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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-340-00000-7James ClavellJames Clavell Shrink Pack
1974978-0-340-00104-2Arthur MeeSurrey (King's England)
1970978-0-340-00182-0Edmund CooperAll Fools' Day
1966978-0-340-00191-2Francis ChichesterAlong the Clipper Way
1965978-0-340-00199-8Anthony SampsonAnatomy of Britain Today
1974978-0-340-00267-4George Reginald BalleineBailiwick of Jersey (The Queen's Channel Islands)
  ''978-0-340-00312-1Werner KellerThe Bible as History
1975978-0-340-00396-1Elizabeth GoudgeCastle on the Hill
1967978-0-340-00484-5Francis ChichesterGipsy Moth Circles the World
1954978-0-340-00718-1Albert William EatonFaith, History and Practice of the Church of England
1992978-0-340-00855-3Elizabeth GoudgeGentian Hill
1966978-0-340-00896-6Maurice AshleyGlorious Revolution of 1688
1974978-0-340-00940-6Ernle BradfordGreat Siege: Malta, 1565
1948978-0-340-00986-4Anya SetonThe Hearth and Eagle
1993978-0-340-00992-5Elizabeth GoudgeThe Herb of Grace: Book Two of The Eliot Chronicles (Coronet Books)
1990978-0-340-01115-7Mary StewartThe Ivy Tree (Coronet Books)
1985978-0-340-01145-4Anya SetonKatherine
1983978-0-340-01180-5P. R. ReidThe Latter Days at Colditz
1964978-0-340-01214-7Raynor C. JohnsonLight and the Gate
1990978-0-340-01262-8Mary StewartMadam, Will You Talk? (Coronet Books)
1991978-0-340-01361-8   ''The Moon-Spinners (Coronet Books)
1969978-0-340-01381-6Edgar WallaceMr. J.G.Reeder Returns
1991978-0-340-01395-3Mary StewartMy Brother Michael (Coronet Books)
1990978-0-340-01439-4   ''Nine Coaches Waiting
1974978-0-340-01441-7Alan C. DeereNine Lives
1962978-0-340-01468-4Rudolf NureyevNureyev: An Autobiography with Pictures
1968978-0-340-01590-2Prayers For The Home
1989978-0-340-01708-1Leslie CharterisThe Saint Bids Diamonds (Coronet Books)
1980978-0-340-01741-8Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel (Knight Books)
1974978-0-340-01743-2Baroness OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel (Knight Books)
  ''978-0-340-01849-1Leslie CharterisVendetta for the Saint
1991978-0-340-01945-0Mary StewartWildfire at Midnight (Coronet Books)
1988978-0-340-01951-1Anya SetonThe Winthrop Woman
1965978-0-340-01956-6Monica FurlongWith Love to the Church
1963978-0-340-02057-9Philip OylerSons of the Generous Earth
1968978-0-340-02086-9John ChristopherPendulum
1991978-0-340-02202-3Mary StewartThis Rough Magic
  ''978-0-340-02219-1   ''Thunder on the Right (Coronet Books)
1975978-0-340-02347-1Leslie CharterisSaint Closes the Case (Coronet Books)
1973978-0-340-02394-5Anthony RhodesVatican in the Age of the Dictators
1968978-0-340-02404-1Marcus L. LoaneHope of Glory
1991978-0-340-02410-2Elizabeth GoudgeThe White Witch
1993978-0-340-02411-9   ''The Heart of the Family: NTW
1967978-0-340-02425-6Helen Dore BoylstonSue Barton, Student Nurse (Knight Books)
  ''978-0-340-02427-0Elizabeth GoudgeLinnets and Valerians (Knight Books)
1991978-0-340-02458-4Mary StewartAirs Above the Ground (Coronet Books)
1979978-0-340-02463-8Helen Dore BoylstonSue Barton, Senior Nurse (Knight Books)
1986978-0-340-02464-5W. E. JohnsBiggles and the Dark Intruder (Knight Books)
1989978-0-340-02469-0Anya SetonDragonwyck (Coronet Books)
1988978-0-340-02488-1Anya SetonFoxfire (Coronet Books)
1969978-0-340-02504-8Ernle BradfordSultan's Admiral: The Life of Barbarossa
