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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1958978-0-571-03224-2Geoffrey FaberJowett
1975978-0-571-03259-4Frank MorisonWho Moved the Stone?
1978978-0-571-03848-0John OsborneLook Back in Anger
1960978-0-571-03912-8Charles De GaulleEdge of the Sword
  ''978-0-571-03971-5Henry H. TrivickAutolithography
1961978-0-571-04094-0James Leo HerlihyAll Fall Down
1974978-0-571-04578-5T.S. EliotOld Possum's Book of Practical Cats
1967978-0-571-04594-5Roger CrosnierFencing with the Foil
  ''978-0-571-04628-7Anthony BainesWoodwind Instruments and Their History
1969978-0-571-04639-3L. Dudley StampOur Developing World
1971978-0-571-04694-2Clifford MusgraveRegency Furniture, 1800-30 (Monographs on Furniture)
1973978-0-571-04702-4Harry GarnerOriental Blue and White (Monographs on Pottery & Porcelain)
1970978-0-571-04703-1C. Willett Cunnington · P. E. CunningtonHandbook of English Costume in the Nineteenth Century
1974978-0-571-04704-8Rupert BrookeThe Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
1976978-0-571-04727-7Tom StoppardThe Real Inspector Hound
1971978-0-571-04736-9Arthur LaneLater Islamic Pottery (Monographs on Pottery & Porcelain)
  ''978-0-571-04739-0Harry GarnerChinese and Japanese Cloisonne Enamels (Arts of the East S.)
  ''978-0-571-04747-5Brian AldissBest Science Fiction Stories
1971978-0-571-04750-5C.Martin Sharp · Michael J.F. BowyerMosquito
1972978-0-571-04765-9Bernard RackhamMediaeval English Pottery (Monographs on Pottery & Porcelain)
1975978-0-571-04789-5Professor Robert Donington O.B.E.Interpretation of Early Music
1976978-0-571-04792-5T. S. EliotSelected Essays
1973978-0-571-04795-6Raymond RussellHarpsichord and Clavichord
1976978-0-571-04818-2Robert Donington O.B.E.Wagner's 'Ring' and its Symbols: The Music and the Myth
1975978-0-571-04832-8James BladesPercussion Instruments and Their History
1974978-0-571-04842-7Enid LakemanHow Democracies Vote: Study of Electoral System
1976978-0-571-04901-1Norman ScarfeSuffolk (Shell Guides)
1978978-0-571-04905-9Charles RosenClassical Style (New Edition with CD): Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
1980978-0-571-04922-6John P. Cushion · W.B. HoneyHandbook of Pottery and Porcelain Marks
1979978-0-571-04923-3Eric Walter WhiteStravinsky: The Composer and His Works
1976978-0-571-04927-1Bernard LeachPotter's Book
1977978-0-571-04934-9Donald MitchellThe Language of Modern Music
1979978-0-571-04986-8Trevor GriffithsComedians
  ''978-0-571-04989-9Sylvia PlathJohnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, and other prose writings
1977978-0-571-04996-7Amos TutuolaThe Palm-Wine Drinkard
1969978-0-571-05188-5T. S. EliotThe Cocktail Party (Faber Drama)
1973978-0-571-05265-3Nikos KazantzakisZorba the Greek
1978978-0-571-05371-1Gerald DurrellThe Overloaded Ark (FF Classics)
1963978-0-571-05380-3P. CollisonCutteslowe Walls (Society Today & Tomorrow)
1960978-0-571-05440-4W.H. OliverStory of New Zealand
1963978-0-571-05441-1Mary BensonAfrican Patriots: Story of the African National Congress of South Africa
  ''978-0-571-05442-8Murray SchaferBritish Composers in Interview
1976978-0-571-05444-2Rudyard KiplingA Choice of Kipling's Verse
1963978-0-571-05445-9T. S. EliotThe Family Reunion (Faber Paper-covered Editions)
1968978-0-571-05502-9Harry LevinJames Joyce: A Critical Introduction
1976978-0-571-05579-1Lawrence DurrellBalthazar (Faber Paperbacks)
