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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-12-578010-0David A. RandallGeneral Circulation Model Development, Volume 70: Past, Present, and Future (International Geophysics)
1975978-0-12-578150-3B. Randell · Lawford John RussellAlgol 60 Implementation: The Translation And Use Of Algol 60 Programs On A Computer
  ''978-0-12-578151-0B. Randell · Lawford John RussellAlgol 60 Implementation
1966978-0-12-578856-4K. RanderathThin-layer Chromatography
1978978-0-12-579450-3Iowa Measurement Research Foundation · University of Iowa Visual Scholars ProgramVisual Learning, Thinking, and Communication (Academic Press Series in Cognition and Perception)
1972978-0-12-579650-7Alan D. Randolph · Maurice A. LarsonTheory of Particulate Processes: Analysis and Techniques of Continuous Crystallization
1981978-0-12-579703-0Frank DickensCarbohydrate Metabolism and Its Disorders,
1976978-0-12-580001-3Darshan Ranganathan · Subramania RanganathanArt in Biosynthesis: Synthetic Chemist's Challenge v. 1
1973978-0-12-580050-1   ''Challenging Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms
1980978-0-12-580060-0Darshan RanganathanFurther Challenging Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms, and With Recommended Pathways and Pointers to Their Solution
1990978-0-12-580070-9R. RansomeTHE NATURAL HISTORY OF HIBERNATING BATS [J2]
1981978-0-12-580080-8Roger RansomExplorations in the New Economic History: Essays in Honor of Douglass C. North
1980978-0-12-580150-8Dale RangeAspects of Early Childhood Education: Theory to Research to Practice (Educational Psychology Series)
1999978-0-12-580190-4Sadasiva M. RaoTime Domain Electromagnetics (Academic Press Series in Engineering)
1970978-0-12-580201-7C. N. R. Rao · John R. FerraroSpectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry: v. 1
1971978-0-12-580202-4C.N.R. (ed.) · Ferraro, John R. (ed.) RaoSpectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 2;
1990978-0-12-580203-1K. Ramamohan Rao · P. YipDiscrete Cosine Transform: Algorithms, Advantages, Applications
1989978-0-12-580205-5C. R. RaoMultivariate Statistics and Probability: Essays in Memory of Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah
1963978-0-12-580250-5c raoChemical Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy
2007978-0-12-580251-2K. R. Rao · Patrick Yip · Vladimir BritanakDiscrete Cosine Transform: Algorithms, Advantages, Applications
2002978-0-12-580445-5Brian MatsumotoCell Biological Applications of Confocal Microscopy, Volume 70 (Methods in Cell Biology)
1982978-0-12-580450-9Potu RaoPremature Chromosome Condensation (Cell Biology)
1984978-0-12-580480-6M. M. RaoProbability Theory with Applications (Probability and Mathematical Statistics)
1972978-0-12-580640-4K. Narahari, And C. Weldon Mathews · RaoMolecular Spectroscopy: Modern Research;
1977978-0-12-580642-8K.Narahari RaoMolecular Spectroscopy - Modern Research: v. 2
1972978-0-12-580643-5K. Narahari RaoMolecular Spectroscopy: Modern Research, Vol. 3
1974978-0-12-580750-0T. R. N. RaoError Coding for Arithmetic Processors (Electrical science)
1979978-0-12-580950-4Dana RaphaelBreastFeeding and Food Policy in a Hungry World
1988978-0-12-581120-0M. Rapoport · N. Schappacher · P. SchneiderBeilinson's Conjectures on Special Values of L-Functions (Perspectives in Mathematics Vol 4)
1972978-0-12-581150-7J. Rappaport · etc.Innovations in Helping Chronic Patients: College Students in Mental Institutions
1978978-0-12-581250-4W.S. Rapson · T. GroenewaldGold Usage
1973978-0-12-581550-5G.L. RarickPhysical Activity: Human Growth and Development
2001978-0-12-581650-2Muhammad H. RashidPower Electronics Handbook (Academic Press Series in Engineering)
2006978-0-12-581651-9Power Electronics Handbook
1960978-0-12-582050-9J. A. RatcliffePhysics of the Upper Atmosphere
1981978-0-12-582101-8Author UnknownInvertebrate Blood Cells, Vol. 1: General Aspects, Animals Without True Circulatory Systems to Cephalopods (v. 1)
  ''978-0-12-582102-5N. A. Ratcliffe · A. F. RowleyInvertebrate Blood Cells, Vol. 2: Anthropods to Urchordates Invertebrates and Vertebrates Compared
  ''978-0-12-582150-6Invertebrate blood cells
1982978-0-12-582301-2Colin RatledgeThe Biology of the Mycobacteria
1983978-0-12-582302-9Author UnknownBiology of Mycobacteria, Volume 2: Immunological and Environmental Aspects
