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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-273-00001-3Ferrers LeighBook of the Renault 4, 5 and 6 (Motorists' Library)
  ''978-0-273-00002-0J.D. LaneScience of Materials (Definitions & Formulae for Students)
1976978-0-273-00003-7R. NagarajanStandards in Building
1973978-0-273-00007-5H. PeckDesigning for Manufacture (Topics in Engineering Design)
  ''978-0-273-00008-2H. PeckDesigning for Manufacture (Topics in Engineering Design)
1974978-0-273-00011-2A. Bannister · H.W. StephensonSolution of Problems in Surveying and Field Astronomy
2000978-0-273-00013-6H. L. ForknerCorrelated Dictation and Transcription
1974978-0-273-00014-3L.L. LawrenceExpanded Polystyrene Craft
1972978-0-273-00016-7LarryMan in School
1975978-0-273-00017-4Tom GourdieImprove Your Handwriting
  ''978-0-273-00018-1Annwen Nicholas · Daphne TeagueEmbroidery in Fashion
1973978-0-273-00019-8Les SavidgeRevisionary Outlines of Commerce
1974978-0-273-00024-2James LaddJob in the Factory (PitmanScope books)
  ''978-0-273-00026-6James LaddJob in the Office (PitmanScope books)
1973978-0-273-00029-7Frank DaviesTeaching Reading in Early England
1974978-0-273-00031-0Stephanie BurdTypist's Desk Book, The
1974978-0-273-00032-7Leslie Clifford BondPractical Assignments in Commerce
1977978-0-273-00034-1Gerald AbrahamsBrilliance in Chess
  ''978-0-273-00036-5Kurt RichterChess Combination as a Fine Art
1973978-0-273-00038-9Michael Anderson · etc.Handbook of Contemporary Drama
  ''978-0-273-00039-6Wendon BlakeCreative Colour: A Practical Guide for Oil Painters
1972978-0-273-00040-2Pitman EditorsNew Basic Course Pitman Shorthand
  ''978-0-273-00041-9Joe SingerHow to Paint Portraits in Pastel
1975978-0-273-00042-6Clive WebsterWorking with Theatre in Schools
1974978-0-273-00044-0Cecilia NormanMicrowave Cookery for the Housewife
1973978-0-273-00045-7Greta ColsonSpeech Practice (Education Library)
  ''978-0-273-00046-4   ''Speech Practice (Education Library)
1972978-0-273-00047-1W. WiniataFinancial Management of Chartered Banks
1972978-0-273-00048-8A. Crabtree · Denis KeenanEssentials of Industrial Law: Suppt
1973978-0-273-00049-5Evangeline Shears · Diantha FieldingApplique
1974978-0-273-00050-1A. Bannister · H.W. StephensonSolution of Problems in Surveying and Field Astronomy
1973978-0-273-00052-5G.Sylvester- EvansFinance of Foreign Trade: Examination Questions Answered
  ''978-0-273-00057-0Isaac PitmanShorthand, Pitman's, Speed Development: New Era v. 3
1975978-0-273-00058-7Kenneth Smith · Denis KeenanEnglish Law
  ''978-0-273-00059-4Jean Saint-Fort PaillardUnderstanding Equitation
1972978-0-273-00060-0European Dialysis and Transplant AssociationDialysis and renal transplantation: Proceedings of the ninth conference [of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association] held in Florence, Italy. European Dialysis and Transplant Association
1975978-0-273-00062-4Donald J WillcoxModern leather design
1977978-0-273-00065-5A.Jay Abrams · C. AbramsBuilding Craft Equipment
1976978-0-273-00066-2Harry GolombekImprove Your Chess
1973978-0-273-00069-3N.H. GedlingBritish Constitution: Examination Questions Answered
1975978-0-273-00070-9Melvyn WestlakeFactoring
1973978-0-273-00071-6Staton AbbeyBook of the B.L.M.C. 1100 and 1300 (Motorists' Library)
  ''978-0-273-00072-3John H. ChurchwardTypewriting Exercises for the Certificate of Secondary Education
1974978-0-273-00073-0Christine Stevens · James LaddJob in Catering (PitmanScope books)
