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1981978-0-08-024117-3E.G. WinterWorld Chess Champions
  ''978-0-08-024118-0A. LivshitzTest Your Chess IQ: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-08-024120-3M. M. BotvinnikAchieving the Aim (Pergamon Russian chess series)
1983978-0-08-024121-0D.N.L. Levy · Kevin J. O'ConnellInstant Chess
1981978-0-08-024123-4M. M. BotvinnikSelected Games, 1967-70 (Pergamon Russian Chess)
  ''978-0-08-024124-1   ''Selected Games, 1967-70 (Pergamon Russian Chess)
1985978-0-08-024127-2Raymond KeeneThe Evolution of Chess Opening Theory: From Philidor to Kasparov
1982978-0-08-024130-2Egon Varnusz · Murray ChandlerPlay the Caro-Kann (Pergamon chess openings)
1980978-0-08-024131-9Mikhail Tal · etc.Montreal 1979: Tournament of Stars (Russian Chess)
  ''978-0-08-024132-6Mikhail Tal · etc.Montreal 1979: Tournament of Stars (Russian Chess)
1983978-0-08-024134-0G.S. Botterill · etc.British Chess (Pergamon chess series)
1980978-0-08-024137-1L. Portisch · B. SarkozySix Hundred Endings (Cadogan Chess Books)
1982978-0-08-024138-8A.S. SuetinThree Steps to Chess Mastery
1981978-0-08-024140-1William R. Hartston · Stewart ReubenLondon, 1980: Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament
1981978-0-08-024141-8William R. Hartston · Stewart ReubenLondon, 1980: Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament (Pergamon chess series)
1984978-0-08-024143-2Tibor FlorianDefence and Counter-attack (Cadogan Chess Books)
1979978-0-08-024189-0Brian C. PeachmentReady to Die: Story of Edith Cavell (Faith in Action)
  ''978-0-08-024206-4M.J. DebenhamMicroprocessors: Principles and Applications (Pergamon international library)
1984978-0-08-024213-2E. Kuffel · W.S. ZaenglHigh Voltage Engineering (Applied electricity and electronics)
1979978-0-08-024218-7M.M.R & Sher, R WilliamsProgress in nuclear energy
  ''978-0-08-024227-9A. J. Baden FullerMicrowaves
  ''978-0-08-024228-6A.J. Baden FullerMicrowaves (Pergamon international library)
1980978-0-08-024231-6Michael R. PiggottLoad-Bearing Fibre Composites: International Series on the Strength and Fracture of Materials and Structures
1979978-0-08-024234-7M.H. MeacockRefrigeration Processes (International series in heating, ventilation and refrigeration)
  ''978-0-08-024235-4A.M.A. RezkHeat and Fluid and Power System Components (HMT, the science and applications of heat and mass transfer)
1979978-0-08-024237-8K. KitamuraTunnelling Under Difficult Conditions: International Symposium Proceedings, 1978
1980978-0-08-024245-3T. CrouchMatrix Methods Applied to Engineering Rigid Body Mechanics (Pergamon international libray)
  ''978-0-08-024246-0T. CrouchMatrix Methods Applied to Engineering Rigid Body Mechanics
1979978-0-08-024270-5R.J. BromleyUrban Informal Sector: Critical Perspectives
1980978-0-08-024276-7P. HrubyFools and Heroes: Changing Role of Communist Intellectuals in Czechoslovakia
  ''978-0-08-024278-1G. PantinMole Cricket Called Servol (Publications/Bernard van Leer Foundation)
1982978-0-08-024282-8Anthony KennyComputation of Style
1979978-0-08-024283-5E. DammannFuture in Our Hands
  ''978-0-08-024284-2   ''Future in Our Hands (Pergamon international library)
  ''978-0-08-024286-6Bryan H. MassamSpatial Search: Applications to Planning Problems in the Public Sector (Urban and regional planning series)
1981978-0-08-024295-8John A. MatthewsQuantitative and Statistical Approaches to Geography: A Practical Manual
2016978-0-08-024303-0J. SimmonsThe Education Dilemma: Policy Issues for Developing Countries in the 1980s (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and)
1980978-0-08-024308-5David AtkinsonMenu French (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering & social studies)
