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A Graphical Approach to Precalculus: Instructor's Test ManualHardcover978-0-321-03950-71998Hornsby
Aie Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-321-82631-22014
Annotated Instructor's Edition   "978-0-321-08869-72002
Annotated Instructor's Edition BASIC COLLEGE MATHEMATICS   "978-0-321-26686-62004
Answer Book   "978-0-321-04315-32000Hungerford
Answer Book   "978-0-321-03955-21999   "
Answer Book - Beginning and Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-321-15927-42004
Basic College Interm Data DiskCD-ROM978-0-321-05241-41998
Basic College Mathematics: Instructor's Solutions ManualHardcover978-0-321-40341-41998Miller · Salzman
Beginning AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-19649-12004HORNSBY · MCGINNIS
Beginning AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-29368-82004
Beginning AlgebraTextbook Binding978-0-536-94820-52004Hornsby · McGinnis
Beginning Algebra - Annotated Instructor's Edition, 10th EditionPaperback978-0-321-44786-92008Hornsby · McGinnis
Beginning Algebra: Mymathlab Starter KitHardcover978-0-321-15719-52003
BEGINNING and INTERMEDIATE Algebra - Instructor's Solutions ManualPaperback978-0-321-44112-62008Jeffery A. Cole · Hornsby · McGinnis
Beginning Interm Alg Tstgn-EQHardcover978-0-321-01786-41996
Calculus with Applications Iowa State UniversityLoose Leaf978-1-269-37227-52013Greenwell · Ritchey
Calculus with Applications Series Visual Calculus DOS VersionHardcover978-0-321-03094-81997
CALCULUS WITH APPLICATIONS W/SSM   "978-0-321-60145-22008
CB-Intermediate Algebra for East Tennessee State University   "978-0-321-01243-21998
CD Component for InteractCD-ROM978-0-321-15716-42003
CD Component for Interact   "978-0-321-15925-02003
CD Component for Testgen-Eq   "978-0-321-15910-62003
CD Component for Testgen-Eq   "978-0-321-15931-12003
College Algebra 7e Objective List for TutorialsUnbound978-0-321-40244-81998
College AlgebraHardcover978-0-536-98474-62005
College AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-26766-52004Hornsby · Schneider
College Algebra & Mymathlb StuPaperback978-0-321-15050-92002
College Algebra & Trigonometry 1/EHardcover978-0-321-40842-61998
College Algebra & Trigonometry 1e   "978-0-321-40843-31998
College Algebra and Trigonometry   "978-0-321-50149-32009
College Algebra Mymthlb AccPaperback978-0-321-09980-82003
College Algebra through Modeling and Visualization, Updated PrintingHardcover978-0-321-08028-81999Gary K. Rockswold · John Hornby · Margaret L. Lial · Hornsby
Developmental Mathematics: Basic Mathematics and Algebra, Annotated Instructor's EditionPaperback978-0-321-50664-12008Hornsby · McGinnis · Salzman · Hestwood
Digital Video Tutor   "978-0-321-08385-22002Hornsby
Documentation Pass Test Cd-RomTaschenbuch978-0-321-06221-51999
Elementary Statistics with Finite MathematicsPaperback978-1-269-30743-72014Triola · Greenwell · Ritchery
ESSENTIAL MATHEMATICS: Custom Edition for Sierra CollegeLoose Leaf978-1-269-44951-92014 Salzman
Explorations in Finite Mathematics and Visual Calculus Software   "978-0-321-03096-21998
Explorations in Finite Mathematics Software   "978-0-321-03095-51998
Finite Math&Calc W/Appl&Hardcover978-0-321-23850-42004Greenwell
Finite Mathematics   "978-0-321-23847-42004
Finite Mathematics And Calculus With Applications   "978-0-321-75798-22012Greenwll · Ritchey
Finite Mathematics with Applications Pkg w/ Mathxl 12 Month Access Code   "978-0-321-79047-72011HUNGERFORD · HOLCOMB