  ''978-0-273-00074-7Lawrence RussellYour First Job (PitmanScope books)
1975978-0-273-00075-4Leslie SellersKeeping Up the Style
1973978-0-273-00077-8D.E. WarlandBuilding (Definitions & Formulae for Students)
1973978-0-273-00078-5J. HammondBuying Electronic Equipment
  ''978-0-273-00079-2J. HammondFocus on Automation
1975978-0-273-00080-8Margaret SeagroattBasic Textile Book
  ''978-0-273-00081-5Margaret SeagroattBasic Textile Book
  ''978-0-273-00082-2Jane ElamPhotography: Simple and Creative
  ''978-0-273-00083-9Jane ElamPhotography: Simple and Creative
1976978-0-273-00085-3R.N. RentonTelegraphy
1976978-0-273-00086-0John HarrisonPractical Office Exercises
1975978-0-273-00090-7Roger William CurtisHow to paint successful seascapes: Techniques in oil
1976978-0-273-00091-4Ken Davies · Ellye BloomPainting Sharp Focus Still Lives
  ''978-0-273-00094-5Joanne MatteraNavaho Techniques for Today's Weaver
  ''978-0-273-00095-2David GatesLettering for reproduction
  ''978-0-273-00097-6Maggie BaylisHouse Plants for the Purple Thumb (Home & Garden Series)
  ''978-0-273-00098-3John E. Bryan · Coralie CastleEdible, Ornamental Garden (Home & Garden Series)
1976978-0-273-00100-3Alan HookerHerb Cookery (Home & Garden Series)
  ''978-0-273-00101-0D.L. ColtonPartial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain (Research notes in mathematics)
  ''978-0-273-00102-7Alan JeffreyQuasilinear Hyperbolic Systems and Waves (Research notes in mathematics)
  ''978-0-273-00103-4R.W. DickeyBifurcation Problems in Nonlinear Elasticity (Research notes in mathematics)
  ''978-0-273-00104-1Charles ReidFlower Painting in Oil
1975978-0-273-00105-8Alfred Carasso · Alex Paul StoneImproperly Posed Boundary Value Problems (Research notes in mathematics)
1976978-0-273-00107-2B. W. CanningTeaching Office Skills
1977978-0-273-00109-6Caroline Liddell · Nickey RossMother's Superdiet (The Pitman superdiet series)
1977978-0-273-00110-2Caroline Liddell · Nickey RossUlcer Superdiet: Delicious Dishes for Sensitive Stomachs (The Pitman superdiet series)
  ''978-0-273-00115-7Leslie WorthThe Practice of Watercolour Painting
  ''978-0-273-00116-4Norman BattershillLight on the Landscape
1975978-0-273-00117-1Mary R. Price · Nonita GlendayReluctant Revolutionaries: A Century of Head Mistresses, 1874-1974
1976978-0-273-00118-8Peter Gerald MooreBasic Operational Research (Topics in operational research)
  ''978-0-273-00119-5Harry GolombekLaws of Chess and Their Interpretations
  ''978-0-273-00120-1Emile A. GruppeOn Painting: Direct Techniques in Oil
1976978-0-273-00121-8Rudy De ReynaMagic Realist Landscape Painting: Techniques in Oil, Watercolour, Egg Tempera and Acrylic
  ''978-0-273-00122-5Wendon BlakeLandscape Painting in Oil
  ''978-0-273-00123-2Joe SingerHow to Paint Figures in Pastel
  ''978-0-273-00124-9Foster CaddellKeys to successful landscape painting
  ''978-0-273-00126-3Marcia ChamberlainMetal Jewellery Techniques
1977978-0-273-00127-0Pottery Decoration
1977978-0-273-00128-7John Williams · Gerald WoodsLandscape Interpretation: Seeing and Understanding Landscape in Pencil, Watercolour and Photograph
1976978-0-273-00129-4Gaetano FicheraTrends in Applications of Pure Mathematics to Mechanics: v. 1 ([Monographs and studies in mathematics)
1973978-0-273-00130-0A.E. Vines · N. ReesHuman Biology
  ''978-0-273-00131-7Dona Z. MeilachCreating Art from Fibres and Fabrics
  ''978-0-273-00133-1Denis KeenanObjective Tests in the Law of Contract
