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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57910-001-8Howard SnyderThe Radical Wesley and Patterns for Church Renewal:
  ''978-1-57910-005-6Dean S. GillilandPauline Theology and Mission Practice
  ''978-1-57910-006-3Thomas F. TorranceConflict and Agreement In the Church
  ''978-1-57910-009-4Thomas F. TorranceWhen Christ Comes and Comes Again
  ''978-1-57910-013-1Howard A. SnyderLiberating the Church: The Ecology of Church and Kingdom
1996978-1-57910-015-5James C. MaxwellA Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field
  ''978-1-57910-020-9Thomas F. TorranceThe School of Faith, Catechisms of the Reformed Church
2002978-1-57910-021-6James Wm. McClendonBiography as Theology: How Life Stories Can Remake Today's Theology
1996978-1-57910-022-3Walter RauschenbuschA Theology for the Social Gospel:
  ''978-1-57910-024-7Thomas F. TorranceTheology in Reconstruction
1997978-1-57910-030-8Howard A. SnyderSigns of the Spirit: How God Reshapes the Church
  ''978-1-57910-032-2E. James WilderLife Passages for Men
  ''978-1-57910-034-6Ralph P. MartinReconciliation
1997978-1-57910-036-0Ernest GordonThrough the Valley of the Kwai
  ''978-1-57910-048-3Rebecca M. Groothuis · Rebecca Merrill GroothuisWomen Caught in the Conflict: The Culture War between Traditionalism and Feminism
  ''978-1-57910-049-0Gerard Van GroningenMessianic Revelation in the Old Testament, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-57910-053-7George W. StroupThe Promise of Narrative Theology
  ''978-1-57910-055-1Edgar V. McKnightWhat is Form Criticism?
1997978-1-57910-057-5Hans W. FreiThe Identity of Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-57910-062-9James G. FriesenUncovering the Mystery of Mpd
  ''978-1-57910-063-6James G. FriesenMore Than Survivors: Conversations With Multiple Personality Clients
  ''978-1-57910-065-0Stanley HauerwasWhy Narrative? Readings in Narrative Theology
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1998978-1-57910-110-7Iain R. TorranceChristology After Chalcedon
  ''978-1-57910-112-1Alan P. F. SellA Reformed, Evangelical, Catholic Theology
  ''978-1-57910-124-4Stephen E. FowlReading In Communion
  ''978-1-57910-125-1William A. DyrnessLet the Earth Rejoice
1998978-1-57910-128-2Leon J. WoodThe Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
  ''978-1-57910-135-0Norman F. DoutyDid Christ Die Only for the Elect? A Treatise on the extent of Christ's Atonement
  ''978-1-57910-140-4Leon J. WoodA Shorter Commentary on Genesis
  ''978-1-57910-142-8John B., Jr. Cobb · John B. CobbBeyond Dialogue - Toward a Mutual Transformation of Christianity and Buddhism
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1998978-1-57910-157-2Harold S. BenderConrad Grebel - The Founder of the Swiss Brethren
  ''978-1-57910-158-9Rollin Stely ArmourAnabaptist Baptism: A Representative Study
1999978-1-57910-169-5G. Campbell MorganHosea: The Heart and Holiness of God
  ''978-1-57910-176-3G. Campbell MorganMalachi's Message for Today
1998978-1-57910-181-7Ted PetersSin: Radical Evil in Soul and Society
  ''978-1-57910-182-4Michael J. GormanAbortion and the Early Church: Christian, Jewish and Pagan Attitudes in the Greco-Roman World
  ''978-1-57910-189-3George E. LaddCrucial Questions about the Kingdom of God
1999978-1-57910-196-1Thomas H. GroomeSharing Faith: A Comprehensive Approach to Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry The Way of Shared Praxis
1997978-1-57910-198-5Roland AllenThe Spontaneous Expansion of the Church: And the Causes That Hinder It
1998978-1-57910-201-2C. Peter WagnerChurch Growth and the Whole Gospel: A Biblical Mandate
1999978-1-57910-205-0Meredith G. KlineImages of the Spirit
1999978-1-57910-208-1Lee GriffithThe Fall of the Prison: Biblical Perspectives on Prison Abolition
  ''978-1-57910-209-8Horton DaviesBread of Life and Cup of Joy: Newer Ecumenical Perspectives on the Eucharist
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  ''978-1-57910-224-1Avery DullesA History of Apologetics
  ''978-1-57910-227-2J. Payne SmithA Compendious Syriac Dictionary: (Ancient Language Resources) (English and Syriac Edition)
  ''978-1-57910-237-1Clark H. PinnockGrace Unlimited
1999978-1-57910-238-8David E. RosageBeginning Spiritual Direction
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1999978-1-57910-249-4James B. JordanJudges: A Practical and Theological Commentary
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2004978-1-57910-277-7Raymond E. BrownPriest and Bishop
1999978-1-57910-278-4Charles Van EngenThe Good News of The Kingdom: Mission Theology for the Third Millennium
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2000978-1-57910-291-3William StringfellowCount It All Joy
  ''978-1-57910-293-7William Klassen · Walter KlaassenThe Writings of Pilgram Marpeck
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  ''978-1-57910-297-5Ulrich ZwingliUlrich Zwingli Early Writings
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2001978-1-57910-305-7Jack CottrellTough Questions - Biblical Answers Part I:
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2000978-1-57910-314-9Ronald YoungbloodThe Genesis Debate
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2000978-1-57910-430-6Terrence W. TilleyThe Evils of Theodicy
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978-1-57910-713-0Intertextuality and the Reading of Midrash
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