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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-8041-0001-4David ShermanKNIVES IN THE NIGHT (Night Fighters)
  ''978-0-8041-0003-8George WilsonIf You Survive: From Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge to the End of World War II, One American Officer's Riveting True Story
  ''978-0-8041-0004-5Loyd LittleParthian Shot
1986978-0-8041-0006-9Jack HawkinsBLOOD TRAILS-CHOPPER 1
1987978-0-8041-0007-6Nick StoneKane's War
  ''978-0-8041-0009-0Jenna DarcyThe Very Best (Fortunes)
  ''978-0-8041-0010-6Jack HawkinsTUNNEL WARRIORS-CHPR 1 (Chopper 1)
1987978-0-8041-0012-0Jessica SuttonBel Air General-Hosp 1
  ''978-0-8041-0013-7Kathleen FullerBITTER LEGACY-POC 1 (Riverview)
  ''978-0-8041-0014-4Cole WestonRyder #1: Buffalo Gal
  ''978-0-8041-0015-1Nick StoneAssassin (Kane's War #2)
  ''978-0-8041-0016-8Judy BaerBid for My Heart (Everlasting Love #1)
1987978-0-8041-0017-5Col. E WestonLONGHORN SISTERS (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0018-2Jack HawkinsJUNGLE SWEEP (Chopper 1)
  ''978-0-8041-0019-9Shan FinneyPERFECT IMAGE (Fortunes)
  ''978-0-8041-0020-5Kathleen FullerLION'S SHARE (Riverview)
  ''978-0-8041-0021-2Janet Quin-HarkinTwo Girls, One Boy (Sugar & Spice, No 1)
1987978-0-8041-0022-9Susan BlakeALL-NIGHTER (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0023-6Col. E WestonRYDER'S ARMY
  ''978-0-8041-0024-3Nick StoneDeath Waves (Kane's War No.3)
  ''978-0-8041-0026-7Jessica SuttonPRICE OF LIFE (Bel Air General)
  ''978-0-8041-0027-4Janet Quin-HarkinTRADING PLACES (Sugar and Spice)
1987978-0-8041-0028-1Susan BlakeCRASH COURSE (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0029-8Col. E WestonTONG WAR (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0030-4Jack HawkinsRED RIVER (Chopper 1)
  ''978-0-8041-0031-1Susan KirbyLove, Special Delivery (Everlasting Love #2)
1988978-0-8041-0032-8Kathleen FullerPRIDE OF PLACE #3 (Riverview)
1987978-0-8041-0033-5Janet Quin-HarkinLAST DANCE (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0034-2Susan BlakeMAJOR CHANGES (Roommates)
1987978-0-8041-0035-9Cole WestonFLAMING ARROWS (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0036-6Nick StoneCrackdown (Kane's War #4)
  ''978-0-8041-0037-3Marly ChevalierEXPENSIVE CHOICES (Fortunes)
  ''978-0-8041-0038-0Janet Quin-HarkinDEAR COUSIN (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0040-3Alison BlairEXTRA CREDIT (Roommates)
1987978-0-8041-0041-0Cole WestonBADLANDS BLOOD (Ryder #6)
  ''978-0-8041-0043-4Jack HawkinsRENEGADE MIAS (Chopper 1)
1989978-0-8041-0045-8Kathleen FullerFORTUNE'S HEIRS #4 (Riverview)
1987978-0-8041-0046-5Janet Quin-HarkinNOTHING IN COMMON (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0047-2Alison BlairMULTIPLE CHOICES (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0048-9Col. E WestonSHOWDOWN (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0049-6Nick StoneDepth Charge (Kane's War #5)
1987978-0-8041-0050-2Cynthia JoelJOYOUS SEASON (Everlasting Love)
  ''978-0-8041-0051-9Janet Quin-HarkinFLIP SIDE (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0052-6Alison BlairFINAL EXAMS (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0053-3Col. E WestonBLOOD VENGEANCE-RYDR8 (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0054-0Jack HawkinsSUICIDE MISSION (Chopper, 1, No 6)
