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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84456-001-1Richard FosterCelebration of Discipline
2006978-1-84456-008-0International Bible SocietyThe Bible Experience New Testament
  ''978-1-84456-009-7International Bible SocietyThe Bible Experience
2004978-1-84456-032-5Jake ArnottThe Long Firm
  ''978-1-84456-033-2Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-1-84456-035-6Jane AustenPersuasion
  ''978-1-84456-037-0   ''Sense and Sensibility
2004978-1-84456-038-7Daphne Du MaurierRebecca
2005978-1-84456-040-0Bobby Robson · Paul HaywardBobby Robson: Farewell but not Goodbye - My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84456-041-7Bobby Robson · Paul HaywardBobby Robson: Farewell but not Goodbye - My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84456-042-4Richie BenaudMy Spin on Cricket
  ''978-1-84456-043-1Richie BenaudMy Spin on Cricket: A celebration of the game of cricket
2006978-1-84456-047-9Elizabeth NobleAlphabet Weekends
2005978-1-84456-051-6John SimpsonAn Evening With John Simpson
  ''978-1-84456-055-4Philip SerrellAn Auctioneer's Lot
2006978-1-84456-057-8   ''Sold to the Man With the Tin Leg
2005978-1-84456-058-5Cynthia LennonJohn
2005978-1-84456-059-2Cynthia LennonJohn
  ''978-1-84456-061-5Rosamunde PilcherThe Before-Christmas Present and Miss Cameron at Christmas: WITH Miss Cameron at Christmas
  ''978-1-84456-062-2Rosamunde PilcherThe Blue Bedroom and The White Birds: WITH the White Birds
2015978-1-84456-064-6Jenny TomlinBehind Closed Doors
2006978-1-84456-065-3Constance BriscoeUgly: The Story of a Loveless Childhood
  ''978-1-84456-066-0Constance BriscoeUgly: The Story of a Loveless Childhood
2005978-1-84456-067-7Kate AdieNobody's Child
  ''978-1-84456-068-4Kate AdieNobody's Child
2005978-1-84456-069-1David MitchellCloud Atlas
2006978-1-84456-073-8Patricia Y. WarrenTales From the Country Matchmaker
2005978-1-84456-074-5Andrew FlintoffBeing Freddie: My Story so Far
  ''978-1-84456-075-2Andrew FlintoffBeing Freddie: My Story so Far
  ''978-1-84456-076-9Craig Brown1966 and All That
  ''978-1-84456-077-6Craig Brown1966 and All That
2006978-1-84456-078-3Daphne Du MaurierJamaica Inn
  ''978-1-84456-079-0   ''Frenchman's Creek
2006978-1-84456-081-3Charles DickensNicholas Nickleby
  ''978-1-84456-082-0Charles DickensOur Mutual Friend
  ''978-1-84456-085-1Alan TitchmarshNobbut a Lad
  ''978-1-84456-087-5Melvyn Bragg12 Books That Changed the World
  ''978-1-84456-088-2Cody McfadyenShadow Man
2006978-1-84456-089-9Cody McfadyenShadow Man
  ''978-1-84456-095-0Rosamunde PilcherComing Home
2005978-1-84456-096-7   ''The Shell Seekers
2005978-1-84456-097-4Rosamunde PilcherWinter Solstice
  ''978-1-84456-098-1   ''September
2006978-1-84456-099-8Stephen KingThe Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  ''978-1-84456-100-1John Le CarréOur Game
  ''978-1-84456-103-2Elizabeth GeorgeA Suitable Vengeance: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 4 (Inspector Lynley Mystery)
2005978-1-84456-104-9Rosamunde PilcherThe Day of the Storm
2006978-1-84456-105-6   ''Snow In April
2005978-1-84456-106-3Ellis PetersBrother Cadfael's Penance
2006978-1-84456-107-0Stephen KingLT's Theory of Pets
  ''978-1-84456-109-4John Le CarréThe Looking Glass War
2006978-1-84456-110-0John Le CarréThe Russia House
  ''978-1-84456-112-4Ellis PetersAbridged by Kati Nicholl
  ''978-1-84456-113-1   ''One Corpse Too Many
  ''978-1-84456-114-8John Le CarréCall for the Dead
  ''978-1-84456-115-5Ellis PetersThe Pilgrim of Hate
2006978-1-84456-117-9Rosamunde PilcherThe End of Summer
  ''978-1-84456-119-3Ellis PetersVirgin In The Ice
  ''978-1-84456-120-9Elizabeth GeorgeDeception on his Mind (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 09)
  ''978-1-84456-122-3Rosamunde PilcherAnother View
2005978-1-84456-123-0Ellis PetersAn Excellent Mystery
  ''978-1-84456-125-4Henry Blofeld · Brian Johnston · Dickie BirdAn Evening with...
