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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1962978-0-394-00000-8Richard DoughertyDUGGAN
1975978-0-394-01559-0Edwin F. Beckenbach · R. BellmanIntroduction to Inequalities
978-0-394-01573-6Contest Problem Book II
1973978-0-394-01580-4I. M. YaglomGeometric Transformations III (New Mathematical Library)
1970978-0-394-02031-0Jean PattersonIt's Your Decision: You and Alcohol
1974978-0-394-12593-0Janet Serlin GarberDiscussion Guide and Quick-View for The Cat In the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss (A Bright and Early Book - Sound/Color Filmstrip)
1977978-0-394-17012-1Alain Robbe-GrilletTopology of a Phantom City
1978978-0-394-17034-3Allen GinsbergJournals: Early Fifties - Early Sixties (Grove Press pbk 1978)
  ''978-0-394-17046-6Eric BerneGames People Play; The Psychology of Human Relationships.
  ''978-0-394-17050-3Eric BerneWhat Do You Say After You Say Hello? the Psychology of Human Destiny
  ''978-0-394-17072-5George Lucas · Gloria Katz · Willard HuyckAmerican Graffiti: A Screenplay- The Complete Scenarios of the film with 70 illustrations
  ''978-0-394-17074-9Donald KeeneWorld within walls: Japanese literature of the pre-modern era, 1600-1867
1981978-0-394-17081-7Henry JamesSacred Fount
1979978-0-394-17099-2John Reed HodgsonImprovisation
1966978-0-394-17112-8bertolt brechtGalileo
1967978-0-394-17119-7Marquis de SadeThe 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings
1969978-0-394-17134-0Eric BerneGames People Play
1969978-0-394-17156-2Luis J. Gonzales · Gustavo A. Sanchez SalazarGreat Rebel: Che Guevara in Bolivia
1977978-0-394-17188-3Richard BrautiganA Confederate General From Big Sur
1958978-0-394-17207-1Arthur WaleyThe Way and Its Power, A Study of the Tao Te Ching and Its Place in Chinese Thought
1981978-0-394-17208-8Samuel BeckettEnd-Game
1982978-0-394-17209-5Eugene IonescoFour Plays: The Bald Soprano; The Lesson; Jack, or the Submission; The Chairs
1984978-0-394-17211-8Cheng-En Wu · Arthur WaleyMonkey (An Evergreen Book, E-112)
1960978-0-394-17221-7Donald, Editor KeeneAnthology of Japanese Literature from the Earliest Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century
1969978-0-394-17224-8Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiManual of Zen Buddhism
1960978-0-394-17226-2Eugene IonescoRhinoceros, and Other Plays
1962978-0-394-17234-7Alain Robbe-GrilletLast Year at Marienbad
1953978-0-394-17235-4Amos TutuolaThe Palm-Wine Drinkard
1969978-0-394-17244-6Jorge Luis BorgesFicciones
1975978-0-394-17249-1Eric BerneThe Structure and Dynamics of Organizations and Groups
1967978-0-394-17251-4Harold PinterThe Homecoming
1971978-0-394-17254-5Donald KeeneModern Japanese Literature
1967978-0-394-17263-7Harold PinterThe Lover, Tea Party, the Basement, Two Plays and a Film Script
1968978-0-394-17271-2Richard BrautiganA Confederate General from Big Sur
1975978-0-394-17278-1Jack KerouacDoctor Sax
2010978-0-394-17298-9Allen DmNew American Story
1958978-0-394-17299-6Samuel BeckettThree Novels by Samuel Beckett: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable (English and French Edition)
1967978-0-394-17304-7Yukio MishimaMadame de Sade
1970978-0-394-17326-9Joe OrtonWhat the Butler Saw a Play in Two Acts
1965978-0-394-17327-6Frantz FanonThe Wretched of the Earth
1964978-0-394-17388-7William, BarrettWhat Is Existentialism?
