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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-571-53358-9VariousThe Ukulele Playlist: Christmas [The Ukulele Playlist]
  ''978-0-571-53369-5Tom FlemingThe Ultimate Guitar Tutor: Rock
  ''978-0-571-53372-5Green Day21st Century Breakdown: (Guitar Tab)
  ''978-0-571-53373-2Green Day21st Century Breakdown: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Pvg)
  ''978-0-571-53376-3KasabianWest Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (Guitar Tab) (Gtab)
2009978-0-571-53377-0William S. Gilbert · Arthur Seymour SullivanTrial By Jury: (Vocal Score)
  ''978-0-571-53379-4Michael JacksonMichael Jackson: Complete Chord Book (Topline/Chords/Lyrics)
  ''978-0-571-53380-0Nicholas HooperHarry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: (Piano Solo)
  ''978-0-571-53381-7Michael JacksonMichael Jackson: Greatest Hits: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Pvg)
  ''978-0-571-53388-6"Arctic Monkeys"Humbug: (GTAB)
2010978-0-571-53389-3Alan MenkenSister Act: (Vocal Selections) (Pvg) (Faber Edition)
2010978-0-571-53390-9The Red Book (Ukulele Playlist) (The Ukulele Playlist)
  ''978-0-571-53391-6VariousThe Ukulele Playlist: White Book [The Ukulele Playlist]
  ''978-0-571-53392-3MuseThe Resistance (Deluxe Edition) (Guitar Tab)
2009978-0-571-53393-0MuseThe Resistance: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook) (Csb)
  ''978-0-571-53396-1Nigel HessLadies in Lavender: (Violin and Piano) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53397-8Jamie CullumThe Pursuit (Piano, Voice, Guitar)
2010978-0-571-53402-9Pam WedgwoodEasy Jazzin' About: (with Free Audio CD)
2010978-0-571-53411-1Paul HarrisImprove Your Scales! Piano Grade 1 (New Edition)
2009978-0-571-53420-3Robbie Williams"Reality Killed the Video Star": (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Pvg)
2010978-0-571-53430-2Ivor Novello · E. MooreThe Land of Might Have Been: (Piano, Voice, Guitar)
2011978-0-571-53432-6Heidi Peglar · Pam WedgwoodIt's Never Too Late To Sing (with 2 Free Audio CD's) [It's Never Too Late] (It's Never Too Late To Play...)
2010978-0-571-53433-3John KemberThe Jazz Piano Player: Night and Day (Piano Solo with Free Audio CD)
  ''978-0-571-53434-0John KemberYou've Got a Friend (Pop Piano Player)
  ''978-0-571-53437-1WestlifeWestlife: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Six of the Best)
2011978-0-571-53438-8Paul Harris · John LenehanImprove Your Aural Grade 1: A Workbook For Aural Examinations (With Free Audio CD)
  ''978-0-571-53439-5Paul Harris · John LenehanImprove Your Aural! Grade 2 (with CD) New Edition!
  ''978-0-571-53440-1Paul HarrisImprove Your Aural! Grade 6 (with CD) New Edition!