1987978-0-8041-0055-7Kathryn JensenSELECT CIRCLES (Fortunes)
  ''978-0-8041-0058-8Janet Quin-HarkinTUG OF WAR (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0059-5Alison BlairSCHOOL'S OUT (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0060-1Col. E WestonRANGE WAR (Ryder)
  ''978-0-8041-0061-8Nick StoneDead Heat (Kane's War #6)
1988978-0-8041-0062-5Jessica SuttonCRITICAL CONDITION (Bel Air General)
1987978-0-8041-0063-2Janet Quin-HarkinSURF'S UP (Sugar and Spice)
1987978-0-8041-0064-9Alison BlairTEACHER'S PET (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0066-3Jack HawkinsKILL ZONE (Chopper 1)
  ''978-0-8041-0067-0Susan KirbyPerfect Harmony (Everlasting Love #4)
  ''978-0-8041-0069-4Janet Quin-HarkinDOUBLE TAKE (Sugar and Spice)
1988978-0-8041-0070-0Alison BlairHIGHER EDUCATION (Roommates #9)
  ''978-0-8041-0072-4Nick StoneKiller Cruise (Kane's War #7)
1988978-0-8041-0074-8Faith CavandishThe Finer Things (Fortunes)
1987978-0-8041-0075-5Janet Quin-HarkinMAKE ME A STAR (Sugar and Spice)
1988978-0-8041-0076-2Alison BlairCLASS ACT (Roommates #10)
  ''978-0-8041-0078-6Jack HawkinsDEATH BRIGADE (Chopper 1)
  ''978-0-8041-0079-3Jessica SuttonDESPERATE REMEDY (Bel Air General)
  ''978-0-8041-0081-6Janet Quin-HarkinBIG SISTER (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0082-3Alison BlairMAKING THE GRADE (Roommates)
1988978-0-8041-0085-4Mary ReidLegend of Love (Everlasting Love #5)
  ''978-0-8041-0086-1Janet Quin-HarkinOUT IN THE COLD (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0088-5Alison BlairNO CONTEST (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0091-5Jack HawkinsPAYBACK: Chopper 1 Book #9
  ''978-0-8041-0092-2Louise TitchenerDRESS CIRCLE (Fortunes)
1988978-0-8041-0094-6Janet Quin-HarkinBLIND DATE (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0095-3Alison BlairMODEL STUDENT (Roommates)
  ''978-0-8041-0098-4Jessica SuttonSTRONG MEDICINE (Bel Air General)
  ''978-0-8041-0099-1Janet Quin-HarkinIT'S MY TURN (Sugar and Spice)
  ''978-0-8041-0100-4Alison BlairCAMPUS FEVER (Roommates)
1987978-0-8041-0102-8Hede MassingThis Deception
1987978-0-8041-0103-5David ShermanMAIN FORCE ASSAULT (Night Fighters, Book 2)
  ''978-0-8041-0104-2   ''OUT OF THE FIRE (Night Fighters Book 3) (No. 3)
  ''978-0-8041-0105-9Stuart A. HerringtonSilence Was a Weapon
  ''978-0-8041-0107-3John HortonHotel at Tarasco
  ''978-0-8041-0109-7Ralph G. MartinCharles & Diana
1987978-0-8041-0110-3Patti DavisHome Front
  ''978-0-8041-0111-0Leo Giroux Jr.The Rishi
  ''978-0-8041-0115-8Orania PapazoglouSanctity
  ''978-0-8041-0117-2K.K. BeckMurder in a Mummy Case
  ''978-0-8041-0118-9K.K. BeckDeath in a Deck Chair
1987978-0-8041-0119-6Coral LansburyRingarra
  ''978-0-8041-0125-7Bill PronziniPrime Suspects
  ''978-0-8041-0126-4Bill PronziniSuspicious Characters
1988978-0-8041-0127-1   ''Criminal Elements
1987978-0-8041-0128-8Robert H. CoddingtonDeath Brings Many Surpises
  ''978-0-8041-0129-5Lorayne AshtonPRIVILEGES-PARK AVENUE
  ''978-0-8041-0130-1Pauline GedgeThe Twelfth Transforming
1987978-0-8041-0131-8Carroll DiahannDiahann!