1975978-0-571-05661-3David JonesIn Parenthesis:
1985978-0-571-05664-4Djuna BarnesNightwood
1934978-0-571-05666-8Don MarquisArchy and Mehitabel
1976978-0-571-05667-5Lawrence DurrellEsprit de Corps: Sketches from Diplomatic Life
1963978-0-571-05679-8   ''Justine
2004978-0-571-05686-6William GoldingLord of the Flies: Educational Edition
2002978-0-571-05706-1T. S. EliotSelected Poems of T. S. Eliot
1959978-0-571-05707-8Antonia ForestEnd of Term
1994978-0-571-05714-6Norah WaughThe Cut of Men's Clothes
1964978-0-571-05724-5Edmund CooperTransit: Science Fiction Stories
1958978-0-571-05779-5Lawrence DurrellMountolive (Faber paper covered editions)
1964978-0-571-05802-0William GoldingThe Spire
1998978-0-571-05808-2Samuel BeckettWaiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts
1976978-0-571-05841-9Lawrence DurrellClea
1973978-0-571-05867-9Amos TutuolaMy Life in the Bush of Ghosts
1987978-0-571-05871-6T.S. EliotThe Use of Poetry
1961978-0-571-05903-4L. M. BostonA Stranger at Green Knowe
1964978-0-571-05971-3L. M. BostonEnemy at Green Knowe
1958978-0-571-05996-6J.W. DunneExperiment with Time, An
1977978-0-571-06067-2Edward Thomas Dec'dSelected Poems of Edward Thomas
1951978-0-571-06186-0Lawrence DurrellBitter Lemons-Oe
1957978-0-571-06202-7Adaline GlasheenCensus of Finnegans Wake
1946978-0-571-06203-4V.H. DrummondLady Talavera
1965978-0-571-06206-5A.F. BurstallHistory of Mechanical Engineering (Technological Today & Tomorrow)
1998978-0-571-06209-6Samuel BeckettKrapp's Last Tape, and Embers
1982978-0-571-06239-3John OsborneLuther
1961978-0-571-06284-3William GoldingFree Fall
1973978-0-571-06313-0T. S. EliotNotes Towards the Definition of Culture
  ''978-0-571-06327-7   ''Murder in the Cathedral (Faber Drama)
1975978-0-571-06353-6George Ewart EvansAsk the Fellows Who Cut the Hay
1976978-0-571-06366-6William GoldingLord of the Flies
1974978-0-571-06367-3John OsborneThe Entertainer
1986978-0-571-06384-0Wallace StevensSelected Poems
1976978-0-571-06389-5Jean Hugard · Frederick BraueThe Royal Road to Card Magic
1974978-0-571-06410-6Siegfried SassoonMemoirs of an Infantry Officer
1976978-0-571-06429-8Victor MolloBridge in the Menagerie: The Winning Ways of the Hideous Hog
1971978-0-571-06440-3Edward LearThe Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
1974978-0-571-06454-0Siegfried SassoonMemoirs of a Fox-hunting Man
1954978-0-571-06460-1L. M. BostonThe Children of Green Knowe
1974978-0-571-06492-2William GoldingThe Spire
1962978-0-571-06521-9Antonia ForestAutumn Term
1957978-0-571-06548-6   ''Falconer's Lure
1966978-0-571-06593-6David HirstOil and Public Opinion in the Middle East
  ''978-0-571-06604-9Flannery O'ConnorEverything That Rises Must Converge
1982978-0-571-06616-2Don MarquisArchy'S Life of Mehitabel
1966978-0-571-06624-7C.S. LewisA Grief Observed (Faber Paperbacks)
1987978-0-571-06653-7Samuel BeckettHappy Days
1959978-0-571-06660-5L. M. BostonRiver at Green Knowe
1966978-0-571-06665-0Seamus HeaneyDeath of a Naturalist
1962978-0-571-06671-1Catherine StorrRobin
1975978-0-571-06682-7Paul KleePaul Klee on Modern Art: Introduction by Herbert Read (Faber Paper Covered Editions)
1966978-0-571-06714-5Michael Pitt-RiversDorset (Shell Guides)
1976978-0-571-06722-0Lawrence DurrellStiff Upper Lip
1960978-0-571-06742-8Gwen RaveratPeriod Piece - A Cambridge Childhood
1966978-0-571-06747-3Norman ScarfeSuffolk. A Shell Guide.
