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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-84884-644-9Graham SimonsLiberator: The Consolidated B-24 (Images of War)
2011978-1-84884-652-4Dick KirbyThe Brave Blue Line: 100 Years of Metropolitan Police Gallantry
  ''978-1-84884-653-1David GreenCaptured at the Imjin River: The Korean War Memoirs of a Gloster
2014978-1-84884-654-8Wing Commander H. R. 'Ray' KiddHorizons - The History of the Air Cadets
2011978-1-84884-655-5Pat CunninghamFighter! Fighter! Corkscrew Port!: Vivid Memories of Bomber Aircrew in World War Two
  ''978-1-84884-656-2Peter CaygillJavelin from the Cockpit: Britain's First Delta Wing Fighter
  ''978-1-84884-657-9Clive SempleAirway to the East 1918-1920, and the collapse of No. 1 Aerial Route RAF
2012978-1-84884-658-6Robert JacksonInfamous Aircraft: Dangerous Designs and Their Vices (Images of War)
  ''978-1-84884-659-3Stuart HadawayMissing Believed Killed: Casualty Policy and the Missing Research and Enquiry Service 1939-1952
2012978-1-84884-660-9Martin BowmanMosquito: Menacing the Reich: Combat Action in the Twin-Engine Wooden Wonder of World War II
2011978-1-84884-662-3Charles MessengerLast Prussian: A Biography of Field Mashal Gerd von Rundstedt
  ''978-1-84884-663-0James CartwrightSniper in Helmand
2012978-1-84884-664-7Sue BlackhallScott of the Antarctic: We Shall Die Like Gentlemen
  ''978-1-84884-666-1Tony McCrumAbandon Ship!: The Post-War Memoirs of Captain Tony McCrum RN
  ''978-1-84884-667-8Alistair SmithU-108 at War (Images of War)
2011978-1-84884-671-5John MacDonald · Zeljko CimpricCaporetto and the Isonzo Campaign
  ''978-1-84884-674-6Egbert KieserPrussian Apocalypse: The Fall of Danzig 1945
2011978-1-84884-675-3Janet Bromley · David BromleyWellington's Men Remembered: A to L Volume 1: A Register of Memorials to Soldiers Who Fought in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo (Book & DVD)
2012978-1-84884-677-7Andrew NormanWinston Churchill: Portrait of a Unique Mind
  ''978-1-84884-678-4Ursula Stuart MasonBritannia's Daughters (Pen & Sword Maritime Books)
  ''978-1-84884-681-4Paul ThomasPanzer IV at War 1939-1945 (Images of War)
  ''978-1-84884-682-1Alistair SmithCarnage: The German Front in World War One (Images of War)
  ''978-1-84884-683-8Mike PetersGlider Pilots in Sicily
2011978-1-84884-684-5General Sir George Cooper GCBFight, Dig and Live
2012978-1-84884-686-9Hans SeidlerLuftwaffe Flak and Field Divisions 1939-1945 (Images of War)
2012978-1-84884-687-6Tony PollardCulloden: The History and Archaeology of the Last Clan Battle
  ''978-1-84884-690-6Carl FranklinBritish Army Uniforms of the American Revolution 1751-1783
  ''978-1-84884-691-3Graham SimonsB-17 Memphis Belle (Images of War)
2011978-1-84884-741-5Brian Todd CareyWarfare in the Medieval World
2012978-1-84884-742-2Rubeigh James MinneyCarve Her Name with Pride
  ''978-1-84884-745-3Graham BoundFortress Falklands
  ''978-1-84884-746-0Adrian GreavesForgotten Battles of the Zulu War
2012978-1-84884-748-4Paul McDonaldWinged Warriors: The Cold War from the Cockpit
  ''978-1-84884-749-1Martin BowmanUS Eighth Air Force in Europe: Eager Eagles: Summer 1941 - 1943 Vol 1
2015978-1-84884-750-7Janet Bromley · David BromleyWellington's Men Remembered: M to Z Volume 2: A Register of Memorials to Soldiers Who Fought in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo (Book & CD Rom)
2014978-1-84884-752-1Nik CornishThe Russian Army in the First World War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War)
2012978-1-84884-754-5Clive EvansThrough the Barrier: Flying Fast Jets in the RAF and USAF
  ''978-1-84884-755-2Martin BowmanNorwich Blitz (Images of War Series)
