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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-915138-07-4Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyMagna Carta Latina: The Privilege of Singing, Articulating and Reading a Language and of Keeping it Alive, Second Edition (Pittsburgh Reprint Series) (English and Latin Edition)
1976978-0-915138-12-8Jack M. MaxwellWorship and Reformed Theology: The Liturgical Lessons of Mercersburg (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series)
  ''978-0-915138-15-9Edward J. FurchaSelected Writings of Hans Denck: Edited and translated from the text as established by Walter Fellmann (Pittsburgh Original Texts and Translations Series; 1) (English and German Edition)
1978978-0-915138-26-5Rene MetzLiberation Theology and the Message of Salvation: Papers of the Fourth Cerdic Colloquium, Strasbourg, May 10-12, 1973 (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series)
1977978-0-915138-27-2John BowmanSamaritan Documents Relating to Their History, Religion and Life (Pittsburgh Original Texts and Translations Series No. 2)
1978978-0-915138-31-9Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyThe Fruit of Lips
1977978-0-915138-32-6Arthur L. MerrillScripture in History and Theology: Essays in Honor of J. Coert Rylaarsdam (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series)
1978978-0-915138-37-1Charles Yrigoyen Jr. · George H. BrickerCatholic and Reformed: Selected Theological Writings of John Williamson Nevin (Pittsburgh Original Texts and Translations Series)
  ''978-0-915138-39-5Bible. N. T. Gospels. Greek. 1978.Bezae Codex Cantabrigiensis
1979978-0-915138-40-1Charles YrigoyenReformed and Catholic: Selected Historical and Theological Writings of Philip Schaff (Pittsburgh Original Texts & Translations Series ; No. 4)
1981978-0-915138-48-7Donald G. MillerP.T. Forsyth: The Man, the Preachers' Theologian, Prophet for the 20th Century (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series)
  ''978-0-915138-49-4Paul HenryThe Path to Transcendence: From Philosophy to Mysticism in Saint Augustine (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series) (English and French Edition)
1984978-0-915138-58-6Ulrich ZwingliHuldrych Zwingli Writings, Vol One: The Defense of the Reformed Faith (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs)
  ''978-0-915138-59-3Ulrich ZwingliHuldrych Zwingli Writings: In Search of True Religion: Reformation, Pastoral and Eucharistic Writings, Vol. Two (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs, 12-13)
1986978-0-915138-61-6Martin RumscheidtThe Way of Theology in Karl Barth: Essays and Comments (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)
1984978-0-915138-64-7Edward J. FurchaProphet, Pastor, Protestant: The work of Huldrych Zwingli after five hundred years (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs)
1984978-0-915138-66-1Polly Park"To Save Their Heathen Souls": Voyage to and life in Foochow, China, based on the Wentworth Diaries and Letters, 1854-1858 (Pittsburgh Theological Monographs, New Ser. 9)
1975978-0-915138-75-3Karl BarthAnselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectum: Anselm's Proof of the Existence of God in the Context of His Theological Scheme (Pittsburgh Reprint Series 2)
1985978-0-915138-79-1Walter JacobThe Changing world of Reform Judaism: The Pittsburgh Platform in retrospect: papers presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the ... February, 1985 and The proceedings of 1885
1986978-0-915138-83-8D. Z. PhillipsR.S. Thomas: Poet of the Hidden God: Meaning and Mediation in the Poetry of R.S. Thomas (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)
1989978-0-915138-97-5Ben F. MeyerCritical Realism and the New Testament (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)