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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4738-0315-250 Politics Classics: Freedom, Equality, Power
2014978-1-4738-2109-5Kees Rijken · Paul SchepersOperation Oyster: WW II's Forgotten Raid - The Daring Low Level Attack on the Philips Radio Works
  ''978-1-4738-2139-2Gareth HughesVisiting the Somme and Ypres Battlefields Made Easy: A Helpful Guide Book for Groups and Individuals
  ''978-1-4738-2194-1H. W TustinEscaping from the Kaiser: The Dramatic Experiences of a Tommy Pow
2016978-1-4738-2242-9Jane Marchese RobinsonTracing Your Boer War Ancestors: Soldiers of a Forgotten War (Tracing Your Ancestors)
2014978-1-4738-2256-6Stella PixtonHoward Pixton Test Pilot and Pioneer Aviator
2016978-1-4738-2267-2Ian BaxterGerman Army on the Eastern Front - The Retreat 1943 1945 (Images of War)
2014978-1-4738-2273-3James CartwrightSniper in Helmand
  ''978-1-4738-2284-9Nigel W. M. WarwickConstant Vigilance: RAF Regiment in the Burma Campaign
  ''978-1-4738-2290-0Neil ThomasOne-Hour Wargames
2014978-1-4738-2297-9Ian HughesBelisarius
2017978-1-4738-2299-3Ian Macgregor MorrisXerxes - King of King's: The True Story
2014978-1-4738-2302-0Nigel PerrinSpirit of Resistance: The Life of SOE Agent Harry Peuleve, DSO MC
  ''978-1-4738-2312-9Kenneth L. PrivratskyLogistics in the Falklands War
  ''978-1-4738-2317-4Richard HutchingsSpecial Forces Pilot: A Flying Memoir of the Falkland War
2017978-1-4738-2318-1Martin SmithMortal Wounds: The Human Skeleton as Evidence for Conflict in the Past
2014978-1-4738-2324-2Nick ChildsBritain's Future Navy
2015978-1-4738-2327-3Michael Napier · John WilliamBlue Diamonds: The Exploits of 14 Squadron RAF 1945-2015
2020978-1-4738-2337-2Julie GoucherTracing Your European Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians (Tracing Your Ancestors)
2018978-1-4738-2342-6Nic FieldsGod's Viking: Harald Hardrada: The Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Emprerors Ad998 to 1204
2016978-1-4738-2343-3Hugh W. CowinThe Spitfire: Exploring the Myths and Legacy of an Icon
2015978-1-4738-2346-4Tom BurnellIrishmen in the Great War - Irish Newspaper Stories 1916
2018978-1-4738-2347-1Reiss O'neillToday's London Underground
2016978-1-4738-2350-1Tim GaleFrench Tanks of the Great War: Development, Tactics and Operations
2017978-1-4738-2355-6Rebecca Angharad DeanWarfare and Weaponry in Dynastic Egypt
2015978-1-4738-2358-7Ken Linge · Pam LingeMissing but Not Forgotten: Men of the Thiepval Memorial - Somme
2016978-1-4738-2379-2Charles DelvertFrom the Marne to Verdun: The War Diary of Captain Charles Delvert, 101st Infantry, 1914-1916
2015978-1-4738-2380-8Geoff PlattThe Great Train Robbery and the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad
2016978-1-4738-2381-5Adrian SearleChurchill's Last Wartime Secret: The 1943 German Raid Airbrushed from History
2015978-1-4738-2386-0Matthew WharmbyLondon Transport s Last Buses
  ''978-1-4738-2388-4Ludwig Heinrich DyckThe Roman Barbarian Wars: The Era of Roman Conquest
  ''978-1-4738-2392-1Yefim GordonFlight Craft 8: Mikoyan MiG-31
2017978-1-4738-2402-7Stephen WynnSurrender of Singapore: Three Years of Hell
2015978-1-4738-2556-7Peter HughesVisiting the Fallen - Arras North
2015978-1-4738-2557-4Peter HughesVisiting the Fallen - Arras Memorials
  ''978-1-4738-2558-1   ''Visiting the Fallen - Arras South
2018978-1-4738-2563-5Mark SmithersLocomotive Builders of Leeds: E.B. Wilson and Manning Wardle
2016978-1-4738-2701-1Peter Hoskins · Richard BarberCrecy 1346: A Tourists' Guide