  ''978-1-84884-759-0David Coles · Peter SherrardThe Four Geniuses of the Battle of Britain: Watson-Watt, Henry Royce, Sydney Camm and RJ Mitchell
  ''978-1-84884-761-3Michael GreenPatton Tanks: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War)
2012978-1-84884-763-7M. J. TrowRipper Hunter: Abberline and the Whitechapel Murders
  ''978-1-84884-769-9Jerry MurlandThe Battle on the Aisne 1914: The BEF and the Birth of the Western Front
2013978-1-84884-770-5John Grehan · Martin MaceSlaughter on the Somme
2015978-1-84884-775-0John BassettCaesar's Heirs: Wolves in the Forum: Volume 1
2012978-1-84884-779-8Andrew HendrieShort Sunderland: The "Flying Porcupines" in the Second World War
  ''978-1-84884-780-4Andrew HendrieFlying Catalinas: The Consolidated PBY Catalina in World War II
  ''978-1-84884-785-9Stuart A. RaymondWills of Our Ancestors: A Guide for Family & Local Historians (Family History (Pen & Sword))
2014978-1-84884-789-7Philip MatyszakCataclysm 90 BC
2013978-1-84884-790-3Chris PeersBattles of Ancient China
2012978-1-84884-794-1John Grehan · Martin MaceUnearthing Churchill's Secret Army: The Official List of SOE Casualties and Their Stories
2013978-1-84884-797-2Richard EvansFields of Death: Retracing Ancient Battlefields
2012978-1-84884-798-9John CarrOn Spartan Wings: The Royal Hellenic Air Force in World War Two
  ''978-1-84884-800-9Paul WatkinsMidget Submarine Commander: The Life of Godfrey Place VC
2012978-1-84884-802-3Wolfgang SchneiderTigers in Normandy
  ''978-1-84884-804-7Alistair SmithStuka: Hitler's Lethal Dive Bomber (Images of War)
  ''978-1-84884-814-6Jim WilsonBritain on the Brink: The Cold War's Most Dangerous Weekend, 27-28 October 1962
2015978-1-84884-822-1Javier Gomez ValeroPainting Wargaming Figures
2013978-1-84884-823-8John D. GraingerRoman Conquests: Egypt and Judaea
  ''978-1-84884-825-2John D. GraingerRome, Parthia and India: The Violent Emergence of a New World Order 150-140BC
2012978-1-84884-827-6John Grehan · Martin MaceBattle of Hastings 1066 - The Uncomfortable Truth
  ''978-1-84884-833-7Jack HolroydSS-Totenkopf France 1940 (Images of War)
2012978-1-84884-836-8Paul ReedWalking D-Day (Battleground Europe)
2013978-1-84884-838-2Richard DohertyBritish Armoured Divisions and Their Commanders, 1939-1945
2014978-1-84884-845-0Kaveh FarrokhThe Armies of Ancient Persia: the Sassanians
2012978-1-84884-847-4John Dennis · Matthew MurrayJohn Dennis: The Oakwell Years: It Was Sometimes Like Watching Brazil...
2014978-1-84884-848-1Peter ReeseThe Men Who Gave Us Wings: Britain and the Aeroplane 1796-1914
2012978-1-84884-849-8John CarrSparta's Kings
2019978-1-84884-853-5Syvanne IlkkaMilitary History of Late Rome 425-457
  ''978-1-84884-854-2Ilkka SyvanneMilitary History of Late Rome 395-425
2012978-1-84884-859-7Tom WarehamFrigate Commander
  ''978-1-84884-862-7Pierre BurtonVimy
  ''978-1-84884-867-2Michael Olive · Robert EdwardsOperation Barbarossa and the Eastern Front 1941
  ''978-1-84884-870-2Iain BallantyneHMS Rodney: Slayer of the Bismarck and D-Day Saviour
2012978-1-84884-882-5Peter HartSomme Success: The Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of the Somme 1916
  ''978-1-84884-884-9Chris Ward4 Group Bomber Command: An Operational Record
  ''978-1-84884-885-6Peter CaygillLightning Eject: The Dubious Safety Record of Britain's Only Supersonic Fighter
  ''978-1-84884-887-0Philip MatyszakExpedition to Disaster
  ''978-1-84884-889-4Jonathan Sutherland · Diane CanwellRoyal Flying Corps (Images of War)
2012978-1-84884-896-2Lance ColeSecrets of the Spitfire: The Story of Beverley Shenstone, The Man Who Perfected the Elliptical Wing
  ''978-1-84884-899-3Nic FieldsThe Spartan Way