  ''978-0-273-00137-9Sue JenningsRemedial Drama (Theatre & stage series)
  ''978-0-273-00138-6Len S. PowellCommunication and Learning (Pitman paperbacks)
1973978-0-273-00139-3Robert Von NeumannDesign and Creation of Jewellery, The
1975978-0-273-00142-3Jane StewartLie Algebras Generated by Finite Dimensional Ideals (Research notes in mathematics)
  ''978-0-273-00143-0William ThornhillModernization of British Government
1973978-0-273-00144-7R.J. TaraporevalaCompetition and Its Control in the British Book Trade
  ''978-0-273-00145-4Xenia Ley ParkerWorking with Leather
  ''978-0-273-00146-1Susan E. Meyer · Kent NormanWatercolourists at Work
  ''978-0-273-00147-8G. O'Shea · etc.Craft Project: 1st Year Bk. 1
1973978-0-273-00148-5G. O'Shea · etc.Craft Project: 2nd Year Bk. 1
1972978-0-273-00152-2Emily D. SmithPitmanScript: Combined e
1973978-0-273-00154-6Frank EliscuSlate and Soft Stone Sculpture
  ''978-0-273-00155-3Staton AbbeyBook of the Hillman Minx and Hunter (Motorists' Library)
  ''978-0-273-00157-7L.M. HaywardSurvey Practice on Construction Sites
1974978-0-273-00158-4P.Ciaran O'KaneOperational Research (Definitions & Formulae for Students)
1975978-0-273-00159-1Gerald HaighPastoral Care (Education Library)
  ''978-0-273-00160-7Gerald HaighPastoral Care (Education Library)
1974978-0-273-00161-4B.W. HearnReligious Education and the Primary Teacher (Education Library)
  ''978-0-273-00162-1   ''Religious Education and the Primary Teacher (Education Library)
1977978-0-273-00163-8Ian HerbertWho's Who in the Theatre
1962978-0-273-00168-3Handy RsBusiness Correspondence in Practice
1976978-0-273-00171-3B. W. CanningTranscription Training
1972978-0-273-00172-0D RobbinsProduction engineering series (A Flipatran visual aid)
1976978-0-273-00177-5B. W. CanningTranscription Training: Tchrs'
1973978-0-273-00178-2Gordon ForsythDoctors and State Medicine (Set books / Open University)
1973978-0-273-00179-9Staton AbbeyBook of the Ford Escort 1100 and 1300 (Motorists' Library)
  ''978-0-273-00180-5Henry TochHow to Pay Less Income Tax
  ''978-0-273-00181-2Paul HogarthDrawing Architecture
1976978-0-273-00183-6John WestwoodTyping for Print: Manual for Typists and Authors
1973978-0-273-00184-3Patricia MacMillan · Len S. PowellInduction Course for Teaching in Further Education and Industry (Pitman education library)
  ''978-0-273-00185-0   ''Induction Course for Teaching in Further Education and Industry
1975978-0-273-00191-1Glyn EmeryElectronic Data Processing
1974978-0-273-00192-8M.W.E. Glautier · B. UnderdownAccounting in a Changing Environment ([Accounting theory and practice series])
  ''978-0-273-00193-5   ''Accounting in a Changing Environment
1973978-0-273-00194-2John H. ChurchwardTypewriting Displays, Tabulations and Manuscripts: Elementary
1973978-0-273-00195-9John H. ChurchwardTypewriting Displays, Tabulations and Manuscripts: Intermediate and Advanced
1977978-0-273-00198-0Henry TochHow to Survive Inflation
1975978-0-273-00200-0Julian J. MorelHandbook of Wines and Beverages
1976978-0-273-00203-1Douglas EamesPitman 2000: Shorthand Speed Development
1977978-0-273-00204-8R.H. WarringRadio Control for Models
1976978-0-273-00206-2Norman SquireContract Bridge: Card Play Technique
  ''978-0-273-00207-9Norman SquireContract Bridge: Bidding Today
1977978-0-273-00208-6Eileen Kesteven · R. KestevenTypewriting: From Keyboard to Career
1976978-0-273-00210-9Frederick BenthamArt of Stage Lighting, The (Theatre & Stage S.)