  ''978-1-4738-2707-3Paul OldfieldVictoria Crosses on the Western Front - 1917 to Third Ypres: 27th January 1917 to 27th July 1917
2017978-1-4738-2708-0Paul OldfieldVictoria Crosses on the Western Front - Third Ypres 1917: 31st July 1917 to 6th November 1917
2018978-1-4738-2711-0   ''Victoria Crosses on the Western Front - Cambrai to the German Spring Offensive: 20th November 1917 to 7th April 1918
2015978-1-4738-2717-2Jim BlakeBritish Buses 1967
2014978-1-4738-2724-0Neil Robinson · Martin DerryFlight Craft 4: Avro Lancaster 1945-1964
  ''978-1-4738-2725-7Neil Robinson · Martin DerryFlight Craft 3: Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane
2016978-1-4738-2729-5Owen ReesGreat Battles of the Classical Greek World
2018978-1-4738-2730-1Owen ReesGreat Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World
2015978-1-4738-2733-2William FraserIn Good Company: The First World War Letters and Diaries of the Hon. William Fraser, Gordon Highlanders
2016978-1-4738-2752-3Philip S. JowettChina and Japan at War 1937 - 1945 (Images of War)
2014978-1-4738-2760-8Andrew DowPegasus - The Heart of the Harrier: The History and Development of the World's First Operational Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet Engine
  ''978-1-4738-2762-2Gilberto VillahermosaHitler's Paratrooper: The Life and Battles of Rudolf Witzig
2014978-1-4738-2766-0Martyn JohnsonWhat's Tha Up To This Time?
2015978-1-4738-2785-1Michael BelafiThe Zeppelin
  ''978-1-4738-2787-5Nigel McCrery · Norman FranksThe Fallen Few of the Battle of Britain
  ''978-1-4738-2795-0Keith WilsonRAF in Camera: 1950s
  ''978-1-4738-2802-5Helmuth EulerThe Dambuster Raid: A German View
  ''978-1-4738-2804-9Gareth SampsonDefeat of Rome: Crassus, Carrhae and the Invasion of the East
2015978-1-4738-2805-6J. F. LazenbySpartan Army
2016978-1-4738-2818-6Stephen BrowningNorwich in the Great War (Your Towns and Cities in the Great War) (Your Towns & Cities in the Great War)
2015978-1-4738-2822-3Katie StosselA Handful of Heroes, Rorke's Drift: Facts, Myths and Legends
  ''978-1-4738-2846-9Rudolf BohmlerMonte Cassino: A German View
2016978-1-4738-2956-5William ClementsThe Fatal Fortress: The Guns and Fortifications of Singapore 1819 - 1956
2017978-1-4738-3031-8Alison EatwellCrime, Clemency and Consequence in Britain 1821 - 1839: A Slice of Criminal Life
2016978-1-4738-3360-9Anthony Tucker-JonesPanther Tank: Hitler's T-34 Killer (Images of War)
2018978-1-4738-3366-1David BiltonThe Badges of Kitchener's Army
2016978-1-4738-3374-6Raoul McLaughlinRoman Empire and the Silk Routes
2020978-1-4738-3383-8Paul JohstonoThe Army of Ptolemaic Egypt 323 to 204 BC: An Institutional and Operational History
2015978-1-4738-3385-2David WoodlandCrime and Corruption at the Yard
  ''978-1-4738-3386-9Wilhelm Adam · Otto RuhleWith Paulus at Stalingrad
  ''978-1-4738-3387-6Henry PrunckunHow to Undertake Surveillance and Reconnaissance: From a Civilian and Military Perspective
2016978-1-4738-3393-7Dayanna KnightViking Nations: The Development of Medieval North Atlantic Identities
2015978-1-4738-3413-2Michael John W. NapierTornado Over the Tigris: Recollections of a Fast Jet Pilot
  ''978-1-4738-3421-7Peter WillettArmoured Horseman: With the Bays and the Eighth Army in North Africa and Italy
2015978-1-4738-3424-8Martin Bowman · Dave WindleFlight Craft 7: V Bombers
  ''978-1-4738-3428-6Timothy VenningA Chronology of Ancient Greece
2017978-1-4738-3429-3Matthew DillonReligion and Classical Warfare: Archaic and Classical Greece (Religion & Classical Warfare)
