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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-08-036721-7Donald J. MrozekAir Power and the Ground War in Vietnam: Ideas and Action (An AGA book)
  ''978-0-08-036722-4Stanley R. SloanN. A. T. O. in the 1990's
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1989978-0-08-036725-5Gerhard WettigHigh Road, Low Road: Two Levels of Soviet Foreign Policy
  ''978-0-08-036726-2John L. FrisbeeMakers of the United States Air Force
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  ''978-0-08-036728-6W.E. Griffith · W. Kaltfleiter · E. Campbell · J.E. Surotchak · T. Swenson · J.K. Davis · R.L. PfaltzgraffSecurity Perspectives of the German Left: Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands and the Greens in Opposition (INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN POLICY ANALYSIS)
1990978-0-08-036729-3W. BeecherMayday Man: A Novel of Nuclear Peril
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1990978-0-08-036732-3George BushNational Security Strategy of the United States 1990-91: The President's Annual Report (An Ausa Book)
1989978-0-08-036733-0John R. GalvinThe Minute Men: First Fight - Myths and Realities of the American Revolution (Ausa Institute of Land Warfare)
  ''978-0-08-036735-4J.A. WardenThe Air Campaign: Planning for Combat (Future Warfare Series)
1989978-0-08-036736-1John NewhouseCold Dawn: Story of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (A Pergamon-Brassey's classic)
  ''978-0-08-036737-8E.S. CampbellGermany's Past and Europe's Future: The Challenges of West German Foreign Policy
  ''978-0-08-036738-5Alexander YakovlevPerestroika: Annual
978-0-08-036739-2Adda B. BozemanStrategic Intelligence & Statecraft (Brassey's Intelligence & National Security Library)
1989978-0-08-036742-2D.J. Hanle · Yonah AlexanderTerrorism: The Newest Face of Warfare (Pergamon-Brassey's Terrorism Library, 1)
  ''978-0-08-036743-9R. J. SmithThe Unknown Central Intelligence Agency: My Three Decades with the Agency
  ''978-0-08-036744-6A.H. Chayes · P. DotyDefending Deterrence: Managing the Antiballistic Missile Treaty Regime into the Twenty-first Century
1990978-0-08-036745-3M.A. MallinTanks, Fighters and Ships: United States Conventional Force Planning Since World War II
1991978-0-08-036747-7Elise G. YoungKeepers of the History: Women and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Athene)
1988978-0-08-036748-4Nigel Campbell · P. AdlingtonChina Business Strategies: Survey of Foreign Business Activity in the People's Republic of China
1988978-0-08-036749-1Nigel CampbellA Strategic Guide to Equity Joint Ventures in China
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1989978-0-08-036754-5Yehuda Bauer · Alice L. Eckardt · Franklin H. Littell · Robert (Et MaxwellRemembering for the Future: Working Papers and Addenda
1988978-0-08-036755-2Pergamon PressREMEMBERING FOR THE FUTURE, JEWS AND CHRISTIANS DURING AND AFTER THE HOLOCAUST, Theme I: Papers to be presented at an International Scholars Conference to be held in oxford 10-13 July 1988
1989978-0-08-036758-3Joe Becker · T. SzecskoEurope Speaks to Europe: International Information Flows Between Eastern and Western Europe
1990978-0-08-036760-6Sonia LivingstoneMaking Sense of Television: The Psychology of Audience Interpretation (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology)
1988978-0-08-036761-3Martin GilbertAtlas of the Holocaust
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1991978-0-08-036765-1C.W. Evers · G. LakomskiKnowing Educational Administration: Contemporary Methodological Controversies in Educational Administration Research
1989978-0-08-036767-5M.C. ReynoldsKnowledge Base for the Beginning Teacher (0)
1988978-0-08-036773-6Remembering for the Future: The Impact of the Holocaust and Genocide on Jews and Christians: PREPRINTS; SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME: Papers to Be Presented At an International Scholar's Conference to Be Held in Oxford, 10-13 July 1988
1991978-0-08-036784-2Noah's Ark [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036785-9Moses [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036786-6Daniel and the Lion's Den [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036787-3Rabbit Ears Presents: David and Goliath
1991978-0-08-036788-0Joshua and the Battle of Jericho [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036789-7Samson and Delilah [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036790-3The Nativity [VHS]
  ''978-0-08-036791-0Jesus [VHS]
1988978-0-08-036805-4American Psychological AssociationManuscript Manager Apa Style Users Guide (Student Ed)
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1988978-0-08-036807-8T. Nejat Veziroglu · A.N. ProtsenkoHydrogen Energy: Hydrogen Energy Progress 7th: World Conference Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-036808-5   ''Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen Energy Progress 7th: World Conference Proceedings (Advances in Hydrogen Energy)
  ''978-0-08-036809-2   ''Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen Energy Progress, v.3 7th: World Conference Proceedings
2001978-0-08-036810-8David M. ClarkCognitive Therapy for Panic and Hypochondriasis
  ''978-0-08-036811-5Cogn Therapy Panic Hypochond Clark/Salkovsk
1988978-0-08-036812-2Danny M. LeipzigerKorea: Transition to Maturity (World Development)
1990978-0-08-036813-9M.H. Segall · etc.Human Behavior in Global Perspective
  ''978-0-08-036814-6M.H. Segall · etc.Human Behavior in Global Perspective
1990978-0-08-036815-3Richard A. DershimerCounselling the Bereaved: Conceptional Framework, Assessment and Counselling Strategies
  ''978-0-08-036816-0Richard A. DershimerCounselling the Bereaved: Conceptional Framework, Assessment and Counselling Strategies
1989978-0-08-036817-7Arnold P. GoldsteinReducing Delinquency: Intervention in the Community
  ''978-0-08-036818-4Arnold P. GoldsteinReducing Delinquency: Intervention in the Community
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  ''978-0-08-036820-7Joseph L. WhiteTroubled Adolescent (General Psychology)
1990978-0-08-036821-4J. Kevin ThompsonBody Image Disturbance: Assessment and Treatment
1990978-0-08-036822-1J. Kevin ThompsonBody Image Disturbance: Assessment and Treatment
1993978-0-08-036823-8Handbook of Hyperactivity in Children
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  ''978-0-08-036830-6Philip A. SaighPosttraumatic Stress Disorder: Behavioural Approach to Assessment and Treatment (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)
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