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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-7131-0010-5Dirk Tinbergen · Phil ThorburnIntegrated Science: Bk. 1
1978978-0-7131-0150-8Bill RidgwayWords About Town (The "Words About" series)
  ''978-0-7131-0193-5Ronald Kinton · Victor CeseraniThe Theory of Catering
1979978-0-7131-0255-0J. BradshawEight Major Religions in Britain
  ''978-0-7131-0324-3Susan GirelliSimple French Grammar
  ''978-0-7131-0326-7Peter J. Mooney · Colin BrownTruman to Carter: Post-war History of the United States of America
1980978-0-7131-0513-1Ian CooperThe Business World and the Law
1981978-0-7131-0544-5David CraigOtto ist Grosszugig
1982978-0-7131-0566-7Mari SmithSimple Kitchen Skills and Recipes
1981978-0-7131-0613-8Gordon HoggTwists: Twelve Stories with Questions
  ''978-0-7131-0620-6John RossPlaying Around: Aladdin and His Magic: Language Through Drama
1985978-0-7131-0684-8John AylettIn Search of History: Early Times - 1066
1983978-0-7131-0685-5   ''In Search of History: 1066-1485
1984978-0-7131-0686-2   ''In Search of History: 1485-1714
1985978-0-7131-0687-9   ''In Search of History: 1714-1900
1986978-0-7131-0688-6   ''In Search of History: The Twentieth Century
1983978-0-7131-0858-3Sandra GilfeatherSee the Mathematics: Bk. 1
1983978-0-7131-0871-2James A. Walker · Margaret M. McLeanOrdinary Statistics
1984978-0-7131-0985-6Ronald Kinton · Victor CeseraniThe Theory of Catering
  ''978-0-7131-0989-4David Crystal · John FosterThe Celts (Databank S.)
1964978-0-7131-1125-5Alec Edward DarbyshireEnglish and General Studies
  ''978-0-7131-1127-9William ShakespeareMacbeth (Kennet Shakespeare S.)
1965978-0-7131-1130-9William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet (Kennet Shakespeare S.)
1964978-0-7131-1243-6H.D. McKellarBeyond the Footlights (World of English S.)
1966978-0-7131-1259-7Ona LowProficiency English for Foreigners
1987978-0-7131-1537-6William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream (Kennet Shakespeare S.)
1970978-0-7131-1602-1Ronald Kinton · Victor CeseraniTheory of Catering
1956978-0-7131-2164-3Morris W. TraversLife of Sir William Ramsay
1968978-0-7131-2181-0R.W.K. HoneycombeThe Plastic Deformation of Metals
1969978-0-7131-2216-9Elizabeth Graham CutterPlant Anatomy: Cells and Tissues Pt. 1: Experiment and Interpretation (Contemporary biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2226-8G.M. Bennison · Alan Edward WrightGeological History of the British Isles
1970978-0-7131-2261-9J. E. CarrollHot Electron Microwave Generators
1971978-0-7131-2274-9Martin H.P. BottInterior of the Earth
1970978-0-7131-2277-0Frederick M. Lea · C.H. DeschThe Chemistry of Cement and Concrete
1971978-0-7131-2287-9G. Ledyard StebbinsChromosomal Evolution in Higher Plants (Contemporary Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2344-9D.E. Caro · etc.Modern Physics: Introduction to Atomic and Nuclear Physics
1972978-0-7131-2357-9Henry Hurd SwinnertonOutlines of Palaeontology
1973978-0-7131-2419-4Frank E. RoundThe Biology of the Algae
1974978-0-7131-2441-5F.G.H. BlythGeology for Engineers
1974978-0-7131-2457-6Mason E. HaleThe Biology of Lichens (Contemporary Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2489-7Harry BennettConcise Chemical and Technical Dictionary
1976978-0-7131-2542-9L.D. PryorBiology of Eucalypts (Studies in Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2590-0D. Michael StoddartMammalian Odours and Pheromones (Studies in Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2591-7D. Michael StoddartMammalian Odours and Pheromones (Studies in Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2592-4Peter J. HogarthViviparity (Studies in Biology)
1976978-0-7131-2593-1Peter J. HogarthViviparity (Studies in Biology)
1977978-0-7131-2594-8Rosemary Helen Lowe-McConnellEcology of Fishes in Tropical Waters (Studies in Biology)
1977978-0-7131-2595-5Rosemary Helen Lowe-McConnellEcology of Fishes in Tropical Waters (Studies in Biology)
1976978-0-7131-2596-2Bernard JohnPopulation Cytogenetics (Studies in Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2597-9Bernard JohnPopulation Cytogenetics (Studies in Biology)
1977978-0-7131-2598-6K.C. Highnam · Leonard HillComparative Endocrinology of the Invertebrates (Contemporary Biology S.)
