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2009978-1-60899-175-4Gary David ComstockGay Theology Without Apology
2010978-1-60899-208-9Terry Tempest WilliamsThe Open Space of Democracy:
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2010978-1-60899-333-8Bo GiertzThe Knights of Rhodes:
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2010978-1-60899-820-3Arthur Michael RamseyFreedom, Faith, and the Future:
2010978-1-60899-822-7Leander S. HardingIn the Breaking of the Bread: A User's Guide to a Service of Holy Communion in the Anglican Tradition
2011978-1-60899-838-8Kenneth Paul KramerDialogically Speaking: Maurice Friedman's Interdisciplinary Humanism
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2010978-1-60899-952-1Karl BarthDeliverance to the Captives:
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2010978-1-60899-971-2William P. AtkinsonBaptism in the Spirit: Luke-Acts and the Dunn Debate
2010978-1-60899-975-0Ray S. AndersonChristians Who Counsel: The Vocation of Wholistic Therapy (The Ray S. Anderson Collection)

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