1974978-0-340-02544-4Roger SchutzPower of the Provisional
1967978-0-340-02572-7Kenneth AllsopHard travellin': The hobo and his history
1971978-0-340-02574-1Alan NeameHoly Maid of Kent
1969978-0-340-02597-0Airey NeaveSaturday at M.I.9: History of Underground Escape Lines in N.W.Europe in 1940-45
1967978-0-340-02606-9Anne Margery MaughanMonmouth Harry (Historical Novels)
1968978-0-340-02624-3Tom CorfeThe Phoenix Park Murders: Conflict, Compromise and Tragedy in Ireland 1879-1882
1969978-0-340-02662-5Gavin LyallVenus with Pistol
1993978-0-340-02683-0Elizabeth GoudgeThe Bird in the Tree: Book One of The Eliot Chronicles
1967978-0-340-02710-3Charles M. SchulzFor the Love of Peanuts (Coronet Books)
1988978-0-340-02713-4Anya SetonAvalon (Coronet Books)
1989978-0-340-02714-1Patricia WentworthDanger Point (Crime Club)
  ''978-0-340-02715-8Patricia WentworthThe Key (Coronet Books)
1968978-0-340-02716-5John ChristopherA Wrinkle In The Skin
1981978-0-340-02746-2Elizabeth GoudgeIsland Magic
1967978-0-340-02787-5R. F. DelderfieldFarewell the Tranquil Mind (Coronet Books)
1981978-0-340-02860-5Edmund CooperAll Fools' Day
1967978-0-340-02863-6Charles Eric MaineB E A S T: Biological evolutionary animal simulation test
1982978-0-340-02876-6Kurt VonnegutSirens of Titan (Coronet Books)
1978978-0-340-02932-9Patricia WentworthTraveller Returns (Miss Silver Series)
1968978-0-340-03071-4Gwynedd RaeAll Mary (Knight Books)
1949978-0-340-03105-6W. E. JohnsBiggles Breaks the Silence
1983978-0-340-03207-7Leila BergBox for Benny
1964978-0-340-03319-7Cliff RobertsThe Dot
1962978-0-340-03357-9Sir J. M. BarrieA First Peter Pan (Little Books)
1963978-0-340-03360-9Enid BlytonFive Are Together Again
1958978-0-340-03363-0Enid BlytonFive Get into a Fix
1957978-0-340-03365-4   ''Five Go to Billycock Hill
1954978-0-340-03371-5   ''Five Go To Mystery Moor
1952978-0-340-03374-6   ''Five Have A Wonderful Time
1960978-0-340-03378-4   ''Five On Finniston Farm
1987978-0-340-03576-4Leo LionniLittle Blue and Little Yellow
1993978-0-340-03675-4Jane PilgrimMrs. Nibble Moves House (Blackberry Farm Little Books: 12)
  ''978-0-340-03676-1Jane PilgrimMrs Squirrel and Hazel BBF 7 (Little Books)
1990978-0-340-03703-4Sir J. M. Barrie · Olive JonesThe Nursery Peter Pan
1966978-0-340-03735-5J. M. Barrie · May ByronPeter Pan and Wendy
1961978-0-340-03800-0Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel (20th Century Classics)
1986978-0-340-03859-8"Francoise"Springtime for Jeanne-Marie
1970978-0-340-03998-4Gwynedd RaeMary Plain and the Twins (Knight Books)
1977978-0-340-04002-7Enid BlytonFive on Kirrin Island Again (Knight Books)
1978978-0-340-04003-4Enid BlytonFive Go Off To Camp: Book 7 (Famous Five)
1979978-0-340-04006-5Helen Dore BoylstonSue Barton, Visiting Nurse (Knight Books)
1978978-0-340-04007-2   ''Sue Barton, Rural Nurse (Knight Books)
  ''978-0-340-04008-9   ''Sue Barton - Superintendent Nurse (Knight Books)
  ''978-0-340-04009-6   ''Sue Barton, Neighbourhood Nurse (Knight Books)
1979978-0-340-04010-2   ''Sue Barton, Staff Nurse (Knight Books)
1970978-0-340-04032-4Mary YoungIn Search of Charm (Knight Books)
1983978-0-340-04043-0Geoffrey TreaseBows Against the Barons
1968978-0-340-04052-2Peter ScottEye of the Wind
1993978-0-340-04084-3Jane PilgrimSaturday at Blackberry Farm (Little Books)
1978978-0-340-04135-2Enid BlytonFive Get into Trouble (Knight Books)