1988978-0-8041-0132-5Loyd LittleIn Village of Man
1987978-0-8041-0133-2David EversonRecount
  ''978-0-8041-0134-9Lorayne AshtonSECRETS (Park Avenue)
  ''978-0-8041-0135-6Rlene BruskoLiving with Your Teenager
  ''978-0-8041-0136-3Ronald M. CaplanDr's Gd Pregncy Aft 30
  ''978-0-8041-0138-7Frank DefordThe Spy in the Deuce Court
1987978-0-8041-0139-4David GreeneYour Incredible Cat: Understanding the Secret Powers of Your Pet
  ''978-0-8041-0141-7Charles Merrill SmithReverend Randollph and the Splendid Samaritan
  ''978-0-8041-0142-4Paul HemphillMe and the Boy
  ''978-0-8041-0144-8Robert L. RowanHow to Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs
  ''978-0-8041-0145-5Julius SegalWinning Life's Toughest Battles
1987978-0-8041-0146-2Gaylord DoldSnake Eyes
1989978-0-8041-0149-3Steven L. Thompson · Walter J. BoyneThe Wild Blue: The Novel of the U.S. Air Force
1987978-0-8041-0150-9Sydney Biddle Barrows · William NovakMayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows
  ''978-0-8041-0151-6Paul TherouxO-Zone
  ''978-0-8041-0152-3Cynthia S. SmithThe Seven Levels of Marriage: Expectations vs. Reality
  ''978-0-8041-0155-4Gaylord DoldCold Cash
  ''978-0-8041-0159-2Lorayne AshtonSUSPICION (Park Avenue)
1987978-0-8041-0160-8Lorayne AshtonDECEPTION (Park Avenue)
  ''978-0-8041-0161-5Marvin AlbertThe Untouchables
  ''978-0-8041-0162-2Nancy ZaroulisCertain Kinds of Loving
  ''978-0-8041-0163-9Jessica SuttonVITAL SIGNS (Bel Air General)
1988978-0-8041-0164-6Elizabeth BentleyOut of Bondage
  ''978-0-8041-0166-0Col. Michael Lee LanningInside the LRRPs: Rangers in Vietnam
1989978-0-8041-0169-1John CassidyAssassinatn Maya Bay
1987978-0-8041-0170-7Roderick ThorpRainbow Drive
1988978-0-8041-0172-1Lorayne AshtonTITANS (Park Avenue)
1988978-0-8041-0173-8Lorayne AshtonREBELS (Park Avenue)
1987978-0-8041-0174-5David L. CopenHeartplan: A Complete Program for Total Fitness of Heart & Mind
  ''978-0-8041-0176-9Marcelle BernsteinRussian Bride
1988978-0-8041-0177-6David EversonRebound
1987978-0-8041-0183-7James BarrosNo Sense of Evil
1988978-0-8041-0184-4Hugh McCaffreyKhmer Gold
  ''978-0-8041-0187-5Col. Michael Lee LanningVietnam, 1969 - 1970: A Company Commander's Journal (No.1)
  ''978-0-8041-0188-2Lorayne AshtonVICTIMS (Park Avenue)
  ''978-0-8041-0191-2David ShermanA Rock & a Hard Place
1988978-0-8041-0193-6Cynthia Van HazingaOur Sacred Honor
  ''978-0-8041-0194-3Eileen FultonTake One for Murder-1
  ''978-0-8041-0195-0Cynthia Van HazingaTHESE UNITD COLONIES#2 (Red, White, and Blue)
  ''978-0-8041-0196-7Eileen FultonDEATH OF GOLDEN GIRL-2 (Take One for Murder, Book II)
1989978-0-8041-0197-4Cynthia Van HazingaOUR COMMON TIES #3 (Red, White, and Blue)
1988978-0-8041-0200-1Eileen FultonDYING FOR STARDOM (Book 3 of Take One for Murder)
  ''978-0-8041-0201-8Robyn TallisMOUNTAIN of STOLEN DREAMS (Planet Builders, No 1)
1988978-0-8041-0202-5Robyn TallisNight of Ghosts and Lightning (Planet Builders, No 2)
  ''978-0-8041-0203-2Eileen FultonLIGHTS,CAMERA,DEATH #4 (Take 1 for Murder, No 4)
  ''978-0-8041-0205-6Robyn TallisRebel From Alphorion (Planet Builders, No 3)
1989978-0-8041-0206-3   ''VISIONS FROM THE SEA#4 (Planet Builders)
  ''978-0-8041-0207-0   ''ZERO-SUM GAMES (Planet Builders #5)
1988978-0-8041-0208-7Eileen FultonSETTING FOR MURDER #5 (Take One for Murder No 5)
1989978-0-8041-0209-4Robyn TallisNight of Two New Moons (Planet Builders, No 6)
1988978-0-8041-0210-0Eileen FultonFatal Flashback (Take One for Murder) (Take 1 for Murder, No 6)