1973978-0-273-00213-0Simone Boyer · J.J. ComtoisMethode Moderne de Stenographie Pitman: w. Key
  ''978-0-273-00214-7E.D. SmithPitmanScript Skill Book 3: Skill Bk. 3
  ''978-0-273-00215-4R.C. RippingaleProgramming by Telephone in BASIC
1973978-0-273-00216-1R.C. RippingaleProgramming by Telephone in BASIC
  ''978-0-273-00217-8Theodore Daniel Harris BaberMathematics, Practical (Definitions & Formulae for Students)
  ''978-0-273-00218-5Daniel RhodesClay and Glazes for the Potter
1974978-0-273-00220-8Rita GreerIntroduction to Art and Craft
1973978-0-273-00221-5Peter RobertsTheatre in Britain: A Playgoer's Guide
1976978-0-273-00222-2Korn WalterAmerican Chess Art: 240 Portraits of Endgame Study (Pitman chess series)
1973978-0-273-00223-9Colin AllanTake Note in PitmanScript
1970978-0-273-00225-3Mark. GerzonThe Whole World Is Watching
1973978-0-273-00226-0Lionel ElvinEducation and Contemporary Society (Pitman education library)
1974978-0-273-00228-4Staton AbbeyBook of the Viva HC and Magnum (Motorists' Library)
1973978-0-273-00229-1John ThorpeBook of the Honda 50 (Motor Cyclists' Library)
1976978-0-273-00230-7Ford G. SturrockFarm Accounting and Management
1973978-0-273-00232-1Hubert Horace MarshallProduction Technology (Definitions & Formulae for Students)
1976978-0-273-00233-8Jo MarshallKitchenware (Collecting for Tomorrow)
  ''978-0-273-00234-5Deborah StrattonCandlesticks (Collecting for Tomorrow)
  ''978-0-273-00235-2Brian ColeBoxes (Collecting for Tomorrow)
1976978-0-273-00236-9Michael Snodin · Gail BeldenSpoons (Collecting for Tomorrow)
  ''978-0-273-00237-6Leslie OrreyEncyclopaedia of Opera
  ''978-0-273-00238-3Jan De RuthPainting the Nude
  ''978-0-273-00239-0John C. PellewAcrylic Landscape Painting
  ''978-0-273-00240-6   ''Oil Painting Outdoors
1974978-0-273-00243-7Ivor CattComputer Worship
1974978-0-273-00244-4C.E. MoorhousePower Sources, Links and Loads
  ''978-0-273-00245-1   ''Power Sources, Links and Loads
1977978-0-273-00246-8Glyn EmeryElements of Computer Science
1973978-0-273-00247-5Les SavidgeYour Soccer Team and Its Management
1975978-0-273-00249-9Doreen Florence Nicholson · Glenda Mary Catherine WilliamsWord Games for the Teaching of Reading (Education Library)
1974978-0-273-00250-5Frank LinsleyIntroduction to Electrical Science, An
1975978-0-273-00255-0Peter AnsorgeDisrupting the Spectacle (Theatre today)
1976978-0-273-00257-4Michael AndersonAnger and Detachment: Study of Arden, Osborne and Pinter
1973978-0-273-00258-1Lura LaBargeDo Your Own Thing with Macrame
  ''978-0-273-00259-8Douglas R. GravesFigure Painting in Oil
  ''978-0-273-00260-4Harry R. BallingerPainting Landscapes
  ''978-0-273-00261-1Arthur J. BarbourPainting Buildings in Watercolour