2016978-1-4738-3434-7Sabine FrankeAnthology of Ancient Mesopotamia Texts: When the Gods Were Human
2015978-1-4738-3438-5Gordon ThorburnLuck of a Lancaster
2017978-1-4738-3493-4Frank BaldwinD-Day Gunners: The Royal Artillery on D-Day (Battleground Normandy)
2018978-1-4738-3527-6John KingGilbert Szlumper and Leo Amery of the Southern Railway: The Diaries of a General Manager and a Director
2016978-1-4738-3563-4Irish GuardsUp the Micks! An Illustrated History of the Irish Guards
  ''978-1-4738-3774-4Mike RendellIn Bed with the Georgians: Sex, Scandal and Satire in the 18th Century
2015978-1-4738-3776-8Keith WilsonRAF in Camera: 1960s
  ''978-1-4738-3779-9Philip GibbsThe BEF in 1917: Arras, Vimy, Messines, Passchendaele and Cambrai: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War)
  ''978-1-4738-3784-3Bob CarruthersIllustrated War Reports: Trench Warfare
2015978-1-4738-3787-4Bob CarruthersThe British on the Somme: Contemporary Combat Images from the Great War (Illustrated War Reports: Contemporary Combat Images from the)
2016978-1-4738-3792-8William UrbanSmall Wars and their Influence on Nation States:1500 to the Present
  ''978-1-4738-3798-0Erich B. AndersonCataphracts: Knights of the Ancient Eastern Empires
2015978-1-4738-4182-6Ann ClaytonMartin Leake: Double VC
  ''978-1-4738-4351-6Kevin BrazierComplete Victoria Cross
  ''978-1-4738-4362-2Andrew HigginsWith the SAS and Other Animals: A Vet's Experiences During the Dhofar War 1973
  ''978-1-4738-4367-7Raymond Street · Robert StreetWe Fought at Kohima
2018978-1-4738-4369-1Anthony BurtonRailway Empire: How the British Gave Railways to the World
2016978-1-4738-4375-2M. P. Robinson · Robert GriffinRoyal Armoured Corps in Cold War 1946 - 1990 (Images of War)
2015978-1-4738-4388-2Sally-Anne Greville HeygateFrom Sapper to Spitfire Spy
2016978-1-4738-4400-1Mark SmithersThe Royal Arsenal Railways: The Rise and Fall of a Military Railway Network
2015978-1-4738-4468-1Mark HillierA Fighter Command Station at War
2018978-1-4738-4472-8David MartinDeath of a Division: Eight Days in March 1918 and the Untold Story of the 66th (2/1st East Lancashire) Division
2016978-1-4738-4476-6Brian BestThe Victoria Crosses that Saved an Empire: The Story of the VCs of the Indian Mutiny
2015978-1-4738-4547-3Charles HeymanBritish Army Guide 2016 - 2017
2015978-1-4738-4555-8Bob Carruthers · Sinclair McLayThe Last Tigers
  ''978-1-4738-4569-5John F. WhiteRoman Emperor Aurelian
  ''978-1-4738-4570-1Julian RomaneByzantium Triumphant: The Military History of the Byzantines
2016978-1-4738-4629-6Simon WebbBritish Concentration Camps
  ''978-1-4738-4699-9Rainer NickelStrategist in Exile
2015978-1-4738-4745-3Bryan PerrettDesert Warfare
  ''978-1-4738-4749-1Bryan PerrettImpossible Victories
2015978-1-4738-4753-8Bryan Perrett · Walter WalkerJungle Warfare: From the Earliest Days of Forest Fighting to the Battlefields of Vietnam
  ''978-1-4738-4767-5Kenneth G WynnMen of the Battle of Britain
  ''978-1-4738-4822-1Alan WhitworthVCs of the North: Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland
2016978-1-4738-4830-6John S. HarrelNisibis War 337 - 363
  ''978-1-4738-4834-4John TaylorDeborah and the War of the Tanks
2017978-1-4738-4850-4Daniel MerseyA Wargamer's Guide to the Anglo-Zulu Wars
2016978-1-4738-4881-8Michael John W. NapierGloster Javelin: An Operational History
2015978-1-4738-4917-4Anthony AdolphBrutus of Troy: And the Quest for the Ancestry of the British
  ''978-1-4738-4921-1Anthony AdolphIn Search of Our Ancient Ancestors
2016978-1-4738-4991-4Conrad WatersNavies in the 21st Century
