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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-340-99852-6Clarissa Dickson WrightPotty!: Clarissa's One Pot Cookbook
2009978-0-340-99854-0Chris CleaveIncendiary
2010978-0-340-99858-8Anthony RichesWounds of Honour: Empire I (Empire series)
  ''978-0-340-99859-5Natasha SolomonsMr Rosenblum's List: or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman
  ''978-0-340-99860-1Bahaa TaherSunset Oasis
  ''978-0-340-99861-8Robert PestonThe New Capitalism: How and why the economic world has changed forever - and how it affects us all
  ''978-0-340-99862-5Belinda JonesLiving La Vida Loca
2011978-0-340-99875-5Jasvinder SangheraShame Travels
2010978-0-340-99876-2Siri HustvedtThe Shaking Woman or a History of My Nerves
2011978-0-340-99877-9Siri HustvedtThe Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves
2010978-0-340-99878-6Andreï Makine · Andrei MakineThe Life of an Unknown Man
2010978-0-340-99884-7Jo LodgeWiggle, Jump, Stomp, Mr Croc
  ''978-0-340-99886-1Colin BatemanIcequake (SOS Adventure)
  ''978-0-340-99887-8Colin BatemanFire Storm (SOS Adventure)
2011978-0-340-99888-5   ''Tusk (SOS Adventure)
  ''978-0-340-99889-2Emma ThomsonTwilight and Twirls (Felicity Wishes)
  ''978-0-340-99892-2Jenny OldfieldRed Star: Book 1 (Black Pearl Ponies)
2011978-0-340-99893-9Jenny OldfieldWildflower: Book 2 (Black Pearl Ponies)
  ''978-0-340-99894-6   ''Miss Molly: Book 3 (Black Pearl Ponies)
  ''978-0-340-99895-3   ''Stormcloud: Book 4 (Black Pearl Ponies)
  ''978-0-340-99896-0   ''Snickers: Book 5 (Black Pearl Ponies)
2011978-0-340-99897-7Jenny OldfieldGhost Horse: Book 6 (Black Pearl Ponies)
  ''978-0-340-99899-1Alex T. SmithClaude in the City
  ''978-0-340-99901-1Alex T. SmithClaude on Holiday
2012978-0-340-99903-5   ''Claude at the Circus
2010978-0-340-99904-2Mick InkpenWibbly Pig Opens His Presents Board Book
2017978-0-340-99907-3Cressida CowellHow To Train Your Dragon
  ''978-0-340-99908-0Cressida CowellHow To Be a Pirate (How To Train Your Dragon)
  ''978-0-340-99909-7   ''How to Train Your Dragon: How To Speak Dragonese: Book 3
2017978-0-340-99910-3Cressida CowellHow to Train Your Dragon: How To Cheat A Dragon's Curse: Book 4
  ''978-0-340-99911-0   ''How to Train Your Dragon: How to Twist a Dragon's Tale: Book 5
  ''978-0-340-99912-7   ''How to Train Your Dragon: How to Ride a Dragon's Storm: Book 7
2017978-0-340-99913-4Cressida CowellHow to Train Your Dragon: A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons: Book 6
2009978-0-340-99914-1L J SmithVolume 1: The Awakening & The Struggle: Books 1 & 2 (The Vampire Diaries)
  ''978-0-340-99915-8L.J. SmithVolume 2: The Fury & The Reunion: Books 3 & 4 (The Vampire Diaries)
2011978-0-340-99916-5Robert MuchamoreGrey Wolves: Book 4 (Henderson's Boys)
2012978-0-340-99917-2Robert MuchamoreThe Prisoner: Book 5 (Henderson's Boys)
  ''978-0-340-99918-9   ''One Shot Kill: Book 6 (Henderson's Boys)
2011978-0-340-99919-6   ''People's Republic
2012978-0-340-99920-2   ''People's Republic: Book 13 (CHERUB)
  ''978-0-340-99921-9   ''Guardian Angel: Book 14 (CHERUB)
2013978-0-340-99922-6Robert MuchamoreGuardian Angel: Book 14 (CHERUB)
  ''978-0-340-99923-3   ''Black Friday (Cherub)
2014978-0-340-99924-0   ''Black Friday: Book 15 (CHERUB)
2011978-0-340-99927-1Mij Kelly · Mary McquillanA Bed of Your Own
2012978-0-340-99928-8Mij KellyA Bed of Your Own
  ''978-0-340-99944-8Michael BroadBeautiful Buttercup (Forget-Me-Not)
2009978-0-340-99947-9Robert MuchamoreCHERUB: Brigands M.C.
2010978-0-340-99954-7L J SmithThe Secret Circle: The Initiation: The Initiation and The Captive Part 1
  ''978-0-340-99955-4L.J. SmithThe Captive: The Captive Part 2 and The Power (The Secret Circle)
2012978-0-340-99961-5H.L. DennisThe Power of Three: Book 1 (Secret Breakers)
  ''978-0-340-99962-2   ''Orphan of the Flames: Book 2 (Secret Breakers)
2014978-0-340-99966-0   ''Circle of Fire: Book 6 (Secret Breakers)
2010978-0-340-99969-1David GatwardThe Dead: The Dead: Book 1
2010978-0-340-99970-7David GatwardThe Dark: Book 2 (The Dead)
2011978-0-340-99971-4David GatwardThe Damned: Book 3 (The Dead)
  ''978-0-340-99974-5Robert MuchamoreShadow Wave
  ''978-0-340-99980-6David MellingDon't Worry, Hugless Douglas
  ''978-0-340-99981-3David MellingDon't Worry Hugless Douglas
2010978-0-340-99983-7   ''Just Like My Mum: Board Book
  ''978-0-340-99984-4   ''Just Like My Dad Board Book
2011978-0-340-99985-1   ''The Kiss That Missed
2010978-0-340-99986-8   ''The Tale of Jack Frost
2011978-0-340-99990-5Tamara MacfarlaneAmazing Esme: Book 1
2012978-0-340-99991-2Tamara MacfarlaneAmazing Esme and the Sweetshop Circus: Book 2
  ''978-0-340-99992-9   ''Amazing Esme and the Pirate Circus: Book 3
2010978-0-340-99998-1Chris HigginsPride and Penalties