2010978-0-571-53441-8   ''Improve Your Aural Grades 7-8 (With 2 Free Audio CD's)
2010978-0-571-53444-9William S. Gilbert · Arthur Seymour SullivanRuddigore: (Vocal Score) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53447-0James BluntJames Blunt: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (You're the Voice) (Six of the Best)
  ''978-0-571-53448-7RadioheadRadiohead Piano Songbook (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-0-571-53450-0Corinne Bailey RaeThe Sea: (Piano, Voice, Guitar) (Faber Edition Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53464-7MuseAbsolution Guitar Tab (G Tab Songbook)
2010978-0-571-53470-8Amy MacDonaldA Curious Thing: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Pvg)
  ''978-0-571-53482-1Foo Fighters"Foo Fighters (Six of the Best) (6 of the Best)
  ''978-0-571-53483-8VariousXFM: The Acoustic Sessions
  ''978-0-571-53484-5   ''XFM: Modern Classics (Chord Songbook)
  ''978-0-571-53530-9LostprophetsThe Betrayed: (Guitar Tablature) (Gtab Songbook) (Guitar Tab Editions)
2010978-0-571-53532-3Bullet for my ValentineFever: (Guitar Tablature)
  ''978-0-571-53534-7Michael BubleCrazy Love: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
2011978-0-571-53544-6John Lenehan (musical arrangement) Paul HarrisImprove Your Aural Grade 3: A Workbook For Examinations
2010978-0-571-53545-3Paul HarrisImprove Your Aural! Grade 4
  ''978-0-571-53546-0   ''Improve Your Aural! Grades 5: (Piano Solo) (With Free Audio CD)
2011978-0-571-53557-6VariousSing Musical Theatre: Over the Rainbow
2010978-0-571-53565-1   ''The Ukulele Rock Playlist: The Black Book (The Ukulele Playlist)
2010978-0-571-53566-8VariousThe Ukulele Jazz Playlist: Purple Book: (Ukulele Chord Songbook) (Csb) (The Ukulele Playlist)
  ''978-0-571-53568-2Scissor SistersNight Work: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-0-571-53579-8Arthur Seymour Sullivan · William S. GilbertThe Pirates of Penzance (Libretto)
2011978-0-571-53591-0MuseOrigin of Symmetry: Guitar Tab (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53592-7   ''Black Holes And Revelations (piano/vocal/guitar songbook) (Pvg)
2010978-0-571-53595-8James BluntSome Kind Of Trouble (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook)
  ''978-0-571-53596-5Take ThatProgress (Piano/Voice/Guitar Songbook) (Pvg Songbook)
2011978-0-571-53616-0VariousThe Orange Book (The Ukulele Playlist)
2011978-0-571-53621-4Paul HarrisImprove your sight-reading! Violin Grade 1 (New Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53622-1   ''Improve your sight-reading! Violin Grade 2 (New Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53623-8   ''Improve Your Sight-Reading! Violin Grade 3 (New Edition
  ''978-0-571-53624-5   ''Improve your sight-reading! Violin Grade 4 (New Edition)
2011978-0-571-53625-2Paul HarrisImprove Your Sight-Reading! Violin Grade 5 (New Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53626-9   ''Improve your sight-reading! Violin 6 (New Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53627-6   ''Improve your sight-reading! Violin 7-8 (New Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53634-4MuseMuse Piano Songbook (Piano, Voice, Guitar) (Pvg)
  ''978-0-571-53636-8VariousChart Toppers 2011 (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) (Pvg)
2011978-0-571-53643-6The StrokesAngles: Guitar Tab (Faber Edition)
2012978-0-571-53645-0VariousThe Ukulele Playlist: Green Book [The Ukulele Playlist]
2018978-0-571-53652-8Francisco CollStella (Mixed Voice Choir)
  ''978-0-571-53653-5Howard GoodallInvictus: A Passion (Vocal Score) (Faber Edition)
2011978-0-571-53672-6John KemberThe Jazz Piano Player Collection (Piano Solo with Free Audio CD)
2012978-0-571-53676-4Paul HarrisThe Virtuoso Teacher (Improve Your Teaching)
  ''978-0-571-53687-0James Longworth · Nick WalkerGuitar Basics Repertoire (With Free Audio CD)
  ''978-0-571-53688-7James Longworth · Nick WalkerGuitar Basics Workouts with Free Audio CD
  ''978-0-571-53701-3Paul HarrisImprove Your Scales! Violin Grade 1 NEW EDITION!