2019978-1-4738-4995-2Mark HillierThe Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots' Kitbag: An Ultimate Guide to Uniforms, Arms and Equipment from the Summer of 1940
2018978-1-4738-4999-0   ''The RAF Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots' Kitbag: The Ultimate Guide to the Uniforms, Arms and Equipment from the Summer of 1940
2016978-1-4738-5003-3Willow WinshamAccused: British Witches throughout History
2017978-1-4738-5067-5Graham A. ThomasAttack on the Scheldt: Allied Operations in Northern Europe 1944
2017978-1-4738-5079-8Robert Burnham · Ron McGuiganWellington's Brigade Commanders: Peninsula and Waterloo
2016978-1-4738-5083-5Paul ChapmanTyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial: In Memory and in Mourning
  ''978-1-4738-5087-3Paul ChapmanMenin Gate South: In Memory and in Mourning
  ''978-1-4738-5091-0   ''Menin Gate North: In Memory and in Mourning
2016978-1-4738-5095-8Paul ChapmanLijssenthoek Military Cemetery: In Memory and in Mourning
2015978-1-4738-5163-4Stewart Kent · Nick NicholasAgent Michael Trotobas and SOE in Northern France
2016978-1-4738-5171-9John GrehanThe First VCs: The Stories Behind the First Victoria Crosses in the Crimean War and the Definition of Courage
  ''978-1-4738-5207-5Helen BarrellPoison Panic: Arsenic Deaths in 1840s Essex
2015978-1-4738-5274-7John GrehanThe Lines of Torres Vedras: The Cornerstone of Wellington s Strategy in the Peninsular War 1809-12 (Napoleonic Library)
2018978-1-4738-5329-4Keith LangstonBritish Steam Military Connections: Southern Railway, Great Western Railway and British Railways - Steam Locomotives
2017978-1-4738-5337-9Jonathan SwanLaw and War: Magistrates in the Great War
2016978-1-4738-5342-3Ian R. GardinerThe Yompers: With 45 Commando in the Falklands War
2017978-1-4738-5423-9Gill RossiniSame Sex Love 1700-1957
2016978-1-4738-5432-1Gareth HughesVisiting the Normandy Invasion Beaches and Battlefields: A Helpful Guide Book for Groups and Individuals
  ''978-1-4738-5436-9Michael GreenAmerican Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles (Images of War)
  ''978-1-4738-5521-2Richard Van EmdenSomme (Soldiers Words & Photographs 3)
2018978-1-4738-5559-5Clifford MewettSussex at War 1939 - 1945 (Your Towns & Cities in World War Two)
2020978-1-4738-5587-8Alexander MerrowCaesar's Great Success: Sustaining the Roman Army on Campaign
2017978-1-4738-5595-3Mike RobertsHannibal's Road: The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC
2016978-1-4738-5611-0Adelbert Holl · Tony Le TissierAfter Stalingrad: Seven Years as a Soviet Prisoner of War
2017978-1-4738-5660-8Paul ChrystalWomen at War in the Classical World
2016978-1-4738-5664-6Ian F. W. BeckettGuide to British Military History: The Subject and the Sources
2015978-1-4738-5679-0Paul MoorcraftJihadist Threat
2017978-1-4738-5695-0Jacqueline ReiterThe Late Lord: The Life of John Pitt - 2nd Earl of Chatham
2016978-1-4738-5703-2James MooreThe Tudor Murder Files
2018978-1-4738-5710-0Jim BlakeBritish Steam Sunset: A Vision of the Final Years 1965-1968
2020978-1-4738-5714-8   ''British Independent Bus and Coach Operators: A Snapshot from the 1960s
2019978-1-4738-5718-6   ''British Municipal Bus Operators: A Snapshot of the 1960s
2018978-1-4738-5722-3   ''The British Transport Commission Group: Former Thomas Tilling Companies in the 1960s
2017978-1-4738-5760-5Georges BernageObjective Saint-Lo: 7 June 1944 - 18 July 1944
2018978-1-4738-5762-9Georges BernageObjective Falaise: 8 August 1944-16 August 1944
2016978-1-4738-5812-1Martyn JohnsonWhat s Tha Playing at Nah?