  ''978-0-7131-2599-3K.C. Highnam · Leonard HillComparative Endocrinology of the Invertebrates (Contemporary Biology S.)
1980978-0-7131-2776-8Kenneth MellanbyThe Biology of Pollution (Studies in Biology)
  ''978-0-7131-2777-5Linda E. ReichlModern Course in Statistical Physics
1979978-0-7131-2789-8S. van der Spoel · A.C.Pierrot- ButtsZoogeography and Diversity in Plankton
1982978-0-7131-2842-0Martin H.P. BottThe Interior of the Earth: Structure, Contribution and Processes
1984978-0-7131-2882-6F.G.H. Blyth · Michael de FreitasA Geology for Engineers, Seventh Edition
1986978-0-7131-2899-4Owen A.M. LewisPlants and Nitrogen (Studies in Biology)
1990978-0-7131-2931-1John Monteith · Mike UnsworthPrinciples of Environmental Physics
1989978-0-7131-2983-0Charles JeffreyBiological Nomenclature
1953978-0-7131-3042-3W. J. DuncanPhysical Similarity and Dimensional Analysis
1968978-0-7131-3196-3A.J.S. Pippard · John BakerAnalysis of Engineering Structures
1969978-0-7131-3202-1E. L. Houghton · R.P. BoswellFurther Aerodynamics for Engineering Students
1987978-0-7131-3254-0R. Stephens · J. HannahMechanics Machines Advanced Theory and Examples 2e
1972978-0-7131-3267-0Stanley Thomas Henderson · Alfred Michael MarsdenLamps and Lighting
  ''978-0-7131-3269-4W. ChapmanWorkshop Technology: An Introductory Course Pt.1
1973978-0-7131-3306-6Frank Robert ConnorIntroductory Topics in Electronics and Telecommunications: Noise v. 6 (Introductory topics in electronics and telecommunication / Frank Robert Connor)
1974978-0-7131-3316-5Walter Betteridge · J. HeslopNimonic Alloys and Other Nickel-base High Temperature Alloys
1974978-0-7131-3319-6K. MorlingGeometric and Engineering Drawing: In S.I.Units
1976978-0-7131-3358-5George Carter · W.A. GrantIon Implantation of Semiconductors (Contemporary electrical engineering)
  ''978-0-7131-3368-4Ronald Fraser ReekieDraughtsmanship: Drawing Techniques for Graphic Communication in Architecture and Building
1981978-0-7131-3431-5J. Haslam · G. Summers · D. WilliamsEngineering Instrumentation and Control
1982978-0-7131-3433-9E. L. Houghton · N. B. CarruthersAerodynamics for Engineering Students
1983978-0-7131-3476-6R. B. J. T. AllenbyRings, Fields and Groups: Introduction to Abstract Algebra
1982978-0-7131-3508-4C. J. ChesmondControl System Technology
1984978-0-7131-3517-6Linda E. ReichlA Modern Course in Statistical Physics
1986978-0-7131-3526-8C. A. O'FlahertyHighways: Traffic Planning and Engineering v. 1
1985978-0-7131-3551-0P. BuckleyDesign of Distillation Column Control Systems,
1987978-0-7131-3623-4Richard D. GrossPsychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour
1988978-0-7131-3650-0Maureen NealConcise Applied Mathematics
1989978-0-7131-3651-7Trevor LinsleyAdvanced Electrical Installation Work
  ''978-0-7131-3660-9Heinz HeislerAdvanced Vehicle Technology
1969978-0-7131-4151-1K.D. BagshaweChoriocarcinoma: The Clinical Biology of the Trophoblast and Its Tumours
1973978-0-7131-4207-5D.B. BrewerRenal Biopsy
1979978-0-7131-4331-7R.F. MottramHuman Nutrition
1983978-0-7131-4333-1J-.C. GazetCarcinoma of the Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas (The Management of Malignant Disease series)
1980978-0-7131-4336-2Howard G. J. Worth · David H. CurnowMetabolic Pathways in Medicine
  ''978-0-7131-4366-9D.F.Ellison Nash · Cynthia M. Gilling · Mary GillmanThe Principles and Practice of Surgery for Nurses and Allied Professions
1986978-0-7131-4412-3F.D. Thompson · C.R.J. WoodhouseDisorders of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (Physiological Principles in Medicine S.)