1989978-0-12-582303-6   ''Biology of Mycobacteria, Volume 3: Clinical Aspects of Mycobacterial Disease
1988978-0-12-582304-3Carl E. Pearson · S. G. WilkinsonMicrobial Lipids, Volume 1
1989978-0-12-582305-0Author UnknownMicrobial Lipids, Volume 2
1996978-0-12-582460-6Buddy D. Ratner · Dorothy Hoffman · Frederick J. Schoen · Jack E. LemonsBiomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine
1997978-0-12-582461-3Buddy D. Ratner · Allan S. Hoffman · Frederick J. Schoen · Jack E. LemonsBiomaterials Science:: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine
2003978-0-12-582462-0RatnerBiomaterials Science: Introduction to Materials in Medicine
2004978-0-12-582463-7Buddy D. Ratner · Allan S. Hoffman · Frederick J. Schoen · Jack E. LemonsBiomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, Second Edition
1974978-0-12-582550-4I.D. Rattee · M.M. BreuerPhysical Chemistry of Dye Adsorption
1968978-0-12-582850-5H.W. Rauch · etc.Ceramic Fibres and Fibrous Composite Materials
1987978-0-12-582870-3E. J. RauckmanThe Isolated Hepatocyte: Use in Toxicology and Xenobiotic Biotransformations (Cell Biology)
1980978-0-12-583050-8J. Raus · etc.Cytotoxic Oestrogens in Hormone Receptive Tumours
1963978-0-12-583171-0Edwin Way TealeNorth with the Spring
1993978-0-12-583470-4Matthew J. RavosaOntogenetic Perspectives on Primate Evolutionary Biology
1978978-0-12-583550-3Neil Hunter RayInorganic Polymers
1995978-0-12-583560-2Joseph Ribak · Russell B. Rayman · Paul FroomOccupational Health in Aviation: Maintenance and Support Personnel
1981978-0-12-583580-0Dan RayThe Initiation of DNA Replication (ICN-UCLA symposia on molecular and cellular biology)
1967978-0-12-583750-7H. RawsonInorganic Glass Forming Systems
1983978-0-12-583801-6Shmuel Razin · Joseph G. TullyMethods in Mycoplasmology: Mycoplasma Characterization v. 1
  ''978-0-12-583802-3Shmuel RazinMethods in Mycoplasmology: Diagnostic Mycoplasmology
1995978-0-12-583805-4Shmuel Razin · Joseph G. TullyMolecular and Diagnostic Procedures in Mycoplasmology, Volume 1: Molecular Characterization (Vol 1 (1st of A 2 Vol Set))
1996978-0-12-583806-1Joseph G. Tully · Shmuel RazinMolecular and Diagnostic Procedures in Mycoplasmology, Volume 2
1972978-0-12-583850-4Ronald C. ReadGraph Theory and Computing
1980978-0-12-583880-1Stanley E. Read · John B. ZabriskieStreptococcal Diseases and the Immune Response
1971978-0-12-583950-1John ReadyEffects of High Power Laser Radiation
1997978-0-12-583961-7John F. ReadyIndustrial Applications of Lasers
1998978-0-12-583990-7Walt Ream · Katharine G. FieldMolecular Biology Techniques: An Intensive Laboratory Course
2003978-0-12-583991-4Walt Ream · Bruce Geller · Janine Trempy · Katharine G. FieldMolecular Microbiology Laboratory: A Writing-Intensive Course
1975978-0-12-584050-7James Reason · J.J. BrandMotion Sickness
1957978-0-12-584150-4J.W. RebuckThe Leukaemias
2001978-0-12-584540-3George P. RedeiGenetics: An Encyclopedic Dictionary
1976978-0-12-584550-2D.Raj. ReddySpeech Recognition: I.E.E.E.Symposium Proceedings
1990978-0-12-584551-9Channa C. Reddy · Gordon A. HamiltonBiological Oxidation Systems
1990978-0-12-584552-6C. Channa ReddyBiological Oxidation Systems
1986978-0-12-584555-7Joseph William Thorpe RedfearnMy Self: My Many Selves (Library of Analytical Psychlogy, Vol 6)
1985978-0-12-584631-8Charles L. RedmanQsar Es-Seghir: An Archaeological View of Medieval Life
1980978-0-12-584650-9G. ReithmullerNatural and Induced Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (Perspectives in immunology)
1979978-0-12-584750-6J.F. Rehfeld · E. AmdrupGastrins and the Vagus
1985978-0-12-584830-5Graham ReedObsessional Experience and Compulsive Behavior: A Cognitive-Structural Approach (PERSONALITY, PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (ACADEMIC PR))
1986978-0-12-584840-4T. J. A. Reijers · Kenneth J. HsuManual of Carbonate Sedimentology: A Lexicographical Approach
  ''978-0-12-584841-1T. J. A. Reijers · Kenneth J. HsuManual of Carbonate Sedimentology: A Lexicographical Approach
1975978-0-12-584852-7Gerald ReedEnzymes in Food Processing (Food science and technology series)
1977978-0-12-584950-0George M. ReedSet-theoretic Topology
1989978-0-12-585000-1Mark A. Reed · Wiley P. KirkNanostructure Physics and Fabrication: Proceedings of the International Symposium, College Station, Texas, March 13*b115, 1989.
