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titleISBN-13year of publication
Attack & Sink: The Battle of the Atlantic, Summer 1941978-1-883283-34-62006
Attack & Sink. The Battle of the Atlantic Summer 1941978-0-85052-868-82001
Attack & Sink, the Battle of the Atlantic, Summer 1941: The Battle for Convoy SC42978-1-899694-40-22013
Beware Raiders!: German Surface Raiders in the Second World War978-1-55750-210-02001
Beware the Grey Widow-Maker: The Ongoing Harvest of the Sea978-1-883283-32-22005
Blood and Bushido: Japanese Atrocities at Sea 1941-1945978-1-883283-18-61997
Churchill's Thin Grey Line: British Merchant Ships at War 1939 1945978-1-5267-1166-32017
Death in the Doldrums: U-Cruiser Actions Off West Africa978-1-59114-203-42005
Death in the Doldrums: U Cruisers Off West Africa978-1-84415-261-22005
Donitz and the Wolf Packs978-0-304-35203-61999
Fighting Tramps: Merchant Navy Goes to War978-0-7090-3702-61989
Grey Widow-Maker978-0-7088-5241-51992
Japan's Blitzkrieg: The Allied Collapse in the East 1941-42978-1-84415-442-52006
Return of the Coffin Ships: The Derbyshire Enigma978-1-883283-19-31998
Road to Russia, The: Arctic Convoys 1942-45: Arctic Convoys 1942-1945978-0-85052-898-52002
Royal Navy Versus the Slave Traders: Enforcing Abolition at Sea 1808-1898978-1-84415-633-72007
Salvo: Classic Naval Gun Actions978-1-86019-959-22000
Salvo!: Epic Naval Gun Actions978-0-304-35171-81999
Smierc w otchlani978-83-11-10667-32007
S.O.S.: Men Against the Sea978-1-899694-00-61994
The Cruel Sea Retold: The Truth Behind Monsarrat's Epic Convoy Drama978-1-59114-145-72009
The Cruel Sea Retold: The Truth Behind Monsarrat's Epic Convoy Drama978-1-84415-863-82009
The Decoys: A Tale of Three Atlantic Convoys, 1942978-1-4738-8708-42016
The Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seaman at War978-0-85052-911-12002
The Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seamen at War, 1939-1945978-1-84884-290-82010
The Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seamen at War978-0-7531-9905-32004
The Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys 1942978-1-59114-732-92003
War of the U-Boats: British Merchantmen Under Fire978-1-84415-501-92007
War Under the Red Ensign 1914-1918978-1-84884-229-82010

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