1982978-0-340-04137-6Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Knight Books)
1978978-0-340-04144-4Enid BlytonFive on a Hike Together (Knight Books)
1973978-0-340-04148-2W. E. JohnsBiggles of the Interpol (Knight Books)
1979978-0-340-04150-5W. E. JohnsBiggles and the Blue Moon (Knight Books)
1970978-0-340-04234-2Charles M. SchulzDon't Tread on Charlie Brown (Knight Books)
1995978-0-340-04238-0René GoscinnyAsterix Big Fight BK 9 (Classic Asterix Hardbacks)
1994978-0-340-04239-7René GoscinnyAsterix and Cleopatra
  ''978-0-340-04240-3   ''Asterix The Gaul BK 1 (Classic Asterix Hardbacks)
1980978-0-340-04249-6Ruby FergusonJill and the Perfect Pony (Knight Books)
1969978-0-340-04282-3Richard BradfordRed Sky at Morning: A Novel
1968978-0-340-04318-9Charles M. SchulzYou're My Hero, Charlie Brown (Coronet Books)
1969978-0-340-04323-3David ForrestAnd to My Nephew Albert I Leave the Island What I Won Off Fatty Hagan in a Poker Game
  ''978-0-340-04330-1Eric ShiptonThat Untravelled World
1991978-0-340-04353-0Mary StewartThe Gabriel Hounds
1984978-0-340-04359-2James HiltonGoodbye Mr Chips
1995978-0-340-04360-8R. F. DelderfieldLong Summer Day (Horseman Riding By Trilogy: Volume 1)
  ''978-0-340-04361-5   ''A Horseman Riding By: Volume 2: Post of Honour: 1911-1940
1979978-0-340-04364-6Edmund CooperFar Sunset (Hodder science fiction)
1968978-0-340-04365-3Edgar WallaceRed aces
  ''978-0-340-04409-4Charles M. SchulzWho Do You Think You Are Charlie Brown? (Selected Cartoons from Peanuts Every Sunday: Volume 1)
1974978-0-340-04431-5Brother Andrew · John Sherrill · Elizabeth SherrillGod's Smuggler
1968978-0-340-04444-5Ronald W. ClarkJ.B.S.: The Life and Work of J.B.S.Haldane
1968978-0-340-04455-1Algis BudrysRogue Moon (Coronet Books)
1974978-0-340-04463-6Richard StarkGreen Eagle Score (Coronet Books)
1960978-0-340-04586-2Derek F. LawdenA Course in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 2, Part 3: Field Theory, Part 4: Hydromechanics: v. 2
1964978-0-340-04770-5Anthony BurgessLanguage Made Plain
1968978-0-340-05048-4A. Y. KhinchinTeaching of Mathematics
1960978-0-340-05217-4Margaret M. GowA Course in Pure Mathematics
  ''978-0-340-05687-5Pitmans CollegeShorthand (Pitmans)
  ''978-0-340-05790-2P.G. WilsonGerman Grammar (Teach Yourself)
1974978-0-340-05794-0R.K. HarrisonBiblical Hebrew (Teach Yourself Books)
1973978-0-340-05797-1Myles Dillon · Donncha O'CroininIrish (Teach Yourself)
  ''978-0-340-05952-4C.L.De BeaumontFencing (Teach Yourself Books)
1968978-0-340-05972-2Robert HarbinOrigami: The Art of Paper-folding (Teach yourself)
1975978-0-340-05978-4Alec RobinsCrosswords
  ''978-0-340-05992-0Theodore Rowland-EntwistleViolin (Teach Yourself)
1973978-0-340-05995-1E.C. RowlandsYoruba (Teach Yourself)
1974978-0-340-06201-2Chris BurgessReaders: Workbook Bk. 1A
1974978-0-340-06202-9Chris BurgessReaders: Workbook Bk. 1B
  ''978-0-340-06203-6   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 1C
  ''978-0-340-06204-3   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 1D
1974978-0-340-06205-0Chris BurgessReaders: Workbook Bk. 2A
  ''978-0-340-06206-7   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 2B
  ''978-0-340-06207-4   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 2C
  ''978-0-340-06208-1   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 2D
  ''978-0-340-06209-8   ''Readers: Workbook Bk. 3A
