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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1961978-0-08-000118-0Andrew WallaceIntroduction to Algebraic Topology
2000978-0-08-001176-9Divers AuteursNepdalkorusok V3 Chant
1967978-0-08-001975-8Robert Henderson ClappertonThe paper-making machine: Its invention, evolution and development
2000978-0-08-002156-0Divers AuteursMily Szep Vagy Te./Canzonetta Chant
1975978-0-08-002342-7Hugh J. McLellanElements of Physical Oceanography
1968978-0-08-002820-0Prosper David LarkThe handling of chemical data
  ''978-0-08-003110-1G. M BartenevStrength and failure of visco-elastic materials
  ''978-0-08-003132-3Winifred Aldridge ShawDevelopments in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics: v. 3
  ''978-0-08-003133-0Some diseases of animals communicable to man in Britain: Proceedings of a symposium organized by the British Veterinary Association and the British Veterinary Association, London, June 1966
1967978-0-08-003143-9S. BradburyThe Evolution of the Microscope
1968978-0-08-003155-2Herbert SpencerPathology of the lung, excluding pulmonary tuberculosis
  ''978-0-08-003167-5G KayeTables of coefficients for the analysis of triple angular correlations of gamma-rays from aligned nuclei
1967978-0-08-003235-1Brian StevensCollisional activation in gases (International encyclopedia of physical chemistry and chemical physics. Topic 19)
2000978-0-08-003236-8Pal JardanyiUngarischer Tanz Violon
1968978-0-08-003237-5Douglas Peter GraddonAn introduction to co-ordination chemistry (International series of monographs in inorganic chemistry, vol.3)
1968978-0-08-003312-9Rudolf WaltherPolytechnical dictionary,
  ''978-0-08-003316-7Michail ProdanForest biometrics
  ''978-0-08-003317-4Jaromir RuÀzickaSubstoichiometry in radiochemical analysis (International series of monographs in analytical chemistry, vol.30)
  ''978-0-08-003372-3Bruno RennerCurrent algebras and their applications (International series of monographs in natural philosophy, vol. 12)
  ''978-0-08-003396-9H.R. Beech · F. Francella · Fay FransellaResearch and Experiment in Stuttering (International series of monographs in experimental psychology, v. 6)
1968978-0-08-003400-3Robert BarbourGlassblowing for laboratory technicians (Pergamon series of monographs in laboratory techniques, vol.2)
  ''978-0-08-003409-6E. R LapwoodOrdinary differential equations (International encyclopedia of physical chemistry & chemical physics. Topic 1)
  ''978-0-08-003414-0Peter Geoffrey OrmandyAn introduction to metallurgical laboratory techniques (Pergamon series of monographs in laboratory techniques, vol.3)
  ''978-0-08-003415-7Sybil MarshallAdventure in Creative Education (English library)
  ''978-0-08-003458-4Thomas RackhamMoon in Focus (Pergamon international popular science)
1967978-0-08-003474-4Progress in solid state chemistry
1968978-0-08-003503-1Carl Albert RouseProgressing high temperature physics and chemistry
1968978-0-08-003510-9Leonell C StrongBiological aspects of cancer and aging
  ''978-0-08-003525-3Rudolf WaltherPolytechnical dictionary,
1967978-0-08-003576-5William H DavenportEngineering: its role and function in human society (Pergamon unified engineering series, humanities and social sciences section)
1969978-0-08-003583-3D. P CuthbertsonNutrition of animals of agricultural importance (International encyclopaedia of food and nutrition)
1968978-0-08-003592-5Progress in the science and technology of the rare earths
  ''978-0-08-003730-1Pierre CorneilleLe Cid (Classiques illustres)
  ''978-0-08-003825-4Rs. And Fuller, Roy. Owen, Evan ThomasPergamon Poets I.
  ''978-0-08-003853-7D. F BratchellThe aims and organization of further education (Library of industrial and commercial education and training. General subjects division)
1968978-0-08-003880-3Pergamon poets (The Pergamon English library)
  ''978-0-08-003948-0Radiative energy transfer: Proceedings of the Symposium on Interdisciplinary Aspects of Radiative Energy Transfer, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 24-26 February 1966
1970978-0-08-003968-8Progress in reaction kinetics
2000978-0-08-005441-4Istvan Bogar_antal VAkkordeonschule I Accordeon
1964978-0-08-006135-1A.G. PatstonVisual New Testament: Bk. 3
1957978-0-08-006196-2Ernest H. HayesFifty Favourite Bible Stories
1968978-0-08-006267-9A.H. HindleyNew Kind of Teaching
1969978-0-08-006319-5Clifford Merton JonesWorship in the Secondary School
1970978-0-08-006334-8J. C. GibbingsThermomechanics (The Commonwealth and international library. Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics division for mechanical engineers)
1969978-0-08-006357-7John Howard DaviesMusicalia: Sources of Information in Music (C.I.L.)