2012978-0-571-53702-0Harris · PaulImprove Your Scales! Violin Grade 2 NEW EDITION
  ''978-0-571-53703-7Paul HarrisImprove Your Scales! Violin Grade 3 NEW EDITION
  ''978-0-571-53704-4   ''Improve Your Scales! Violin Grade 4
  ''978-0-571-53705-1   ''Improve Your Scales! Violin Grade 5 NEW EDITION
  ''978-0-571-53714-3Bert WeedonBert Weedon: Play in a Day [DVD] [All Regions] [Region 1] [NTSC]
2012978-0-571-53727-3Phil LawrenceGraded Exercises and Studies for Trumpet and Other Valved Brass Instruments (Graded Studies)
  ''978-0-571-53731-0Nigel HessFantasy from Ladies in Lavender (Violin and Piano) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53736-5MuseThe 2nd Law (Guitar Tab)
2012978-0-571-53737-2MuseThe 2nd Law (Piano, Voice and Guitar)
2016978-0-571-53741-9Ralph Vaughan WilliamsA Pastoral Symphony (Symphony No. 3) (Critical Score Edition)
2013978-0-571-53764-8Ned BennettThe Jazz Sax Collection (Alto or Baritone Saxophone) (Faber Edition: Jazz Sax Collection)
  ''978-0-571-53772-3Jamie CullumMomentum (Piano, Voice and Guitar)
  ''978-0-571-53774-7MuseMuse Guitar Songbook (Guitar Tab)
2014978-0-571-53833-1Paul HarrisThe Practice Process (Improve your teaching)
  ''978-0-571-53839-3MuseMuse: the Easy Piano Songbook
  ''978-0-571-53841-6VariousEasy Keyboard Library: 100 Songs (Electronic Keyboard)
2014978-0-571-53861-4Paul HarrisImprove Your Theory! Grade 1
  ''978-0-571-53862-1   ''Improve Your Theory! Grade 2
2015978-0-571-53863-8   ''Improve Your Theory! Grade 3
  ''978-0-571-53864-5   ''Improve Your Theory! Grade 4
2014978-0-571-53868-3   ''Simultaneous Learning (Improve Your Teaching)
  ''978-0-571-53869-0James Longworth · Nick WalkerGuitar Basics Christmas (Easy Tab with Free Audio CD)
2016978-0-571-53879-9VariousThe Classical Guitar Collection (Guitar Score) (Faber Edition)
2015978-0-571-53902-4Lucinda Jane Mackworth-YoungPiano by Ear (Faber Edition)
2018978-0-571-53906-2Paul WilliamsBugsy Malone Song Selection (Piano, Voice and Guitar)
2016978-0-571-53911-6Lang LangThe Lang Lang Piano Method Level 1 [Lang Lang Piano Academy]
2015978-0-571-53918-5Fanny WatermanDame Fanny Waterman: My Life in Music (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53923-9MuseDrones Guitar Tab
2015978-0-571-53930-7Leslie BricussePure Imagination: a sorta biography (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53931-4Francisco CollCafe Kafka (vocal score) (Chamber Opera/Score) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53935-2Murray McLachlanPiano Technique in Practice (Piano Solo) (Piano Professional Series)
2016978-0-571-53943-7Paul HarrisPaul Harris: Simultaneous Learning Practice Starters (Flashcards)
  ''978-0-571-53945-1Wedgwood · PamEasy Jazzin' About the Year (Piano Grades 1-2 with Free Audio CD)
  ''978-0-571-53946-8VariousThe Ultimate Easy Piano Songlist
2016978-0-571-53958-1Wendy ThompsonCarl Davis: Maestro (Faber Edition)
2017978-0-571-53964-2Anthony WilliamsThe Piano Teacher's Survival Guide (Faber Edition)
2016978-0-571-53967-3Lin-Manuel MirandaHamilton (Vocal Selections and Piano)
2017978-0-571-53968-0VariousFilm Themes: The Piano Collection
  ''978-0-571-53973-4Matthew MartinSet me as a seal (Mixed Voice Choir) [Choral Signature Series]
  ''978-0-571-53974-1Matthew MartinLamentations (Mixed Voices) [Choral Signature Series]