1974978-0-571-06775-6T S EliotIllustrated Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats: With Illustrations by Nicolas Bentley
2001978-0-571-06894-4T. S. EliotFour Quartets (Faber Poetry)
1966978-0-571-06901-9Juliette de Bairacli-LevyHerbal Handbook for Everyone
1966978-0-571-06904-0Alan BloomMoisture Gardening
1954978-0-571-06950-7William GoldingLord of the Flies
1975978-0-571-06961-3Robert GravesThe White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth
1961978-0-571-07002-2William GoldingInheritors the
1965978-0-571-07017-6Jean Hugard · J.J. CrimminsEncyclopaedia of Card Tricks
1958978-0-571-07030-5L. M. BostonChimneys of Green Knowe
1975978-0-571-07062-6E. Kadloubovsky · G. E. H. PalmerWritings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart
1976978-0-571-07067-1Samuel BeckettEndgame
1967978-0-571-08006-9Denzil BatchelorBest Cricket Stories
  ''978-0-571-08020-5A.J. BarkerNeglected War: Mesopotamia, 1914-18
  ''978-0-571-08050-2James D.R. McConnellEton: How it Works
  ''978-0-571-08061-8Robert H. RossGeorgian Revolt: Rise and Fall of a Poetic Ideal, 1910-22
1969978-0-571-08066-3A.T.Q. StewartUlster Crisis: Resistance to Home Rule, 1912-14
1967978-0-571-08077-9David DiringerThe Illuminated Book
1969978-0-571-08078-6P.J. DonnellyBlanc de Chine: Porcelain of Tehuain Fukien (Monographs on Pottery & Porcelain)
1967978-0-571-08093-9Rudolph RetiThematic Patterns in Sonatas in Beethoven
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1986978-0-571-08164-6George Ewart EvansThe Horse in the Furrow
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1967978-0-571-08181-3S.S. Prokof'evStory of Peter and the Wolf
1973978-0-571-08182-0Tom StoppardROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD
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1968978-0-571-08284-1Ninian SmartSecular Education and the Logic of Religion (Heslington lectures,1966)
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1970978-0-571-08345-9Gunter D. RothHandbook for Planet Observers
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1972978-0-571-08381-7Maurice TomlinEnglish Furniture
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  ''978-0-571-08450-0Gerald AbrahamSlavonic and Romantic Music: Essays and Studies
  ''978-0-571-08473-9F. W HolidayThe Great Orm of Loch Ness: A Practical Inquiry into the Nature and Habits of Water-Monsters
1973978-0-571-08483-8William GoldingLord of the Flies
1968978-0-571-08497-5Luke HerrmannRuskin and Turner: Study of Ruskin as a Collector of Turner, Based on His Gifts to the University of Oxford
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1994978-0-571-08594-1Norah WaughThe Cut of Women's Clothes
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1976978-0-571-08611-5T.S. EliotMurder in the Cathedral
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1973978-0-571-08618-4Paul KleePedagogical Sketchbook: Introduction by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy
1968978-0-571-08626-9Sylvia PlathAriel (Faber Paperbacks)
1967978-0-571-08664-1Brian AldissHothouse
1969978-0-571-08699-3James BlishBlack Easter, or Faust Aleph-Null (After such knowledge; [in 3vols]/James Blish)
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1975978-0-571-08765-5Richard HamerA Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse: Parallel Text
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1976978-0-571-08832-4Erik TawaststjernaSibelius: 1865-1905 v. 1
1986978-0-571-08833-1Erik TawaststjernaSibelius: 1904-14 v. 2
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1975978-0-571-09024-2Seamus HeaneyDeath of a Naturalist
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  ''978-0-571-09135-5Christine Brooke-RoseZBC of Ezra Pound
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1973978-0-571-09203-1Howard SchottPlaying the Harpsichord
1983978-0-571-09223-9Lucius Annaeus Seneca · Ted HughesSeneca's Oedipus