1971978-0-08-006359-1J. ThewlisEncyclopaedic Dictionary of Physics: Suppty. v. 4
1970978-0-08-006360-7D. M., Mulvey, J. H. (eds.) BrinkProgress in Nuclear Physics: v. 11
  ''978-0-08-006362-1J. GrindlayIntroduction to the Phenomenological Theory of Ferroelectricity (Monographs in Natural Philosophy)
1969978-0-08-006365-2Alistair Munro · W. McCulloch · Wallace McCullochPsychiatry for Social Workers (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006368-3Hans-Georg UngerIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics (Monographs in Natural Philosophy)
1969978-0-08-006380-5Carlos Reyes OrozcoSpanish-English, English-Spanish Commercial Dictionary (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006383-6Peter Kuffel · M. AbdullahHigh Voltage Engineering (Commonwealth Library)
  ''978-0-08-006388-1Brian H. Chirgwin · Charles PlumptonCourse of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists: v. 1
1970978-0-08-006393-5Myron TribusRational Descriptions, Decisions and Designs (Unified Engineering)
1969978-0-08-006407-9Derek George BoyleA Students' Guide to Piaget (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006408-6C.C. AmmondsPrinting: Basic Science (L.I.C.E.T.)
1969978-0-08-006420-8Timothy CookDrunkenness Offence: Conference Proceedings
1970978-0-08-006421-5F.W WendtMechanics of Composite Materials: Naval Structural Mechanics Symposium Proceedings: No. 5
1971978-0-08-006422-2T.M. MagoonMental Health Counselors at Work (Pergamon general psychology series)
1969978-0-08-006424-6Steven R. RivkinTechnology Unbound (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006425-3E. BurgerTechnical Dictionary of Data Processing, Computers and Office Machines
1969978-0-08-006427-7M JordanZavist
  ''978-0-08-006438-3D.N. Fader · Elton B. McNeilHooked on Books (English Library)
  ''978-0-08-006439-0Robin FeddenChurchill at Chartwell (Museums and libraries series)
  ''978-0-08-006458-1Paul RadoIntroduction to the Technology of Pottery (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006465-9L. D. Landau · E.M. LifshitsTheory of Elasticity: 007 (Course of Theoretical Physics)
1971978-0-08-006467-3A.W. CrownKunegunda: Tales from Poland (Stories from the world)
1970978-0-08-006491-8R.D. BellTaking Casts in Sand and Other Materials (English Library)
1969978-0-08-006493-2Aharon F. KleinbergerSociety, Schools and Progress in Israel: The Commonwealth and International Library: Education and Educational Research (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006494-9A.F. KleinbergerSociety, Schools and Progress in Israel (C.I.L.)
1969978-0-08-006511-3E.J.M. KendallTransistors (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006513-7D. FrederickTheoretical and Applied Mechanics: No. 4: South-eastern Conference Proceedings
1969978-0-08-006514-4Progress in Heat and Mass Transfer: v. 2 (Monograph series of the 'International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer')
  ''978-0-08-006515-1John ChamberlayneQuest of Faith
  ''978-0-08-006519-9R.K. Kelsall · Helen M. KelsallSchoolteacher in England and the United States (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006527-4T.M. Cook · D.J. CullenChemical Plant and Its Operation (L.I.C.E.T.)