  ''978-0-571-53975-8Francisco Guerrero · Matthew MartinAve Virgo sanctissima (Mixed Voices/Soprano Solo) [Choral Signature Series]
  ''978-0-571-53978-9Jessica O'Leary80 Graded Studies for Violin Book 2 (Grades 6-8)
2017978-0-571-53980-2Anders HillborgClose Ups (Närbilder) (Flute Solo) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53981-9David HenekerHalf a Sixpence (Original) (Vocal Score) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53982-6Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulLa La Land (Piano/Voice/Guitar) (Pvg)
  ''978-0-571-53983-3Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulLa La Land: Easy piano songbook: featuring 10 simplified arrangements from the award-winning soundtrack
  ''978-0-571-53994-9George Stiles · Anthony Drewe · David HenekerHalf a Sixpence (Piano/Vocal Selections)
2017978-0-571-53995-6W.S. Gilbert (Librettist) · Arthur SullivanThe Gondoliers (Libretto) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-53998-7Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulLa La Land (Ukulele Chord Songbook)
2017978-0-571-53999-4Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulLa La Land (Easy Guitar)
  ''978-0-571-54006-8Lin-Manuel MirandaHamilton: A Choral Medley (Mixed Voices) (Faber Choral Singles)
  ''978-0-571-54007-5   ''My Shot (from Hamilton) (Mixed Voices) (Faber Choral Singles)
  ''978-0-571-54008-2   ''My Shot (from Hamilton) (Upper Voices) (Faber Choral Singles)
  ''978-0-571-54009-9Colin Matthews · Wendy CopeTen Pig Songs (Unison and two-part voices with Piano) (Mixed Voice) (Faber Edition)
2017978-0-571-54016-7Lin-Manuel MirandaHamilton Easy Piano Selections
  ''978-0-571-54018-1Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulLa La Land Singalong Selection (with Free CD) (Vocal Piano)
  ''978-0-571-54019-8Justin Hurwitz · Justin Paul · Benj PasekAnother Day of Sun (Upper Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
  ''978-0-571-54021-1Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulAnother Day of Sun (SA/Men Choir with Piano) (Faber Choral Singles)
  ''978-0-571-54022-8Justin Hurwitz · Justin Paul · Benj PasekAudition (The Fools Who Dream) (Upper Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
2017978-0-571-54024-2Justin Hurwitz · Justin Paul · Benj PasekAudition (The Fools Who Dream) (Mixed Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
  ''978-0-571-54025-9   ''City of Stars (Upper Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
  ''978-0-571-54027-3Justin Hurwitz · Benj Pasek · Justin PaulCity of Stars (SA/Men Choir with Piano) (Faber Choral Singles)
  ''978-0-571-54028-0Justin Hurwitz · Justin Paul · Benj PasekSomeone in the Crowd (Upper Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
  ''978-0-571-54030-3   ''Someone in the Crowd (Mixed Voice Choir with Piano) [Faber Choral Singles]
2017978-0-571-54031-0Murray McLachlanThe Psychology of Piano Technique [Piano Professional Series]
2018978-0-571-54032-7VariousThe Easy Piano Series: Film [The Easy Piano Series]
2018978-0-571-54033-4VariousThe Easy Piano Series: Shows [The Easy Piano Series]
2017978-0-571-54034-1Charles Strouse · Martin CharninAnnie (Piano and Voice Selections)
  ''978-0-571-54035-8Benj Pasek · Justin Hurwitz · Justin PaulLa La Land (Piano Solo)
