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A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Testgen Disk 13.5" disk978-0-321-05772-3
A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Testgen Disk 2   "978-0-321-05773-0
A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Testgen Disk 3   "978-0-321-05774-7
A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Testgen Disk 4   "978-0-321-05775-4
A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Testgen Disk 5   "978-0-321-05776-1
A Graphical Approach to College Trigonometry Mac Tutorial forHardcover978-0-321-01262-31999
A Graphical Approach to College Trigonometry Student Tutorial WindowsUnbound978-0-321-01261-61999
A Graphical Approach to Precalculus: Instructor's Test ManualHardcover978-0-321-03950-71998Lial
Alpha to Omega Teacher'SPaperback978-0-435-12591-22006
Annotated Instructor's Edition   "978-0-321-08869-72002Lial · McGinnis
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-321-19649-12004LIAL · MCGINNIS
Beginning AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-29368-82004Lial · McGinnis
Beginning AlgebraTextbook Binding978-0-536-94820-52004Lial · McGinnis
Beginning Algebra - Annotated Instructor's Edition, 10th EditionPaperback978-0-321-44786-92008Lial · McGinnis
BEGINNING and INTERMEDIATE Algebra - Instructor's Solutions Manual   "978-0-321-44112-62008Jeffery A. Cole · Lial · McGinnis
College AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-26766-52004Lial · Schneider
College AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-05752-52000Lail · Schneider
College Algebra through Modeling and Visualization, Updated PrintingHardcover978-0-321-08028-81999Gary K. Rockswold · John Hornby · Margaret L. Lial · Lial
Developmental Mathematics: Basic Mathematics and Algebra, Annotated Instructor's EditionPaperback978-0-321-50664-12008Lial · McGinnis · Salzman · Hestwood
Digital Video Tutor   "978-0-321-08385-22002Lial
Graph Apprch Alg&mml Mslsak & Ssm&calc MnlpkHardcover978-0-321-71057-42011
Graph Approach Tape IndexVHS Tape978-0-321-05002-11998
Graphcl Approach Coll Alg& Mymathlab Stud PkHardcover978-0-321-20533-92003Lial
Graphical Approach College AlgVHS Tape978-0-321-05025-01998
Graphical Approach to College Algebra and TrigonometryHardcover978-0-321-02172-41998E. John Hornsby
Graphicl Approach Coll Alg& Trig& MML Stud Pk   "978-0-321-20532-22003Lial
Hornsby/Lial a Graphical Approach to College Algebra and Trigonometry Bundled with Ti-82 Simulator fUnbound978-0-321-00681-31997
Hornsby/Lial a Graphical Approach to College Algebra Bundled with Ti-82 Simulator for Windows   "978-0-321-00680-61998
Insider's Guide to Teaching With the Hornsby/Lial/Rockswold Graphical Approach Series for A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Fifth Edition, Algebra and Trigonometry Fifth Edition, Precalculus With Limits A Unit Circle Approach Fifth EditionPaperback978-0-321-66462-42010 Lial · Rockswold
Instructor's Testing Manual Christopher Mason College Algebra   "978-0-321-52889-62009Lial · Schneider
Instructor's Testing Manual for Graphical Approach to College Algebra, A, 4/E   "978-0-321-35789-22007Paul Lorczak · Terry A. Krieger · Lial
Instructors Test Manual for Mathematical Ideas 8e   "978-0-321-40253-02000Miller · HEEREN
InterAct Math Tutorial SoftwareCD-ROM978-0-321-08185-82000Margaret L. Lial · Hestwood
Intermed Alg Alt Vers I/A Math   "978-0-321-08196-42000Lial
Intermediate Algebra, 10th EditionHardcover978-0-321-44783-82007Lial · McGinnis
Intermediate AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-29376-32004Lial · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra Pbsc - Mat1103 with MML Access CodePaperback978-1-269-33901-82015Lial · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra/Student's Solutions ManualHardcover978-0-321-39726-32005Lial · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and GraphingPaperback978-0-536-95588-32006Lial · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and GraphingCD-ROM978-0-321-09210-62002Lial · McGinnis
Introductory AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-09105-52001Lial
Introductory and Intermediate Algebra Plus MyMathlab Student Access Kit   "978-0-321-28602-42005   "
Mathematical Ideas   "978-0-321-63983-72009Miller · Heeren
Mathematical IdeasHardcover978-0-321-07602-12001Miller · Heeron
Mathematical Ideas, Expanded Edition plus MyMathLab Student Starter Kit   "978-0-321-17260-02003Miller · Heeren
"Pass the Test" Beginning Algebra CD-ROM DemoCD-ROM978-0-321-08024-01999Lial
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 13.5" disk978-0-321-06640-4
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 2   "978-0-321-06641-1
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 3   "978-0-321-06642-8
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 4   "978-0-321-06643-5
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 5   "978-0-321-06644-2
Precalculus Testgen-EQ Windows Disk 6   "978-0-321-06645-9
Precalculus with LimitsCD-ROM978-0-321-07595-62001Lial · Schneider
Reading Philosophy of Language: Selected Texts with Interactive CommentaryPaperback978-1-4051-2485-02005Longworth
Sounds Great! Interactive Phonics   "978-0-07-123791-82000
Student's Solutions Manual for A Graphical Approach to College Algebra, 3rd edition   "978-0-201-79286-72002Lial · Rockswold · Norma F. James
Teach on   "978-0-435-08790-61993
Test Generator Eq Full to Mathematical Ideas 8eCD-ROM978-0-321-01663-82000Miller · HEEREN
Test Generator Eq Full to Mathematical Ideas Disk   "978-0-321-01664-52000Miller · HEEREN
TrigonometryHardcover978-0-321-64807-52009Lial · Robert Schneider
Trigonometry   "978-0-321-22741-62004Lial
Trigonometry: Student Edition   "978-0-321-04783-01998Schneider · Lial
Tutorial Software MAC Version Full for Mathematical Ideas 8eCD-ROM978-0-321-40805-1Miller · HEEREN
Tutorial Software Student Package MAC Version for Mathematical ID   "978-0-321-01662-1Miller · HEEREN
Tutorial Software Windows Version Full for Mathematical Ideas 8e   "978-0-321-40864-8Miller · HEEREN
Videos for Mathematical Ideas 8eCinta VHS978-0-321-40289-92000Miller · HEEREN

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