Finite Mathemetics with Applications   "978-0-321-46473-62006
Graphcl Approach Coll Alg& Mymathlab Stud Pk   "978-0-321-20533-92003Hornsby
Graphicl Approach Coll Alg& Trig& MML Stud Pk   "978-0-321-20532-22003   "
Graphing Calculator ManualPaperback978-0-321-03959-01998
Insider's Guide to Teaching With the Hornsby/Lial/Rockswold Graphical Approach Series for A Graphical Approach to College Algebra Fifth Edition, Algebra and Trigonometry Fifth Edition, Precalculus With Limits A Unit Circle Approach Fifth Edition   "978-0-321-66462-42010Hornsby · Rockswold
Instructors Resource Guide/Solutions Manual   "978-0-321-03954-51998Hungerford
Instructor's Testing Manual Christopher Mason College Algebra   "978-0-321-52889-62009Hornsby · Schneider
Instructor's Testing Manual for Graphical Approach to College Algebra, A, 4/E   "978-0-321-35789-22007Paul Lorczak · Terry A. Krieger · Hornsby
Interact Math CDCD-ROM978-0-321-08341-82000
InterAct Math Tutorial CD-ROM Package - Essential Mathematics 1/e ISBN: 032109056X Lial   "978-0-321-09056-02003Salzmann
Interact Math Tutorial Software   "978-0-321-08185-82000Hornsby
Intermed Alg Alt Vers I/A Math   "978-0-321-08196-42000   "
Intermediate Algebra, 10th EditionHardcover978-0-321-44783-82007Hornsby · McGinnis
Intermediate AlgebraAudio CD978-0-321-29376-32004
Intermediate AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-05669-62001
Intermediate AlgebraRelié978-0-321-06697-82001
Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-06197-32000
Intermediate Algebra Early Functioning and Graphing W/StudentUnbound978-0-321-01295-11998
Intermediate Algebra: Early Functions and Graphing Instructor's Resource Manual   "978-0-321-40336-01998Salzman · Miller
Intermediate Algebra: Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and GraphingHardcover978-0-321-40335-31998Miller · Salzman
Intermediate Algebra Pbsc - Mat1103 with MML Access CodePaperback978-1-269-33901-82015Hornsby · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra- Printed Test Bank   "978-0-321-15906-92004
Intermediate Algebra/Student's Solutions ManualHardcover978-0-321-39726-32005
Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and GraphingPaperback978-0-536-95588-32006Hornsby · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and GraphingCD-ROM978-0-321-09210-62002Hornsby · McGinnis
Intermediate Algebra with Early Graph and Functions 6eHardcover978-0-321-01599-01998
Intro Alg Texas Instrumnt Rebate Coupon Pkg   "978-0-321-03526-41999
Introductory AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-09105-52001 Hornsby
Introductory Algebra: Instructor's Resource ManualUnbound978-0-321-40331-51998Salzman · Miller
Introductory Algebra: Instructor's Solutions ManualHardcover978-0-321-40330-81998Miller · Salzman
Introductory Algebra, Seventh EditionPaperback978-0-321-13099-02002
Introductory and Intermediate Algebra, 2ndHardcover978-0-321-09728-62002
Introductory and Intermediate Algebra Plus MyMathlab Student Access KitPaperback978-0-321-28602-42005Hornsby
Lail Beginning Algebra 7e, Lial Begin Alg Sale TutUnbound978-0-321-80053-41998
Lail Fin Mthe & Calc W/Apps 4e Lial Ssm Fin Mth & Calc W/AppsHardcover978-0-321-80043-51998
Lail Interm Alg 5e - Ssm, Davidson Overcoming Math AnxietyUnbound978-0-321-80196-81998
Lail Intro Alg 5e - Perforated, Lail Intro Alg 5ePaperback978-0-321-80048-01998
Lail Intro Alg 5e-Perforated, Lail Intro Alg 5e- SsmUnbound978-0-321-80021-31998
Lial Algebra for College Students, Lial Alg for CollHardcover978-0-321-80004-61998