1954978-0-394-17390-0Jean GenetThe Maids and Deathwatch: Two Plays
1966978-0-394-17437-2Jack KerouacSatori in Paris
1968978-0-394-17442-6Mikhail BulgakovHeart of a Dog
1973978-0-394-17471-6Henry MillerBlack Spring
1971978-0-394-17474-7D. T. SuzukiAn Introduction to Zen Buddhism
1962978-0-394-17477-8Grove Press [1962]Pn6 New York · Samuel Beckett · Brendan Behan · Shelagh Delaney · Jack Gelber · Jean Genet · Eugene Ionesco · Harold PinterSeven Plays of the Modern Theatre: Waiting for Godot, The Quare Fellow, A Taste of Honey, The Connection, The Balcony, Rhinoceros, The Birthday Party
1980978-0-394-17525-6Andre HodeirJazz, Its Evolution and Essence (English and French Edition)
1988978-0-394-17539-3Bernard PomeranceElephant Man: A Play
1982978-0-394-17560-7George VithoulkasThe Science of Homeopathy
1971978-0-394-17603-1Eric BernePrinciples of Group Treatment
1973978-0-394-17657-4Emmanuelle ArsanEmmanuelle
1981978-0-394-17662-8Tom GervasiArsenal of Democracy: American Weapons Available for Export
1980978-0-394-17754-0Anthony FawcettJohn Lennon: One Day at a Time
1970978-0-394-17765-6Yukio MishimaSun & Steel
1973978-0-394-17787-8Jack Nusan · Peter Dreier PorterJewish Radicalism: A Selected Anthology
1981978-0-394-17794-6Michael Gross · Maxim JakubowskiThe Rock Yearbook, 1981
1973978-0-394-17797-7Edgar SnowRed Star Over China
1974978-0-394-17801-1Donald Merriam AllenPoetics of the New American Poetry
  ''978-0-394-17806-6Paul Carter-HarrisonKuntu Drama: Plays of the African Continuum
1975978-0-394-17820-2Emmanuelle. ArsanEmmanuelle
1974978-0-394-17823-3Walpola RahulaHeritage of Bhikkhu
1973978-0-394-17824-0George et al. LucasAmerican Graffiti
1975978-0-394-17833-2Eric. BerneA Layman's Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis
1981978-0-394-17936-0Ronald HarwoodThe dresser
  ''978-0-394-17952-0Jack KerouacThe Subterraneans (Grove Press Outrider Book)
1982978-0-394-17980-3Mary McClure Goulding · Robert L. GouldingChanging Lives through Redecision Therapy
  ''978-0-394-17984-1William S. Burroughs · Brion GysinThe Third Mind
1997978-0-394-20879-4Pierre BoulleThe Bridge over the River Kwai: A Novel
1989978-0-394-21470-2Miklos D.F. UdvardyAud Fld Gd Westn Bird
1987978-0-394-22002-4Bonnie STERNBonnie Stern Cookbook
1988978-0-394-22015-4Patricia BestThe Brass Ring: Power, Influence and the Brascan Empire
1987978-0-394-22017-8Carol FergusonThe Canadian Living Cookbook
1989978-0-394-22028-4Keith MaillardMotet
1991978-0-394-22054-3Robert D. BallardExploring the bismarck - The Real Life Quest to Find Hitler's Greatest Battleship
1994978-0-394-22063-5Roberts Paul WilliamThe palace of fears
1989978-0-394-22113-7John AyreNorthrop Frye: A Biography
  ''978-0-394-22121-2Julian BarnesA History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
1995978-0-394-22124-3B.W. POWEOutage
1990978-0-394-22145-8Simon SchamaCitizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution
1991978-0-394-22151-9Keath FraserBad Trips (Vintage Departures)
1990978-0-394-22179-3Julian BarnesHistory of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
1991978-0-394-22222-6Naomi WolfThe Beauty Myth
1991978-0-394-22238-7Alberto. ManguelNews From A Foreign Country Came (ARC).
