Tom Corfe

T. C. · T. Corfe

titleISBN-13year of publication
Archbishop Thomas and King Henry II978-0-521-20646-41975
Queen Victoria978-0-521-22247-11979
Queen Victoria: Wall Picture978-0-521-22246-41979
Russia's Revolutions978-0-521-31591-31989
Samuel Pepys978-0-521-21575-61977
Samuel Pepys: Whitehall Palace978-0-521-21576-31977
Sunderland: a Short History978-0-9525122-3-32003
The Murder of Archbishop Thomas978-0-8225-1202-81977
The Phoenix Park Murders: Conflict, Compromise and Tragedy in Ireland 1879-1882978-0-340-02624-31968

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