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A Pathfinder's War: An Extraordinary Tale of Surviving Over 100 Bomber Operations Against All Odds978-1-906502-52-22009Flt Lt Ted Stocker
Bomber Command: Failed to Return978-0-9562696-6-92011Steve Bond · Steve Darlow · Julian Evan-Hart · Adam Purcell · Christopher Yeoman
Churchill's Navigator978-1-906502-74-42010John Mitchell
Coming Down in the Drink: The Survival of Bomber Pilot Goldfish, John Brennan DFC978-1-4738-9153-12017
Heroic Endeavour: The Remarkable Story of One Pathfinder Force Attack, a Victoria Cross and 206 Brave Men978-1-904943-51-82006
Master Bombers: A Pathfinder Squadron at War 1944-45978-1-906502-81-22010
Master Bombers: The Experiences of a Pathfinder Squadron at War, 1942-1945978-1-906502-01-02008
The Pathfinder Companion978-1-908117-34-22012


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