  ''978-0-394-22239-4Julian BarnesTalking it Over
1993978-0-394-22252-3Michael CORENThe Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H.G. Wells
1994978-0-394-22277-6Monty BergerInvasions Without Tears: The Story of Canada's Top-Scoring Spitfire Wing in Europe During the Second World War
1993978-0-394-22288-2Desmond MortonWhen Your Numbers Up the Canadian Soldier I the 1st World War
1992978-0-394-22298-1Julian BarnesTalking It Over
1993978-0-394-22300-1Sorelle SaidmanBryan Adams: Everything He Does
1992978-0-394-22317-9Anne RiceTale of the Body Thief
  ''978-0-394-22330-8Julian BarnesThe Porcupine
978-0-394-22352-0Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion
1993978-0-394-22362-9Carol SHIELDSThe Stone Diaries
1994978-0-394-22363-6Maya AngelouWouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now - FIRST EDITION
  ''978-0-394-22380-3Carol ShieldsThe Stone Diaries
  ''978-0-394-22384-1Paul W. RobertsRiver in the Desert: Modern Travels in Ancient Egypt
1994978-0-394-22388-9Desmond MortonWhen Your Number's Up: The Canadian Soldier in the First World War
  ''978-0-394-22389-6Marian FowlerIn a Gilded Cage: From Heiress to Duchess
1996978-0-394-22391-9Catherine DunphyMorgentaler: A Difficult Hero
1994978-0-394-22401-5Bonnie SternSimply Heartsmart Cooking
1997978-0-394-22404-6Esther MyersYoga & You: Energizing & Relaxing Yoga for New & Experienced Students
1994978-0-394-22417-6Carol ShieldsThe Republic of Love
1996978-0-394-22499-2Teri DeglerFiery Muse: Creativity and the Spiritual Quest
1992978-0-394-22729-0John EnglishThe Life of Lester Pearson, Vol. 2: The Worldly Years, 1949-1972
1993978-0-394-25633-7Daniel Joseph BoorstinThe Discoverers
1995978-0-394-26967-2Nicholas LemannThe Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America
  ''978-0-394-28001-1VardeyGod in All Worlds
1993978-0-394-28006-6Susan SwanThe Wives of Bath
1994978-0-394-28012-7Alberto And · Craig (Editors) Manguel SteMeanwhile, In Another Part of the Forest
1993978-0-394-28013-4Michael OndaatjeEnglish Patient
  ''978-0-394-28014-1Jeanette WINTERSONWritten on the Body
  ''978-0-394-28015-8John EnglishThe Life of Lester Pearson, Vol. 2: The Worldly Years, 1949-1972
1993978-0-394-28019-6Ian McEwanBlack Dogs
  ''978-0-394-28021-9Anne RICELasher
1996978-0-394-28032-5Alberto ManguelA History of Reading
1994978-0-394-28040-0John IrvingTrying to Save Piggy Sneed
1993978-0-394-28043-1David MALOUFREMEMBERING BABYLON.
1995978-0-394-28061-5Oakland RossA FIRE ON THE MOUNTAINS: Exploring the Human Spirit From Mexico to Madagascar
1994978-0-394-28063-9John KeeganA History Of Warfare
1995978-0-394-28081-3Jeanette WintersonArt and Lies
  ''978-0-394-28082-0Ryszard KapuscinskiImperium
  ''978-0-394-28083-7Rudy WiebeA Discovery Of Strangers
  ''978-0-394-28094-3Oliver W. SacksAn Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales.
1996978-0-394-28106-3Michael SnowThe Michael Snow Project: Presence and Absence - the Films of Michael Snow 1956-1991 (The Michael Sn
1995978-0-394-28120-9Jill Ker ConwayTrue North A Memoir
1995978-0-394-28123-0William TrevorFelicia's Journey
  ''978-0-394-28126-1Anne RiceMemnoch The Devil
  ''978-0-394-28138-4Michael OndaatjeFrom Ink Lake: Canadian Stories
  ''978-0-394-28142-1Brian MooreThe Statement
1996978-0-394-28150-6Salman RushdieEast, West: Stories
  ''978-0-394-28151-3Oliver SacksAn Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales
1996978-0-394-28160-5Yann MartelSelf - 1st Edition/1st Printing
  ''978-0-394-28163-6Martin AmisThe Information
  ''978-0-394-28166-7Kazuo IshiguroThe Unconsoled
1995978-0-394-28170-4Jeanette WintersonArt Objects: Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery
1997978-0-394-28177-3Yann MartelSelf
  ''978-0-394-28178-0Ann-Marie MacDonaldFall on Your Knees
  ''978-0-394-28179-7Dionne BrandIn Another Place, Not Here
1997978-0-394-28180-3Gail Anderson-DargatzThe Cure for Death By Lightning
1996978-0-394-28182-7Michael OndaatjeIn the Skin of a Lion
  ''978-0-394-28197-1Salman RushdieThe Moor's Last Sigh
1987978-0-394-29741-5Clive BarkerDamnation Game
  ''978-0-394-29761-3Tom ClancyPatriot Games (Tom Clancy)
1990978-0-394-29863-4Robin CookOutbreak
1988978-0-394-29866-5Tom ClancyRed Storm Rising
1987978-0-394-29913-6Thomas D. CowanHow to Tap into Your Genius
  ''978-0-394-29960-0Robin CookBrain
1962978-0-394-30142-6Carleton S. CoonThe Origin of Races
1969978-0-394-30215-7Louis Reichenthal GottschalkUnderstanding History: A Primer of Historical Method
