary (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
  ''978-1-59752-940-2   ''A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 16: Niddah: Literary and Historical Problems (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
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2007978-1-59752-943-3Jacob NeusnerA History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities, Part 19: Tebul Yom and Yadayim (Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity)
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2007978-1-59752-946-4John W. HoweOur Anglican Heritage
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2007978-1-59752-954-9Carmen DiCelloWhy?: Reflections on the Problem of Evil
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2006978-1-59752-962-4Pseudo - PhiloThe Biblical Antiquities of Philo:
2007978-1-59752-963-1John D. HarveyGreek is Good Grief: Laying the Foundation for Exegesis and Exposition (English and Greek Edition)
2006978-1-59752-964-8Gerald D. ColemanFollowing in the Footsteps of Jesus:
  ''978-1-59752-965-5James A. MontgomeryThe Samaritans, the Earliest Jewish Sect: Their History, Theology and Literature
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2007978-1-59752-970-9John E. AlsupThe Post-Resurrection Appearance Stories of the Gospel Tradition: A History-of-Tradition Analysis
2006978-1-59752-971-6Darwell StoneThe Eucharistic Sacrifice:
2009978-1-59752-972-3Hwa YungMangoes or Bananas?: The Quest for an Authentic Asian Christian Theology (Regnum Studies in Mission)
2007978-1-59752-973-0Darwell StoneA History of the Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist
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2006978-1-59752-976-1George TyrrellChristianity at the Cross-Roads:
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2007978-1-59752-980-8Jan M. LochmanSignposts to Freedom: The Ten Commandments and Christian Ethics
2006978-1-59752-981-5F. F. BruceThe Time Is Fulfilled
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2007978-1-59752-983-9G. R. Beasley-MurrayThe Coming of God: The Emanuel Ajahi Dahunsi Memorial New Testament Lectures 1981
2006978-1-59752-984-6Nicki VerploegenMeditations With Merton: A collage of Scripture quotes, original prayers, and Merton's own words
2006978-1-59752-985-3Francis J. MoloneyBeginning the Good News: A Narrative Approach
  ''978-1-59752-986-0Robert L. WebbJohn the Baptizer and Prophet: A Socio-historical Study
2007978-1-59752-987-7Ted GrimsrudEmbodying the Way of Jesus: Anabaptist Convictions for the Twenty-First Century
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