1972978-0-12-585001-8Michael ReedMethods of Modern Mathematical Physics. I: Functional Analysis (v. 1)
1975978-0-12-585002-5Michael Reed · Barry SimonFourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness (Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol. 2)
1979978-0-12-585003-2Barry Simon · Michael ReedScattering Theory (Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol. 3)
1978978-0-12-585004-9Michael Reed · Barry SimonAnalysis of Operators (Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics)
1980978-0-12-585050-6   ''Functional Analysis (Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics)
1978978-0-12-585150-3Charles L. Redman · etc.Social Archaeology Beyond Subsistence and Dating (Studies in archeology)
1966978-0-12-585256-2R. I. ReedApplications of Mass Spectrometry to Organic Chemistry
1965978-0-12-585262-3R I (Ed.) ReedMass Spectrometry; a Nato Advanced Study Institute on Theory, Design, and Applications, Held in Glasgow, August, 1964
2005978-0-12-585263-0Erik Reinhard · Greg Ward · Sumanta Pattanaik · Paul DebevecHigh Dynamic Range Imaging: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)
1973978-0-12-585350-7Stephen K. ReedPsychological Processes in Pattern Recognition (Academic Press series in cognition and perception)
1972978-0-12-585440-5Alun Rocyn Rees · etc.Crop Processes in Controlled Environments (Applied botany)
  ''978-0-12-585450-4A. R ReesThe growth of bulbs;: Applied aspects of the physiology of ornamental bulbous crop plants, (Applied botany)
1970978-0-12-585540-2Hayne W. Reese · Lewis P. LipsittExperimental Child Psychology
1968978-0-12-585550-1Hayne W. ReeseThe Perception of Stimulus Relations
1972978-0-12-585750-5E.G. ReeveValidation of Selection Boards and Procedures as Exemplified in a Study of the War Office Selection Boards (Studies of man and his work)
1980978-0-12-585800-7Behavior Therapy for Depression
1984978-0-12-585820-5Joe M. Regenstein · Carrie E. RegensteinFood Protein Chemistry: An Introduction for Food Scientists (Food Science & Technology International)
1975978-0-12-585850-2F. RehfischGypsies, Tinkers and Other Travellers
1980978-0-12-585880-9Lynn P. RehmBehavior Therapy for Depression: Present Status and Future Directions
1982978-0-12-585920-2Jens Georg ReichEnergy Metabolism of the Cell: A Theoretical Treatise
1987978-0-12-585960-8Morris Reichlin · J. Donald CapraIdiotypes
1997978-0-12-585965-3Marion E. Reid · Christine Lomas-FrancisThe Blood Group Antigen Factsbook
978-0-12-585966-0Marion E. Reid · Christine Lomas-FrancisThe Blood Group Antigen Factsbook
1992978-0-12-585970-7Author UnknownTissue Printing: Tools for the Study of Anatomy, Histochemistry, And Gene Expression
1984978-0-12-585980-6John F. ReintjesNonlinear Optical Parametric Processes in Liquid and Gases (Optics & Photonics Series)
1979978-0-12-586050-5Colin RenfrewTransformations: Mathematical Approaches to Culture Change
1971978-0-12-586150-2John K. ReidLarge Sparse Sets of Linear Equations
1972978-0-12-586250-9ReidRiccati differential equations, Volume 86 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1985978-0-12-586270-7Arnold E. Reif · Malcolm S. MitchellImmunity to Cancer (No.1)
1990978-0-12-586330-8Matthew H. ReillyPerformance Monitor for Parallel Programs
1970978-0-12-586350-6Arnold ReismanPhase Equilibria: Basic Principles, Applications, Experimental Techniq
1996978-0-12-586355-1Author UnknownThe Eudora Users Guide
1985978-0-12-586360-5Steven ReissTheoretical Issues in Behavior Therapy
1974978-0-12-586450-3Robert J. Reimold · William H. QueenEcology of Halophytes: A Review of Their Interactions in Salt Marshes, Wetlands and Saline Soils