Lial Beginning Algebra 7e Lial Beginning Alg 7e Sg   "978-0-321-80114-21998
Lial Interm Alg Early F/Graph 5e, Lial Interm Alg 5e - SsmUnbound978-0-321-80187-61998
Lial Mathematics with Applications, Lial MathHardcover978-0-321-80039-81998
Mathematics with Applctn Finite& MML Stud Pk   "978-0-321-22795-92003Hungerford
Mathematics with Applications, Annotated Instructor Edition   "978-0-321-64632-32011Hungerford · Holcomb
Mathematics with Applications Management, Natural, and Social Sciences 11ed AIE   "978-0-321-86924-12015
Mathematics with Applications plus MyMathLab Student Starter Kit   "978-0-321-12255-12003Hungerford
Mathematics with Business ApplicationPaperback978-1-269-93353-72014Hungerford · Holcomb · Mullins
Mathematics with Business Application Temple University Edition 2014   "978-1-269-92311-82014
Mathxl Course Live Date, Finite Version978-0-321-15695-22003
Mymathlab Live Date978-0-321-12256-82003Hungerford
"Pass the Test" Beginning Algebra CD-ROM DemoCD-ROM978-0-321-08024-01999Hornsby
Powerpoint Slides   "978-0-321-15076-92003
Prealgebra: An Integrated ApproachHardcover978-0-321-44034-12006
Prealgebra a Second Custom Edition for Idaho State UniversityPaperback978-0-536-94735-22005
Pre-Algebra: Instructor's Solutions ManualHardcover978-0-321-02989-81999Hestwood
Precalculus with LimitsCD-ROM978-0-321-07595-62001Hornsby · Schneider
""Real to Reel" VideosCinta VHS978-0-321-05659-72002
"Real to Reel" Videos   "978-0-321-05661-02002
"Real to Reel" Videos   "978-0-321-06708-12002
Sequences, Series & Other Topics ChapterPaperback978-0-321-02873-01997Greenwell
Student Solutions ManualBroché978-0-321-06699-22001
Student Solutions Manual for Calculus with Applications for the Life SciencesPaperback978-0-201-77016-22002Greenwell · Ritchey
Student Solutions Manual for Mathematics with Applications   "978-0-201-77010-02002Hungerford
Student's Solution Manual Tp Accompany College Algebra and Trigonometry   "978-0-321-22770-62005
Student's Solutions Manual for A Graphical Approach to College Algebra, 3rd edition   "978-0-201-79286-72002Hornsby · Rockswold · Norma F. James
Supplement: Mathematics with Applications, Finite Version Plus Mymathlab Student Starter Kit - Mathematics with Applications, Finite Version 8/EHardcover978-0-321-12254-42003Hungerford
TAPE 3 VIDEO SERIESVHS Tape978-0-321-02201-11997
Text & Student Solution Manual T/A Algebra/Coll Students 3eUnbound978-0-321-01605-81998
Trigonometry 3rd Custom Edition Florida A & M UniversityRing-bound978-1-269-40650-52013
Trigonometry   "978-0-321-22741-62004Hornsby
Trigonometry, A Custom Edition for Mississippi State University: Trigonometry Text Only, No Access Code.Paperback978-0-536-91869-72005
Trigonometry Objective ListingCD-ROM978-0-321-40245-51997
Trigonometry: Student EditionHardcover978-0-321-04783-01998Schneider · Hornsby
Trigonometry T/Gen-EQ Win DATCD-ROM978-0-321-40820-41997
Trigonometry T/Gen-EQ Win DAT   "978-0-321-40821-11997
VideoCinta VHS978-0-321-40292-92000
Video Demo for College Algebra and TrigonometryVHS Tape978-0-321-00454-3
Video Demo to Trigonometry Video Series 6e   "978-0-321-00455-0
VideosCinta VHS978-0-321-06861-32002
Videos   "978-0-321-07699-12002
Video Series T/A College Algebra and TrigonometryHardcover978-0-321-40291-21998
Win Custom Test Bank Disk 13.5" disk978-0-321-05818-8
Win Custom Test Bank Disk 2   "978-0-321-05819-5
Win Custom Test Bank Disk 3   "978-0-321-05820-1

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