1987978-0-8041-0211-7William MartinThe Rising of the Moon
1988978-0-8041-0212-4Elizabeth Atwood TaylorMurder at Vassar
2002978-0-8041-0213-1Robert W. BlackRangers in Korea: The War the World Didn't Want to Remember, Fought by the Men the World Will Never Forget
1987978-0-8041-0216-2Langdon HillMr. Romance's Book of Love: Passionate Secrets of America's Greatest Lovers
  ''978-0-8041-0217-9Timothy DowneySplendid Executioner
1987978-0-8041-0219-3Mark CaldeThe Solomon Stone
1988978-0-8041-0220-9Walker PercyThe Thanatos Syndrome
  ''978-0-8041-0222-3Christine ReedExposure
  ''978-0-8041-0224-7Michael G. ZeyThe Right Move: How to Fnd the Perfect Job
  ''978-0-8041-0227-8Reay TannahillThe World, the Flesh and the Devil
  ''978-0-8041-0228-5Mary NapierHeartsearch
1987978-0-8041-0229-2Roderick ThorpDie Hard
1988978-0-8041-0230-8Pamela TownleyWoman in the Wind
1988978-0-8041-0232-2Alfred CoppelShow Me a Hero
  ''978-0-8041-0233-9Gaylord DoldBonepile
  ''978-0-8041-0234-6Susan BlakeHead Over Heels: (#1) (First Kiss)
  ''978-0-8041-0236-0Suzanne WeynLOVE SONG (First Kiss)
  ''978-0-8041-0237-7Carla BracaleFALLING FOR YOU (First Kiss)
1988978-0-8041-0238-4Helen SantoriThe Perfect Couple: (#4) (First Kiss)
  ''978-0-8041-0239-1Janice BoiesRIGHT BOY, WRONG GIRL5 (First Kiss)
1989978-0-8041-0240-7Carla Bracale CassidyFair-Weather Love (First Kiss, No 6)
1988978-0-8041-0241-4Linda DavidsonTREADING WATER (Endless Summer)
  ''978-0-8041-0242-1Linda DavidsonTOO HOT TO HANDLE (Endless Summer)
1988978-0-8041-0243-8Linda DavidsonON THE EDGE #3 (Endless Summer)
  ''978-0-8041-0244-5   ''COOL BREEZES #4 (Endless Summer)
  ''978-0-8041-0245-2   ''CHANGING GEARS #5 (Endless Summer)
1989978-0-8041-0246-9   ''FAST FORWARD #6 (Endless Summer)
1988978-0-8041-0247-6Margaret Ann ReidCHARLESTON #1
1989978-0-8041-0248-3   ''WHITE LIES - CHAR#2 (Charleston)
1989978-0-8041-0250-6Margaret Ann ReidBLUE BLOODS #3 (Charleston)
1988978-0-8041-0251-3Echo HeronIntensive Care: The Story of a Nurse
  ''978-0-8041-0253-7Piers Paul ReadFree Frenchman
  ''978-0-8041-0255-1Jacqueline Mathews80 Great Word Puzzles
  ''978-0-8041-0262-9Neal H OlshanScottsdale Pain Relf
  ''978-0-8041-0263-6James LucenoRIO PASION-#1 (Matt Terry)
1989978-0-8041-0264-3James LucenoRainchaser #2
1988978-0-8041-0267-4David ShermanA Nghu Night Falls (#5) (Night Fighters, Book 5)
1987978-0-8041-0269-8T.N. RobbPrivate Eye-#1
1988978-0-8041-0270-4David ElliottBLUE MOVIE-PRV EYE#2 (Private Eye)
1988978-0-8041-0271-1T.N. RobbFlip-Side (Private Eye)
  ''978-0-8041-0272-8Max LockhartNobody Dies in Chinatown (Private Eye #1)
  ''978-0-8041-0279-7Stuart M. KaminskyA Fine Red Rain
  ''978-0-8041-0281-0Elizabeth Atwood TaylorCable Car Murder
  ''978-0-8041-0286-5Don J. SnyderVeterans Park
1988978-0-8041-0287-2Francois HaasEssential Asthma Book: A Manual for All Ages
  ''978-0-8041-0288-9Don Ericson · John L. RotundoCharlie Rangers
  ''978-0-8041-0289-6Bernie ZilbergeldMind Power: Getting What You Want Through Mental Training
  ''978-0-8041-0292-6Rick BoyerMoscow Metal
  ''978-0-8041-0293-3Rick BoyerThe Daisy Ducks
1988978-0-8041-0294-0Bill PronziniHomicidal Acts #4
1989978-0-8041-0295-7Bill Pronzini · Martin H. GreenbergFelonious Assaults#5
  ''978-0-8041-0296-4Martin Harry GreenbergDeadly Doings (Mystery Anthology, No 6)
1988978-0-8041-0297-1Denise GiardinaStorming Heaven: A Novel
  ''978-0-8041-0298-8Edward RutherfurdSarum: The Novel of England

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