1979978-0-08-024311-5Erich JantschThe Self-organizing Universe (SSWOL)
1979978-0-08-024312-2Erich JantschThe Self-organizing Universe (SSWOL)
1981978-0-08-024314-6O.W. MarkleyChanging Images of Man (Systems science and world order library)
1980978-0-08-024317-7John Alan BaumMontesquieu and Social Theory
1979978-0-08-024318-4The World food problem: Consensus and conflict
1980978-0-08-024327-6Jim Rogerson · etc.Crown Reading Scheme: We Make a Garden Bk. 5
  ''978-0-08-024328-3   ''Crown Reader: We Have a Garden Party (Book 6 Crown Reading Scheme): We Have a Garden Party Bk. 6
  ''978-0-08-024339-9   ''Crown Reading Scheme: The Pink Ghost Bk. 11 (Crown reader)
  ''978-0-08-024383-2G.W. Barendsen · etc.High Let Radiations in Clinical Radiotherapy: Meeting Proceedings
1979978-0-08-024398-6M. P. CoughlanMolybdenum and Molybdenum-containing Enzymes
1983978-0-08-024404-4John E.G. RaymontPlankton and Productivity in the Oceans: Zooplankton v. 2
1982978-0-08-024412-9Barry K. B. Berkovitz · etc.Periodontal Ligament in Health and Disease
1981978-0-08-024420-4T.M. CaelliVisual Perception: Theory and Practice (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering & Social Studies)
1979978-0-08-024427-3J. Morgan · W.J. WhelanRecombinant Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Genetic Experimentation: Conference Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-024430-3P. Beaconsfield · Claude Alvin VilleePlacenta: A Neglected Experimental Animal - Round Table Proceedings
1979978-0-08-024435-8Peter BeaconsfieldPlacenta: A Neglected Experimental Animal: A Neglected Experimental Animal - Round Table Proceedings
1980978-0-08-024438-9W.D. Carter · etc.Remote Sensing and Mineral Exploration: Workshop Proceedings (Advances in space exploration)
  ''978-0-08-024439-6A.P. MitraLow Latitude Aeronomical Processes: Symposium Proceedings, 1979 (Advances in space exploration)
  ''978-0-08-024440-2Ramanath Cowsik · R.D. WillsNonsolar Gamma-rays: Symposium Proceedings, 1979 (Advances in space exploration)
  ''978-0-08-024442-6J.K. KlitzNorth Sea Oil: Resource Requirements for U.K. Development
1979978-0-08-024443-3Michel GrenonMethods and Models for Assessing Energy Resources (IIASA proceedings series / International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)
  ''978-0-08-024448-8M. NovakSoftware for Computer Control: 2nd: Symposium Proceedings
1980978-0-08-024454-9M. J. Pelegrin · H. DelmasComparison of Automatic and Operations Research Techniques Applied to Large Systems Analysis and Control
1980978-0-08-024455-6International Federation of Automatic ControlCriteria for Selecting Appropriate Technologies Under Different Cultural, Technical and Social Conditions: Symposium Proceedings
1979978-0-08-024463-1Torgny SegerstedtEthics for Science Policy: Proceedings of a Nobel Symposium Held at Södergarn, Sweden, 20-25 August 1978
  ''978-0-08-024464-8Torgny T. SegerstedtEthics for Science Policy
  ''978-0-08-024468-6Economic Commission for EuropeEnvironment and Energy
1981978-0-08-024475-4B. Coppi · etc.Physics of Plasmas Close to Thermonuclear Conditions
1980978-0-08-024486-0E.F. Wood · A.Szollosi- NagyReal Time Forecasting/Control of Water Resource Systems: Proceedings (IIASA proceedings series)
  ''978-0-08-024490-7International Federation of Automatic ControlDistributed Computer Control Systems 1979: Workshop Proceedings
1980978-0-08-024491-4International Federation of Automatic ControlControl Applications of Nonlinear Programming: Workshop Proceedings (IFAC proceedings series)
1979978-0-08-024501-0Norman MyersThe Sinking Ark: A new look at the problem of disappearing species.