2005978-1-84456-128-5Rosamunde PilcherRosamunde Pilcher Giftpack: September/ The Shell Seekers/ The Day of The Storm
2015978-1-84456-134-6Neil OliverNot Forgotten
2006978-1-84456-137-7Alan Titchmarsh · Barry Norman · Bill Pertwee · Maureen Lipman · Brian Johnston · et alFunny Anecdotes
  ''978-1-84456-140-7Jasper FfordeThe Big Over Easy: Nursery Crime Adventures 1
  ''978-1-84456-142-1Jasper FfordeThe Fourth Bear: Nursery Crime Adventures 2
1920978-1-84456-144-5   ''First Among Sequels
2006978-1-84456-146-9Brandon BaysFreedom Is: Liberating your boundless potential
  ''978-1-84456-150-6Bryan RobsonRobbo - My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84456-151-3Bryan RobsonRobbo - My Autobiography
2006978-1-84456-155-1David MitchellBlack Swan Green
  ''978-1-84456-158-2Stephen KingBag of Bones
2006978-1-84456-163-6Stephen KingInsomnia
  ''978-1-84456-166-7   ''Misery
  ''978-1-84456-168-1John Le CarréA Murder of Quality
  ''978-1-84456-169-8   ''The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
  ''978-1-84456-170-4Rosamunde PilcherWild Mountain Thyme
2006978-1-84456-171-1Ellis PetersDead Man's Ransom
  ''978-1-84456-172-8   ''A Morbid Taste for Bones
  ''978-1-84456-173-5   ''Sanctuary Sparrow
2006978-1-84456-174-2Ellis PetersThe Raven in the Foregate
  ''978-1-84456-175-9Elizabeth GeorgeA Traitor to Memory: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 10 (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 11)
  ''978-1-84456-176-6   ''In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 9 (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 10)
  ''978-1-84456-177-3Ellis PetersThe Rose Rent
2007978-1-84456-179-7Rosamunde PilcherThe Blue Bedroom
  ''978-1-84456-180-3Thomas HardyFar From the Madding Crowd
2007978-1-84456-181-0Ellis PetersSt Peter's Fair
  ''978-1-84456-182-7   ''The Confessions of Brother Haluin
  ''978-1-84456-184-1Rosamunde PilcherFlowers in the Rain
  ''978-1-84456-185-8Oscar WildeImportance Of Being Earnest
2006978-1-84456-186-5Jane AustenJane Austen Collection
  ''978-1-84456-187-2Daphne Du MaurierThe Daphne Du Maurier Collection
2006978-1-84456-188-9Charles DickensCharles Dickens Collection
  ''978-1-84456-189-6Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes Collection
  ''978-1-84456-191-9John Le CarréJohn le Carré Collection
  ''978-1-84456-196-4John BetjemanSelected Poems
  ''978-1-84456-199-5Stephen KingCell
2006978-1-84456-202-2Jodi PicoultKeeping Faith
  ''978-1-84456-208-4Dan FespermanThe Prisoner of Guantanamo
  ''978-1-84456-212-1Charles FrazierThirteen Moons
  ''978-1-84456-214-5Jodi PicoultMercy
2005978-1-84456-221-3Lucy DanielsHedgehogs in the Hall: Animal Ark Classics
  ''978-1-84456-222-0Lucy DanielsKoalas in a Crisis: Animal Ark Classics
2005978-1-84456-223-7Lucy DanielsDonkey on the Doorstep (Animal Ark)
  ''978-1-84456-224-4   ''Kitten in the Cold: Animal Ark Classics CD
2004978-1-84456-230-5A A MilneWinnie the Pooh: Winnie The Pooh & House at Pooh Corner
2012978-1-84456-231-2P B KerrThe Akhenaten Adventure: Double CD (Children of the Lamp)
  ''978-1-84456-232-9P B KerrThe Akhenaten Adventure: Double tape (Children of the Lamp)
2005978-1-84456-239-8Jon BlakeStinky Finger's House of Fun: Double CD
  ''978-1-84456-243-5Inga MooreSix Dinner Sid
  ''978-1-84456-244-2Lauren ChildBeware of the Storybook Wolves: Book and CD (Book & CD)
2005978-1-84456-246-6John CunliffePostman Pat: Postman Pat Story Collection: Television Stories Volume 1: v. 1