1993978-0-12-586500-5Arnold RevzinFootprinting of Nucleic Acid-Protein Complexes (Separation, Detection, and Characterization of Biological Macromolecules)
1977978-0-12-586550-0Morgan Reynolds · Eugene SmolenskyPublic Expenditures, Taxes and the Distribution of Income: United States, 1950, 1961, 1970 (Institute for Research on Poverty monograph series)
2003978-0-12-586585-2Marion E. Reid · Christine Lomas-FrancisThe Blood Group Antigen FactsBook
1968978-0-12-586950-8J.M. RendelCanalisation & Gene Control
1982978-0-12-586960-7Lord Colin Renfrew · etc.Theory and Explanation in Archaeology: Conference Proceedings
1984978-0-12-586970-6Richard A. ReymentMultivariate Morphometrics
1980978-0-12-586980-5Richard A. ReymentMorphometrical Methods in Biostratigraphy
2003978-0-12-586990-4Vincent H. Resh · Ring T. CardéEncyclopedia of Insects
1981978-0-12-587040-5ReymentAspects of Mid-Cretaceous Regional Geology
1974978-0-12-587050-4Elroy L. RiceAllelopathy (Physiological Ecology)
1983978-0-12-587055-9Elroy L. RiceAllelopathy (Physiological Ecology)
1984978-0-12-587058-0Elroy Leon RiceAllelopathy
1981978-0-12-587060-3W. Ray RhineMaking Schools More Effective: New Directions from Follow Through (Educational Psychology)
1999978-0-12-587072-6Gale RhodesCrystallography Made Crystal Clear, Second Edition: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science)
2006978-0-12-587073-3Gale RhodesCrystallography Made Crystal Clear: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science)
1993978-0-12-587075-7   ''Crystallography Made Crystal Clear: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models (Complementary Science)
2002978-0-12-587078-8Rhodes · et alThe Nucleic Acid-Binding Protein Handbook (FactsBook)
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1968978-0-12-587150-1Pal. REVESZThe Laws of Large Numbers.
1994978-0-12-587170-9Paulo RibenboimCatalans Conjecture: Are 8 and 9 the Only Consecutive Powers?
1978978-0-12-587180-8M. Ricci · etc.Developments in Clinical Immunology
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1983978-0-12-587420-5Avery E. RichPotato Diseases
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1968978-0-12-587450-2John Willis RichardsIntroduction to Industrial Sterilization
1978978-0-12-587460-1A.J. RichardsPollination of Flowers by Insects (Linnean Society symposium series ; no. 6)
  ''978-0-12-587480-9John RichardsRecombinant DNA: Science, Ethics, and Politics
1982978-0-12-587520-2James L RichardsPascal
  ''978-0-12-587521-9James L. RichardsPASCAL: Instructor's Manual: An Introduction to Structured Programming
1986978-0-12-587522-6James RichardsPascal
1986978-0-12-587523-3James L. RichardsPASCAL: An Introduction to Structured Programming
1986978-0-12-587524-0James L. RichardsPASCAL: An Introduction to Structured Programming: Instructor's Manual
1997978-0-12-587545-5Joel D. RichtermRNA Formation and Function
1982978-0-12-587620-9Author UnknownNorthern Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers: A Humanistic Approach (Studies in Anthropology)
1968978-0-12-587650-6eric ridealConcepts in Catalysis
1972978-0-12-587750-3Franco RiccaAdsorption-desorption Phenomena: Symposium Proceedings
1992978-0-12-587755-8John R. RiceNumerical Methods in Software and Analysis, Second Edition
1980978-0-12-587760-2John W. RickPrehistoric Hunters of the High Andes (Studies in Archaeology)
1989978-0-12-587770-1Barry RichardsTemporal Representation and Inference
2002978-0-12-587780-0Matthew Locke Saxton · John V., Jr RichardsonUnderstanding Reference Transactions: Transforming an Art into a Science (Library and Information Science) (Library and Information Science) (Library and Information Science (New York, N.Y.).)