1983978-0-08-024515-7Ronald Duncan · M. Weston-SmithEncyclopaedia of Medical Ignorance: Mind and Body in Health and Disease
1988978-0-08-024524-9Isaac PaensonEnvironment in Key Words: A Multilingual Handbook of the Environment
1980978-0-08-024532-4Erich HoneckerFrom My Life
1981978-0-08-024535-5Michael PalmerThe European Parliament: What It Is What It Does How It Works
1980978-0-08-024552-2Derrick SharpEnglish at School: The Wood and the Trees (Language teaching methodology series)
  ''978-0-08-024558-4Christopher J. BrumfitProblems and Principles in English Teaching (Language teaching methodology series)
1983978-0-08-024560-7W. R. Lee · B. NewsonStudy Dictionary of Social English
1980978-0-08-024568-3Ian Dunlop · Heinrich SchrandMatters of Moment: Materials for Reading Comprehension and Discussion in English
1979978-0-08-024576-8Reinhold Freudenstein · etc.Teaching Foreign Languages to the Very Young (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
1981978-0-08-024578-2Reinhold Freudenstein · Jurgen Beneko · Helmut PonischLanguage Incorporated: Teaching Foreign Languages in Industry (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
1980978-0-08-024585-0Pauline C. RobinsonE.S.P.: (English for Specific Purposes): The Present Position: English for Special Purposes
  ''978-0-08-024586-7J. L. M. Trim · Rene Richterich · David Arthur WilkinsSystems Development in Adult Language Learning: A European Unit / Credit System for Modern Language Learning by Adults (Council of Europe Modern Languages Project Series)
  ''978-0-08-024590-4Jan Ate van EkWaystage English
  ''978-0-08-024592-8R. RichterichIdentifying the Needs of Adults Learning a Foreign Language
1980978-0-08-024594-2Mats OskarssonApproaches to Self-assessment in Foreign Language Learning (Council of Europe Modern Languages Project Series) (Testing)
1981978-0-08-024598-0M. KellermannThe Forgotten Third Skill: Reading a Foreign Language (Language teaching methodology series)
1980978-0-08-024612-3Theodore R. Sarbin · James C. MancusoSchizophrenia: Medical Diagnosis or Moral Verdict? (General Psychology)
  ''978-0-08-024613-0Theodore R. Sarbin · James C. MancusoSchizophrenia: Medical Diagnosis or Moral Verdict? (General Psychology)
1982978-0-08-024614-7E.S. Geller · etc.Preserving the Environment: New Strategies for Behaviour Change (General Psychology)
1980978-0-08-024616-1G.O. BarneyGlobal 2000 Report to the President of the United States: The Summary Report - With Environment Projections and the Government's Global Model v. 1: Entering the 21st Century
  ''978-0-08-024617-8   ''Global 2000 Report to the President of the United States: The Summary Report - With Environment Projections and the Government's Global Model v. 1: Entering the 21st Century
1979978-0-08-024622-2H.I. LieblingUnited States Profitability and Capital Formation
  ''978-0-08-024623-9S.V. Monjan · S.M. GassnerCritical Issues in Competency-based Education (General Psychology)
1980978-0-08-024624-6C.R. FosterComparative Public Policy and Citizen Participation (Pergamon Policy Studies on)
1979978-0-08-024628-4J.D. Arendt · etc.Foreign Language Learning, Today and Tomorrow
1980978-0-08-024630-7R.H. SarmaNucleic Acid: Geometry and Dynamics
  ''978-0-08-024631-4   ''Nucleic Acid: Geometry and Dynamics
1980978-0-08-024636-9Carl FritzCombating Nutritional Blindness in Children: A Case Study of Technical Assistance in Indonesia
1979978-0-08-024637-6William O. McCagg · B.D. SilverSoviet Asian Ethnic Frontiers (Pergamon policy studies)
  ''978-0-08-024639-0Marilyn Chou · D.P. HarmonCritical Food Issues of the Eighties
1980978-0-08-024640-6Shirley Bradway Laska · Daphne SpainBack to the City: Issues in Neighborhood Renovation: Making of a Movement - Issues in Neighbourhood Renovation (Pergamon Policy Studies on Urban Affairs)
  ''978-0-08-024641-3S.B. Laska · D. SpainBack to the City: Making of a Movement - Issues in Neighbourhood Renovation (Pergamon Policy Studies on Urban Affairs)