  ''978-0-571-54038-9Alexander L'EstrangeWassail! Carols of Comfort and Joy (Mixed Voice Choir with Piano) (Faber Edition)
2018978-0-571-54042-6Jessica CurryThe Light We Cast (Mixed Voice Choir)
  ''978-0-571-54047-1Keaton HensonThe Tallowmere Annual (Faber Edition)
2017978-0-571-54048-8Pam WedgwoodPiano Gallery (Piano Solo) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-54049-5Carl DavisCharlie's Flea Circus (Saxophone and Piano)
2018978-0-571-54058-7VariousThe Classical Film Collection (Piano Solo) (Faber Edition)
2018978-0-571-54063-1Carl VineStrutt Sonata (Cello and Piano) (Faber Edition: Faber Wind Band)
  ''978-0-571-54068-6Paul HarrisChristmas Clarinet Basics (Solo/Duets with Piano Accompaniment) [Basics Series]
2002978-0-571-55593-2Jim Parker DrMississippi Five: Score (Faber Edition)
2018978-0-571-57109-3Toby YoungThe Swete Roose: Satb Divisi, a Cappella, Choral Octavo (Faber Edition: Choral Signature)
2013978-0-571-57130-7Bednall · DavidWelcome All Wonders (A Christmas Cantata) (Choral Signature Series)
2018978-0-571-57157-4David MatthewsTo What God Shall We Chant Our Songs of Battle?: Satb & Soprano & Tenor Solos, Choral Octavo (Faber Edition: Choral Signature)
2015978-0-571-57182-6Simon DobsonFirefly Concert Band Score
2018978-0-571-57207-6Benjamin BrittenKing Arthur (Scenes from a radio drama) (Brass Band Score and Parts) (Faber Brass Band Series)
  ''978-0-571-57208-3Benjamin BrittenKing Arthur (Scenes from a radio drama) (Brass Band Score) (Faber Brass Band Series)
2016978-0-571-57225-0Carl VineThe Tree of Man (Vocal Score) (Faber Edition)
2017978-0-571-57236-6Kenneth DownieHandel in the Band (Brass Band Score & Parts) (Faber Brass Band Series)
  ''978-0-571-57238-0Frank Bridge · Alastair WheelerSir Roger de Coverley (Concert Band Score & Parts) (Faber Edition)
  ''978-0-571-57239-7Frank Bridge · Alastair WheelerSir Roger de Coverley (Concert Band Score Only) (Faber Edition)
2017978-0-571-57240-3Gavin HigginsIvory Ghosts (Brass Band Score & Parts)
  ''978-0-571-57241-0   ''Ivory Ghosts (Brass Band Score Only)
  ''978-0-571-57242-7Nigel HessLadies in Lavender - Theme: Brass Band Score and Parts
  ''978-0-571-57243-4   ''Ladies in Lavender - Theme: Brass Band Score Only
2018978-0-571-57244-1Simon DobsonBattles (Symphonic Wind Band) (Score and Parts) [Faber Wind Band Series]
  ''978-0-571-57245-8   ''Battles (Symphonic Wind Band Orchestra) [Faber Wind Band Series] (Faber Edition)
2018978-0-571-57246-5Daniel HallSmoke Sketches (brass Band and Percussion Score & Parts) (Faber Brass Band Series)
  ''978-0-571-57247-2Daniel HallSmoke Sketches (Brass Band and Percussion Score Only) (Faber Brass Band Series)
1984978-0-571-58002-6Howard BlakeThe Snowman - Music & Words (PIANO SCORE)
1994978-0-571-58044-6Howard Blake34;The Snowman34; Suite (Easy Piano)
2005978-0-571-58185-6Sigmund RombergStudent Prince: (Vocal Score)
  ''978-0-571-58195-5George Froeschel · Oscar HammersteinRose Marie: (Vocal Score)
  ''978-0-571-58197-9Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks: (Voice/piano)
2009978-0-571-58307-2Katie MeluaKatie Melua Piece By Piece-Piano/Voice & Guitar-Music Book
2007978-0-571-58308-9Katie MeluaKatie Melua/Pictures: Piano,Vocal and Guitar Songbook (Pvg)
2001978-0-571-93642-7Apostolos DoxiadisUncle Petros/Goldbachs Conjecture Poster