  ''978-0-08-006533-5P. A. Egelstaff · M.J. PoolsExperimental Neutron Thermalisation (International series of monographs in nuclear energy)
1970978-0-08-006538-0Toyoki KogaIntroduction to Kinetic Theory: Stochastic Processes in Gaseous Systems (Monographs in Natural Philosophy)
1969978-0-08-006539-7Michael James Byard JonesGuide to Metrication (Library of industrial and commercial education and training. Engineering division)
1969978-0-08-006556-4Progress in Heat and Mass Transfer: v. 1 (Monograph series of the 'International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer')
  ''978-0-08-006563-2Joseph WolpePractice of Behaviour Therapy (Pergamon general psychology series)
1970978-0-08-006573-1A. J. CameronGuide to Graphs
  ''978-0-08-006574-8A. J. CameronGuide to Graphs (The Commonwealth and international library. Mathematics division)
1969978-0-08-006582-3R.R.P. WhitelawMarketing and Economics: Introduction to the Use of Economic Indicators (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006604-2J. SchwoerbelMethods of Hydrobiology
1969978-0-08-006617-2A. J. Baden FullerMicrowaves (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006624-0B. RayTwo to Six Compounds (Science of Solid State Monographs)
  ''978-0-08-006625-7Nora Jackson · Philip PennDictionary of Natural Resources and Their Principal Uses (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006630-1I.E. McCarthyNuclear Reactions (Selected Readings in Physics)
1969978-0-08-006631-8S. PassmanScientific and Technological Communication
1970978-0-08-006652-3Oskar LangeIntroduction to Economic Cybernetics
1970978-0-08-006653-0A.J. MeadowsEarly Solar Physics (Selected Readings in Physics)
  ''978-0-08-006660-8Bruno SanderIntroduction to the Study of Fabrics of Geological Bodies
  ''978-0-08-006663-9F. H. C. MarriottBasic Mathematics for the Biological and Social Sciences (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006667-7J.G. Tyror · Ronald Ian VaughanIntroduction to Neutron Kinetics (C.I.L.)
1969978-0-08-006675-2R.U. Cooke · James H. JohnsonTrends in Geography (Pergamon Oxford Geographies)
  ''978-0-08-006689-9K. Walk P. LucasAnnual Review in Automatic Programming: Vol 6
1974978-0-08-006703-2J.Kenneth WhiteSuicide Club and Other Stories (Athena Library)
1969978-0-08-006712-4John Maxwell TowersRole Playing for Supervisors (C.I.L.)
1972978-0-08-006750-6W.A. WoodStudy of Metal Structures and Their Mechanical Properties (Unified Engineering)
1970978-0-08-006751-3Progress in Polymer Science: v. 2
1970978-0-08-006754-4John Yeates MannBibliography on the Fatigue of Materials, Components and Structures: 1838-1950 v. 1
  ''978-0-08-006786-5J.P. Garlick · R.W.J. KeayHuman Ecology in the Tropics (Symposium for Study of Human Biology)
  ''978-0-08-006790-2Sid G. HedgesWith One Voice
  ''978-0-08-006819-0J.W. OrtonSolid State Maser (Selected Readings in Physics)
1969978-0-08-006823-7John E. PembertonHow to Find Out in Mathematics: A Guide to Sources of Information (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006828-2Valerie Aileen CowieStudy of the Early Development of Mongols (Monograph / Institute for Research into Mental Retardation)
  ''978-0-08-006847-3John WyndhamChocky (Athena books)
1971978-0-08-006851-0E.A. SteinhoffOrganizing Space Activities for World Needs
1971978-0-08-006852-7Progress in Heat and Mass Transfer: v. 3 (Monograph series of the 'International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer')
1969978-0-08-006862-6Louis Clarence SchroeterIngredient X: the production of effective drugs
1970978-0-08-006866-4J.W. McDanielPhysical Disability and Human Behaviour (Pergamon general psychology series)
1971978-0-08-006867-1Marvin L. KaplanStructural Approach to Psychological Testing (Pergamon general psychology series)
1969978-0-08-006869-5Computer Consultants LimitedWho is related to whom in the computer industry (Pergamon computer data series)
1970978-0-08-006870-1M.J. MeldmanDiseases of Attention and Perception (Monographs in Experimental Psychology)
1971978-0-08-006871-8Central Electricity Generating BoardModern Power Station Practice: v. 8
1970978-0-08-006873-2Francis S. GalassoStructure and Properties of Inorganic Solids (International series of monographs in solid state physics)
  ''978-0-08-006881-7K. DanzigerReadings in Child Socialization: The Commonwealth and International Library: Readings in Sociology (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006882-4Kurt DanzigerReadings in Child Socialization (C.I.L.)
  ''978-0-08-006886-2Anil Kumar MukherjiAnalytical Chemistry of Zirconium and Hafnium (Monographs in Analytical Chemistry)
  ''978-0-08-006887-9Richard E. WainerdiAnalytical Chemistry in Space (Monographs in Analytical Chemistry)
1970978-0-08-006890-9P. HorrobinConstructional Mathematics: v. 1 (L.I.C.E.T.)