2017978-1-4738-5868-8Nick WotherspoonLawrie Bond, Microcar Man: An Illustrated History of Bond Cars
2016978-1-4738-5900-5Denise BatesHistorical Research Using British Newspa
2017978-1-4738-5908-1Professor Richard A. GabrielGreat Generals of the Ancient World: The Personality, Intellectual, and Leadership Traits That Made Them Great
2018978-1-4738-5920-3Terry CrowdyMarengo
2017978-1-4738-6033-9Nick ThomasStafford in the Great War (Towns and Cities)
2015978-1-4738-6073-5Paul Moorcraft · Peter McLaughlinRhodesian War
2016978-1-4738-6085-8Jason R. AbdaleFour Days in September: The Battle of Teutoberg
2018978-1-4738-6142-8Jim BlakeThe London Leylands: The Last Years of R T L and R T W Operation in London
2017978-1-4738-6146-6   ''Trolleybus Twilight: Britain's Last Trolleybus Systems
2016978-1-4738-6182-4Chris BarberKing Arthur
2017978-1-4738-6200-5Gareth DavidRailway Renaissance: Britain's Railways After Beeching
2018978-1-4738-6227-2Matthew WharmbyThe London Ls: The Leyland National Bus in London Service
2016978-1-4738-6231-9Matthew WharmbyThe London Enviro 400
2018978-1-4738-6243-2Martin Jenkins · Charles RobertsReturn to Isle of Man Transport: Manx Electric, Snaefell & the Buses and Trams of Douglas Corporation
2017978-1-4738-6251-7Larry Jeram-CroftThe Royal Navy Lynx: An Operational History
2018978-1-4738-6259-3Nik CornishHitler versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1944-1945: Warsaw to Berlin: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War)
2015978-1-4738-6263-0Anthony HoskinsFlight Craft 9: Avro Shackleton
2017978-1-4738-6282-1Dee GordonBad Girls from History: Wicked or Misunderstood?
2016978-1-4738-6298-2Ben JohnsonCharlie Peace: Murder, Mayhem and the Master of Disguise
2017978-1-4738-6310-1Martin W. BowmanAir War Varsity
2016978-1-4738-6330-9Naomi CliffordDisappearance of Maria Glenn
2020978-1-4738-6350-7Joanne Major · Sarah MurdenA History Of The Dukes of Bolton 1600-1815: Love Loyalty
2018978-1-4738-6367-5Chris PeersKing Stephen and the Anarchy: Civil War and Military Tactics in Twelfth-Century Britain
2017978-1-4738-6375-0John D. GraingerKings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World 350 - 30 Bc
  ''978-1-4738-6449-8Jarrod CotterThe Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: A History in Pictures
2016978-1-4738-6672-0Major & Mrs HoltMajor & Mrs Holt's Definitive Battlefield Guide Somme (Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guides)
  ''978-1-4738-6717-8Peter LiddleBritain and a Widening War, 1915-1916: Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and the Somme
2017978-1-4738-6721-5Ian MaxwellTracing Your Glasgow Ancestors (Tracing Your Ancestors)
2016978-1-4738-6762-8Will LaidlawApache Over Libya
2017978-1-4738-6766-6Richard LarnThe Isles of Scilly in the Great War (Your Towns & Cities in the Great War)
  ''978-1-4738-6812-0John SheehanThe Harrogate Terriers: From Strawberry Dale to Passchendaele - A History of the 1/5th Territorial Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment 1914-1919
2016978-1-4738-6820-5Bob CarruthersCambrai: By Those Who Were There
  ''978-1-4738-6832-8   ''The Wehrmacht in Russia: By Those Who Were There
2016978-1-4738-6840-3Bob CarruthersSS Panzer Divisions on the Eastern Front (Images of War)
  ''978-1-4738-6860-1Major Richard HughesSheldrake
  ''978-1-4738-6868-7Bob CarruthersShooting the Somme
  ''978-1-4738-6876-2   ''The SS Trials and Retribution
  ''978-1-4738-6880-9   ''Panzer Rollen!