  ''978-0-08-024643-7N.A. Graham · Robert S. JordanInternational Civil Service
1979978-0-08-024644-4J.A. LozoyaAlternative Views of the New International Economic Order (UNITAR/CEESTEM library of new international economical order)
1980978-0-08-024645-1B.P. MenonBridges Across the South: Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries
  ''978-0-08-024647-5Uri Ra'anan · J.P. RocheEthnic Resurgence in Modern Democratic States: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Human Resources and Conflict
1980978-0-08-024648-2A.J. WhytePlanet Pluto
  ''978-0-08-024650-5Cecie Starr · P.C. RitterbushScience, Technology and the Human Prospect: Edison Centennial Symposium Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-024653-6Gwendolyn Cartledge · J.Fellows MilburnTeaching Social Skills to Children (General Psychology)
  ''978-0-08-024661-1R.B. TreieschmannSpinal Cord Injuries (General Psychology)
1981978-0-08-024664-2W.S. Davidson · etc.Evaluation Studies in Criminal Justice (General Psychology)
1980978-0-08-024666-6E.O. PedersonTransportation in Cities
  ''978-0-08-024667-3L.J. Goodman · R.N. LoveIntegrated Project Planning and Management
1983978-0-08-024668-0Timothy O'Riordan · K. TurnerAnnotated Reader in Environmental Planning and Management (Urban & Regional Planning)
1983978-0-08-024669-7Timothy O'Riordan · K. TurnerAnnotated Reader in Environmental Planning and Management (Urban & Regional Planning)
1980978-0-08-024674-1S. J. RachmanEffects of Psychological Therapy (Monographs in Experimental Psychology)
  ''978-0-08-024675-8S. J. RachmanEffects of Psychological Therapy (Monographs in Experimental Psychology)
1982978-0-08-024681-9Chris ParisCritical Readings in Planning Theory (Urban & Regional Planning)
1979978-0-08-024683-3Norman D. CookStability and Flexibility: An Analysis of Natural Systems (Systems science and world order library)
  ''978-0-08-024686-4Harry BrierleyTransvestism: A Handbook with Case Studies for Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors
  ''978-0-08-024695-6B.D. Josephson · V. S. RamachandranConsciousness and the Physical World
1980978-0-08-024696-3Howard Giles · etc.Language: Social Psychological Perspectives
1981978-0-08-024703-8Ervin Laszlo · D. KeysDisarmament: The Human Factor - Colloquium Proceedings
2014978-0-08-024704-5J. W. BotkinNo Limits to Learning: Bridging the Human Gap: The Report to the Club of Rome: The Club of Rome Report
1980978-0-08-024719-9Mario BungeMind-body Problem: A Psychobiological Approach
  ''978-0-08-024720-5Mario BungeMind-body Problem: A Psychobiological Approach (Foundations and philosophy of science and technology series)
1980978-0-08-024729-8T. Nejat Veziroglu · etc.Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen Energy Progress 3rd: World Conference Proceedings (Advances in hydrogen energy)
1979978-0-08-024732-8L.G. NapolitanoAstronautical Congress: Astronautics for Peace and Human Progress 29th: Proceedings
1980978-0-08-024733-5Stanley Ernest HuntFission, Fusion and the Energy Crisis
  ''978-0-08-024734-2   ''Fission, Fusion and the Energy Crisis (Pergamon international library)
  ''978-0-08-024739-7K. J. Miller · R.F. SmithMechanical Behaviour of Materials 1979: International Conference Proceedings (International series on the strength and fracture of materials and structures)
1979978-0-08-024743-4E.P. Velikhov · etc.Science, Technology and the Future
1980978-0-08-024750-2Raymond L. MurrayNuclear Energy: An Introduction to the Concepts, Systems, and Applications of Nuclear Processes (Unified Engineering)
  ''978-0-08-024751-9Raymond L. MurrayNuclear Energy: An Introduction to the Concepts, Systems and Applications of Nuclear Processes (Unified Engineering)
1981978-0-08-024755-7D. LencznerMovements in Buildings (Pergamon international library)
1983978-0-08-024763-2David J. SpencerKnitting Technology: A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide to Modern Day Principles and Practices