1969978-0-08-006892-3G.A. HemorePiaget: A Practical Consideration (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006898-5Ronald Dingwall · Peter MercerMan the Traveller (Man & Religious)
  ''978-0-08-006911-1W.L. Herbert · F.W. JarvisMarriage Counselling in the Community (The Commonwealth and international library. Problems and progress in human development)
  ''978-0-08-006915-9C.J. JansenReadings in the Sociology of Migration (C.I.L.)
1971978-0-08-006916-6Lynette Shaw · H.S. SichelAccident Proneness: Research in the Occurrence, Causation and Prevention of Road Accidents (International series of monographs in experimental psychology)
1970978-0-08-006918-0R.M.E. DiamantTotal Energy (International series of monographs in heating, ventilation and refrigeration)
  ''978-0-08-006930-2M. LuncAstronautical Congress: 19th, v. 2: Proceedings
  ''978-0-08-006932-6   ''Astronautical Congress: 19th, v. 4: Proceedings
1969978-0-08-006942-5Gerhard RaspeSchering Symposium on Biodynamics and Mechanism of Action of Steroid Hormones, Berlin, March 14 to 16, 1968: Advances in the Biosciences: Vol 2
1971978-0-08-006946-3Horatio Michael LaFauci · Peyton E. RichterTeam Teaching at the College Level (Pergamon general psychology series)
1970978-0-08-006975-3William Hosken ParkerHealth and Disease in Farm Animals (C.I.L.)
1970978-0-08-006978-4P.R. LaceyLife with the Mentally Sick Child (The Commonwealth and international library. Problems and progress in development)
  ''978-0-08-006984-5Colin ClarkEconomics of Irrigation
  ''978-0-08-006989-0George G. GuilbaultEnzymatic Methods of Analysis (Monographs in Analytical Chemistry)
  ''978-0-08-006995-1C. W. KilmisterSpecial Theory of Relativity: The Commonwealth and International Library: Selected Readings in Physics
1966978-0-08-007001-8Walter MoudyNo Man on Earth
  ''978-0-08-007043-8Damon KnightOther Foot
1967978-0-08-007057-5Robert CarseThe Castaways
1968978-0-08-007060-5Anthony BabingtonPower to Silence
1967978-0-08-007062-9Phyllis Irene Hannah NaylorAstrology: An historical eximation
1967978-0-08-007072-8Percy M. YoungGreat Ideas in Music (Great ideas series;no.2)
1968978-0-08-007074-2Louis SimondAn American in Regency England
1969978-0-08-007095-7P.S.A. BerridgeGirder Bridge
1970978-0-08-007107-7H.C. BarnardWere Those the Days? A Victorian Education
  ''978-0-08-007108-4H. CoxMr. and Mrs. Charles Dickens Entertain at Home
1969978-0-08-007109-1Gerald NabarroNAB 1: Portrait of a politician
  ''978-0-08-008784-9G.F. LambOne Hundred Good Stories: Bk. 1
1968978-0-08-008860-0Pierre CorneilleLe Cid (Illustrated French Classics)
  ''978-0-08-008862-4MoliereBourgeois Gentilhomme (Illustrated French Classics)
1957978-0-08-009060-3A.H. WallaceIntroduction to Algebraic Topology
1964978-0-08-009078-8W. PearsonHandbook of Lattice Spacings & Structures of Metals & Alloys: 001 (International Series of Monographs on Metals Physics & Physical Metallurgy)
1958978-0-08-009090-0D. E. BroadbentPerception and Communication
  ''978-0-08-009092-4Walter M. ElsasserPhysical Foundation of Biology
1959978-0-08-009103-7L. D. Landau · E.M. LifshitsFluid Mechanics (Course of Theoretical Physics)
1959978-0-08-009104-4L. D. Landau · E.M. LifshitsFluid Mechanics (Course of Theoretical Physics)
1967978-0-08-009106-8L. D. Landau · etc. · A.J. Akhiezer · E.M. LifshitzGeneral Physics: Mechanics and Molecular Physics
1959978-0-08-009135-8B.P. Mullins · S.S. PennerExplosions, Detonations, Flammability and Ignition (Agardograph)