1974978-0-12-587801-2James H. Richardson · Ronald V. PetersonSystematic Materials Analysis: v. 1 (Materials science series)
  ''978-0-12-587802-9James H. · Peterson, R.V. RichardsonSystematic Materials Analysis, Volume II
978-0-12-587803-6Systematic Materials Analysis (Materials Science Series) Volume 3
1978978-0-12-587804-3J. H. · Peterson, R. V. RichardsonSystematic Materials Analysis
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1974978-0-12-587901-9Frederick Denys RichardsonPhysical Chemistry of Melts in Metallurgy (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-12-587902-6F.D. RichardsonPhysical Chemistry of Melts in Metallurgy (Volume 2)
1982978-0-12-587940-8Author UnknownPre-School to School: Behavioral Study (Behavioural development)
1981978-0-12-587950-7G. RickayzenGreen's Functions and Condensed Matter (Techniques of Physics)
1987978-0-12-587970-5Andre G. RicoDrug Residues in Animals (Advances in Veterinary Medicine)
1983978-0-12-587980-4RideoutNucleosides, Nusleotides and their Biological Applications
1979978-0-12-588020-6David RidgwayItaly Before the Romans: The Iron Age
1967978-0-12-588050-3Ladislav RiegerAlgebraic Methods of Mathematical Logic
1979978-0-12-588060-2P.N. RiddleTime Lapse Cinemicroscopy (Biological techniques series)
  ''978-0-12-588080-0Klaus F. RiegelFoundations of Dialectical Psychology
1975978-0-12-588150-0Henry W. Riecken · Robert F. BoruchSocial Experimentation: A Method for Planning and Evaluating Social Intervention (Quantitative studies in social relations)
1980978-0-12-588160-9Frank G. RiddellThe Conformational Analysis of Heterocyclic Compounds
1979978-0-12-588180-7Herbert RiehlClimate and Weather in the Tropics
1976978-0-12-588250-7D.W. Ribbons · K. BrewProteolysis and Physiological Regulation: Miami Winter Symposium (Miami winter symposia)
1980978-0-12-588260-6R.W. RieberBody and mind: Past, present, and future
  ''978-0-12-588265-1Robert W. Rieber · Kurt SalzingerPsychology: Theoretical/Historical Perspectives
1980978-0-12-588280-4W. RieberLanguage Development and Aphasia in Children: New Essays and a Translation of Kindersprache and Aphasie
978-0-12-588290-3Riedesel · et alSeismometry: Handbook of Seismic Instrumentation
1969978-0-12-588350-4Hans RiemannFood-Borne Infections and Intoxications.
1979978-0-12-588360-3Author UnknownFood-borne Infections and Intoxications, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology)
2005978-0-12-588365-8Dean O. Cliver · Morris Potter · Hans P. RiemannFoodborne Infections and Intoxications (Food Science and Technology)
1979978-0-12-588401-3R.W. Richardson · Gerald TauberHudson River Basin: v. 1: Environmental Problems and Institutional Response
  ''978-0-12-588402-0R.W. Richardson · Gerald TauberHudson River Basin: v. 2: Environmental Problems and Institutional Response
1995978-0-12-588440-2W. John Richardson · Charles I. Malme · Denis H. Thomson · Charles R. GreeneMarine Mammals and Noise
1998978-0-12-588441-9W. John Richardson · Charles R. Greene Jr. · Charles I. Malme · Denis H. ThomsonMarine Mammals and Noise
1995978-0-12-588460-0John V. Richardson Jr.Knowledge-Based Systems for General Reference Work: Applications, Problems, and Progress (Library and Information Science)
1981978-0-12-588501-0Sam H Ridgeway · Richard J HarrisonHandbook of Marine Mammals - Vol 1: The Walrus, Sea Lions, Fur Seals and Sea Otter
  ''978-0-12-588502-7Sam H. RidgewayHandbook of Marine Mammals, Volume 2: Seals
1985978-0-12-588503-4Sam H. RidgwayHandbook of Marine Mammals, Vol. 3: The Sirenians and Baleen Whales
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1994978-0-12-588505-8Sam H. RidgwayHandbook of Marine Mammals: The First Book of Dolphins
1998978-0-12-588506-5Sam H. Ridgway · Richard HarrisonHandbook of Marine Mammals, Volume 6: The Second Book of Dolphins and the Porpoises
  ''978-0-12-588540-9Conly L. Rieder · Leslie Wilson · Paul T. MatsudairaMitosis and Meiosis, Volume 61 (Methods in Cell Biology)
1975978-0-12-588550-8Austin H. RiesenDevelopmental Neuropsychology of Sensory Deprivation
1999978-0-12-588560-7Robert H. RiffenburghStatistics in Medicine