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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-78159-000-3Brian LettIan Fleming and SOE's Operation Postmaster: The Top Secret Story Behind 007
  ''978-1-78159-004-1Albrecht WackerSniper on the Eastern Front
2014978-1-78159-008-9Robert ForczykTank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt: Volume 1
2013978-1-78159-010-2Roger AnnettBorneo Boys: RAF Helicopter Pilots in Action, Indonesia Confrontation, 1962-66
  ''978-1-78159-011-9Pat Ware · Brian DelfCenturian Tank: Images Of War
  ''978-1-78159-016-4Ian ColvinFlight 777: The Mystery of Leslie Howard
2017978-1-78159-018-8Ian HughesGaiseric: The Vandal Who Sacked Rome
  ''978-1-78159-024-9James J. BloomRome Rules the Waves
2012978-1-78159-025-6Stewart MitchellScattered Under the Rising Sun
2014978-1-78159-029-4Pat Ware · Brian DelfM4 Sherman (Images of War Special)
2015978-1-78159-031-7James FalknerThe War of the Spanish Succession 1701-1714
2012978-1-78159-035-5Martin MiddlebrookFirestorm Hamburg: The Facts Surrounding the Destruction of a German City 1943
2013978-1-78159-038-6Simon WillsHow Our Ancestors Died: A Guide for Family Historians
2013978-1-78159-040-9Thomas PaulPanzer III at War 1939 - 1945 (Images of War)
2012978-1-78159-043-0Andrew FieldWaterloo: The French Perspective
  ''978-1-78159-048-5David Heathcoat-AmoryConfessions of a Eurosceptic
2013978-1-78159-051-5Jim CrossleyMonitors of the Royal Navy
  ''978-1-78159-059-1Michael NapierWinged Crusaders: The Exploits of 14 Squadron RFC & RAF 1915-45
  ''978-1-78159-069-0Mark FeltonChina Station: The British Military in the Middle Kingdom 1839 - 1997
2012978-1-78159-070-6Jack Radey · Charles C. SharpThe Defense of Moscow 1941: The Northern Flank
2013978-1-78159-073-7Gordon ThorburnLuck of a Lancaster
2015978-1-78159-076-8Evan McgilvrayHamilton and Gallipoli
2013978-1-78159-085-0Rostislav AlievThe Siege of Brest 1941: A Legend of Red Army Resistance on the Eastern Front
2015978-1-78159-088-1Adrian Coombs-HoarEagles in the Dust: The Roman Defeat at Adrianopolis AD 378
2013978-1-78159-094-2Patrick Otter1 Group: Swift to Attack: Bomber Command's Unsung Heroes
2012978-1-78159-107-9Phillip E. SimsAdventurous Empires: The Story of the Short Empire Flying-Boats
  ''978-1-78159-115-4Martin BowmanAir War 'Market Garden: The Build Up to the Beginning
2013978-1-78159-120-8Lindsay PowellGermanicus: The Magnificent Life and Mysterious Death of Rome's Most Popular General
2013978-1-78159-121-5David ButteryWaterloo Battlefield Guide (Battlefield Guides)
2012978-1-78159-123-9Peter TaylorAllied Special Forces Insignia
  ''978-1-78159-144-4Bob Carruthers · James GrantThe Zulu War - Through Contemporary Eyes (Military History from Primary Sources)
2013978-1-78159-185-7Ian BaxterWaffen SS on the Western Front (Images of War)
2014978-1-78159-186-4Ian BaxterWaffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-1945: Images of War
  ''978-1-78159-188-8Nic FieldsAD69: Emperors, Armies and Anarchy
  ''978-1-78159-190-1Stephen ChambersAnzac - Sari Bair (Battleground Gallipoli)
2013978-1-78159-214-4Bob CarruthersWehrmacht Combat Reports: The Russian Front (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)
  ''978-1-78159-215-1   ''Handbook on German Military Forces (World War II from Original Sources)
2013978-1-78159-228-1Bob CarruthersWehrmacht Experience in Russia (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)
  ''978-1-78159-232-8   ''Barbarossa: Hitler Turns East (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)
  ''978-1-78159-233-5   ''Winter Warfare on the Russian Front (Eastern Front from Primary Sources)
  ''978-1-78159-235-9James GrantThe Crimean War (Military History from Primary Sources)
  ''978-1-78159-238-0Cornelius TacitusTribes of Ancient Britain and Germany (Military History from Primary Sources)
2013978-1-78159-258-8Anthony Tucker-JonesArmoured Warfare and Hitler's Allies 1941-1945: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War)
  ''978-1-78159-262-5James RennieOperators: On the Streets with Britain's Most Secret Service
2014978-1-78159-267-0Jerry MurlandRetreat and Rearguard - Somme 1918
2016978-1-78159-275-5Fernando Quesada SanzWeapons, Warriors and Battles of Ancient Iberia
2013978-1-78159-279-3Graham M. SimonsComet! The World's First Jet Airliner
  ''978-1-78159-282-3Gordon YefimFlight Craft: Russian Gunship Helicopters
  ''978-1-78159-287-8Ray CusickWellington's Rifles: The Origins, Development and Battles of the Rifle Regiments in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo
  ''978-1-78159-288-5Jonathan OatesJohn Christie of Rillington Place: Biography of a Serial Killer
2015978-1-78159-293-9Michael LeekThe British Aerospace Harrier - A Photographic Tribute
2015978-1-78159-297-7Michael LeekPanavia Tornado: A Photographic Tribute
2014978-1-78159-311-0Nick ThomasHurricane Squadron Ace: The Story of Battle of Britain Ace, Air Commodore Peter Brothers, CBE, DSO, DFC and Bar
  ''978-1-78159-318-9David WraggThe Second World War's Military Legacy: The Atomic Bomb and Much More
2013978-1-78159-320-2Mark StevensBroadmoor Revealed
2014978-1-78159-325-7Julie Rosemary WilemanWarfare in Northern Europe Before the Romans: Evidence from Archaeology
  ''978-1-78159-328-8John Grehan · Martin MaceThe Boer War 1899-1902: Ladysmith, Magersfontein, Spion Kop, Kimberley and Mafeking (Despatches from the Front)
  ''978-1-78159-330-1John Grehan · Martin MaceBritish Battles of the Crimean Wars 1854-1856 (Despatches from the Front)
2013978-1-78159-333-2Ian M. PhilpottThe Birth of the Royal Air Force
2016978-1-78159-335-6Malcolm James Baillie-HislopCastle Builders: Approaches to Castle Design and Construction in the Middle Ages
2014978-1-78159-338-7Mike VerierCobra! The Attack Helicopter: Fifty Years of Sharks Teeth and Fangs
  ''978-1-78159-342-4Ross GilfillanCrime and Punishment in Victorian London: A Street-Level View of London's Underworld
2014978-1-78159-356-1Gareth GloverWaterloo: Myth and Reality
  ''978-1-78159-372-1Gill BlanchardWriting Your Family History
2016978-1-78159-375-2Kaye JonesCase of the Chocolate Cream Killer
2014978-1-78159-383-7Martin Mace · John GrehanThe Crimean War (Images of War)
2013978-1-78159-394-3Brian LettThe Small Scale Raiding Force
  ''978-1-78159-472-8Airey NeaveThey Have Their Exits
  ''978-1-78159-473-5C. N. Wotherspoon · Alan Clark · Mark SheldonAircraft Wrecks: A Walker's Guide: Historic Crash Sites on the Moors and Mountains of the British Isles