1960978-0-08-009214-0Georges H. Frenot · A.H. HollowayAgard Aeronautical Multilingual Dictionary (Agard Publications)
  ''978-0-08-009249-2G.A. KerkutImplications of Evolution (Pure & Applied Biological Monograph)
  ''978-0-08-009268-3W.L. WilkinsonNon-Newtonian Fluids
1959978-0-08-009270-6A.I. OparinOrigin of Life on Earth
1961978-0-08-009327-7W.H. BanksAdvances in Printing Science and Technology: Printing Inks and Colour 5th: International Conference Proceedings
1960978-0-08-009331-4S.V. GriffithAlluvial Prospecting and Mining
1961978-0-08-009406-9Zenon Marcel BacqFundamentals of Radiobiology
  ''978-0-08-009439-7D. MeksynNew Methods in Laminar Boundary Layer Theory
  ''978-0-08-009489-2William David OllisRecent Developments in the Chemistry of Natural Phenolic Compounds
1961978-0-08-009499-1C. HilsumSemiconducting III-V Compounds (Monographs on Semiconductors)
  ''978-0-08-009512-7Pierre R. Aigrain · M. BalkanskiSelected Constants Relative to Semiconductors (Tables of Constants)
  ''978-0-08-009525-7S. Hartman · Jan MikusinskiTheory of Lebesgue Measure and Integration
  ''978-0-08-009555-4R.G. ShorterLiver Biopsy
1963978-0-08-009566-0John Von NeumannThe Collected Works: 6v
1962978-0-08-009592-9John S. BlakemoreSemiconductor Statistics
  ''978-0-08-009627-8Christian K. JorgensenAbsorption Spectra and Chemical Bonding in Complexes
1962978-0-08-009661-2Heinz K. HenischElectroluminescence (Monographs on Semiconductors)
1970978-0-08-009670-4Saul WischnitzerIntroduction to electron microscopy
1963978-0-08-009737-4J.H. Schulman · W.D. ComptonColour Centres in Solids
  ''978-0-08-009821-0Max M. FrochtPhotoelasticity: Symposium
  ''978-0-08-009835-7Keith J. LaidlerReaction Kinetics: Reactions in Solution v. 2
  ''978-0-08-009929-3A.F. TimanTheory of Approximation of Functions of a Real Variable
  ''978-0-08-009979-8C.H.O'D. Alexander · T.J. BeachLearn Chess: v. 2: A New Way for All
1965978-0-08-009995-8G.T. Bakhalov · A.V. TurkovskayaCorrosion and Protection of Metals
1963978-0-08-009997-2Leonard BardenThe Ruy Lopez: Winning Chess with 1P-K4
1963978-0-08-010007-4Peter Beckman · Andre SpizzichinoScattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Rough Surfaces (Monographs on Electro-magnetic Waves)
  ''978-0-08-010033-3John Price Hirth · G.M. PoundProgress in Materials Science: Condensation and Evaporation v. 11
978-0-08-010054-8H.J. EysenckExperiments in Behaviour Therapy
1964978-0-08-010058-6G. Fejes TothRegular Figures: 048 (International Series of Monographs on Pure & Applied Mathematics Vol 48)
1963978-0-08-010061-6Vladimir A. FockTheory of Space, Time and Gravitation
1964978-0-08-010076-0Jeffrey A. GrayPavlov's Typology
  ''978-0-08-010114-9M.A. Krasnosel'skiyTopological Methods in the Theory of Nonlinear Integral Equations (Pure & Applied Mathematics Monograph)
1966978-0-08-010125-5L.G. LoitsyanskiiMechanics of Liquids and Gases
1964978-0-08-010139-2Arthur Douglas McLaren · David ShugarPhotochemistry of Proteins and Nucleic Acids (Pure & Applied Biological Monograph)
1970978-0-08-010148-4G.R. MoisilAlgebraic Theory of Switching Circuits (Pure & Applied Mathematics Monograph)
1964978-0-08-010154-5M.F. NagiyevTheory of Recycle Processes in Chemical Engineering
1965978-0-08-010163-7K.F. OgorodnikovDynamics of Stellar Systems
1964978-0-08-010173-6V.L. Lossiyevskii · L.G. PliskinAutomation of Continuous Production Processes
1963978-0-08-010182-8Robert A. RankinIntroduction to Mathematical Analysis
  ''978-0-08-010189-7L. L. RozhanskiiStatic Electromagnetic Frequency Changers

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