1980978-0-08-024764-9Madan G. Singh · etc.Applied Industrial Control: An Introduction (International series on systems and control)
  ''978-0-08-024765-6   ''Applied Industrial Control: An Introduction (International Series on Systems & Control)
1979978-0-08-024766-3R. A. SmithFracture Mechanics: Current Status, Future Prospects
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1980978-0-08-024771-7Curtis C. SmithInternal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids: 3rd: European Conference Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-024796-0P. Stanbury · G. Phipps · Graeme PhippsAustralia's Animals Discovered
1981978-0-08-024817-2A.H. Pollard · etc.Demographic Techniques
1982978-0-08-024824-0H. MesselThe Biological Manipulation of Life
1979978-0-08-024907-0M.A. IbrahimCase Control Study: Consensus and Controversy
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1979978-0-08-024914-8P. E. A. SavageDisasters: Hospital Planning (Pergamon international library)
  ''978-0-08-024918-6G. SmithHyperbaric Medicine: 6th: International Congress Proceedings
2014978-0-08-024919-3C.P. B. MeskeFish Aquaculture: Technology & Experiments
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1980978-0-08-024974-2Ann M. CollierHandbook of Textiles
1980978-0-08-025006-9David ReesNight Before Christmas Eve
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1980978-0-08-025046-5Donald GreenspanArithmetic Applied Mathematics
1981978-0-08-025048-9Juras PozelaPlasma and Current Instabilities in Semiconductors (International series in the science of the solid state)
1979978-0-08-025050-2B.R. PamplinMolecular Beam Epitaxy
1981978-0-08-025058-8G.L. EesleyCoherent Raman Spectroscopy
  ''978-0-08-025065-6L. Cooper · M.W. CooperIntroduction to Dynamic Programming (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering & Social Studies)
1981978-0-08-025071-7Jan MikusinskiOperational Calculus: v. 1
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1979978-0-08-025074-8V.W. Boer · B.H. Glenn · Karl W. BoerThe Sun: 2nd: Mankind's Future Source of Energy - Congress Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-025077-9T. Nejat VezirogluSolar Energy: International Progress
1980978-0-08-025080-9Herman KorenHandbook of Environmental Health and Safety: Pt. 1: Principles and Practice
  ''978-0-08-025081-6Herman KorenHandbook of Environmental Health and Safety: Pt. 2: Principles and Practice
  ''978-0-08-025082-3Earl Finbar MurphyEnergy and Environmental Balance
  ''978-0-08-025083-0C.D. WebsterAutism (General Psychology)
1980978-0-08-025087-8Anant R. NegandhiFunctioning of the Multinational Corporation: Global Comparative Study
  ''978-0-08-025093-9M.J. Hinich · R. StaelinConsumer Protection Legislation and the United States Food Industry
  ''978-0-08-025095-3L.J. Goodman · R.N. LoveGeothermal Energy Projects (Pergamon Policy Studies on Science and Technology)
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1979978-0-08-025099-1R.A. Fazzolare · C.B. SmithChanging Energy Use Futures: Conference Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-025104-2C.T. Hill · etc.Technological Innovation for a Dynamic Economy (Pergamon policy studies)
1980978-0-08-025105-9K. HaqDialogue for a New Order
1981978-0-08-025106-6Richard H. Shultz · Stephen SloanResponding to the Terrorist Threat: Security and Crisis Management
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1980978-0-08-025110-3Ervin Laszlo · etc.Obstacles to the New International Economic Order
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1980978-0-08-025124-0C.V. KiddManpower Policies for the Use of Science and Technology in Development (Pergamon policy studies on socio-economic development)
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  ''978-0-08-025211-7Professor Richard Taylor · Colin PritchardProtest Makers: British Nuclear Disarmament Movement of 1958-65, Twenty Years on
1981978-0-08-025213-1George BaronPolitics of School Government (International studies in education and social change)