1982978-0-7131-4413-0O.A. Ojo · Enang Bassey BriggsA Textbook for Midwives in the Tropics
1984978-0-7131-4457-4M.S. Yates · D. M. G. Main · I.E. HughesMultiple Choice Questions in Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics: A Course of Pharmacological Essentials (Multiple Choice Questions Series)
1985978-0-7131-4464-2David J. GaltonMolecular Genetics and Common Metabolic Disease
1987978-0-7131-4516-8Betty C. Hobbs · Diane Roberts Ph. D.Food Poisoning and Food Hygiene
1991978-0-7131-4592-2W. W. C. Topley · Graham S. WilsonTopley and Wilson's Principles of Bacteriology, Virology and Immunity: Virology v. 4
1965978-0-7131-5021-6J.H. BroomePascal
1963978-0-7131-5079-7John Russell BrownShakespeare's "Macbeth" (Study in English Literature)
1967978-0-7131-5115-2Arthur Raleigh HumphreysShakespeare's "King Richard II" (Study in English Literature)
1947978-0-7131-5138-1E. M. ForsterHowards End
1967978-0-7131-5254-8George LilloFatal Curiosity (Regents Restoration Drama)
  ''978-0-7131-5270-8A. G. Dickens · D. CarrThe Reformation in England to the Accession of Elizabeth I (Documents of Modern History)
1969978-0-7131-5464-1David HarveyExplanation in Geography
1970978-0-7131-5497-9Gordon Rupp · etc.Martin Luther (Documents of Modern History)
1972978-0-7131-5524-2John Russell Brown · Bernard Harris"Hamlet" (Stratford Studies)
1972978-0-7131-5595-2Harold CarterThe Study of Urban Geography
1971978-0-7131-5616-4Malcolm Bradbury · David PalmerThe American Novel and the Nineteen Twenties (Stratford Studies)
1973978-0-7131-5641-6G. C. DickinsonStatistical Mapping and the Presentation of Statistics
  ''978-0-7131-5698-0E. M. ForsterHowards End
  ''978-0-7131-5708-6Anthony TuckRichard II and the English Nobility
1975978-0-7131-5736-9Cuchlaine A.M. KingIntroduction to Physical and Biological Oceanography
1976978-0-7131-5835-9Christopher BigsbyApproaches to Popular Culture
  ''978-0-7131-5872-4John S. WhitleyFitzgerald's "Great Gatsby" (Study in English Literature)
  ''978-0-7131-5873-1John S. WhitleyFitzgerald's "Great Gatsby" (Study in English Literature)
1977978-0-7131-5944-8Jennifer BrownScottish Society in the Fifteenth Century
1989978-0-7131-5953-0G. R. EltonReform and Reformation: England, 1509-58 (The New History of England series)
1978978-0-7131-5969-1Christopher PrendergastBalzac: Fiction and Melodrama
1977978-0-7131-5975-2W. A. SpeckStability and Strife: England, 1714-60 (The New History of England series)
1978978-0-7131-5987-5John Holloway · Sol PicciottoState and Capital: A Marxist Debate
1978978-0-7131-5993-6Robert Barrie RoseGracchus Babeuf: The First Revolutionary Communist
  ''978-0-7131-6104-5J. R. JonesCountry and Court: England, 1658-1714
  ''978-0-7131-6108-3Doreen Massey · Alejandrina CatalanoCapital and Land (Social structure and social change)
1979978-0-7131-6119-9A.L. WashburnGeocryology: Survey of Periglacial Processes and Environments
1986978-0-7131-6156-4Derek HirstAuthority and Conflict: England, 1603-58 (The New History of England series)
1985978-0-7131-6161-8Edgar FeuchtwangerDemocracy and Empire: Vol 9 (New History of England, Vol 9)
  ''978-0-7131-6162-5Edgar FeuchtwangerDemocracy and Empire: Britain, 1865-1914 (The New History of England series)
1979978-0-7131-6219-6Malcolm Bradbury · David PalmerThe Contemporary English Novel (Stratford Studies)
1984978-0-7131-6249-3John GillinghamThe Angevin Empire (Foundations of Medieval History S.)
1979978-0-7131-6250-9Donald M. NicolEnd of the Byzantine Empire (Foundations of medieval history)
1981978-0-7131-6251-6Professor Bernard HamiltonMediaeval Inquisition (Foundations of Mediaeval History S.)
1979978-0-7131-6257-8P. H. SawyerEnglish Medieval Settlement
1977978-0-7131-6258-5David LodgeThe Modes of Modern Writing: Metaphor, Metonymy, and the Typology of Modern Literature (Bloomsbury Revelations)
1980978-0-7131-6287-5A.C. GimsonAn Introduction to the Pronunciation of English
  ''978-0-7131-6288-2A. C. GimsonIntroduction to the Pronunciation of English
1984978-0-7131-6305-6Alfred P. SmythWarlords and Holy Men: v1 (New History of Scotland)
1981978-0-7131-6307-0G.W.S. BarrowKingship and Unity: Scotland 1000-1306.