1973978-0-273-00262-8Charles ReidPortrait painting in watercolour
  ''978-0-273-00263-5Joseph DawleyThe painter's problem book: 20 problem subjects and how to paint them
1980978-0-273-00266-6Thomas A. Markus · E.N. MorrisBuildings, Climate and Energy
1976978-0-273-00267-3Galliford and Sons LimitedC. I. R. I. A. Manual of Setting Out Procedures (A Pitman international text)
1979978-0-273-00268-0Thomas A. Markus · E.N. MorrisBuildings, Climate and Energy (Pitman international text)
1976978-0-273-00270-3C. D. HarburyDescriptive Economics
1977978-0-273-00271-0John ThorpeSuzuki 50 (Bike books)
1975978-0-273-00272-7Doreen Sharp · Gerald SharpSecretary in Europe
1974978-0-273-00278-9Staton AbbeyAutomobile Steering, Braking, Suspension and Overhaul (Automobile maintenance series)
  ''978-0-273-00279-6   ''Automobile Steering, Braking, Suspension and Overhaul
1977978-0-273-00280-2John ThorpeHonda CB/CD175 (Bike books)
  ''978-0-273-00281-9   ''Honda CB250/350/360 (Bike books)
1976978-0-273-00282-6John Howard SandenPainting the Head in Oil
1977978-0-273-00283-3David ChillingworthDifferential Topology with a View to Applications (Research notes in mathematics)
1978978-0-273-00284-0Gaetano FicheraNumerical and Quantitative Analysis (Surveys and reference works in mathematics)
1974978-0-273-00285-7Lawrence RussellJob in Engineering (PitmanScope books)
1973978-0-273-00286-4Hereward Lester CookePainting Techniques of the Masters
1974978-0-273-00287-1Neville H. Birch · Alan E. BramsonCheck Pilot
1975978-0-273-00289-5Peter Alexander LindsayIntroduction to Quantum Electronics (Electronic engineering series)
  ''978-0-273-00292-5Garry O'ConnorFrench Theatre Today
1976978-0-273-00293-2Michael PattersonGerman Theatre Today
1976978-0-273-00294-9Francis J. BerginPractical Communication
1974978-0-273-00297-0Thomas JoyBookselling Business
1973978-0-273-00298-7Carla Kenny · John B. KennyDesign in Papier Mache
1976978-0-273-00299-4Martin Banham · Clive WakeAfrican Theatre Today
1973978-0-273-00300-7A.P. Mann · C.P. BrunstromAspects of Educational Technology: v. 3
  ''978-0-273-00301-4John HarrisonProduction Typewriting
1974978-0-273-00303-8George Williams Keeton · L.A. SheridanEquity: Suppt
1976978-0-273-00304-5Barry Peter HughesLimit State Theory for Reinforced Concrete Design
1974978-0-273-00305-2F. I CairdAssessment of the elderly patient
1976978-0-273-00306-9Robert P. Gilbert · R.J. WeinachtFunction Theoretic Methods in Differential Equations (Chapman & Hall/CRC Research Notes in Mathematics Series)
  ''978-0-273-00307-6D.L. ColtonSolution of Boundary Value Problems by the Method of Integral Operators (Chapman & Hall/CRC Research Notes in Mathematics Series)

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