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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-435-99802-8Marie-Georgette Bolger · CarterHeinemann Galaxie Readers: Teaching Guide: Level 1
2004978-0-435-99803-5Marie-Georgette BolgerHeinemann Galaxie Readers: Teaching Guide - Level 2: Level 2
  ''978-0-435-99804-2   ''Heinemann Galaxie Readers: Evaluation Pack - Level 2
2005978-0-435-99808-0Michael Jones · Kevin DykeSuccess in KS3 Shakespeare: Macbeth Single Workbook (Heinemann Shakespeare)
  ''978-0-435-99809-7Michael Jones · Kevin DykeSuccess in KS3 Shakespeare: Macbeth Pack of 8 (Heinemann Shakespeare)
2003978-0-435-99810-3Alison HawesArabic Readers: Juggling
2004978-0-435-99811-0Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: the New Pet
2003978-0-435-99812-7Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: Fancy Dress
  ''978-0-435-99813-4Monica HughesArabic Readers: the Play
  ''978-0-435-99814-1Jill AtkinsArabic Readers: I Can't Find it!
2003978-0-435-99815-8Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: the Hungry Fox
  ''978-0-435-99816-5Teresa HeapyArabic Readers: the Lost Panda
  ''978-0-435-99817-2Monica HughesArabic Readers: Josie and the Kite
  ''978-0-435-99818-9Alison HawesArabic Readers: Goodnight Josie
  ''978-0-435-99819-6Monica HughesArabic Readers: Josie and the Junkbox
2004978-0-435-99820-2Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: Animal Presents
2004978-0-435-99821-9Paul ShiptonArabic Readers: Next Door Pets
  ''978-0-435-99822-6Monica HughesArabic Readers: the Den
  ''978-0-435-99823-3   ''Arabic Readers: Josie and the Parade
  ''978-0-435-99824-0Fay RobinsonArabic Readers: What Is He?
  ''978-0-435-99825-7Fay RobinsonArabic Readers: Max Gets Ready
2004978-0-435-99826-4Alison HawesArabic Readers: Nature Trail
  ''978-0-435-99827-1   ''Arabic Readers: Snake is Going away
  ''978-0-435-99828-8   ''Arabic Readers: Elephant Walk
  ''978-0-435-99829-5Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: My Camera
2003978-0-435-99830-1Anne BauersArabic Readers: Where is Patch?
  ''978-0-435-99831-8Monica HughesArabic Readers: Ned's Noise Machine
2003978-0-435-99832-5Moira AndrewArabic Readers: at the Seaside
  ''978-0-435-99833-2Barbara MitchellArabic Readers: the Dogshow
  ''978-0-435-99834-9Claire LlewellynArabic Readers: That's Mine!
2004978-0-435-99835-6Alison HawesArabic Readers: Pop!
2003978-0-435-99836-3Fay RobinsonArabic Readers: Scaredy Cat
  ''978-0-435-99837-0Alison HawesArabic Readers: Catch it!
  ''978-0-435-99838-7Barbara MitchellArabic Readers: Moving Day
2004978-0-435-99839-4Paul ShiptonArabic Readers: the New Hat
2004978-0-435-99841-7Paul ShiptonArabic Readers: Guess Who?
2004978-0-435-99842-4Paul ShiptonArabic Readers: Monster Meal
  ''978-0-435-99843-1Alison HawesArabic Readers: Shopping
2002978-0-435-99893-6Smith RFramework: Developing Better Teacher-Pupil Relationships Indian Edition
978-0-435-99915-5Ridout English Workbook 1 Indian Edition
2001978-0-435-99922-3Hein Shakespeare: Julius Caesar Indian Edition
  ''978-0-435-99923-0SUSAN HALLAMImproving School Attendance Indian Edition
978-0-435-99938-4English Workbook Book 6 Rev Indian Editi
978-0-435-99939-1English Workbook Book 7 Rev Indian Editi
978-0-435-99940-7English Workbook Book 8 Rev Indian Editi
978-0-435-99965-0Beacon Readers at Home New Indian Editio
978-0-435-99966-7Beacon Readers at Play New Indidn Editio
978-0-435-99967-4Beacon Readers Old Dog Tom New Indian ed
978-0-435-99968-1Beacon Readers Little Chick Chick New in
978-0-435-99969-8Beacon Readers Kitty Rover New Indian ed
978-0-435-99970-4Beacon Readers Briar Rose revised edition
978-0-435-99971-1Beacon Readers William Tell New Indian E
978-0-435-99972-8Beacon Readers Careful Hans New Indian E
978-0-435-99973-5Beacon Readers Pancake New Indian Editio
978-0-435-99974-2Ridout Englist Intro Workbook 1 Ind ed
978-0-435-99975-9Ridout English Intro Workbook 2 Ind ed
978-0-435-99976-6Ridout English Workbook 2 Ind ed
978-0-435-99977-3ENGLISH WORKBOOK 3
978-0-435-99978-0Ridout English Workbook 4 Ind ed
978-0-435-99987-2Better English Book 5 Ind ed
978-0-435-99988-9Ridout English Workbook 5 Indian Edition
2003978-0-435-99991-9MADAN M JHASchool Without Walls
2006978-0-435-99996-4Richard ConlonHope Springs (Heinemann Plays For 11-14)
1986978-0-435-99999-5H E B Misc Title