  ''978-1-84456-247-3Mick InkpenThe Mick Inkpen Treasury
  ''978-1-84456-248-0Mick InkpenKipper's Christmas Eve: Book & CD
2006978-1-84456-252-7John CunliffePostman Pat: Postman Pat Story Collection: Television Stories Volume 3: "Postman Pat Flollows a Trail", "Postman Pat Has the Best Village" AND "Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road" v. 3
  ''978-1-84456-255-8David MellingGood Knight Sleep Tight: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84456-256-5Mick InkpenKipper Story Collection
2007978-1-84456-260-2Cressida CowellHow To Cheat A Dragon's Curse: CD (How To Train Your Dragon)
2006978-1-84456-262-6Nick ButterworthJasper's Beanstalk: Book & CD
2006978-1-84456-263-3Enid BlytonFive Go Adventuring Again & Five Go to Demon's Rocks: AND Five Go to Demon's Rocks (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84456-267-1Enid BlytonFirst Term and Second Year at Malory Towers (2 CDs)
  ''978-1-84456-268-8Mick InkpenKipper's Toybox: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84456-269-5   ''Kipper's Monster: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84456-270-1Enid BlytonThe Twins at St Clare's & The O'Sullivan Twins: AND "The O'Sullivan Twins"
2006978-1-84456-271-8Enid BlytonThe Secret Seven & Secret Seven Adventure: AND "Secret Seven Adventure"
2006978-1-84456-272-5Enid BlytonWell Done, Secret Seven & Secret Seven on the Trail: AND "Secret Seven on the Trail"
  ''978-1-84456-273-2   ''Summer Term at St.Clare's AND "The Second Form at St.Clare's
  ''978-1-84456-274-9   ''Claudine at St Clare's & Fifth Formers at St Clare's: CD: AND "Fifth Formers at St.Clare"
  ''978-1-84456-275-6   ''Third Year and Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
  ''978-1-84456-276-3   ''In the Fifth at Malory Towers AND Last Term at Malory Towers
2006978-1-84456-277-0Enid BlytonFive Run Away Together / Five on Finniston Farm (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84456-278-7Mick InkpenThe Blue Balloon: Book & CD (Kipper)
  ''978-1-84456-279-4Kes GrayVesuvius Poovius: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84456-283-1Mick InkpenKipper: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84456-284-8David MellingThe Kiss That Missed: Book & CD
2009978-1-84456-287-9Cressida CowellHow to Twist a Dragon's Tale: Book 5 (How To Train Your Dragon)
2007978-1-84456-288-6Charlie FletcherIronhand: Book 2 (Stoneheart)
2006978-1-84456-290-9A A MilnePiglet Meets A Heffalump and Other Stories (Winnie the Pooh)
2006978-1-84456-291-6A A MilnePooh Goes Visiting and Other Stories: CD (Winnie the Pooh)
2006978-1-84456-292-3A A MilneTigger Comes To The Forest & Other Stories: CD (Winnie the Pooh)
  ''978-1-84456-293-0   ''Pooh Invents a New Game and Other Stories: CD (Winnie the Pooh)
2007978-1-84456-298-5Mick InkpenBear (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84456-299-2   ''Penguin Small (Book & CD)
2010978-1-84456-305-0Jodi PicoultHarvesting the Heart
2006978-1-84456-314-2Stephen KingThe Stationary Bike
  ''978-1-84456-316-6John GroganMarley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog
  ''978-1-84456-317-3Andrew FlintoffFreddie Flintoff - My World
2006978-1-84456-318-0Pam AyresPam Ayres - Ancient and Modern
  ''978-1-84456-322-7Andrew Flintoff · Shane Warne · Mike Atherton · Richie Benaud · et alHeroes of Cricket
  ''978-1-84456-328-9Edited By Warren LakinI Think the Nurses are Stealing My Clothes: The Very Best of Linda Smith
  ''978-1-84456-329-6Linda SmithLinda Smith Live