1984978-0-7131-6309-4Alexander GrantIndependence and Nationhood: Scotland, 1306-1469 (The New History of Scotland Series)
1982978-0-7131-6331-5Ken Young · Patricia L. GarsideMetropolitan London: Politics and Urban Change, 1837-1981 (Study in Urban History)
1987978-0-7131-6378-0W. L. WarrenThe Governance of Norman and Angevin England, 1086-1272 (The Governance of England series)
1984978-0-7131-6391-9John PethickAn Introduction to Coastal Geomorphology (Hodder Arnold Publication)
1984978-0-7131-6405-3David KnightonFluvial Forms and Processes
  ''978-0-7131-6415-2Jeremy HawthornThe British Working Class Novel in the Twentieth Century (Stratford Studies)
1985978-0-7131-6452-7Glanville PriceThe Languages of Britain
1986978-0-7131-6461-9Bernard HamiltonReligion in the Medieval West
1987978-0-7131-6477-0Edward RoyleModern Britain: A Social History, 1750-1985
1986978-0-7131-6483-1Donald PenningtonESSENTIAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY
1987978-0-7131-6498-5A.G. Champion · etc. · et alChanging Places: Britain's Demographic, Economic and Social Complexion
  ''978-0-7131-6513-5Barry McLaughlinSLA:THEORIES OF SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING (Second-language Acquisition Series)
1990978-0-7131-6530-2Edward ActonRethinking the Russian Revolution (Reading History series)
1992978-0-7131-6531-9Pat HudsonThe Industrial Revolution: 11
2002978-0-7131-6532-6Pauline StaffordUnification & Conquest: A Political & Social History of England in the Tenth & Eleventh Centuries: Political and Social History of England in the ... Centuries (Hodder Arnold Publication)
2000978-0-7131-6533-3David EnglanderSTATE WELFARE SOCIETY
978-0-7131-6536-4LentinPeace BDS
1989978-0-7131-6541-8Philip Rice · Patricia WaughModern Literary Theory: A Reader
1990978-0-7131-6549-4Harold Carter · C. Roy LewisAn Urban Geography of England and Wales in the Nineteenth Century
1988978-0-7131-6565-4Graeme Burton · Richard DimblebyBetween Ourselves: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
1995978-0-7131-6576-0Anthony AdamthwaiteGrandeur And Misery: France's Bid for Power in Europe, 1914-1940: France's Bid for Power in Europe, 1914-40 (Hodder Arnold Publication)
1989978-0-7131-6588-3A.C. GimsonAn Introduction to the Pronunciation of English
1993978-0-7131-6590-6M.A.J. Williams · etc. · D.L. Dunkerley · A.P. Kershaw · T. StokesQuaternary Environments
1989978-0-7131-6602-6Peter SkehanIndividual Differences in Second Language Learning (Second-language Acquisition Series)
1990978-0-7131-6609-5Edward ActonRethinking the Russian Revolution (Reading History)
1986978-0-7131-7470-0Peter BishopComputers At Work
  ''978-0-7131-7475-5Steven RichardsonThe Basics of Climatology
  ''978-0-7131-7476-2J.H. LowryWorld Population and Food Supply
1986978-0-7131-7479-3Andrina StilesThe Unification of Italy, 1815-70 (Access to A-Level History S.)
  ''978-0-7131-7609-4John CaddenPoetry Appreciation for A Level
1988978-0-7131-7619-3Rosa MartínOiga Por Favor: Student's Book
1987978-0-7131-7621-6John AylettLinks for GCSE: Russia In Revolution
1988978-0-7131-7650-6Paula BartleyThe Past in Question: Life in the Industrial Revolution
  ''978-0-7131-7732-9Joan Branson · Margaret LennoxHotel, Hostel & Hospital Housekeeping 5th edn
  ''978-0-7131-7743-5David Grossel · John Lotherington · Katherine Brice · Adrian Roberts · Caroline SteinsbergYears Of Renewal: European History, 1470-1600
1990978-0-7131-7828-9John LoweThe Concert of Europe: International Relations, 1814-70 (Access to History)
1979978-0-7131-8006-0Ona LowCertificate of Proficiency English Practice
1982978-0-7131-8029-9Peter B. ClarkeWest Africa and Islam
1981978-0-7131-8044-2RON TANDBERGThe Age of Tandberg
1990978-0-7131-8104-3William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet: Student Shakespeare Series
1985978-0-7131-8226-2Arthur (Illustrator) and Lewis Carroll · Austin Dobson (poem) RackhamAlice"s Adventures in Wonderland
1989978-0-7131-8472-3Geoffrey N. Leech · Roz Ivanic · Benita CruikshankAn A-Z of English Grammar and Usage
1988978-0-7131-8544-7John PowellUsage Rend Maitre

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