1960978-0-340-06222-7Chris BurgessPlays: Bk. 3
1964978-0-340-06587-7Arthur C. ClarkeFall of Moondust (Pilot Books)
1961978-0-340-07087-1T.G. PlattenLiving Faith: Believing and Living Bk. 4
1974978-0-340-07242-4William ShakespeareMacbeth (London English Literature)
  ''978-0-340-07526-5John MiltonParadise Lost: Bk. 1 & 2 (London English Literature)
1967978-0-340-07615-6Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (London English Literature)
1937978-0-340-07775-7Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel (20th Century Classics)
1969978-0-340-07871-6A.Rutgers Van Der LoeffSteffos and His Easter Lamb
1965978-0-340-08099-3Richard R. Skemp · J.S. FriisUnderstanding Mathematics: Tchrs' Bk. 2
1974978-0-340-08626-1J HARVARDCONVERSATIONAL GERMAN (German Converzation)
1961978-0-340-08816-6H. C. BarnardHistory of English Education from 1760
1968978-0-340-09396-2Hermann Palsson · Paul EdwardsGautrek's Saga
1969978-0-340-09438-9G. KakomaSongs from Buganda
1994978-0-340-10388-3GoscinnyASTERIX IN BRITAIN BK 3 (Classic Asterix Hardbacks)
1995978-0-340-10392-0René GoscinnyASTERIX THE LEGIONARY BK 7 (Classic Asterix Hardbacks)
1970978-0-340-10395-1Gwynedd RaeMary Plain's Big Adventure (Knight Books)
1985978-0-340-10429-3W. E. JohnsBiggles Investigates (Knight Books)
1970978-0-340-10430-9Enid BlytonFive Get into a Fix (Knight Books)
1985978-0-340-10435-4Willard PriceLion Adventure (Knight Books)
1969978-0-340-10455-2Goscinny · UderzoAsterix and the Cauldron (Asterix french)
1994978-0-340-10479-8René GoscinnyASTERIX THE GLADIATOR BK 6 (Classic Asterix Hardbacks)
1977978-0-340-10524-5Airey NeaveThey Have Their Exits
1969978-0-340-10544-3Kenneth N. TaylorLiving New Testament (The living series)
1971978-0-340-10611-2Melina MercouriI Was Born Greek
1970978-0-340-10620-4John CreaseyToff and the Fallen Angels
1984978-0-340-10679-2Phyllis A. WhitneyWindow on the Square (Coronet Books)
1969978-0-340-10685-3Dorothy Clarke WilsonTen Fingers for God
  ''978-0-340-10732-4Jack HigginsIn the Hour Before Midnight
1987978-0-340-10751-5Catherine MarshallBeyond Ourselves
1970978-0-340-10780-5J.J. MarricGideon's Sport (King crime)
  ''978-0-340-10792-8R. F. DelderfieldGod Is an Englishman (The Swann Family Saga: Volume 1)
1989978-0-340-10899-4Patricia WentworthThe Chinese Shawl (Miss Silver Series)
1972978-0-340-10902-1Robert HarbinOrigami: " The Art of Paper Folding No. 1 "
1982978-0-340-10904-5Edmund CooperFive to Twelve (Coronet Books)
1973978-0-340-10911-3Colin CrossAdolf Hitler
1968978-0-340-10950-2Robert S McNamaraThe essence of security: Reflections in office
1974978-0-340-10962-5Christopher TaylorDorset (Making of the English Landscape S.)
1969978-0-340-11000-3Jane GaskellSweet, Sweet Summer
1970978-0-340-11462-9D.R.R. BurtPlatyhelminthes and Parasitism (Modern Biology)
1974978-0-340-11641-8Clement John TranterTechniques of Mathematical Analysis (Unibooks)
1978978-0-340-12364-5J.J. MarricGideon's Wrath
2006978-0-340-12508-3Erich SegalLove Story
1974978-0-340-12519-9William HarringtonTrial (Coronet Books)
1971978-0-340-12521-2Charles M. SchulzYou've Done it Again, Charlie Brown (Coronet Books)
  ''978-0-340-12568-7R. F. DelderfieldTheirs Was the Kingdom (The Swann Family Saga: Volume 2)
1970978-0-340-12577-9Edmund CooperSon of Kronk
1974978-0-340-12590-8Neil RobinsonJames Fletcher: Builder

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