2007978-1-84456-332-6Billie PiperBillie Piper: Growing Pains
  ''978-1-84456-340-1Jasvinder SangheraShame
2007978-1-84456-345-6Mary ShelleyFrankenstein
  ''978-1-84456-346-3Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina
  ''978-1-84456-347-0George ElliotThe Mill on the Floss
  ''978-1-84456-352-4VariousClassic Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-84456-353-1Thomas HardyJude the Obscure
2006978-1-84456-396-8Barbel MohrThe Cosmic Ordering Service
2007978-1-84456-400-2Mick InkpenOne Bear At Bedtime (Book & CD)
2007978-1-84456-401-9Mick InkpenThe Great Pet Sale (Book & CD)
2006978-1-84456-406-4Robert MuchamoreThe Recruit
2007978-1-84456-409-5Lauren ChildWho's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84456-410-1Mick InkpenNothing (Book & CD)
2009978-1-84456-414-9Enid BlytonFamous Five on Treasure Island and Famous Five on Secret Trail: AND Five on a Secret Trail
  ''978-1-84456-415-6   ''Famous Five on Mystery Moor and Famous Five on Kirrin Island Again: AND Five on Kirrin Island Again
2007978-1-84456-418-7   ''The Famous Five Short Story Collection (Famous Five: Short Stories)
2007978-1-84456-419-4Enid BlytonThe Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl In The School & Naughtiest Girl Again: AND Naughtiest Girl Again
  ''978-1-84456-465-1Warren LakinDriving Miss Smith: A Memoir of Linda Smith
  ''978-1-84456-469-9Dickie BirdBest of Dickie Bird
  ''978-1-84456-472-9David MitchellGhostwritten
  ''978-1-84456-474-3   ''number9dream
2007978-1-84456-476-7Henry BlofeldBest of Blowers
  ''978-1-84456-479-8Daniel TammetBorn On a Blue Day
  ''978-1-84456-481-1Robyn YoungBrethren: Brethren Trilogy Book 1
978-1-84456-483-5My Booky Wook
2007978-1-84456-486-6Ned SherrinAn Evening With Ned Sherrin
  ''978-1-84456-537-5John Le CarréA Perfect Spy
  ''978-1-84456-539-9   ''The Little Drummer Girl: Soon to be a major TV series
2008978-1-84456-541-2   ''The Night Manager
2007978-1-84456-545-0Garrison KeillorPraire Home Christmas
2007978-1-84456-550-4Mary WesleyA Sensible Life
2009978-1-84456-552-8Jeffery DeaverRoadside Crosses: Kathryn Dance Book 2
2007978-1-84456-565-8Clarissa Dickson WrightSpilling the Beans
2008978-1-84456-576-4James May · Phil DollingJames May's Magnificent Machines: How men in sheds have changed our lives
2007978-1-84456-587-0Haruki MurakamiBlind Willow Sleeping Woman 2
  ''978-1-84456-592-4Ranulph FiennesMad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Updated and revised to celebrate the author's 75th year
  ''978-1-84456-635-8Peter JonesTycoon
  ''978-1-84456-637-2Alan TitchmarshBest of Alan Titchmarsh
  ''978-1-84456-639-6Haruki MurakamiAfter Dark
1925978-1-84456-648-8Nuala GardnerA Friend Like Henry
2007978-1-84456-657-0Alan TitchmarshEngland, Our England
2009978-1-84456-658-7Vicki MyronDewey: The small-town library-cat who touched the world
2007978-1-84456-659-4Peter RobinsonFriend OfThe Devil
2007978-1-84456-660-0Enid BlytonThe Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor & Here's The Naughtiest Girl: AND Here Is the Naughtiest Girl
  ''978-1-84456-661-7   ''Go Ahead, Secret Seven & Good Work, Secret Seven: AND Good Work Secret Seven No. 3
2007978-1-84456-662-4Enid BlytonSecret Seven Win Through & Three Cheers Secret Seven: AND Three Cheers Secret Seven No. 4