2016978-1-4738-6900-4Joanna CostinCambridgeshire Kitcheners: A History of 11th (Service) Battalion (Cambs) Suffolk Regiment
2018978-1-4738-6996-7Murray RowlandsHampshire at War 1939-45 (Your Towns & Cities in Wwii)
2016978-1-4738-7046-8David PriceA Bomber Crew Mystery: The Forgotten Heroes of 388th Bombardment Group
  ''978-1-4738-7071-0Angelo CaravaggioTwenty-One Days in Normandy: Maj. Gen George Kitching and the 4th Canadian Armoured Division
  ''978-1-4738-7098-7Harry A. KuiperArnhem and the Aftermath: Airborne Assaults in the Netherlands 1940 - 1945
2017978-1-4738-7122-9Catherine CurzonKings of Georgian Britain
2016978-1-4738-7146-5John FidlerBattleships of the World: Struggle for Naval Supremacy 1820 - 1945
2020978-1-4738-7186-1Howard PiltzAircraft and Aviation Stamps: A Collector's Guide (Transport Philately Series)
2016978-1-4738-7210-3Ewen Southby-TailyourExocet Falklands: The Untold Story of Special Forces Operations
2017978-1-4738-7294-3Matthew Wharmby · John S LakerLondon Buses 1970 - 1980: A Decade of London Transport and London Country Operations
  ''978-1-4738-7464-0Philip MatyszakSparta: Rise of a Warrior Nation
2018978-1-4738-7484-8Philip JowettChiang Kai-Shek versus Tse-Tung: The Battle for China 1946 - 1949 (Images of War)
  ''978-1-4738-7492-3Paul HillThe Knights Templar at War 1120 -1312
2017978-1-4738-7532-6Lance ColeVC10: An Icon of the Skies: Boac, Boeing and a Jet Age Battle
2017978-1-4738-7571-5Sara Read · Jennifer EvansMaladies and Medicine: Exploring Health and Healing, 1540 - 1740
2016978-1-4738-7620-0Martin ConnollyMary Ann Cotton - Dark Angel: Britain s First Female Serial Killer
2017978-1-4738-7636-1Simon FowlerTracing Your Army Ancestors - 3rd Edition (Tracing Your Ancestors)
  ''978-1-4738-7640-8Caroline JowettThe History of Newgate Prison
2016978-1-4738-7675-0Joachim MeyerThe Art of Sword Combat: A 1568 German Treatise on Swordmanship
2017978-1-4738-7775-7Vassili SubbotinWe Stormed the Reichstag (Telord 1403)
  ''978-1-4738-7806-8Andy MillarLost at Sea Found at Fukushima: The Story of a Japanese POW
2016978-1-4738-7813-6Michael YoungPostcards of the Army Service Corps 1902-1918: Coming of Age
2017978-1-4738-7875-4David Mitchelhill-GreenWith Rommel in the Desert (Images of War)
2019978-1-4738-7883-9Jose Maria · Manrique · Jose Maria Mata · Lucas MolinaGerman Military Vehicles in the Spanish Civil War: A Comprehensive Study of the Deployment of German Military Vehicles on the Eve of WW2
2016978-1-4738-7895-2Gordon LandsboroughThe Battle of the River Plate: The First Naval Battle of the Second World War
  ''978-1-4738-7899-0Ian JonesLondon: Bombed, Blitzed and Blown Up: The British Capital Under Attack Since 1867
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2017978-1-4738-7985-0Julian Maxwell HeathWarfare in Neolithic Europe: An Archaeological and Anthropological Analysis
2017978-1-4738-7996-6Norman FranksFallen Eagles: Airmen Who Survived the Great War Only to Die in the Peace
  ''978-1-4738-8065-8John WintripTracing Your Pre-Victorian Ancestors (Tracing Your Ancestors)
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  ''978-1-4738-8235-5John RobertsBritish Battlecruisers: 1905 - 1920
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2017978-1-4738-8261-4A.J.M. de RoccaIn the Peninsula with a French Hussar: Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain (Napoleonic Library)
  ''978-1-4738-8297-3Domenico AngeloThe School of Fencing
2016978-1-4738-8337-6Robert BrownShipCraft 24: Japanese Battleships: Fuso & Ise Classes
2019978-1-4738-8353-6Graham M. SimonsOlympic Airways: A History
2019978-1-4738-8357-4Simons Graham MThe British Overseas Airways Corporation: A History
2016978-1-4738-8517-2William UrbanSomme
2017978-1-4738-8525-7Joel GreenbergGordon Welchman: Bletchley Park's Architect of Ultra Intelligence
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2016978-1-4738-8585-1Mike OlbinskiStorm Chaser
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2018978-1-4738-8704-6Michael GreenAxis Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War (Images of War)
2016978-1-4738-8708-4Bernard EdwardsThe Decoys: A Tale of Three Atlantic Convoys, 1942
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