1966978-0-394-30449-6W. V. QuineThe Ways of Paradox and Other Essays
1968978-0-394-30594-3Hubert HerringHistory of Latin America
1965978-0-394-30651-3Kurt BaierMoral Point of View (Studies in Philosophy)
1968978-0-394-30663-6Jerry A. FodorPsychological Explanation; An Introduction to the Philosophy of Psychology
  ''978-0-394-30789-3William T. SandersMesoamerica: The Evolution of a Civilization
1950978-0-394-30907-1Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy, The
1950978-0-394-30912-5Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov
1979978-0-394-30922-4HomerIliad of Homer
1950978-0-394-30936-1Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina
1969978-0-394-30997-2John MiltonParadise Lost
1971978-0-394-31032-9John W YoltonJohn Locke & education (Studies in the Western educational tradition)
1972978-0-394-31259-0Salvatore John LaGuminaInstructor's manual for Richard N. Current, T. Harry Williams, Frank Freidel, The essentials of American history
1973978-0-394-31520-1Colin M TurnbullAfrica and Change
1976978-0-394-31534-8J. M RobertsHistory of the world
1971978-0-394-31549-2Richard · Williams · Freidel CurrentAMERICAN HISTORY: A Survey; Seventh Edition; Volume II: Since 1865
  ''978-0-394-31554-6David Bicknell TrumanThe Governmental Process: Political Interests and Public Opinion
1972978-0-394-31646-8Francis Butler SimkinsA History of the South
1973978-0-394-31712-0Hans Joachim MorgenthauPolitics among nations: The struggle for power and peace
  ''978-0-394-31723-6L. Joseph StoneChildhood and adolescence;: A psychology of the growing person
1974978-0-394-31734-2Mortimer Chambers · Raymond Grew · David HerlihyThe Western Experience, The Early Modern Period Volume II, First edition, 1974
1978978-0-394-31800-4John Hope and Moss, Alfred A. Jr. FranklinFrom Slavery to Freedom
1974978-0-394-31856-1B. F. SkinnerAbout Behaviorism
  ''978-0-394-31863-9Richard Nelson CurrentAmerican history:a survey
1978978-0-394-32049-6Julian Lincoln SimonBasic research methods in social sciences: The art of empirical investigation
1977978-0-394-32059-5Brian TierneySocial Darwinism--law of nature or justification of repression? (Random House historical pamphlet edition ; 11)
1978978-0-394-32088-5Robert A. MullerPhysical Geography Today: A Portrait of a Planet
1979978-0-394-32098-4Sydney Nettleton FisherThe Middle East: A history
1980978-0-394-32197-4Milford H. WolpoffPaleoanthropology
1978978-0-394-32256-8John Hope FranklinFrom Slavery to Freedom: A History of Negro Americans
  ''978-0-394-32277-3J. D FageA history of Africa (The History of human society)
1978978-0-394-32299-5Frederick MerkHistory of the Westward Movement
1982978-0-394-32531-6Carl CohenFour systems
1981978-0-394-32540-8Graziana LazzarinoPer Tutti i Gusti: An Activities Manual (Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-394-32612-2Allen Weinstein · R. Jackson Wilson.Freedom and Crisis: An American History
  ''978-0-394-32619-1Sculley BradleyThe American tradition in literature
  ''978-0-394-32620-7Sculley BradleyAmerican Tradition in Literature
1988978-0-394-32799-0Margaret C JacobThe cultural meaning of the scientific revolution (New perspectives on European history)
1983978-0-394-33085-3Raymond Grew, David Herlihy, Theodore K. Rabb, Isser Woloch Mortimer ChambersThe Western experience
  ''978-0-394-33187-4Louisa May Alcott · Ann M. Magagna · Madelon BedellLittle Women (Modern Library College Editions)
1974978-0-394-33290-1Charles PerrowComplex Organizations: A Critical Essay
1988978-0-394-33564-3H OMPSON MORGENTHAUPolitics among Nations. 6th Edition
1983978-0-394-33577-3R. Kent GreenawaltDiscrimination and Reverse Discrimination
1988978-0-394-33943-6SAM Y FINKThe Constitution: The Delicate Balance
1988978-0-394-33974-0Ralph TurekElements of Music
1985978-0-394-34202-3Gaddis SmithAmerican diplomacy during the Second World War, 1941-1945 (America in crisis)
1977978-0-394-34885-8Reuben B. FrostEncyclopedia of Physical Education, Fitness, and Sports
1979978-0-394-34942-8Kenneth N. WaltzTheory of International Politics
1988978-0-394-35359-3Charles Vanden EyndenElementary Number Theory (Random House/Birkhaüser mathematics series)
1987978-0-394-35429-3Ronald P. MorashBridge to Abstract Mathematics: Mathematical Proof and Structures
1988978-0-394-35507-8Leah Edelstein-KeshetMathematical Models in Biology (The Random House/Birkhauser mathematics series)

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