2008978-1-84456-664-8ArcadiaThe Jungle Book (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-666-2   ''Alice In Wonderland (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-667-9   ''Robin Hood (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-670-9   ''Peter Pan (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-671-6   ''Black Beauty (Children's Audio Classics)
2008978-1-84456-672-3ArcadiaThe Three Musketeers (Children's Audio Classics)
2008978-1-84456-673-0ArcadiaThe Wind In The Willows (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-674-7   ''A Christmas Carol (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-675-4   ''The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-676-1   ''Huckleberry Finn (Children's Audio Classics)
  ''978-1-84456-677-8   ''The Wizard Of Oz (Children's Audio Classics)
2008978-1-84456-678-5Enid BlytonFive Go to Smugglers Top & Five Get into a Fix (Famous Five): AND Five Get into a Fix v. 5
2008978-1-84456-679-2Enid BlytonFive Have a Mystery to Solve & Five Go Down to the Sea: AND Five Go Down to the Sea v. 6 (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84456-680-8   ''Five Go Off To Camp & Five Go To Billycock Hill: WITH Five Go to Billycock Hill (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84456-681-5   ''Five Fall Into Adventure & Five Get Into Trouble: WITH Five Get into Trouble (Famous Five)
2007978-1-84456-682-2Robert MuchamoreClass A: Book 2 (CHERUB)
2008978-1-84456-687-7Anne Digby · Enid BlytonThe Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Secret & Naughtiest Girl Helps a Friend: Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Secret AND the Naughtiest Girl Helps a Friend v. 3
  ''978-1-84456-688-4Enid Blyton · Anne DigbyThe Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Saves the Day & Well Done, The Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Saves the Day AND Well Done, the Naughtiest Girl v. 4
  ''978-1-84456-689-1Lucy Daniels1: Puppy Puzzle and Kitten Crowd: Double CD 1: WITH Kitten Crowd (Animal Ark Pets)
2007978-1-84456-700-3Richie Benaud · Dickie Bird · Henry Blofeld · Brian Johnston · Fred TruemanThe Wit of Cricket 2
2007978-1-84456-701-0Charles DickensMartin Chuzzlewit
2008978-1-84456-709-6Jacqueline WalkerPilgrim State
2007978-1-84456-721-8New ScientistWhy Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?
2008978-1-84456-726-3VariousThe Wit of Cricket Collection
  ''978-1-84456-741-6Pam AyresThe Broken Woman: Studio Collection 2: v. 2
  ''978-1-84456-743-0John Le CarréA Most Wanted Man
2009978-1-84456-745-4Michael ParkinsonParky - My Autobiography: A Full and Funny Life
2008978-1-84456-747-8Elizabeth GeorgeCareless in Red: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 12 (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 15)
  ''978-1-84456-760-7Russell BrandUntitled
  ''978-1-84456-772-0John Le CarréA Small Town in Germany
2008978-1-84456-773-7John Le CarréTinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  ''978-1-84456-774-4   ''Smiley's People
  ''978-1-84456-778-2Randy Pausch · Jeffrey ZaslowThe Last Lecture
  ''978-1-84456-801-7Lucy Daniels3: Rabbit Race and Pony Parade: Double CD 3: WITH Pony Parade v. 3 (Animal Ark Pets)
  ''978-1-84456-824-6Robert MuchamoreThe Sleepwalker: Book 9 (CHERUB)
2008978-1-84456-825-3Robert MuchamoreThe General: Book 10 (CHERUB)
2011978-1-84456-980-9Cressida CowellA Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons: Book 6 (How To Train Your Dragon)
2010978-1-84456-981-6   ''How to Ride a Dragon's Storm: Book 7 (How To Train Your Dragon)
2011978-1-84456-982-3Cressida CowellHow to Break a Dragon's Heart (How to Train Your Dragon)