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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58810-078-8Paul FluxHow Artists Use Color (Seeing and Feeling Art)
  ''978-1-58810-079-5Paul FluxHow Artists Use Line and Tone (Seeing and Feeling Art)
  ''978-1-58810-080-1   ''How Artists Use Perspective (Seeing and Feeling Art)
  ''978-1-58810-082-5   ''How Artists Use Pattern and Texture (Seeing and Feeling Art)
  ''978-1-58810-094-8Ron Fridell · Patricia WalshSilkworm (Life Cycle of a . . .)
2001978-1-58810-122-8Tristan Boyer BinnsThe White House (Heinemann First Library)
  ''978-1-58810-123-5Lola M. SchaeferCar Dealership (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-58810-124-2Lola M. SchaeferWho Works Here? Courthouse
  ''978-1-58810-125-9   ''Fast Food Restaurant (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-58810-126-6   ''Fire Station (Who Works Here)
2001978-1-58810-127-3Lola M. SchaeferLibrary (Who Works Here)
2001978-1-58810-128-0Lola M. SchaeferZoo (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-58810-150-1Louise SpilsburyRice (Food)
  ''978-1-58810-173-0Stephanie St. PierreFirefly (Bug Books)
  ''978-1-58810-179-2Lola M. SchaeferThe Washington Monument (Heinemann First Library)
  ''978-1-58810-233-1Wendy LynchBrass (Musical Instruments)
2001978-1-58810-234-8Wendy LynchKeyboards (Musical Instruments)
  ''978-1-58810-235-5   ''Percussion (Musical Instruments)
  ''978-1-58810-236-2   ''Strings (Musical Instruments)
  ''978-1-58810-237-9   ''Woodwind (Musical Instruments)
  ''978-1-58810-297-3Sally Senzell IsaacsLife in a Colonial Town (Picture the Past)
2001978-1-58810-300-0Sally Senzell IsaacsLife on a Pioneer Homestead (Picture the Past)
  ''978-1-58810-301-7   ''Life on a Southern Plantation (Picture the Past)
2001978-1-58810-302-4Sally Senzell IsaacsLife on the Oregon Trail (Picture the Past)
  ''978-1-58810-308-6Chris OxladeThe Mystery of Crop Circles (Can Science Solve?)
  ''978-1-58810-309-3Holly WallaceThe Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster (Can Science Solve)
  ''978-1-58810-311-6Chris OxladeThe Mystery of Black Holes (Can Science Solve?)
  ''978-1-58810-317-8Rosemary ReesThe Aztecs (Understanding People in the Past)
2001978-1-58810-349-9Mir Tamim AnsaryCalifornia Indians (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-58810-350-5Mir Tamim AnsaryNorthwest Coast Indians (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-58810-351-2   ''Plains Indians (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-58810-352-9   ''Southwest Indians (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-58810-371-0Struan ReidMarco Polo (Groundbreakers)
2001978-1-58810-373-4David TaylorThe Cold War (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-374-1David DowningThe Great Depression (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-375-8Susan WilloughbyThe Holocaust (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-376-5David TaylorKey Battles of World War I (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-377-2Fiona ReynoldsonKey Battles of World War II (20th Century Perspectives)
2001978-1-58810-378-9Douglas WilloughbyThe Vietnam War (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-396-3Ron Fridell · Patricia WalshLife Cycle of a Silkworm
  ''978-1-58810-400-7Lola M. SchaeferThe Washington Monument (Symbols of Freedom)
  ''978-1-58810-401-4Tristan Boyer BinnsThe American Flag (Symbols of Freedom)
  ''978-1-58810-402-1   ''The Bald Eagle (Symbols of Freedom)
2001978-1-58810-403-8Tristan Boyer BinnsThe Liberty Bell (Symbols of Freedom)
  ''978-1-58810-404-5   ''The Lincoln Memorial (Symbols of Freedom)
2001978-1-58810-405-2Tristan Boyer BinnsThe Statue of Liberty (Symbols of Freedom)
  ''978-1-58810-406-9   ''The White House (Symbols of Freedom)
  ''978-1-58810-414-4Sally Senzell IsaacsLife in a California Mission (Picture the Past)
  ''978-1-58810-417-5   ''Life at Ellis Island (Picture the Past)
  ''978-1-58810-418-2   ''Life on the Underground Railroad (Picture the Past)
2002978-1-58810-424-3Naida KirkpatrickThe Indus Valley (Understanding People in the Past)
2001978-1-58810-431-1Mir Tamim AnsaryLabor Day (Holiday Histories)
2001978-1-58810-436-6Paul FluxColor (How Artists Use)
  ''978-1-58810-437-3   ''Line and Tone (How Artists Use)
2001978-1-58810-438-0Paul FluxPattern and Texture (How Artists Use)
  ''978-1-58810-439-7   ''Perspective (How Artists Use)
  ''978-1-58810-440-3   ''Shape (How Artists Use)
  ''978-1-58810-451-9Mir Tamim AnsaryEastern Woodlands Indians (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-58810-453-3   ''Plateau Indians (Native Americans)
2001978-1-58810-454-0Mir Tamim AnsarySoutheast Indians (Native Americans)
2003978-1-58810-494-6Ernestine GieseckeYour Money at Work: Taxes (Economics)
  ''978-1-58810-495-3Daniel Condon · Ernestine GieseckePlaying the Market: Stocks and Bonds (Economics)
2002978-1-58810-591-2Jane ShuterThe Maya (History Opens Windows)
  ''978-1-58810-620-9Louise SpilsburyPeas (Food)
2003978-1-58810-626-1Chris HowesRadical Sports: Caving
2002978-1-58810-672-8Robert SneddenCell Division and Genetics (Cells and Life)
  ''978-1-58810-675-9Robert SneddenPlants & Fungi: Multicelled Life (Cells and Life)
  ''978-1-58810-676-6   ''The World of the Cell: Life on a Small Scale (Cells and Life)
2002978-1-58810-715-2Lola M. SchaeferLeeches (Ooey-gooey Animals)
2002978-1-58810-722-0Lola M. SchaeferCrayfish (Musty-crusty Animals)
  ''978-1-58810-833-3Jennifer Blizin GillisLas Posadas (Fiestas Con Velas) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-58810-921-7Tony AllanThe Rise of Modern China (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-58810-934-7Robert SneddenCell Division & Genetics (Cells & Life)
  ''978-1-58810-936-1   ''DNA & Genetic Engineering (Cells & Life)
2002978-1-58810-946-0Leila Merrell FosterAntarctica (Continents)
  ''978-1-58810-954-5Ernestine GieseckeFrom Seashells to Smart Cards: Money and Currency (Everyday Economics)